Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Cabal: Four Reasons Why Liberation Of Aleppo Would Mean An End To The Syrian War!

I spent yesterday getting some much needed rest after my vacation to Banff Alberta... Is it not amazing how sometimes we all need a rest break upon returning from vacation?   But I did have my laptop with me, and periodically checked on what has been happening around the world, and especially how the war in Syria to free itself from the tyranny of the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal has turned in favour of the Syrian people!

I have long said in so many previous articles and my weekend rants that the war in Syria will effectively be OVER for the criminal cabal once the good guys, the Syrian government forces and their allies, retake the large city of Aleppo in northern Syria.... Aleppo has in fact been the key to the entire war with it being the most populous as well as the most strategic city in all of Syria.... AND over the last week, the good guys along with their Russian and Iranian allies have in fact surrounded the last vestiges of so called "rebel" forces in the eastern part of Aleppo itself...

The good guys have however not called for a mass genocide of these criminal forces holed up in Aleppo, but instead have indeed given them a chance to both surrender and Assad has in fact granted them full pardons upon their surrender!... This shows the real nature of the Syrian government forces and how they have shown mercy in spite of the fact that the US and Israel have been slaughtering the Syrian people with no mercy at all!

OK, with the fall of Aleppo, the war in Syria will indeed be effectively over for the criminal cabal, and to prove my point, I want to present the following very important article from Sputnik News online website, at, entitled: "Four Reasons Why Liberation Of Aleppo Would Mean An End To The Syrian War"... This is a must read article and it lays out beautifully exactly why Aleppo has indeed been the key to the entire war in Syria... I have the link to that article here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I watched over the last few days as that criminal US foreign agent, Samantha Powers, went and called for immediate cessation of the Syrian army's offensive to liberate Aleppo... She had the nerve to state that Assad was once again about to "slaughter civilians".... To me this is a disgusting attempt by the US government to delay or even halt the efforts to retake Aleppo, and is such a farce considering it has been the US airforce along with the other criminals in NATO that have been purposely bombing and murdering Syrian civilians themselves for the last 5 years at least!  Hypocrisy is an understatement here...

It is a fact that unless the US can somehow come up with more bullshit to stop the Syrian army's advances into Aleppo, the city will indeed fall within the next few days (I will of course report that event when it happens!), and again the war to destroy and chop up Syria will effective be over for these bastards.... It will be a major defeat for the US/Israel/NATO cabal, and indeed could signal to other nations that they themselves need not bow down to these monsters and to stand their ground against the evil American empire... That time and a chance to turn the tide against evil on our planet is so long overdue...

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