Sunday, September 25, 2016

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, September 25th, 2016


Yes... It is Sunday again... And that means it is once again time for my weekly rant....

OK, Lets once again get the facts straight right here... I am in NO way a supporter of Donald Drumpf when I state that the Democratic demonic candidate for the Presidency, the inhuman and mass murdering freak of nature, Hillary "Killary" Clinton, is possibly the WORSE candidate imaginable for the ignorant American people to vote for this November.... I simply tell it like it is, and with the failings of the American political system with only two major parties vying for the ultimate prize, it does come down to a choice between a psychotic witch with no soul what so ever on one side, and the other side being Donald Drumpf....

Lets face the facts here... Donald Drumpf is absolutely NO saint and he is not the great "saviour" that most Americans are tragically pinning their hopes on... The man may be a "great businessman" but he has made many shady deals in the past and his past is indeed rife with so much corruption..... And right now, many of his so called 'advisors' that are running his campaign are in fact JEWS and they have their own vested interest in keeping their criminal tribe in control of the United States itself.... Donald therefore is not the answer and sadly if he does get into the Oval Office come November, it will be business as usual for the Jewish power elite that continues to control and ruin America....

AND let us not forget that today both of these "candidates" are meeting the most evil creature on planet Earth (Yes, even more evil than George Soros....) Benyamin Miliekowsky, aka "Netanyahu" for nothing more than to get his "blessing" for them both to be the next President of the United States...

I am so startled that most Americans simply do not understand that the most evil man on planet Earth, with tens of thousands of innocent people destroyed by his command, has absolute authority over the United States and its government... Must I remind everyone of when this foul creature, Netanyahu, a few years back went in front of the US Congress and got some 50+ standing ovations from his loyal subjects in that chamber?  Yes, this most evil monster will sit there like a king later today while both Donald and Killary will grovel at his feet asking his permission to be the next President.... How disgusting is that?

So my friends in America... Do NOT be fooled by all the hype and rhetoric with this "election" come November, for nothing will change... The US will continue to be a vassal nation for Israel... It will continue to fight illegal and immoral wars for that psychotic state... And it will continue to be bled to death by the parasitic Jews through their phoney system of Usury debt enslavement.... If you really wanted change, America, then you should have taken your nation back from these monsters decades ago....

One other note about the Killary/Donald charade... Some people asked if I might watch or listen to the upcoming "debate" this Monday between these two jokers... I honestly cannot even stomach the idea of watching Killary up there, propped up and drugged up to try to make her last a full 90 minutes without passing out, in a "heated" debate with Donald about who is best to "run America"... But I will take note as to how many times these two clowns state their undying love for Israel first and foremost....I can guarantee that they will show their allegiance once again to that psychotic state above their own nation this Monday, and it will indeed be sickening....

Well, the US is now in utter desperation now with their failed attempts to escalate the conflict in Syria... Their "humanitarian aid" convoy fiasco of last week has now been blown wide open with the facts coming out crystal clear that the "attack" was indeed launched by the US itself as a means of vilifying both Syria and Russia... Yes, they tried to force the issue in the United Nations stating that it was an 'aerial bombing' of a "defenceless convoy" by "Russian and/or Syrian fighter planes....But as the facts came out and Russia and Syria challenged the US sponsored "reports" on that attack the truth came out blatantly clear that is was the US that launched the attack by using a hellfire missile launched from a Predator drone.... It does seem that another "false flag" attempt by the US has indeed failed most miserably...

And we now have the great news out of Syria that the Syrian army and its Russian and Arab allies, are on the offensive in Aleppo and have made rapid gains against the US bought and paid for mercenaries still holed up in the eastern side of that city..... The US can no longer send any more munitions or supplies to these fraud "terrorists" and it indeed could be now only a few more days until Aleppo is finally back firmly in Syrian government hands and these mercenaries either surrendering en-mass, or even better yet killed....  Once Aleppo is cleared of the American scoundrels, then the war in Syria will indeed be effectively over for the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal and their attempts to have Bashar al-Assad unseated from power in Syria will have failed miserably.....

Yes, the world is no longer fooled by the lies that the US government and their compliant Jew spew media spew with their false claims that they have been in Syria ONLY to fight "terrorists"... The world can now see for itself that the REAL terrorists are the US itself.... Now that more people have finally awakened to the truth that the whole war in Syria has been a sham and nothing more than the US/Israel/NATO sick dream of having that nation destroyed and subjugated, all I can say is it's about freaking time!

I am so shocked that so many Americans are still not seeing the obvious with these phoney "riots" taking place in North Carolina and elsewhere... The facts are that the entire "Black Lives Matter" groups that are stirring up all this trouble across America are fully financed by the second most evil man on planet Earth, George Schwartz aka George Soros..... This monster has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to create such groups like this fraud "BLM" that have the goal of creating havoc across America,... It is so sad to see so many American blacks and other minorities being suckered into joining these groups, and not being made aware that they are being "played" to work on the destruction of America itself....I said it before, and I will state it again... Considering all the damage and destruction that George Soros has done to nations across the globe and especially in both Europe and America, I still cannot understand why this ultra JEWISH criminal has not been arrested and thrown into a cold jail cell to rot for this crimes against humanity?   Honestly, am I missing something here?

One thing that everyone has not been aware of this last week, and I do believe it is done purposely, is the fact that the criminal US President, Barry Soetoro, did indeed sign a bill that basically hands over complete control of the Internet to the United Nations... And I have received reports that the handover is going ahead "on schedule" and will be completed as of October 1st of this year, less than one week from now!   I have read the reports and especially the facts of this handover over at Jim Stone's website and I honestly could not believe this could happen until you realize WHO is behind this attempt at controlling the Internet.. If you dig deep enough you do indeed find the criminal Jews firmly behind this attempt at controlling the last bastion of truth on the planet... And it makes sense when you consider that this avenue of information has indeed been the major thorn in their side in their attempts at domination of the entire planet... Basically if this handover does take place, then mass censorship will ensue and the truths about the criminality of the Jews will be suppressed and/or shut down permanently... It is no wonder therefore that the Jew spew media everywhere is not reporting about this Internet takeover!   Lets face it, for if this is indeed true and censorship takes over, then even I can kiss this website goodbye....

Well, I guess I have covered some of what is on everyones' minds this last week... As usual I cannot cover everything in full in this rant, but will do my best to touch on important subjects of the last week here in my "last minute tidbits".......I have been watching the "opinion polls" from time to time in America in the battle between Killary and Donald, and those "polls" still show these two Jew butt kissers neck and neck. Surprising indeed when you see Donald in stadiums filled with tens of thousands of supporters, while Killary cannot even fill a classroom!  Does this mean the so called "polls" and this 'election' is being fixed?  Absolutely......Canadian Jew spew news going gaga with "Prince" William, Kate, and their brood, now in Canada on a "official" visit to the west coast and the Yukon territory.  Honestly, who cares?  I for one cannot stand "royalty" for I find these criminals so disgusting and the so called "Queen" as nothing more than a pedophile monster.  Canada would be better off to finally say good riddance to these freaks.......You want a good laugh?  US Secretary of State John Kohn had the nerve last week to make the demand that Syria stop bombing and attacking the so called "terrorists" in Syria.  I honestly wonder what this criminal has been smoking to make such a ridiculous and laughable demand?  But wait, isn't the US supposed to be in Syria to fight these terrorists?........I see that the US is trying one last option in Syria, which is to now arm the Kurds.  But I do wonder how the Kurds can be this foolish considering how the US turned against them over a month ago to try to woo Turkey?  Honestly, is the Kurdish leadership this idiotic to actually believe they can now trust the US?............Another week, another possible fraud "shooting" in a mall in Washington state, north of Seattle.  Yes, these frauds will continue across America until the criminal government gets the Americans to be so scared that they will give up their rights and their weapons of self defence against government tyranny.......... I saw a report that says that Ukraine is now the poorest nation in Europe.  And we can all thank the US and their criminal coup over two years ago that destroyed that nation.  Once again proof that what ever nation the US gets involved in around the world, ruination follows shortly after.........Reports coming out of the US state that the new F35 fighter fiasco program is not only a shambles, but will bleed American taxpayers annually just to keep these hunks of junk in the air!  I still cannot understand why the American people do not demand that this money pit be halted immediately...... And to top it all off, we find reports that the Chinese have developed a new radar system that makes even the most sophisticated "stealth" aircraft visible and therefore obsolete.   But once again I must point out that "stealth" itself is a massive lie and any nation with a variable radar system between high and low wavelength radar can see ALL planes, 'stealth' or not...........Someone asked me a while back why I have stopped reporting on the situation in Fukushima Japan.  My answer is that I have not really stopped reporting but that reports are now coming in fewer and far between.  The truth is that the disaster is still absolutely out of control with no hope for any type of fix in the near or even distant future.  The failed reactors are still very much pouring their poison into the Pacific Ocean and the north Pacific Ocean is in fact very much irradiated.  If you want to eat any seafood that comes from that region of the Pacific, do so at your own risk..........Reports came out this week about how "Yahoo" got hacked and some several hundred MILLION of its user's private information has been stolen.   Now who or what state would be interested in having that information?   I would say the one that has that "star of david" in its state flag?.........Arsenal won a great game yesterday beating their long time rivals, the Chelsea Blues, in Emirates Stadium by the score of 3-0.  The Gunners are now sitting 3rd in the table behind both Tottenham and Manchester City.   Not bad, but the real test will be the upcoming games against those two powerhouses.........I have not heard from Whitewraithe for the last week at least.  I do hope my confidant and partner in our podcasts is doing OK, and I will continue to try to reach her via telephone.  I will let everyone know her status in an upcoming report at this blog......... And finally, I will once again take a shot at the sickness in America called the Kardashians.   The paparazzi is out there with a report this last week that my favourite skank, Kim, is stating clearly that she is going to vote for Killary Clinton in the upcoming fraud elections.   I expected this coming from this brain dead media hound, and quite honestly knowing how stupid these Kardashians truly are, it does make sense that they brainlessly would show their support for a mass murdering demonic freak of nature that is hell bent to destroy America.

More to come


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wallflower said...

Netanyahu blocks toilet: Israeli PM needs 20 agents to go to bathroom

["Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was the source of amusement in New York after he was spotted heading to the bathroom with a whopping escort of 20 bodyguards.
Netanyahu was out for dinner with his wife in the Sherry-Netherland Hotel’s Harry Cipriani restaurant when nature called. As he got up, half of his 40-strong crew of security agents followed him.

Margaret Menefee ✔ @MargaretMenefee
So ... BiBi Netanyahu is staying at the hotel next to my apt. building.
I picked a swell day to walk home in heels. #roadblockseverywhere
5:30 PM - 21 Sep 2016
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According to a bystander, a few went into the bathroom with him, while “one watched the door and the rest lined up with their arms up to form a human barricade, so nobody could enter the bathroom or even get close.”

The agents are part of the elite Shin Bet arm of the Israeli Security Agency.

abdullah mohammad @AnnBlind
Bibi declares New York toilet as occupied territory:
3:09 PM - 23 Sep 2016
16 16 Retweets 14 14 likes
It wasn’t just the toilets that had a wall of men surrounding it. The hotel itself was surrounded by a ring of security personnel and the restaurant was barricaded, giving New York diners a taste of Israel’s infamous security checkpoints.

***Where is a drone when ya need one?***