Friday, June 10, 2016

This Is Troubling (Part 2): Canadian Knuckleheads In Supreme Court State That Sex Acts With Pets (!) Is "OK", As Long As It Does Not Involve "Penetration" (!)

Honestly, I am truly sick and tired of this "transgender rights" and other sexual perversions that we hear constantly in the news these days.. To me these freaks should NEVER have "equal rights" and should not only go back into the closets where they belong, but I would also be willing to drive a few nails into that closet to shut them down, permanently... For those who are "aghast" by my statements, well too freaking bad... I will not bow down to this "political correctness" bullshit and will never ever stand against true moral and decent family values...

Just today, someone sent me a link to a new article that comes from, of all places, the Daily Mail online news service at, that I found so absolutely revolting and shows how terrible this sexual deviancy has exploded everywhere... For according to this article out of the United Kingdom, it appears that the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that "sexual acts with PETS is "ok", just as long as that sex act does not involve physical "penetration" (!)... YES, you could not make this up if you tried... And here is the link to that article for everyone to see for themselves... I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  OK, I will not hold back my opinion here... THIS IS SICK, SICK, SICK!!!

To me, being a former pet owner, this is beyond reproach... I cannot believe that the Supreme Court of Canada would even rule on such a sick idea and ALLOW such action to be now a law!!!!

It also puzzles me that this report has not been found anywhere in any of the newspapers, online, or any other news service here in Canada..... Has the Canadian government now decided NOT to let their own people know that such new "laws" are being passed without their consent?

Yes, this "political correctness" and especially all this sexual deprevation has gone way out of control.... I have stated before that this puts our society one step closer to full collapse due to the fall into degeneracy.... I hope that people take this as a wake up call, especially here in Canada, that we must act to save our values from their destruction...

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