Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Attack On School In Idlib Province - A New False Flag By The Criminal Cabal To Blame Russia?

When I first heard yesterday about a new and deadly attack on a school in the town of Hass in Idlib province in northern Syria, I immediately smelled a rat... I decided to give a quick check on the usual lies coming out from the Jew spew media outlets, and as usual they have been claiming that the "Russians and Syrians did it"  and with little evidence at all that that attack was indeed carried out by the Syrian or Russian air forces.... Something is indeed amiss here, and I figured I would file a report at this blog to give everyone my own personal opinion of this heinous crime...

Yes, there has been some reports coming from the alternative media and other online sources, and I figure I would start off by showing one example of some of the usual propaganda here from the Jew spew media "online news" here for everyone to see for themselves... This one comes from the Guardian online news service at, and as usual is trying to finger the Syrians and the Russians for this Idlib school attack atrocity.. Here is the link to that Guardian report here:

OK, I am not surprised by the bias shown in this report...And I will state it here that I am absolutely not buying the bullshit that this was caused by the Syrians and the Russians.. They have absolutely nothing to gain by attacking innocent people at a school, and therefore I do indeed smell a rat.....

First, I want to present the following link to a report from Al Jazeera online, where the Russians are indeed denying involvement in this school attack in Idlib province.. Here is the link to that Al Jazeera report here:

And second, I want to present the following report from Russia Today that also gives the Russian perspective and again calls for a fully independent investigation of this atrocity.  Here is that link here:

Readers, the fact that the Russians are calling for a full and independent investigation of this atrocity shows that they indeed smell a rat themselves..... And I concur with their request, for the simple fact that this attack indeed does not make sense in that the Russians and the Syrians again have nothing to gain by doing this attack....

OK, lets lay it out here... This smells of another US led false flag attack, and the reasoning is quite simple... The US and their fraud "terrorists" and "rebels" are being soundly beaten in Syria, especially with the city of Aleppo FINALLY about to fall within the next few days.... Therefore they would indeed conduct this act of murder to try to once again garner world "sympathy" for them to go marching into Syria itself....  There is no other logical explanation for this atrocity....

Therefore once again I am calling this what it is: Another US false flag attack.... There can be no other logical explanation, and knowing the history of the US and their previous false flag attempts in Syria, everyone should also have the same conclusion....

As evidence does come forward that shows the real culprits behind this atrocity and how it was conducted, I will present it here... Stay tuned..

More to come



wallflower said...

… from Sputnik News, Moscow

["We are led to believe that this blast photo has something to do with the photo below, which is a poor hoax
We are led to believe that this blast photo has something to do with the photo below, which is a very poor hoax"]

[ Editor’s Note: My, my… are rogue elements in the Pentagon running these strikes to keep wind in the sails of the US’ phony anti-terrorism campaign in Syria, or are Obama and Kerry in on it? The lead classroom photo used in mass media for this “bombing attack” was an obvious fake.

From the size of the blast column, there would have been nothing left to photograph but a hole in the ground, since the blast column photo looks like a 2000-lb bomb.

Our make-believe newswires are supposed to have talent to catch obvious hoax stories, and this is certainly one of those. Maybe they would want to put us under contract to help them out.

There is no excuse for the UN doing its jump-on-the-bandwagon routine. It has access to a lot of talent, including photo analysts, for situations like this. And the UN must be aware of the history of faked attacks by the Jihadi media during the Syrian war. ISIS has been piecing together stock footage for several years now, whenever they need a headline grabber.

Mass media is even worse. With their big budgets, they are supposed to have expert people to send images to for some reality smell-testing. Even an amateur could spot this hoax. Somebody is desperate to create a climate calling for attacks on the Syrian and Russian Air Forces. Gosh, who could possibly want that? …Jim W. Dean ]

FC said...

Hi NTS, do you remember a couple of weeks ago the US painting F18's in Russian colors?

We all knew it was to do shit like this then blame the Russians