Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Orlando False Flag Shooting: More Evidence Of The Massive Coverup - More Interesting Anomalies About The Alleged "Shooter"

The real story behind this Orlando FALSE FLAG "shooting" gets stranger and stranger by the minute... I have been receiving a lot of comments and links over the last few days to some interesting tidbits surrounding both this obvious set up, and about the 'fall guy' for this supposed massacre, Omar Mateen himself... I want to share some  of that material here for my own readers to see for themselves...

Right now, I want to present the following very interesting link to a very good article from "Willy Loman" who of course runs the blog: "American Everyman - Neoliberal News Of The Day{ at, entitled: "Pulse Mass Casualty Event: Turns Out, Omar Mateen Was Gay, And Went Shopping That Day"... In this article, you will see a great summation of major facts about both the operation at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando that fateful night, as well as some interesting facts about the shooter himself... I have that link right here for everyone to read for themselves here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: It should be obvious to everyone by now that not only does this "shooting" not make any sense at all, but that the criminals that really carried out the operation (still not sold on anyone actually dying in this staged event...) obviously blew it big time with the selection of this "crazed Muslim" to be their patsy....

Yes, this Omar Mateen was not only gay, but he was a frequent patron to this very nightclub... And the Jew spew media story of this guy being an "evil Muslim" that 'hated Gays' falls apart very quickly.....

Yes, this was indeed a set up and a false flag event done for a multitude of reasons.... Many are now asking the question about how this event in Orlando correlates to all of the previous false flag events we have witnessed across America, including the fraud Boston Bombing and the definitely phoney Sandy Hook "shootings".... To help understand the "commonalities" between this Orlando fraud and previous false flag events, I want to present a comment that was put onto this Willyloman article from a Kevin Scott King... This is also very important reading, and I have that list right here for all to see:

False-Flag Commonalities – Orlando
1) Multiple shooters become one: but it appears they have been unable to keep a lid on this w/ Orlando
2) Alleged ‘perpetrator’ dead: either suicide or death by LEO, so can’t defend themselves or claim what they were about
3) Communication during event: somehow the lone shooter finds time to text, call, communicate whilst in the midst of their shooting spree. In case of Orlando the shooter called 911 (always good remind people of that trauma mind control event) to blame ISIS.
4) Crazy lone white gunman or dark Muslim extremist: and in this case ISIS! (wait, is that the same ISIS created by Western Intelligence Services to overthrow Assad?) 
5) Emergency Services Drill: in this case it was 6 months prior
6) Absolute ZERO video/pics of event while it’s happening: In the age where everyone has a Smartphone, but somehow no pics or vids… hmmm. I wonder why they never take selfies? Or pictures of their victims, or hostages? But ALWAYS manage pics of walking wounded (but never severely wounded) post event.
7) Grieving relatives (bad crisis actors): who can’t manage to shed a tear and show no physical evidence of emotional trauma but always remember to mention gun control 
8) Alleged Perps (Patsy) links to Intelligence: and usually it’s FBI, and in this case it is AND father former longtime CIA asset
9) Weapons: Black ‘Assault’ Rifles! (AR15 or AK47) and black semi-auto handguns.
10) Internet Time Stamps before event: In this case Twitter comments made several hours before alleged event took place.
11) No actual evidence of any deaths: a body covered by a white sheet is NOT evidence of a death. And as stated above; In this age of Smartphones, where is the pic/vid evidence?
12) No surveillance camera vids: In the age of video, no video evidence = nothing happened or what happened is different than the official narrative.
13) Witness or family member of alleged victim (who gets media coverage; interview) is an actor; hello Luis Burbano (who was also a participant)
It is these ‘commonalities’ that prove that these false-flag events are staged by the same group/organizations. 
So this was a Left side event. With a four-fold agenda; Gun control, LGBT sympathies, anti-Muslim sentiments, pro-war against ISIS. Actually this a Right and Left event… interesting. And as always using FEAR to manipulate the masses. Frankly I’m surprised they didn’t squeeze in a Russian angle in the event somehow.

NTS Notes: I recently received some "hateful" comments asking me why I am so involved in exposing this as a fraud... Many say that I have an agenda, and I will answer those critics right here with this statement....

I honestly want this event in Orlando to be blown wide open and exposed for the fraud it is... If the American people finally awaken and understand the criminal nature of their own government in pushing this evil agenda on them, then hopefully there can indeed be a change for the better for the United States and the rest of the world... These criminals can be stopped if enough people do finally wake up...

More to come


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Greg Bacon said...

Check out "Jim Stone's" blog where he was able to capture a number of Google events from June 11 stating that the shooting had already happened:

The MSM has absolved the FBI, even though they had Mateen on their radar and had him in twice for questioning. Also the SWAT team gets a pass, who sat around for three hours, eating donuts and wondering what is all that noise.

But the wife? We'll go after her, since she has Palestinian blood.