Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Forgotten War: The Situation In Yemen

Again, I am not shocked at all that the Jew spew media is absolutely refusing to talk about the ongoing war in Yemen for the simple reason the Jewish criminal controlled nation of Saudi Arabia is GETTING ITS BUTT KICKED!

Few people are even aware of the following information that came my way today and it shows that not only are the Houthi beating the crap out of the inept Saudi forces in Yemen, and have in fact invaded southern Saudi Arabia itself...But according to this article, the Houthi forces have in fact fired at least one or two long range SCUD missiles deep into Saudi Arabia itself...Here is that report for everyone to see for themselves right here from the AMN website, at, and of course I have further to say after this startling report:

Yemeni Army missile strikes 700km deep into Saudi Arabia

Sana’a, Yemen (5:04 A.M.) – A SCUD missile fired by the Yemeni Republican Guard reportedly struck the Saudi city of Ta’if that is located approximately 700 km deep into the oil-dependent nation.

This military development is of massive significance because it implies that the Saudi capital of Riyadh is within the range of the Yemeni ballistic missiles, and may therefore change the trajectory of the Yemeni conflict further to the side of the Sana’a-based elected government of Yemen.

Al-Masira News Channel and official military sources have yet to confirm news of this rocket attack.

OK, we have been lied to by the Jew spew media for the last year at least as they constantly have tried to portray this war in Yemen as a one sided affair with the all powerful Saudi Arabian army and airforce being pitted against a "much weaker" Yemen force... This information that the Houthis have now the capabilities to launch missile strikes deep into Saudi Arabia and even potentially against the Saudi capital city of Riyadh is astounding!   It is no wonder the Jew spew media in our nations is failing to report this latest development....

I also was reading the following report from another real truth seeker, The Excavator, at www.disquietreservations., and I definitely want to share this report right here with my own readers.. For according to this report, the war in Yemen is going so badly for the Saudis that they should realistically give up the battle and get out of Yemen while they still can save face... Here is that report, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:


Yemen: Saudis Should Give Up Already

An excerpt from, "Despite 10,000 civilian casualties in Yemen — 13 per day — U.S. reaffirms support for Saudi Arabia" by Ben Norton, Salon, September 2, 2016: 
In August, the U.N. high commissioner released a report on the situation of human rights in Yemen. It revealed that at least 2.8 million Yemenis, including more than 400,000 families, have been forced to flee their homes because of the violence.

“The prolonged duration of the conflict has strongly heightened the disastrous risk of a systemic collapse of Yemen,” wrote Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, the U.N. high commissioner. “The resilience of the Yemeni people has been stretched beyond human limits.”
The Saudis would rather destroy all of Yemen than admit defeat. These losers don't know when to quit. And with the U.S. and UK arming them to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars they feel emboldened to carry on their hopeless efforts to make Yemen kneel.

NTS Notes:  Yes, the reality in Yemen is that the Saudi Arabians are indeed getting their asses kicked, and the Houthis and other Yemeni forces are not only fighting back and winning, they have in fact been able to invade and conquer southern Saudi Arabia and have indeed launched rocket attacks on Saudi cities to boot!  This is a black eye for the Jewish run Saudi leadership and an equally black mark on the United States and other nations foolish enough to send weapons to the criminal Saudis only to see them wasted in a war that the Saudis cannot win.....

Again, it is no wonder the Jew run Jew spew media is not reporting the truth about Yemen... For Yemen is becoming a defeat for the Jews that run Saudi Arabia!

More to come


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