Friday, July 15, 2016

Nice France Attack: Truck Driver Rampage Has A Glaring Hole

As I stated in my previous article about this latest "attack" in Nice France, something stinks to high heaven... Yes apparently some 84 innocent people are now dead as a result of a "truck driver rampage" that occurred yesterday with hundreds more injured... But are we getting the real story?  Being the pessimist I am, I am continuing to dig into this latest "terrorist" attack, and am trying my best to present new evidence here for everyone to see for themselves..

I found a most interesting article that was just released by a fellow researcher, Jim Stone, who of course writes his blog at It contains some very interesting and glaring inconsistencies that everyone should be made aware of, and I have it right here for everyone to view for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Truck driver rampage story has a glaring hole

Here it is: Supposedly this guy went on a 40 MPH rampage for 30 minutes. But he only went 1 mile. Common core failure. COMMON CORE BREACH! 40 mph for 30 minutes equals 20 miles. To cover only one mile, he could have only been going two miles an hour. 
So we have a glaring problem with this story already.

So we have a glaring problem with this story already.

If this story actually happened, something else makes a lot more sense: The truck was taken over via remote control, the people remote controlling the truck caused a malfunction in a little less than a minute and a half, and the driver sat inside the disabled truck in shock for 28 minutes and 40 seconds until the police arrived and shot him. Gun thrown in to add spice, he probably did not have one or he would have shot bystanders. "Allahu Akbar" line added for spice (yes, he "shouted that" the moment before the final bullet hit him, even though he'd already been shot at for a while.) How would he know RIGHT WHEN THE RIGHT BULLET WAS COMING SO IT WAS TIME TO SAY THAT?

Lots 'O bullshit here already, if they want REAL NEWS to be believable, they can't spike it with this B.S. if it is real to begin with! Ok, let's line item this:

1. He went 40 mph.
2. He went one mile.
3. It took him a half hour to do it.
4. He had a gun, and already "demonstrated" with the truck that he wanted to kill people. But he shot no one.
5. He conveniently shouted Allahu Akbar.

Yep, that all makes sense to me. How about a little more sense than that even? REAL PROBABLE SCENARIO:

1. His truck was taken over via remote, as all vehicles sold in the U.S. are required to have after a little known law passed in 2005 mandating that some form of cell networked linked control had to be in all new vehicles from 2005 onward. This probably became law in Europe also.
2. They sped it to 40 mph, went through the barricades and started mowing people down with it.
3. After a mile or so and in less than 2 minutes, they caused a malfunction in the truck and it stopped, probably by ripping an air line loose (which would lock up the brakes)
4. Mo sat there in shock, with the doors locked because they locked them via remote, for 28 minutes and 40 seconds (until police arrived). That is how you can explain why he did not get out and run during all that time, and why he shot no one despite "having a gun".
5. Finally armed police arrived and shot him through the glass, and they made up an excuse that he had a gun.
6. "Allahu Akbar" was added to the story for spice.

NTS Notes:  When I saw the reports of a "rampaging" truck driver, I stopped and reflected on the infamous San Bernardino California false flag event of earlier this year, where the supposed husband and wife "shooters" raced their SUV down a main thoroughfare in downtown San Bernardino into a police blockade.. These two "shooters" of course met their "demise" in the subsequent hail of police gunfire... BUT REAL evidence has come out that showed that the SUV was actually remote control operated for that final preplanned race down the San Bernardino street, and the supposed "shooters" were already dead long before their vehicle ran into that police gunfire!   I began to realize that what we may have just seen in Nice was another "remote controlled" vehicle purposely being driven into these innocent people, and the Tunisian "terrorist" may indeed be nothing more than the "patsy" to take the blame!

I am indeed puzzled by the time frame for this Nice attack... Honestly, 1 kilometer distance for 20 minutes?  That indeed does not add up, considering the reports claim the driver was going "40 kilometers per hour", when in reality if the report is "truthful" the  'truck' was only going as little as 3 kilometers per hour!  At that speed, any bystanders can easily dodge the truck.....

I am also waiting for any evidence that there was indeed a "drill" taking place in Nice in the time before this "attack" has taken place.....  If anyone has a link to any factual evidence in this regard, I am all ears....

I also find it strange that this supposed "attacker" did indeed sit in his truck for at least 28 minutes before the police arrived to kill him... It would appear that Jim could be correct in that this man is indeed an innocent victim and actually the "patsy" to take the fall and be subsequently killed before he can give his side of the story... Again we have here is "dead men tell no tales" and quite possibly a poor man has indeed been murdered for a crime that he may have possibly NOT committed!

And you do have to love the ridiculous "Allahu Akbar" tale that the Jew spew media throws in for good measure.. We have seen this happen with all the other fraud attacks and once again the criminals behind this act hope that the gullible masses are too stupid to realize that they are once again being played as fools....

 And of course I again have to ask ... WHY Nice France?  If this was indeed a "terrorist" act and the "terrorists" really wanted to leave a message for the world, then they could have and should have chosen neighboring Monaco where the "elite" go to vacation and party!  But of course we always find in all of these events innocent people suffering while the criminal elite get off without a scratch.....

I have yet to say this was a preplanned and staged false flag event.. But the evidence is very much showing that to be a fact......

As more evidence comes forward, I will try my best to bring it forward here for everyone to see for themselves.. And I once again ask my own readers to bring forward any strange facts and evidence that they have come across and I will present it here for all to see..... Stay tuned....

More to come



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Good catch regarding the MPH and the timing, NTS. I will link it to my post. In the meantime...the US has presented Putin with an 8 page Ultimatum regarding Syria. No coincidence.

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