Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Orlando False Flag Shooting: PROOF That We Are Dealing With A Massive Hoax!

I have been waiting to call this Orlando "shooting" a massive hoax and a fraud until undeniable proof has surfaced that exposes it as a fraud... And it looks like that proof has surfaced thanks to some very observant real truth seekers....

Right now, I want to present a most interesting article with a few videos, from my friend, Jody, who of course writes the excellent blog: "What They Don't Tell You" at www.jpaulson.blogspot.com... This article contains two very important videos, one being from a great researcher "Peekay Truth" out of Australia, that shows undeniable proof that this Orlando "shooting" is indeed a hoax... Here is that article with those videos right here for all to see for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

100% PROOF Orlando Shooting Was a STAGED HOAX...This Is All You Need To See

You heard PeeKay ... let's make this viral!!!

I'll throw this video in for good measure:

NTS Notes:  Thanks again, Jody, for this fabulous find..

Yes, I had been leaning on this being a massive fraud for the last few days, and I was waiting for the proof positive to surface.. NOW we have that proof....

Yes, the facts are simple... The crisis actors carrying the victims for the media was absolutely staged, and they forgot the fact that they were carrying the "victims" NOT away from the Pulse nightclub as expected, but stupidly TOWARDS the nightclub! 

There can be no doubt any more that we are dealing with another operation much like Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing before it... And this time the piss poor crisis actors are as bad and/or worse than before... Honestly, what idiot forgot the simple fact that when they staged the "victims" being carried away from the shooting that it makes sense to not carry them towards the shooting?

This whole thing stinks to high heaven, and the gullible American people are again being duped.. Please spread this video to everyone and show them the bitter truth that we are purposely being lied to by the criminals in our governments.... The proof is right here before our very eyes!

More to come



Unknown said...

100% this is a hoax. I could bet my anything that no one died at that club. This shit is sickening. These people need to be straightened out. I just don't understand how they get so many human beings to collude without leaking any information at all. Like I understand that they are all being paid handsomely but not one of them brags or leaks any info. Maybe they do, and I'd it doesn't make national tv no one seems to give a rats ass. How do we make things better? I just don't understand how we can put a stop or even slow this Jew agenda down! :-(

dew said...

I've been waiting...never a let down here. Getting past all of this in-your-face-deception to the real agenda(s)will be the focus now that we have ruled out hoax/false flag. More bombs in Iraq and Syria?...seems so. And here is another one to think about. There will be a push for muslim emigration (esp.the Gay variety) because of persecution of Islam. Yet another way to clear out the ME and now invade the US. Sound far fetched? It fills the whole plan to bring down Islam...reach Iran...and conquer (just like the Roman Empire)the resources so Israel can control it all. Also I found this info interesting from VT: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/06/12/orlando/ (may be a little late but gleaning still)

Peekay and Redsilver always get me laughing...but I want to say WELL DONE to all. Thanks

dew said...


Unknown said...

I want more of that Aussie guy, entertaining to see how upset he gets at these amateur hour productions. He is a beauty. Porky flag man and friends carrying that critically injured guy with no red on or holes in him from the staging area back in the direction of the pulse. Well, the guy had long range capabilities so maybe when he came out after shooting up the place he noticed another Mr Gayman 175 yards away and just took him down for the hell of it while he called 911 to nene his ISIS Pledge of Allegiabce (the thing to do these days) before going back in to take the non dead people still hanging around hoping to be taken as hostages (and maybe more!) etc etc etc so P. Flag man and friends cart him back to club - don't leave him and wait for help -?because surely by the time they get to the club the cops will have figured out what to do with that CIA asset Mateen hanging out in there plus this critical MR. Gayman can identify the stacked bodies so the cops don't have to get any blood on them reaching in pockets plus them being gay, cops are a bit homophobic on the touching body part, except Mr Laughing Cop gets the Oscar for Best supporting role in a Farcical Comedy, ie, laughing his way at the rear into the press conference. They absolutely need to have him appear in a leading role in the upcoming Philly Convention Dirty Nuke terrorist attack where Million Man March right through the Hall insisting on democracy ((and selling tickets to the Hillary water boarding festival) is pushed aside to save a Nation from a crazed Muslim the transvestite twin sister of Mateen who has a remote detonator like those morons at Brussels Airport who forgot how to use it:

Remote detonation,
we got it for a reason,
you first walk away
and then you push the button.

My friends in Sidney, Beijing, and Santiago de Chile think all this is absolutely hysterical and are hoping the Goon Squad can come up with more and with more frequency, ideally once a month at a minimum.

Would really like to see re appearance of Mason Wells from Sandy Utah the Brussels Mormon dude who got faced burned off but all better now thank you, plus a cameo from Saby Hoax's Robbie Mr Evil would be awesome. His being caught smart ass laughing on Fox at start of press conference where he claimed grief over death of his child day before will be treasured by all for a long time.
So we got P. "Rox Off" Flagman, Killary Clinton, Mdnbc Rachel Madhog, and Robbie Parker as contestants on Our Favorite Waterboarding show called "Bah Bag Dog Balls"

Bring it on, Queremos Mas!

Bah bah Dig Balks

Unknown said...

One thing that I wanted to mentioned that I haven't seen anyone bring up yet is that most of these "victims", "survivors", "eyewitnesses", etc. don't have any REAL Facebook accounts. A lot of times when I put in a search on Facebook for one of their names, it just shows "popular search" or even if there is an account, it was either set up after 6/11 or it says " in memory of so and so." There are a few, however, like Christine Leinonen( the mother of the "slain" Christopher Leinonen) who have an authentic account, but if you look on her page, you will see that the last post that she has before the "massacre" is May 8th! ( There were others like that, as well).

Unknown said...

Don't trust Peekay Truth. That's not to say his video isn't good. Or that he does a good job bringing out the truth, in fact perhaps straight from the source itself??>
That man is a controlled opposition sub contractor.
CIA fact disinformation in order to be effective has to be 90% true.
He does a great job with his 90% but then his 10% is trying to convince you that the earth is flat?
Get it?

Northerntruthseeker said...

Sorry, Jonathan...But Peekay Truth is not misleading here, and others have also backed this video as being authentic...

I have yet to see Peekay stand behind the flat earth crowd.. His videos have shown the falsehood of what Nasa and other liars have been saying about space travel, which I do agree with....

Remember that I am not a "flat earther" myself, and look at that group as disinformation.....