Monday, September 19, 2016

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: The Ceasefire Is Over (It Never Began), And Other Updates From Syria

The "ceasefire" in Syria is "officially" over... As far as I am concerned and from what I see as a realist, it NEVER even began..... The entire premise of having this "ceasefire" in the first place was supposedly to save the civilians holed up in Aleppo from a "humanitarian disaster"... The reality is that the US bought and paid for mercenaries, aka "rebels" and "terrorists", were never ever to abide by the "ceasefire" demands... And of course the criminal and most evil US government was going to use any "ceasefire" respite as a means of rushing in new arms and supplies to their holed up "rebel" and "terrorist" groups in Aleppo so that they could continue the fighting against the Syrian government forces, and kill more civilians to boot! 

First, here is a report from the "Globe And Mail" online Jew spew news source out of Canada, at, that confirms that the "ceasefire" is null and void, and yet tries to paint the false impression that the "Syrian military" was behind the ending of this fraud "ceasefire", and yet claiming (falsely) that both the US and Russia were attempting to "extend" the agreement!  Here is the link to that report here for everyone to see for themselves:

Now for some truth instead of the bullshit that this article is trying to portray... It has always been the US itself that was breaking the "ceasefire" agreement, for again the criminal US leadership had NO intentions of ever living up to the terms of the "agreement" from the start.... The facts are that it is and has always been the fraud "rebels" and "terrorists", who are all under the payroll of their US masters, that were launching attacks on civilians and Syrian government targets instead of abiding to the "ceasefire".....And we cannot forget the act of cold blooded murder by the US "coalition" forces on the weekend against the Syrian army that clearly showed the world how much the US was NOT abiding by the "ceasefire" at all.... Therefore for the "Globe And Mail" to blame the Syrian military for "breaking" the ceasefire is a bold faced lie!

And speaking of the weekend Jebel Tharda Syrian military base attack on the weekend by the US "coalition" forces that killed an estimated 80+ Syrian soldiers while leaving several hundred wounded... We find the following report from the Anti War website, at, where apparently the brazen air attack by the US against Jebel Tharda was indeed "successful" for it allowed the US fraud "ISIS" forces to overrun the base itself... Here is the link to that Antiwar article here for everyone to see for themselves:

Yes, the reality is that the US absolutely 100% ordered and conducted that air operation against Jebel Tharda army base, no matter what the LIARS in the Jew spew media and our equally Jewish controlled governments try to spew..... It shows the world once and for all exactly what the fraud known as "ISIS" truly is, which is the United States of America itself!

OK, the fraud "ceasefire" is now officially over.... It is my hope that the Russians and Syrians have finally learned a bitter lesson that they can never ever trust anything ever again coming out of the criminal US government's mouths....All they get from these criminals is nothing but lies and more lies..

What the Syrians and Russians should do now is to refuse any more "agreements" with the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal, period... They should instead send in more forces to retake Aleppo, kill more of the murderous "rebels" and "terrorists" and finish the job to free Syria from these bastards.....

One other note about Syria that came to my attention now while I was typing this report.. There were reports over the weekend of the criminal state of Israel launching airstrikes into Syria itself, which was not only a violation of international law but an open declaration of war by Israel against Syria itself... However, now according to the following report from the World Israel News, at, it appears that the Russians are no longer monkeying around, even with the Israelis, and are now going to allow the Syrian defenses and airforce to start shooting down Israeli warplanes that fly over sovereign Syrian territory. Here is the link to that report:

Honestly, it is about time the Syrians started shooting down the Israeli war planes that constantly fly over Syria.. And they have every right to do so under international law and the rights to their air space...

Yes the situation in Syria is once again heating up, and now with the fraud ceasefire over and the Syrians no longer putting up with incursions from the Israelis, the situation is even more dangerous than ever... It is still my hope that the Syrians and their allies, finally get the upper hand in this conflict and are soon able to not only retake the city of Aleppo, but finally put an end to the evil US/Israel/NATO cabal's sick dreams of having their nation destroyed.....

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