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The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: US Secretary Of State John Kohn States That Russia And Syria Must Stop All "Offensive Operations" Against All "Rebels" (US Hired Mercenaries)

I have been a busy man since my return from a much needed vacation last week.... I have finally cleared up most of my personal business, and for a change may actually be able to post a few articles here at this blog over the next few days!  Yes, personal and family requirements do take precedence always, and that means that writings at this blog do suffer from time to time... I do want to thank everyone for their patience...

The war in Syria to free itself from the evil clutches of the criminal US/Israel/NATO cabal has now turned fully in favor of the good guys, the Syrian government forces and their allies including Russia.... The battle for Aleppo is now coming to a close with the so called "rebels" still holed up in the city with no where to run... With the impending fall of Aleppo, the attempts by the cabal to have Syria destroyed and/or broken up into small pieces will have collapsed, and Syria will indeed become a major turning point in the world wide battle against the so called "new world order".....

But the US government is of course "sore losers" and in fact the statements made by the US State Department now about Syria are so ridiculous, that they are almost laughable... For according to the following report from Jason Ditz's "Anti War" website, at www.antiwar.com, it appears that the Jewish US Secretary of State, John Kohn, has now had the audacity to state that Russia and Syria must stop ALL "Offensive Operations" against ALL so called "rebels" immediately!  Here is that Antiwar article for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Kerry: Russia, Syria Must Stop All ‘Offensive Operations’ Against All Rebels

Demands Russia Stop Assad Govt From Any Operations

by Jason Ditz, August 01, 2016
Speaking to reporters today, Secretary of State John Kerry demanded that Russia and the Syrian government both halt all offensive operations inside Syria, making no moves against any rebel factions, saying Russia had an obligation to ensure that the Assad government also stopped trying to gain territory in the civil war.

Kerry presented this as a self-evident part of the ongoing efforts to resolve the war, saying continued fighting was “very, very troubling to everybody” and raised doubts as to whether or not Russia was serious about ending the war, what with its willingness to back offensives with airstrikes.

The comments seem more than a little hypocritical, coming amid a massive US-backed offensive in the north Syrian city of Manbij. Though Kerry insisted in his comments that the US is obliged to keep rebels from launching offensives, there’s been no sign they’ve even attempted to do so.

If anything, the US has grown more aggressive in backing offensives in Syria in recent months, with heavy airstrikes in and around Manbij killing several hundred civilians over the past two months. While Kerry has criticized Russian efforts to evacuate civilians from combat zones, he has been silent on the many civilians getting killed by the US not making efforts to get the population of Manbij out of the way before pummeling their homes.

NTS Notes:  I look upon this as sheer hypocrisy from the United States, especially when you consider the facts that the US has been behind the overthrow of Assad all along and has blatantly armed these fraud "rebels" from the very beginning...

And we must not forget the fact that Syria had asked the Russians themselves to come into the fray last year to free themselves from these so called "terrorists" that even the US has claimed to be the "enemy"!  Hyprocrisy is an understatement here...

And I do want to present an excellent summary of this latest fiasco by the US Secretary of State.. This comment comes from Mike Rivero from his "What Really Happened" website, at www.whatreallyhappened.com, and states clearly how John Kohn's statement is indeed ridiculous and almost laughable... Here is Mike's comment:

So, Secretary of State Kerry has "demanded that Russia and the Syrian government both halt offensive operations inside Syria...."

Mr. Secretary, forgive me, but I am more than a little confused over this "demand".

Because the last time I checked, Bashar Al Assad was the legitimately elected President of Syria, and the titular commander of the Syrian Armed Forces.

He has invited the Russian forces to get rid of the jihadists, and the Russian forces, in concert with Syrian forces, have done a marvelous job of that.

Are you telling Al Assad that he has absolutely no right to bring down forces which are killing the Syrian people?!? Are you telling Putin that he must remove Russian troops, invited by the Syrian government, because, perhaps they have been doing too good a job at getting rid of the jihadists, including those alleged "moderate jihadists", supported and trained by the US (like the ones which shot down the Russian humanitarian mission chopper yesterday)?!?

And just pray tell WHAT President Obama is prepared to do, if neither Syria nor Russia acquiesce to your demands, 4 months before the US national election?!?

Go in with guns blazing, and attempt a de-cap strike against Al Assad, which most likely will mean war with Russia?!?

Sir, I would politely like to remind you of just how "brilliantly" the US's attempted coup in Turkey went, the middle of last month, and where we are at this moment. 

Please remember the Erdogan's government believes that the US government was complicit in the abortive coup, based on Russian intercepts of coded messages from the US, and Erdogan was warned in time to prevent the coup from taking hold in Turkey.

1. The NATO/US base, with US and NATO troops inside, at Incerlik is in lockdown, surrounded by 7,000 Turkish troops.

2. The US Joint Chief of Staff, General Dunsford, is in Ankara as I type this, attempting to work out some kind of a "deal" with the Turkish government, pleading that it not to leave NATO.

3. The future fate of those personnel in Incerlik is in complete jeopardy, until Imam Gulen, the Turkish religious figure now living in Pennsylvania who Erdogan believes was also involved in the coup, gets extradited by the US government to Ankara. The US government absolutely does not want to do that, because Gulen is a CIA asset.

4. Then, let us talk about the estimated 50 to 90 thermonuclear bombs stored at Incerlik.

5. If Gulen is not extradited, and Turkey repudiates NATO, and decides to pivot to Moscow, Erdogan may just have the NATO and US personnel "escorted" to another NATO safe haven (like the facility on Crete), and keep the bombs.

5. Thus, the US and NATO will have created a second nuclear-capable country in the Middle East other than Israel.

Sir, forgive me, but since this aborted coup was such an utter and total catastrophe and fluster cluck, I am deeply concerned about what the US government's response will be to neither Syria nor Russia complying with the US government's demands, and what the outcome will be here.

But I have to speculate; if internal DNC and White House polls indicate that Trump will "hand Hillary her hat" in the November elections, is the plan to "gift" him with an horrendous war, long before he takes the oath of office in January?!?

Cornered and panicked politicians are like wounded animals, which means they are very dangerous; I frankly wouldn't put something like this past the Obama Administration.

I look at the US now at the point of sheer desperation in regards to their debacle in Syria... Again, with the fall of Aleppo, the US will have been DEFEATED in their war to destroy Syria and to further do mass genocide against the Syrian people.....

But as I have said before... The US is indeed a "sore loser" and may indeed still have a few tricks left up their sleeve... But with Turkey about to escape the evil criminal cabal's grip through the revelations that the US was most definitely behind the failed coup attempt, and with Turkey's adjacent territory no longer available as the springboard for a flat out invasion....The only option left with the fraud "rebels" on the run is to openly and blatantly invade Syria directly from the Mediterranean, Israel, Iraq, or indirectly from Saudi Arabia via Jordan..... And such an invasion would put US forces directly in battle with Russian forces and possibly trigger a third world war..... The question becomes: Is the US that arrogant and stupid that they would consider this insane option?"

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