Monday, September 26, 2016

Exposing Donald Drumpf: Donald Drumpf As President Will Recognize Jerusalem As The "Eternal Capital Of Israel"

Yes, for the longest time I have been writing at this blog exposing the true evil intentions of one Hillary "Killary" Clinton.....I stated clearly that if this psychotic witch and demon was ever to become the next President of the United States, it would be the end of America as a nation as we know it... And of course this psychotic demon has stated clearly that if she was ever to become the President, war with the innocent nation of Iran would follow shortly afterwards....

But in stating the facts about Killary, I have in no way shape or form endorsed the other criminal running for President, Donald Drumpf.... I have looked upon that man for decades as a criminal that has made his fortune in swindling so many people.... I also look upon Donald as being a Jew butt kisser, and if he was ever to become President, it would be "business as usual" for the criminal Jews and their control and destruction of America....

And to further show the dangers of having Donald Drumpf as the next President, I want to turn to this new article from the Aletho News online website, at, where Drumpf went and met his master, that psychotic mass murdering freak of nature Benyamin Miliewkosky (Netanyahu) yesterday to get his "blessing" to be the next President, and to agree with his master's wishes that if he is to be President, then he would agree to make the city of Jerusalem the "Eternal Capital Of Israel".... Here is that article here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

President Trump would ‘recognize Jerusalem’ as Israeli capital

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) and Republican nominee Donald Trump during a meeting in New York on September 25, 2016. (photo via @IsraeliPM)
Press TV – September 25, 2016
Republican nominee Donald Trump promises Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to “recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the state of Israel” if he emerges victor in the US 2016 presidential election.

The meeting at the Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York, on Sunday took nearly 90 minutes as Trump’s son-in-law and a close adviser, Jared Kushner, was on hand for the meeting along with Israeli ambassador to the US Ron Dermer.

“A Trump administration would finally accept the long-standing Congressional mandate to recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the state of Israel,” the Trump campaign said in a press release.

The two talked about “the special relationship between America and Israel and the unbreakable bond between the two countries.”

Trump asserted that the US military aid to Israeli missile system is “an excellent investment for America,” further calling Tel Aviv a “vital partner” in the war against “Islamic terrorism,” from which the Israelis have “suffered far too long.”

On the agenda at the meeting was also the nuclear deal between Iran and the world powers, including the United States.

Trump described East Jerusalem al-Quds, occupied by Israel since 1967, as “the eternal capital of the Jewish people.”

Trump’s statement was devoid of any reference to Israel’s heavy-handed crackdown in Palestine or even the so-called two –state solution, pursued in the foreign policy of the administration of President Barack Obama.
“The meeting concluded with both leaders promising the highest level of mutual support and cooperation should Mr. Trump have the honor and privilege of being elected president of the United States,” concluded the statement.

East Jerusalem al-Quds was occupied in 1967 and Israel later annexed it heedless of international condemnations.

The Palestinian Authority, which administers the occupied West Bank, views the city as the capital of its future state. Palestinians have also resisted numerous Israeli plans for exerting full control over the territory.

NTS Notes:  Once again, this proves beyond any shadow of any doubt that with Donald Drumpf as President, the Jews win again....

I am so sick of those who are all fawning over this criminal for him to be the next US President... There are suckers born every minute it seems, and "The Donald" is finally showing his true colors and the obvious fact that he is absolutely not this great "saviour" of America that most Americans have been fooled into believing...

Lets face the facts here... This is a slap in the face for the Palestinian people who have the real rights to that land that the Jews have stolen... The Jews have NO rights to ever claim that Jerusalem is their "Eternal Capital", period, end of story.... They are making all their claims based upon their most fraudulent religion which in itself is a farce....

Well, America, there you have it... Donald Drumpf's true colors now coming out crystal clear... Yes, in terms of this upcoming farcical elections, you are indeed screwed again!

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greencrow said...


I, too, was disgusted when I read that news story. Jerusalem has always been a home to all religions, including Christians and Muslims. However, in seeking out the silver lining to this dark cloud on the horizon, I'm thinking that there must be a tit for this tat. In other words, Trump, the "great negotiator" that he considers himself to thinking...but, Israel will need to give something to get Jerusalem. They will have to give the Palestinians a homeland. If that's what he's thinking...then perhaps it MIGHT be something positive for the Palestinians.


RickB said...

Well there goes America first. I believe Trump really wants to save America, i.e. its middle class, but it can't be saved if America is serving Israel. Israel is first. Americans are water carriers for Israel.

BuelahMan said...

Here's the thing, NTS. This has been evident from the beginning. I was SCREAMING all of this since the summer of 2015.

I have taken John Friend (and many others) to task for this fawning, slobering, worship of a jewish controlled guy... this front man for jewish interests. (He would never have made a dime without their approval)

Nevermind that he is obviously a showman... a TV star who has made a fool out of himself so many times over the years that any discerning person would immediately eliminate him from the selection.

The fact that they are making us sElect from him and a craven, jewish controlled, murder-lusting hag is no accident.

This sElection is MEANT for us to take Trump... no matter what.

Now, when he allows Israel more leeway into Greater Israel... more money... more military support... etc, etc, etc, what will all the idiot Alt Righters say?

Its the same every election, NTS.

No one should be surprised, but the ones who are the loudest are the usurpers. The thieves and misleaders.

And what will happen next time.

The same thing.

Fucking idiots.

wallflower said...

There it is...

Can't add NTS...only that I knew it too 'before' the beginning. Trump has always been a jerk tied with the mob. Makes perfect sense his chummy handshake with his mirror image. He's a Con...and try to tell that to American idiots? Well, you know the rest of that story.

All I can say is..."Here's a toast to the duo of death with the other reclining on her couch being stroked." For it will be the last of the USA. I just hope ya'll up there won't be hit as bad as we will be...karma's a tall one to drink and it's coming.