Monday, October 31, 2016

Criminal Trudeau Regime Signs Horrid CETA Agreement: The Truth About This "Agreement" - Horribly Flawed And Gives Outrageous Powers To Criminal Corporations!

It has been a while since I last reported on anything new coming out of my home country, Canada... But something that happened just this last weekend did indeed catch my eye, which is of course the criminal Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, signing Canada into a new "trade agreement" called CETA with the Rothschild controlled European Union....  I figured I would look more closely at this "agreement" and what I found is most shocking and I definitely want to share that news here with everyone, especially those living in Canada!

Right now, I want to present the following most important report that comes from the RINF online news site, at, that absolutely exposes some of the bitter realities about this so called "CETA" agreement..  Here is the link to that important report right here for everyone to see for themselves and I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Why am I not surprised by these findings?  For the craziest reasons and ones that the Canadian public has not been told by our own crooked Federal Liberals in Ottawa, this agreement has never been discussed at all with anyone!  It appears that the Trudeau regime "negotiated" this agreement with absolutely no insight from any Canadians and kept the true nature of this "agreement" in secrecy.... 

Yes, the Canadian people must know the truths about this seriously flawed "CETA" agreement... This agreement will definitely give corporations unheard of rights and privileges and allow them to circumvent Canadian rules and regulations!  And as stated, this "agreement" will give corporations the ability to circumvent national laws and even seriously do away with human rights and freedoms!  

I am so shocked that the Trudeau government got away with this crime.... To absolutely keep the Canadian public in the dark about this "agreement" means that once again, just as with the previous Harper regime that so brutalized Canada, we are being subjected to a tyranny with no respect for the rights of Canadians....

And of course the Canadian Jew spew media has indeed been working to keep Canadians in the dark about the true nature and facts behind this agreement, while filling the airwaves with reports on the US election campaign...

I for one am indeed disgusted by the criminal acts of Justin Trudeau and his cronies in Ottawa... These "agreements" including CETA, TTIP and even TPP are indeed not only all seriously flawed, but are slaps in the faces of all Canadians... But wait, for the Trudeau regime will shortly be pushing their fraud "carbon tax" on the gullible Canadian people as well!  

Wake up Canada

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Penny said...

Ah yes the carbon tax... don't get me going North. Don't get me going!

Unknown said...

Justine turdeau is just another traitor to Canadians. Time to stop paying taxes.