Sunday, June 12, 2016

Yet Another False Flag Shooting In America: What We Have (So Far) About This Latest "Shooting" In Orlando Florida!

Earlier today I was writing my weekend rant, and I came across the latest news out of America of yet another "shooting"... This time it was at a GAY (what a coinky-dink) nightclub in Orlando Florida.... As of right now as I am typing this report, the Jew spew media is all over the place with their reporting of this shooting, claiming that there are some "50 dead" and many others wounded... And of course the liars in the media are "on top" of the alleged shooter, claiming that it is once again a "lone gunman" and he is a MUSLIM (imagine my shock..) as well!

There is so much that we have yet to learn about this latest incident, and the facts are still coming in.. But for now I want to put up this article that will definitely be updated for the next few days....

First, I do want to present an UPDATED report from Jim Stone, at, who of course is labeling this "shooting" as a fraud from the very start... This of course comes courtesy of his website: Jim Stone Freelance.... Here is Jim's take on this incident:

June 11 2016

Orlando must be the king of night club shootings, because THREE happened on recent Sunday nights and that caused a pile of confusion with this. 

People are pursuing the crisis actor/drill angle with this. I have not looked into it yet because I made a mistake and wasted time. I will say this: Is it not interesting that this happened right in the middle of the Bilderberg meetings? I am still working on this one and will no doubt burn the airtime off the modem. 

Hmm, remember one of the other shootings, where the shooter's dad was running for President in an arab state? Well, this also got reported in relation to this latest "shooting", that the shooter's dad was running for President in Afghanistan. That is too coincidental, I think the same idiotic psy op team or AI was in charge of this shooting as well. I don't believe this was anything but staged, real blood or not.

Wait a minute: Why were so many of the injured paraded down the exact same path in front of the cameras? Just like Nick Vogt, who went back and forth in front of the cameras FIVE TIMES with his legs blown off, rather than straight to an ambulance. Now it is looking fishy.

Here is a big one: If you youtube "pulse nightclub orlando" you will see that people constantly make cell phone recordings in the crowd. Yet not one cell phone video of this shooting starting from the crowd in the night club has surfaced yet. That is not by itself proof of a hoax, but it does look suspicious.

At any rate, I can at least post the following portion of my original report (it survived my mistakes) while I sort things out, and I'd also like to say that if whoever staged this thought it would do any good, all it will really do is increase support for Trump.

One thing to consider about where they took 

the Orlando night club shooting:

Is it not interesting that it serves Obama's gay agenda and Obama's gun control agenda in one event? And in the new story the guy shows up with an ASSAULT RIFLE? Why are all these attacks gun attacks? When are we going to finally see a variation in the official story, such as "Man pumps up Weed-B-Gone sprayer full of gas and flame throws night club?" Come on now, the "assault rifle" meme is getting a little bit repetitive. Assault rifles are really not the norm among gun owners, why is it always THAT? And if anything did happen at that night club and it is not all a false flag, it was almost certainly an MK patsy Too bad the singing did not go so well at the mosque. Time to comb craigslist for "gigs" and look for terror training drills in Orlando. Yep. That again.

Ok, so we have a patsy and an escaped controller. The handler escaped, early reports said there were two people, and now they have dropped to one.  That would be because the patsy was set up by the handler, people witnessed two people, (the handler got noticed) and now they have to drop the handler out of the news because he needs to get back to Israel. Just like I said in the first paragraph: SAME OLD SAME OLD, CREATIVITY IS A PERPETUAL FAIL NOW. Just always assault rifles and suicide vests. They can't have a pissed off homosexual singer in the mix if they want a war on Islam to proceed.

I see this crap and say OH, not another one. Same story. Bat Man. Sandy Hook. San Bernardino. The "art festival". Orlando. Patsy dead.

Oh, and their variance this time I guess was that instead if innocent children getting shot BY AN ASSAULT RIFLE, it was the poor little GAYS. Yep, they are the victim now, No one can ridicule anymore because THEY ARE THE VICTIMS and gee, if you hate gays, you will go shoot up a night club the way ISIS(tm) did. Yep. Milk it 500 ways. You can bet they will use this to silence anyone who is against the gay agenda.

I'll believe it is real and not pre planned when someone takes out a synagogue over the high holidays. That is something they would NEVER set up.

Oh, how cool! He was "ISIS" and he attacked the GAYS with a SUICIDE VEST and ASSAULT RIFLE. So if you are anti-gay, you are just like ISIS and you are a potential terrorist. That is how they play this crap. . . . .wait for it.

What they will try to get from this: 1. Hate crimes legislation. 2. Increased surveillance. 3. A gun ban. 4. An increased hatred for Muslims, thus justifying more wars, all the while the other head of the hydra talks "tolerance" to bury the fact that the hydra hatched it out of practically thin air.

NTS Note: And... I also want to present another report from a fellow real truth seeker, "Aangirfan" who of course writes his blog at This one is entitled: "Orlando Shooting False Flag?", and I have that report right here for everyone to see for themselves:

Sunday, 12 June 2016



"This event was purely a staged psyop and one classic sign of the faux nature of the attack lies in the striking absence of emergency medical responders at the scene...

"According to CNN an off duty police officer was working security at the Pulse nightclub and quote 'engaged the shooter as he entered the club' but despite this the killer was still able to walk inside."

The Orlando Nightclub 'Attack'

Who gains?

Horrific incident in FL. Praying for all the victims & their families. When will this stop? When will we get tough, smart & vigilant?

Omar Mateen's ex-wife says of Omar:

"He was violent and mentally unstable

"He wasn't very religious and worked out at the gym often. 

"She said in the few months they were married he gave no signs of having fallen under the sway of radical Islam. 

"She said he owned a small-caliber handgun and worked as a guard at a nearby facility for juvenile delinquents."

Omar Mateen worked for G4S.

G4S, like ISIS, is alleged to have links to the CIA.

NTS Notes:  OK, lets not beat around the bush with this one... The timing, location, and even the alleged "shooter" himself points directly to this being a set up and absolutely a false flag... The question that everyone should be asking is of course: "Qui Bono?" or in English: "Who Benefits?" from this shooting....  We have of course:

(a) The pro Gun grabbing lobby in America that wants to disarm all Americans and therefore make them helpless when the Jewish criminals that control that nation finally put everyone under their control and into a police state... The unarmed citizens will be unable to fight back...

(b) The people who "hate Muslims" and want to see America fighting perpetual wars against Israel's primary enemies, the Muslim nations that the criminal state of Israel borders... Having the "shooter" being a 'radical Muslim' fits the American government's wishes so nicely....

(c) The Gay and Lesbian freaks that will look at this "shooting" as a "hate crime" and thus have their favourite Homosexual, Barry Soetoro, now push for more laws to give them "rights" when they absolutely should have none.....

The facts are that this "shooting" could not have come at a more opportune time for these groups and even that freak of nature, Hillary "Killary" Clinton, who is now (sadly) the Democratic candidate for President of the United States this November, and will definitely use this fraud "shooting" as one of her platforms against Donald Drumpf, and will push the disarming of the American people....

Yes, everything about this newest shooting stinks to high heaven... We must be diligent and make sure that the real facts are presented and the truth gets out to everyone.... I will be sending further updates of this latest false flag when that information does arise... Stay tuned...

Definitely more to come


*One quick update... Supposedly the initial reports stated that witnesses saw more than ONE gunman in the nightclub.. That means a second gunman and blows this entire episode to high heaven.. 

But now apparently the Jew spew media and even JEW run Google is censoring these initial reports to create the false impression that all of these shootings were done by ONE man... Yes, 100+ people shot by ONE gunman with some "50" killed!

*UPDATE #2: NOW I am convinced this is indeed a false flag and a set up... According to reports coming directly from the Jew spew media, apparently this "'gunman" made a 911 call and supposedly..and get this... he pledged his 'ALLEGIANCE' to ISIS !   

Read it right here:

Yes you cannot make this stuff up and that alone proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that this was indeed a massive set up... What better way to get the US now more "involved" in the fraudulent war against their own agents in that fraud "ISIS" than to push the idea that an ISIS TERRORIST was responsible for this "attack".... 

And watch now as the gullible American people swallow this bullshit and commit themselves blindly to the fight against the fraud of ISIS!


dalethorn said...

Is it possible for one person to shoot 103 people, killing 50, with just one semi-automatic rifle? What are the known scenarios?

Northerntruthseeker said...

Apparently this "Gay" nightclub was small to begin with and was packed with an estimated "100+" patrons...

I wonder myself about these numbers... To shoot over 100 in the limited time (reports state that apparently these shootings happened within minutes) this shooter had in that club means one heck of a shot....

And what about the surviving patrons rushing this gunman? Or what about the "off duty" policeman that apparently was there and allowed this guy past him and into the club?

So many questions... Few answers...

Northerntruthseeker said...

Yes ONE "semiautomatic" rifle apparently involved with this "gunman".... I do wonder also about HOW this 'gunman' was able to RELOAD in that dark nightclub, and during that time of "reloading" what were the other patrons doing?

Again.. So many questions yet unanswered...

RickB said...

Pronouncement from delusional, dopey Mark Glenn:

ed note–in light of last night’s shooting at the gay bar–whether it is an organically-occurring event or something manufactured by powerful 3rd parties who wish to profit from the aftermath is irrelevant at this point.

Get that?!!!? Irrelevant.

greencrow said...

Lots of events to distract the al Nusra bombing this morning in Beirut.

Re the high number...they had to have a high number so the headline could read: "The Biggest Mass Shooting in American History"....which it did read.

Divide and Conquer? "How about getting Gays to hate there's something we haven't tried yet!" overheard at the Bilderberg Meeting, lol.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Everything that is now unfolding since this "shooting" does not make any sense at all.... We are all being deceived heavily and it shows that this is indeed a massive false flag but again more distraction..

And Rick... You know how I feel about the Ugly Troll aka the Midgetman from Idaho...That guy is pure scum and nothing but a liar and an agent for the bad guys... I still cannot figure out why people actually listen to him or go to his stupid website!

dalethorn said...

One thing that the FBI and others may claim is that they are spread thin investigating drugs or counterfeit currency etc. I was surprised to learn in a police-citizen course in my city that the FBI no longer investigates counterfeit money that's caught by the local police - they say that they're too busy, and the local police have to handle it. So the FBI should be on top of guys like Mateen, given he's already in the system, and was practically a poster boy for potential domestic terror. Seems like someone was either told to back off, or they were pulled off to another task.

... said...

Nothing short of pure insanity. One false flags, 3 agendas made. And every time they are using assault rifles, and 1 man can kill 50 to more than 100 people at once. Wake up. It's impossible.

Unknown said...

If this was a staged event I think trump did it he was being atack by the media for his remarks and all the Democrat's and even some Republicans and there was I think a usa today article saying how he never pays people for the work they do and even hasn't paid overtime now this happens it will divert everyone's attention just went trump does and now his remarks about Islam doesn't seem that bad or anything relating to the wall

Northerntruthseeker said...

Sorry, but this has nothing to do with Donald Drumpf... What we have here is a definite agenda as I had noted in my article....

BuelahMan said...

Who knows what is real and what is Kabuki any more? When it comes to this type of stuff, there are so many holes that it is difficult to believe it is real.

I know a guy that is so proficient with a single shot 30.06 that killing many people would not surprise me.

He once freaked out at a band practice and took out the 06 and dared anyone to remove the drum set. He could load and fire (accurately) so fast that no one would be able to stop him. And even if there was a mass rush of people (who is going to be the hero), he could take out many of them.

So, anyone proficient with a semi-automatic could do even more damage.

(None of this is to say that it happened as the MSM claims)

As for the Ugly midget who never knew the truth, my comment would be that he is the irrelevant one. I'm still pissed at Arthur for posting his Trump worship piece, then siding with that piece of shit as I was attacked on his comment section. Then he non-ceremoniously deleted the entire screed with no calling out of the culprit (thereby not alienating all the morons who love them some midget).

I will never comment again at Arthur's site because of it. Nor will I feature his work or post information about his case. Not that any of that matters to anyone because of my shitty little blog.

I am sick of shills like Glenn and those that protect them, even after they understand what derelict liars they have embraced.

Penny said...


Also important is just before the shooting at the Pulse Club, there was another shooting in Orlanda at a concert

I included this in the post at my blog
Here's the story:

The man who killed her was Kevin James Loibl, 27, of St. Petersburg, Florida, according to Orlando police.

But they didn't give any background on Loibl or offer a possible motive.

No background. No motive

Police said the suspect drove to Orlando, apparently to commit the crime, and "then had plans to travel back to where he came from."

It's unclear how the gunman got a gun into the venue or whether attendees were checked for weapons.

"We don't know if he was just a crazy fan that followed her on Twitter or on social media," Miglio said. "We really don't know ... it's undetermined at this point."

This shooter also drove from a distance to commit his crime- same as the alleged shooter at the Pulse club

"Grimmie was signing autographs late Friday after a show at The Plaza Live theater when a man approached and opened fire, police spokeswoman Wanda Miglio said.

She was rushed to a hospital, where she died.

Loibl fatally shot himself after the singer's brother, Marcus Grimmie, tackled him, police said in a statement. About 120 people were at the meet-and-greet, and the brother's quick action may have saved other lives, police said."

On Saturday you get the shooting at the club!

The concert incident is interesting for two reasons- possible trial run of another patsy?
And confused media images? Are images from the club shooting or this concert venue just 24 hours earlier?

Two very public incidents in close proximity time and location wise?
No motives for the killings?
That's got to be higher then random, no?

Northerntruthseeker said...

I do believe the Christina Grimmie shooting from a few days back is unrelated to what we have in Orlando... That one could indeed have been by a crazed fan that possibly was not only mentally unbalanced but on psychotropic drugs...

Yes the timing of that shooting is indeed strange, and so close in both time and proximity to this "night club shooting"..... But I am still crossing my fingers that it is only coincidental....

Northerntruthseeker said...

Buelahman... I have long given up hope for the Midgetman troll from Idaho... That guy has sunk himself due to his egotistical approach to others such as you and I, and his falling for his "support group" that helps him over at the Ugly Troll, even though those supporters and fellow writers there are mostly JEWS!

Glenn is a disgusting human being for what he did to both myself and especially Whitewraithe...

Unknown said...

Found your blog while I was googling about how this shooting was a false flag event. - this is a website of a company that specialises in crisis actors. Guess who one of their clients is? It's G4S, the security firm the shooter works for. It's on their homepage if you scroll down a bit. - watch this video, fast forward it to 1:06, you'll see a "victim" in red shoes being carried, but as soon as they thought the camera wasn't on them, he managed to stand up just fine.

If you also watch witness accounts, it's so clear they are crisis actors. One guy outside the scene (wearing american flag tshirt) described how he pressed on his bandana on his friend's wound, who got shot at the back. But he had NO BLOOD on him whatsoever. He also looked very calm while describing the events.

One mom (her name was Christine something) said her son was missing but she was able to plead for more gun control on camera...

One security guard managed to hit 100+ people, while the targets must be running in chaos and he had to haul all those heavy magazines and bullets, no one managed to escape and call 911 while he reloaded or something? I mean mainstream media says he was the one who called 911....

It's just so bleeding obvious it's a false flag.

Hilary had been campaigning for more gun control, and now she's getting support from the LGBT community.

RickB said...

Uhm, it may still be irrelevant, I don't know but now dopey Glenn is saying it was "powerful forces behind Trump in the Intel/military community" that did the deed in order to sway voters towards Trump.

And you know... everybody should by now... that Glenn always has it right. He wouldn't say it if it weren't so. He is very careful and deliberate in his pronouncements.

Me thinks Glenn should take his life boat off this sinking USA ship to Iran now, before he loses all credibility... even with his current adoring fan base.

Maybe Glenn should think about being a meteorologist. They're granted mulligans all the time, without any damage to their credibility.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Rick... It is not irrelevant... And for that troll to suddenly go off in that direction with his psycho assertion shows how idiotic he truly is...

Drumpf has nothing to do with this shooting, period... This was an elaborately planned operation for a multitude of reasons... And now the American people will have something to deflect their attention once again away from their crumbling economy, their never ending wars for Israel, etc, etc....

Glenn would be a piss poor meteorologist...His predictions have never panned out....

dalethorn said...

I'm trying really hard to make sense of the direction we're going with the escalation of these crises. The government certainly knows that the various things Obama has tried to enact regarding gun control etc. have usually backfired, and so the public has rushed to buy record numbers of new guns and ammo. Governments generally don't want to provoke people to acquire massive amounts of new guns and ammo if those governments were subsequently going to make a move on those guns. Banksters might, in the sense that they can profit from both sides in a conflict. So I dunno - I'm not seeing who benefits from what as yet here, unless I believe that the shootings are a provocation for gun control, which seems odd that they would escalate the fear of being unarmed first, then try to seize guns from a fearful and paranoid public. So maybe there's a bigger picture on this that I'm not seeing.

Unknown said...

This morning, I told my 10 and 11-year old daughters about the Orlando masacre done by one man with a pistol and a gun. They both said that was impossible for a man to cause much damage with those weapons. My hard work in educating them seems to be good.

YWontU said...

Odd how this blog has alot of accusations against jews and labelling things false flags, but when it comes to muslims virtually nothing negative. Instead there is this false flag label applied to the reality of islamic jihad. There is also no attempt to dig into the truth that islamism is an arm of judaism, since both operate along the same lines, in the quest to establish a one world government. You cannot separate the jews from the muslims simply because historically the two have always collaborated together against kaffirs/goyim. Chrisitanity is of course its focal hatred. Islam is communism with a god. Communism is a jewish ideology seeking to destroy all religions except their talmudic islamic ideology.

It is highly likely that Christina Grimmie's assassination was perpetrated by an anti-christ jew. But the hate crimes against christians seems to not be a fact despite the abundance of evidence for the current genocide of christians.

Christianity is the only thing that stands between the islamo-marxist one world government and our western civilisation.