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Newest Article From John Kaminski: The Curse Of Knowing

I have known for well over 3 decades now that the world is not as it seems..... I have learned over the last 4 decades of being a realist and a critical thinker, that we are all living a massive illusion where we are absolutely NOT free, but are indeed enslaved to a group that seeks domination over the entire planet... In my day to day travels, I am still so surprised that there are people out there that are absolutely clueless about our world... It does appear that the "Matrix" has indeed a hold over much of humanity, and many still have not taken the "red pill" to wake up and see the world for what it really is.....

But knowing the truth about our sick world and exactly who the controllers are does come with a steep price... I used to have a very large group of friends and colleagues that I would talk to and reach out to on a daily basis... However, now that I am fully aware of the Jewish problem and how truly evil that group of "chosen ones" are, I have been labeled everything from a "racist" to the usual cries of being an "antisemite", and even a criminal!   It is a known fact that once you do wake up and understand how the world really is and who the controllers are, you quickly lose both friends and even family members... That is the cost of understanding the real truth....

Right now, I want to present the newest article that comes from John Kaminski, and this one backs up everything that I have stated about what happens when you truly wake up and see the real criminals on our planet... This article is entitled: "The Curse Of Knowing" and I have it right here for all to see for themselves... I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

The curse
of knowing

We lose those we love 
when they fail to let go
of the lies they believe

By John Kaminski

When you tell the truth, you risk losing everything you have, including those you love. 

This is the curse of recognizing truth, and acting on it. Blowing the whistle jeopardizes everything you have accumulated in this life, your relationships, your possessions, your reputation. It can get worse if you offend the wrong people. As it has for so many, it can cost you your life.

We live in a world constructed on a giant pile of lies. America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. If you just say the right words you will live forever. Good always wins out in the end. None of these things are true, yet we believe them, and ostracize those iconoclasts who deny them.

Lately I’m seeing families torn apart by the recognition that 9/11 was a lie, that Hitler was the good guy, and that Jews control the world.

Couples who have been married a long time break apart because partners who maintain their belief in the lies of mainstream history can’t deal with the shocking pronouncements of spouses who have suddenly discovered that Adolf Hitler continually sought peace and that Franklin Roosevelt, acting on behalf of the world’s most powerful Jewish puppetmasters, eagerly sought World War II that killed 60 million people.

Children who are propagandized in school that homosexuals and so-called transgender personalities are merely normal variations of human behavior are brought into radical confrontation with their parents who realize that demonic forces out to destroy the country are encouraging these pathological distinctions to obliterate families and necessitate the fragmented personalities who remain to be forced to seek support from Big Brother.

Perhaps this is what is really meant by the Biblical enjoinder to abandon your families and follow the Lord, who has now morphed into the toxic beast of centralized government.

Perhaps most puzzling and tragic of all are the “idealists” of the Left who preach justice for all and compassion for the world’s poor and then savagely deny the right to speak at all for those level-headed people who point out that unrestrained immigration will sink the ship that is keeping us all afloat. This fascism of the proletariat ironically features Mexican flags being waved on American soil. 

And like the implication of “black lives matter” means that white lives don’t matter at all, the stage is set for a replay of the French Revolution, in which brother will kill brother until the puppetmasters decide the population has been sufficiently reduced.

But worst of all is what we lose by telling the truth, when the children and spouses, who only wish to believe in the system they have been taught, attempt to convince of us of the wisdom of believing in the lies for the simple purpose of keeping the peace.

Considering the way the American army has plundered the world at the behest of the Jewish bankers who control the world, it gives renewed meaning to the words of the Roman historian Tacitus.

To ravage, to slaughter, to usurp under false titles, 
they called empire. 
And where they make a desert, 
they call it peace.

Average braindead Americans are willing to live with this reality, believing that they’ve given up a lot of their freedoms, but still have plenty left. They are mistaken. Things never stay the same. Patterns that have been established continue to evolve. Every day they take another bite. Each day you possess less. As the pattern continues, soon you will have nothing, not even your life.

It’s like inflation of the soul. Soon enough what you thought you had will be worthless. And when you have nothing, it will be too late to cry out and plead that you didn’t know.

The truthtellers know this, but their words fall on deaf ears. As long as the story hasn’t been heard on television, the vast majority thinks it must not be believed. 

Some stories will never be heard on television. And this is the accurate history of America. You have never been told the truth about how this country has been governed, and you’re not hearing it now.

Your husbands and sons and fathers who have tried to tell you about the lies that are ruining your lives have risked everything, and for this significant effort their loved ones have abandoned them, all for that siren song they hear on TV, or from the plastic platitudes they hear from the foul mouths of politicians, movie stars, demonic doctors or jaded teachers, who all say, “Stick with the plan; the government knows what’s best for you.” 

Or, “that pill won’t hurt you,” when it surely will.

And while the people who really needed your love and support are left wanting and abandoned for their courage in telling the truth, you feel smugly justified in trusting your president as you watch a strange man dressed as a woman follow your daughter into a public restroom to write the future history of your once beautiful country.

See also:
How the French were lobotomized 
and what is happening in the USA today

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

NTS Notes:  Yes, John really does hit the nail on the head with this report.....

It is the truth that once you wake up, you see the world and the people around you in a whole new light.... I have watched people with a whole new perspective since I woke up a few decades ago, and yes indeed it does appear that the majority are absolutely brain dead and have not a clue of what the world is really all about and the dangers they face....But trying to tell them the truth is a whole other matter, especially when you get nothing but anger and bewilderment as a response when you try to awaken them!

Again, I have personally lost so many close friends over the last while due to my enlightenment.. That is indeed the cost of freeing your mind it seems... But I am not a quitter and will always be a fighter.. I have said many times that I would rather live in a moment of true freedom rather than a lifetime of enslavement...

I also look at the present state of our nations as being on a one way trip to destruction... The criminal Jews are throwing all this bull shit "transgenderism" and "political correctness" in our faces now wanting to see our families broken apart as their present method to speed the collapse of our societies as to secure their sick dream of world dominion...

Again, knowing the truth about the way the world really works, and who the real criminals are, is the price we all pay...

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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, May 29th, 2016


Sunday again... And as usual, time for my weekly rant...

For this rant, I figure it was time once again that I answer some of the critics who have been constantly sending their comments and hate mail my way.... The last time I did this was a few years back, and therefore it has indeed been a while....

Yes, first off I have been constantly apologizing here for any absences I have been taking, when in reality I should not have to apologize at all.... I have long said that family and other issues take precedence at all times and therefore I should not have to apologize when I let this blog slide for a few days.... My absences are NOT planned at all obviously, but I do get those who criticize me for not posting articles on a daily basis...

I also get a barrage of comments periodically asking WHY I miss out on so many other issues and WHY I am not covering issues that they want to see, such as "Chemtrails" and "HAARP"... I say to them that I cannot cover everything, but prefer to look at many of the issues of the day when I do write... Of course the issues that I do miss, that many find important to themselves, are covered by other alternative news writers and bloggers, and I recommend to those who want to see them to surf the Internet and find the material they are looking for.....

And then there are those who constantly call me an "Jew hater".... Lets be clear here for I am NOT a "hater" of anyone, but a realist who has been calling out the real enemy that we face and their disgusting fraud religion called Judaism... It is amazing to me that these people who cry "hate" do not take a good hard look at themselves in the mirror, for if they did and actually understood the machinations of their own religion and what their "tribe" has been doing to the rest of mankind, then they would understand that it is THEY who are the real "haters".....I also point out the fact that this blog has links to several JEWISH writers who are highly critical of the evil works and goals of their own "tribe" including Gilad Atzmon, Norman Finkelstein, and Henry Makow.... I support the work of those who are fighting evil and look at the few Jews who see the evil of Judaism and are unafraid to fight for all of mankind as valued allies...

As for those critics that scream "antisemitism" at me constantly... I call these critics out all the time and ask them to show me proof that THEY are actually 'Semitic' for them to scream out "antisemitism" at everyone else.  For if these critics actually took the time to look at their own history and where their ancestors actually originated from, they would see that they have not one drop of Semitic blood at all in their veins.... I have always tackled this "antisemitism" angle logically and see clearly that those who scream it are themselves the real 'antisemites" and have been using that phrase to hide their own criminal and evil acts on the rest of mankind for over the last century at least....I also say to those out there who cower and cringe when these criminals scream "antisemitism" at them to stand up and demand these criminals to show proof of their own Semitic background when they spew such bullshit.  They will find that these screamers have nothing to back up their false claims...

For those critics that hate it when I call the Mainstream media the "Jew spew" media, I say to them to look at exactly WHO controls the media today.... The facts are as clear as day with just a bit of research that the Jews own and control all aspects of the media and have been in control for the last few decades at least... Every major mainstream media outlet is owned and operated by Jews and they absolutely control both the context and the message that gullible people listen to and watch on a daily basis... And of course we see every major media outlet absolutely censor and refuse to talk about any issues that are critical of Jews and their beloved and most criminal state of Israel.....Every single "news cast" is highly censored and controlled, and the newscasters are like controlled puppets that cannot sway from their scripts.... Any newscaster or reporter that even accidentally says anything critical of the Jews and the psycho state of Israel loses their job...... And we cannot forget that Hollywood, which I always call "Jewlywood" is completely controlled by Jews as well and their so called "movies" tend to be pure propaganda that paints the criminal Jews in a "positive light" while giving any of Israel's "enemies" a most negative slant..... Therefore for myself to call the media the "Jew spew" media is in fact absolutely correct for the information "spewed" out to the public is indeed Jewish controlled propaganda....

For those critics who hate it when I call the psychotic and insane state of Israel exactly what it is, I ask them constantly to show me otherwise... That "state" is an abomination and should have never ever been created, period.... The so called Jews that are presently in control of that state have stolen that land from the rightful people who have been living there for thousands of years, the Palestinians, and are absolutely wanting all of the land for their selfish selves....Most that are occupying that territory are indeed religious zealots and radicals that absolutely believe that their "god" gave them that land when in reality their own 'god' is a fraud and their entire religion is a sham....These criminals have indeed been wanting to further expand their "state" as part of the sick and twisted "Greater Israel" project that calls for the Jews to be in control of all of the lands from the Nile to the Euphrates rivers.  And to attain that expansion they are willing to see millions of innocent people in the adjacent Arabic nations to perish.....We must also not forget about the total Jewish control over America and how the US government gives tens of billions of dollars away annually to the psycho state of Israel to allow it to build and purchase the weapons of its war machine for it to kill others..... And to top it all off, we have this abomination armed to the teeth with hundreds of nuclear weapons that these psychos would indeed unleash on the rest of the planet if they are in any danger of ever "going down" as laid out in their insane "Samson Option".......Yes, the "state" of Israel is indeed an abomination that should have never ever been created, and considering all the evil actions it has done over decades since its birth back in 1948, calling it psychotic and insane is actually putting it very mildly.....

I have also had those critics who constantly ask myself for the answers to the problems we face.  Yes, it is very hard for anyone who sees the truth about the evils of the Jewish "tribe" to have the answers to this problem.... With total Jewish control over the media, our financial system, and even our own governments, it is nearly impossible to get these criminals out of our lives... Many including my friend Whitewraithe, have said that the Jews have already won, and right now all that is left is to have the pieces finally in place to bring the entire fraud financial system crashing down thus allowing the Jewish criminals in charge to bring in their "new world order" system of tyranny and enslavement for all of us.... All that I can do and all that anyone else can do at the present time is continue to try to awaken as many people to the dangers that we face and to hopefully have a change in public attitude to one of understanding WHO is behind the problems in the world today.... Hopefully with enough people out there enlightened to the real criminals that are ruining our world, we may yet have that peaceful revolution that would be needed to actually get these criminals out of power... And we must not go to the extreme of wanting a violent revolution, for that is exactly what these criminals want.  A violent revolution would only bring about their lockdown of our society and conversion to a police state more quickly....Yes, I do not have all the answers, but I am trying my best at being a messenger and a voice of realism.....

For those critics who say I am wrong when I call "terrorism" a scam and a fraud, I ask these fools to give their heads a shake... Take a close look at exactly WHO has been financing and controlling these "terrorists"... When you strip away all the bullshit, you discover that the United States and the psychotic state of Israel have not only been financially supporting these "terrorists" but actually have their CIA and Mossad agents within their ranks..... Every single "terrorist" group from "Al Qaeda" to the present boogeyman called "ISIS" and even the so called "moderate terrorists" such as "Al Nusra" are nothing more than pure propaganda bullshit fully controlled and occupied by CIA and Mossad operatives and highly paid mercenaries....These groups have indeed been doing their jobs very well in  giving the Jew spew media the "enemy" propaganda required to psychologically fool the gullible fools that fall for this bullshit every time... .Lets face it, for without the fraud of "terrorism" that has many people today cowering in fear, there would also be no justification for the hundreds of billions of dollars spent annually on the military industrial complex for weapons to fight this phantom enemy.... I am not fooled by this lie of "terrorism" for I know who the real "terrorists" are and each and every time I listen to people talk about "terrorists" in my travels, I honestly have to laugh inside knowing how truly gullible people are.....

For those critics who constantly complain about my putting up articles pertaining to important health issues, I say to them to understand that our health and bodies are right now being purposely destroyed by these same criminals that are out to dominate the planet... These criminals have long been using their poisons in our foods and the chemicals in their vaccines as their method of dumbing us all down and turning us all into compliant sheep.   They have also lied to us for decades about many major diseases such as Cancer without informing the public that many cures are readily available.  To them it is better to have everyone sick and dying from these illnesses so that they can fleece as much money from their victims and eventually allow them to die.... There is no money to be made from cures, and that explains why many medical "foundations" such as the Cancer foundation are multi billion dollar behemoths that care not for curing Cancer but to make sure billions is spent on both "research" and the fraud of "treatments"....  I therefore will continue to promote real truths about our health and will continue to show and expose the scams of our present medical establishment.

For those critics who are aghast at my stance on this Gay/Lesbian/Transgender issue bullshit, I say to them to get a life... I have never ever supported these "agendas" and I never will... I look at this ever increasing media crap about "transgender rights" as an abomination and something that could indeed finally bring down our society..... These "transgenders" should never have rights, period, as far as I am concerned... Men are men and women are women, period....I look at those who "identify" themselves as not their own sex that they were born with to be psychologically screwed up.. I am therefore dead set against the push by our governments to allow any individual to identify themselves as different sex when very logically they are not.... And this insane  idea that men can now "legally" go into a woman's washroom whenever they want is also something that any person, especially those with children, should never allow.... I again say to those fathers that watch any guy follow their daughters into a woman's washroom to either beat the living crap out of that thing.. Or better yet to have a knife ready to cut his testicles off and thus save that thing the cost of the operation to have it converted to a "woman".....Yes, right now many readers would be gasping at what I am stating, and I say to them to get a life... This "transgender" issue is being pushed by the Jewish criminals themselves who want to use this "issue" as one of their methods of destroying our very social structure and ruin our families.... I will not cower and hide from my stance.....If anyone does not like it, then there are other pro "transgenderism" websites and blogs out there that they can turn to....

Well, there you have it... I hopefully have touched on many issues so far that I have been always criticized about.... Hopefully many will see what I stand for and why I write this blog.  I am again a realist and can never be bought off.  To me, there is not enough money in our sick world to change my views, and I look at those who have their own personal "agenda" and write their bent and twisted blogs and sites on the alternative media to get a real life.... This is a war on our minds and our future and the future of our children is at stake....

OK, enough of this rambling.. I figure I would cover some of the issues of the day and what has been happening around our world over the last while that I have missed right here in my "last minute tidbits"......It does appear that Hillary (Killary) Clinton may finally be going down. The US Jew spew media has finally been coming out with all of the allegations about her treasonous activities via her emails and has even started to question this demonic witch about her part in Vincent Foster's death.  The fact is that Killary is absolutely unfit and too psychotic to ever be the US President.... My worries is that with Killary now being exposed as the true murderous criminal she is, that the US Democratic party will now turn to the Zionist Mossad trained alternative, Bernie Sanders, to be nominated as their candidate.  I will state again that this is exactly what they have planned all along, for the Jews want their man and Mossad agent Bernie to be sitting in the White House come this November....... I am still not sold on Donald Drumpf as being the best thing for America as well.  Donald does make some great speeches and has been saying exactly what America wants, but he also has his agenda and has always been controlled by big Jewish interests.  If Donald does get to be President, it will only be business as usual and the Jews will continue to control that once great nation from "behind the curtains"......As expected, the US government "turned down" the Russian request to coordinate their efforts in Syria against the fraud of "ISIS".   That rejection should be another wake up call for everyone as to the truth that the US itself is "ISIS" and has been using that fraud terrorist group for nothing more than Syria's destruction.  The big question has always been when the hell the American people will finally wake up and demand their government stop their genocide of innocent Syrian lives.........And what the hell is going on with Turkey and their "incursions" into Syria?  It does not make sense to me for Erdogan to continue to poke the Russian bear by trying to instigate a fight with them in Syria, but I do wonder if these incursions are part of the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal plans for an eventual all out invasion of Syria itself.......I see that "radicalism" is now taking over in the psycho state of Israel, including the statement made by the psycho Lieberman that any Palestinian who does not show their loyalty to the Jewish state must have their heads chopped off.  It is amazing that this statement by this madman has never made the Jew spew media (no shock here..) and all it shows is that this criminal state is now becoming even more dangerous to the entire planet........ I see that Greece has once again failed as I have long predicted.  All of that money that the criminal IMF loaned to Greece has only increased Greece's debt load and now Greece needs another hand out to survive.  I am still surprised that the Greeks never told these criminals to take their money and their fraud debt and shove it up their butts.  Greece should have done what Iceland did and refused any more 'austerity', period......And once again we see all the fear mongering going on in the Jew spew media about the dangers that the UK will face if it decides to 'exit' the criminal Rothschild controlled European Union.  I would say to the Brits to not be fooled and to overwhelmly vote YES to get the hell out of the EU!  Britain would be much better off by not being slaves to the Jewish criminal empire called the "European Union"........I stated in previous articles and rants that the wildfires around Fort McMurray Alberta Canada were done intentionally and I am not wavering from that statement.  In fact, the "temporary" shutdown of the Tar Sand Petroleum production facilities near Fort McMurray due to the wildfires have indeed done exactly as I predicted.  The loss of production from those facilities have indeed pushed the world price of Petroleum upwards (no shock here..) due to the laws of "supply and demand".  With the loss of the "supply" from Fort McMurray, the prices have risen due to "demand".  It should therefore be apparent to everyone that these "wildfires" that could have been put out easily weeks ago were indeed allowed to continue as part of a most diabolical agenda of increasing Petroleum profits!   I ask anyone that finds issue with this statement to please prove me wrong......What the hell is the US and the Rothschild private armies of "NATO" trying to do with their deployments along the Russian Federation border?  The psychos in charge of our governments are now having the audacity that these build up of forces are due to "Russian aggression", and I ask them to show WHERE Russia has been the aggressor?  This is not good at all, and can only lead to a general war with the NUCLEAR armed Russian Federation.  However, sadly, I see this is exactly what the criminals in Washington DC want, for they know that without a major war, the US is heading to financial armageddon.  Yes, the psychos in our governments will indeed have us fighting a third world war just to save their own financial and political necks.......China just released a statement that says that the United States is the greatest threat to peace and stability on our planet.  Decades ago, when I was still partially brainwashed into believing that the US was the best nation on the planet, I would have dismissed this statement by the Chinese as nothing more than rhetoric and propaganda. But today from watching what the US has done to peaceful nations and how truly evil the US government has become, I would say this statement is absolutely correct.  The United States of America is today the second most evil nation on the planet with only Israel one step higher.  Sadly, most Americans have not yet awakened to that bitter reality......Reports have come out showing definitively that the Brazilian change in government was indeed a coup headed by the United States.  No shock here, as the Americans have long wanted the BRICS initiative, to have the US dollar world wide hegemony ended, destroyed.  These criminals have looked upon Brazil as the 'weakest link' in the BRICS plan, and now with Brazil having a pro-Washington puppet government installed, obviously Brazil will 'withdraw' from the BRICS deal..... And of course Venezuela is now in danger of full collapse, which is again what the Americans want.  Washington DC wants to install another puppet US regime in Caracas, and that may happen within the next few weeks.   Yes, the US wants to control Venezuela's massive oil reserves, and having their people installed in Caracas would definitely give them that control.....The Egyptair flight 804 controversy continues, and I am still leaning towards a shoot down of that plane and the massive coverup that follows.  And a shoot down would definitely explain the massive coverup that we see in the reports coming out of the Jew spew media.   Apparently someone desperately wants to make sure the real truth about what exactly happened to that Airbus 320 and the 66 passengers on board to not get out.  My question is: Did Israel "accidentally" or even deliberately shoot down this aircraft?........Some guy in the United Kingdom builds a pond in his back yard and now officials want his pond removed as it could cause burglars that may be invading his home to drown?  Honestly, you cannot make this stuff up, and I would say to the guy to not only keep his backyard pond, but to make it deeper and possibly fill it with Piranha fish...... The Gates Foundation is increasing their "common core" initiatives across America in spite of the public backlash against this ludicrous program.  Yes, someone definitely wants to see the American public and especially the next generation of American school children to be as dumb and stupid as possible.  This "Gates Foundation" is again nothing but pure evil and part of the "new world order" agenda.....Cell phones do indeed cause brain cancer.  As I showed in my last article, no shock here.  This should be a wake up call for everyone and hopefully curtail the further expansion of the cell phone industry until public health issues are addressed.......Well I was 1/2 right in my NHL Stanley Cup final prediction I made in last week's rant.  With no soccer available for the next few months, I figure hockey is the next best thing for the next few weeks.  I am predicting the San Jose Sharks to beat the Pittsburgh Penguins in 6 games.......Whitewraithe has finished her courses and is now fully employed once again. I want to congratulate her on her success, and she has already stated that once she gets everything settled, we will have our Podcast show "Turbulent Times" relaunched.  It is about time!..........And finally I will close this rant with my usual look at the great American family, the Kardashian gaggle of idiots, trolls, trollops, and skanks.  I see apparently Khloe and her estranged husband Lamar Odom have finally filed for divorce.   Honestly how anyone with any brains would marry any of these creatures is beyond me.   But again, while America is going to hell, the people continue to care most about the day to day antics of this 'family'.   And people wonder why I see America now as a failed state?

More to come


Saturday, May 28, 2016

Very Important Health News: Breaking Report Shows CONCLUSIVELY That Cell Phone Radiation Causes Brain Cancer!

I am one very pissed off researcher these last few days... I was informed by some people residing around a local telephone network centre here in Central Canada that the telecommunications company that runs that facility was going to erect a brand spanking new cell phone network tower adjacent to that centre and right smack dab in the middle of that residential neighbourhood!  

Lets be clear here... NO cell phone tower should ever be erected in the middle of a residential neighbourhood, period, end of story... Many reports are coming out of Europe (strangely none in North America...) that show conclusively that cell phone towers must be located at least hundreds of meters away from any residential buildings to ensure the safety of those residents.  This is a fact and very logical due to the short and long term effect of Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) and their effect on living organisms....

In my background in Physics and long studying and understanding the effect of radiation in many forms on the human body, I am absolutely flabbergasted that anyone would allow any cell phone towers to be placed anywhere where people preside...  Besides the fact that most of these towers are indeed an eyesore and an abomination, their massive EMF field outputs do indeed have a ghastly effect on human health that makes them a danger to us all!

But the tricky part here is for those area residents in that there is almost ZERO REPORTS and ZERO STUDIES conducted here in Canada and especially in the United States about the damage that EMF radiation does on human beings.  Those reports are almost non-existent, and I look at that done purposely.  Many of the telecommunication businesses in our countries have deep pockets and have powerful lobby groups that absolutely make sure that their plans for propping up these cell phone tower monstrosities everywhere goes unabated!  Sadly, we all are being used as guinea pigs in basically what is an experiment to see how much tolerance we all have to EMF radiation and to see if indeed the effect of that radiation is health diseases such as Cancer and even death!

Yes, I am against Cell phones in general and how they and the industry built around them has destroyed our social structure and how they have been pouring out radiation into our environment that has caused so much damage to our bodies..... And now comes even more ammunition against Cell phones in general, for according to the following report from the Natural News website, at www.naturalnews.com, it appears that a recent government study has concluded that cell phone radiation does indeed cause Brain Cancer!   I have that report right here for all to see for themselves and my own thoughts and comments to follow:

BREAKING: Massive government study concludes cell phone radiation causes brain cancer

Learn more:  http://www.naturalnews.com/054165_cell_phone_radiation_brain_tumors_government_study.html#ixzz49zDr31U9

(NaturalNews) After decades of denials and attacks by the media which called people concerned about cell phone radiation "tin foil hat-wearing conspiracy theorists," a massive, multi-year study funded by the federal government now concludes that yes, cell phone radiation causes brain cancer.

The study is published here and it's entitled, "Report of Partial Findings from the National Toxicology Program Carcinogenesis Studies of Cell Phone Radiofrequency Radiation in Hsd: Sprague Dawley SD rats (Whole Body Exposures)."

"The findings, which chronicle an unprecedented number of rodents subjected to a lifetime of electromagnetic radiation, present some of the strongest evidence to date that such exposure is associated with the formation of rare cancers in at least two cell types in the brains and hearts of rats," reports Scientific American:

The researchers found that as the thousands of rats in the new study were exposed to greater intensities of RF radiation, more of them developed rare forms of brain and heart cancer that could not be easily explained away, exhibiting a direct dose-response relationship. Some of the rats had glioma -- a tumor of the glial cells in the brain -- or schwannoma of the heart. Furthering concern about the findings: In prior epidemiological studies of humans and cell phone exposure, both types of tumors have also cropped up as associations. In contrast, none of the control rats -- those not exposed to the radiation -- developed such tumors.

Consumer Reports also authored this story published on Yahoo Finance, which states, "The tumors found were gliomas (in the brain), and schwannomas (of the heart)." That same story goes on to report:

[T]he current study, which found the same types of tumors in rats that the earlier epidemiological research found in humans, was a controlled clinical trial; it was specifically designed to simulate the exposures of cell phone users, and all of the important parameters were tightly controlled and carefully monitored. Rats and mice were exposed to the same kinds of radiation used in cell phones, for roughly nine hours each day, spread over the course of the day.

Another government cover-up shattered

In other words, the cell phone industry can no longer claim it's "bad science." This is rigorous science, and it shows a clear, dose-related causative link between exposure to cell phone radiation and the development of brain and heart tumors.

For decades, the government has actively conspired with industry to downplay any evidence linking cell phones to cancer. We see this across the federal government, of course, with the EPA downplaying the risks of pesticides, the FDA downplaying the risks of pharmaceuticals, the CDC downplaying the risks of vaccines and the USDA downplaying the risks of genetically engineered crops. The entire federal government as it operates today is little more than the science propaganda and marketing arm of private industry. (Corporate-government collusion, by the way, is better known as economic Fascism.)

In all this, the role of the government-controlled media has long been to ridicule anyone who questions the official science propaganda on all these topics. Think cell phones cause cancer? You're a kook. Worried about fluoride in the tap water? You're a nut case. Concerned about mercury in vaccines? You're an anti-science quack, we're told.

Except that now the truth is being exposed on all these fronts. Now, even the government's own study shows that cell phone radiation causes cancerous tumors of the brain and heart. At the same time, independent science is increasingly exposing the harm of mercury in vaccines, GM crop chemicals like glyphosate, toxic pharmaceuticals and the mass fluoride poisoning of the water supply. On all these issues, Natural News has always been right! (... and the establishment has always been in denial of reality.)

The CDC, for its conspiratorial part, yanked warnings about cell phone radiation from its website. (It's the Ministry of Truth, you see, and preventing the public from learning the truth is always the CDC's No. 1 priority...)

As Consumer Reports says in its story:

The results of this large, long-term study could dramatically shift the national debate over cell phone safety. The NTP's website says that the results may be used by the Food and Drug Administration and the FTC in determining how best to protect consumers from the potential harms of radiation that comes from cell phones.

The CDC might also consider reinstating the cautions it pulled from its web site. (We've reached out to the agency for comment, and will update our story once we hear back from them).

Likewise, the cell phone industry may have to alter its stance. The wireless association trade group CTIA has maintained that cell phones are completely safe, and has fought to block San Francisco from passing laws that would require electronics retailers to notify consumers about the proper handling of cell phones.

Sources for this story include:



Learn more:  http://www.naturalnews.com/054165_cell_phone_radiation_brain_tumors_government_study.html#ixzz49zDmBbpb

NTS Notes: Honestly, I am not one bit surprised by the findings of this report....

I have witnessed for years now our young people with their heads buried in their smart phones and now becoming social invalids.... Many have lost the ability to communicate properly and instead are locked into a world of "text messages" and the fraud of "social media" and now have become basically walking zombies.... This could indeed spell the beginning of the collapse of our society itself as this next generation has not a clue about proper face to face communication,  and knows little about life in general and the very world around them other than the fraud perpetrated on those sinister "social networks"....

I also have seen for the last few decades as people have been using cell phones by having them locked to their heads constantly... Those mini transceiver units have for decades spewed out their own EMF radiation that has been pouring into the user's brain unabated, and now we see that radiation is indeed responsible for an increase in brain cell cancer... The link between the cell phone and that brain cancer is so obvious.....

Yes, Cell phone usage continues to explode at an alarming and unabated rate...But with every new technology there always seems to be a price on everyone... This report should be shown to everyone and more independent research that is NOT bought and paid for by the telecommunications industry must be conducted and those reports' findings must be shown to everyone... If the findings show that cell phones are destroying our very health then appropriate measures must be taken or the industry must be curtailed.....

And for those residents that are having that cell phone tower propped up right in their neighbourhood, I would recommend a massive petition and meetings with local government officials and demands must be placed to make sure such an abomination is not put into their environment.... Public safety must be considered in all circumstances first and foremost....

More to come


Friday, May 27, 2016

"Americans: A Conquered People - The New Serfs" : Article By Paul Craig Roberts - My Take

I have indeed been playing "catch up" over the last few days.... And some comments from readers sent my way over the last few days have asked me to take a close look at a few interesting articles released by other online sources and blogs, and for my own "two cents worth" on what I see.....

One article in particular did catch my eye, and it comes from none other than Paul Craig Roberts, who of course was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury of the United States.. Paul has already put up so many interesting articles at his website: "Paul Craig Roberts" (www.paulcraigroberts.org), and his latest one does indeed paint a not so pretty picture of what is happening in the formerly free United States of America... His latest article is entitled: "Americans: A Conquered People: The New Serf" and I have it right here for all of my own readers to view for themselves... I do have my own thoughts and comments about this interesting article to follow:

Americans: A Conquered People: The New Serfs — Paul Craig Roberts

Americans: A Conquered People: The New Serfs
Paul Craig Roberts

As readers know, I have seen some optimism in voters support for Trump and Sanders as neither are members of the corrupt Republican and Democratic political establishments. Members of both political establishments enrich themselves by betraying the American people and serving only the interest of the One Percent. The American people are being driven into the ground purely for the sake of more mega-billions for a handful of super-rich people.

Neither political party is capable of doing anything whatsoever about it, and neither will.

The optimism that I see is that the public’s support of outsiders is an indication that the insouciant public is waking up. But Americans will have to do more than wake up, as they cannot rescue themselves via the voting booth. In my opinion, the American people will remain serfs until they wake up to Revolution.

Today Americans exist as a conquered people. They have lost the Bill of Rights, the amendments to the Constitution that protect their liberty. Anyone, other than the One Percent and their political and legal servants, can be picked up without charges and detained indefinitely as during the Dark Ages, when government was unaccountable and no one had any rights. Only those with power were safe. In America today anyone not politically protected can be declared “associated with terrorism” and taken out by a Hellfire missile from a drone on the basis of a list of human targets drawn up by the president’s advisers. Due process, guaranteed by the US Constitution, no longer exists in the United States of America. Neither does the constitutional prohibition against the government spying on citizens without just cause and a court warrant. The First Amendment itself, whose importance was emphasized by our Founding Fathers by making it the First Amendment, is no longer protected by the corrupt Supreme Court. The Nine who comprise the Supreme Court, like the rest of the bought-and-paid-for-government, serve only the One Percent. Truth-tellers have become “an enemy of the state.” Whistleblowers are imprisoned despite their legal protection in US law.

The United States government has unaccountable power. Its power is not accountable to US statutory law, to international law, to the Congress, to the judiciary, to the American people, or to moral conscience. In the 21st century the war criminal US government has murdered, maimed, and dislocated millions of people based on lies and propaganda. Washington has destroyed seven countries in whole or part in order to enrich the American elite and comply with the neoconservative drive for US world hegemony.

Americans live in a propaganda-fabricated world in which a brutal police state is cloaked in nice words like “freedom and democracy.” “Freedom and democracy” is what Washington’s war machine brings with sanctions, bombs, no-fly zones, troops, and drones to countries that dare to cling to their independence from Washington’s hegemony.

Only two countries armed with strong military capability and nuclear weapons—Russia and China—stand between Washington and Washington’s goal of hegemony over the entire world.

If Russia or China falter, the evil ensconced in Washington will rule the world. America will be the Anti-Christ. The predictions of the Christian Evangelicals preaching “end times” will take on new meaning.
Russia is vulnerable to becoming a vassal state of Washington. Despite a legion of betrayals by Washington, the Russian government has just proposed a joint US/Russia cooperation against terrorists. 

One wonders if the Russian government will ever learn from experience. Has Washington cooperated with the agreement concerning Ukraine? Of course not. Has Washington cooperated in the investigation of MH-17? Of course not. Has Washington ceased its propaganda about a Russian invasion of Crimera and Ukraine? Of course not. Has Washington kept any agreement previous US governments made with Russia? 

Of course not.

So why does the Russian government think Washington would keep any agreement about a joint effort against terrorism? 

The Russian government and the Russian people are so unaware of the danger that they face from Washington that they let foreigners control 20 percent of their media! Is Russia unaware that Washington has Russia slated for vassalage or destruction?

China is even more absurd. According to the Chinese government itself, China has 7,000
foreign-financed NGOs operating in China! Foreign financed NGOs are what Washington used to destabilize Ukraine and overthrow the elected government.

What does the Chinese government think these NGOs are doing other than destabilizing China?

Both Russia and China are infected with Western worship that creates a vulnerability that Washington can exploit. Delusions can result in inadequate response to threat.

All of Europe, both western, eastern and southern, the British Pacific such as Australia and New Zealand, Japan and other parts of Asia are vassal states of Washington’s Empire. None of these allegedly “sovereign” countries have an independent voice or an independent foreign or economic policy. All of Latin America is subject to Washington’s control. No reformist government in Latin America has ever survived Washington’s disapproval of putting the interests of the domestic populations ahead of American corporate and financial profits. Already this year Washington has overthrown the female presidents of Argentina and Brazil. 

Washington is currently in the process of overthrowing the government in Venezuela, with Ecuador and Bolivia waiting in the wings. In 2009 Killary Clinton and Obama overthrew the government of Honduras, an old Washington habit.

As Washington pays the UN’s bills, the UN is compliant. No hand is ever raised against Washington. So why does anyone on the face of the earth think that an American election can change anything or mean anything?

We know that Killary is a liar, a crook, an agent for the One Percent, and a warmonger. Let’s now look at Trump.

Are there grounds for optimism about Trump? In the West “news reporting” is propaganda, so it is difficult to know. Moreover, we do know that, at least initially, the response of the Republican Establishment to Trump is to demonize him, so we do not know the veracity of the news reports about Trump.

Without belaboring the issue, two news reports struck me. One is the Washington Post report that the Zionist multi-billionaire US casino owner Sheldon Adelson has endorsed Donald Trump for President.

Other reports say that Adelson has mentioned as much as $100 million as his political campaign contribution to Trump.

Anyone who gives a political campaign $100 million dollars expect something in exchange, and the recipient is obligated to provide whatever is desired. So are we witnessing the purchase of Donald Trump? The initial Republican response to Trump, encouraged by the crazed neoconservatives, was to abandon the Republican candidate and to vote for Killary.

Is Adelson’s endorsement a signal that Trump can be bought and brought into the establishment?

Additional evidence that Trump has sold out his naive supporters is his latest statement that Wall Street should be deregulated: https://ourfuture.org/20160519/populist-trump-wants-to-deregulate-wall-street 

It is extraordinary that Trump’s advisers have not told him that Wall Street was deregulated back in the 20th century during the Clinton regime. The repeal of Glass-Steagall deregulated Wall Street. One source of the 2008 financial crisis is the deregulated derivative market. When Brooksley Born attempted to fulfill the responsibility of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and regulate over-the-counter derivatives, she was blocked by the Federal Reserve, the US Treasury, the SEC, and the US Congress. 

Nothing has been done to correct the massive mistake of financial deregulation. The Dodd-Frank legislation did not correct the massive financial concentration that produced banks too big to fail, and the legislation did not stop Wall Street’s reckless casino gambling with the US economy. Yet Trump says he will dismantle even the weak Dodd-Frank restrictions. 

The American print and TV media are so corrupt that these reports could be false stories, the purpose of which is to demoralize Trump’s supporters. On the other hand, should we be surprised if a billionaire aligns with the One Percent?

Elections are an unlikely means of restoring government that is accountable to the people rather than to the One Percent. Even if Trump is legitimate, he does not have the experience in foreign and economic affairs to know who to appoint to his government in order to implement change. Moreover, even if he knew, unless Trump candidates also replace the Senate, Trump could not get his choices confirmed by a Senate accountable only to the One Percent. 

Americans are a conquered people. We see this in the appeal from RootsAction to the rest of the world to come to the aid of the American people. Unable to stop the lawlessness of their own “democratic” government, Americans plea for help from abroad: http://act.rootsaction.org/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=12247 

The plea from RootsAction indicates that committed activists now acknowledge that change in America cannot be produced by elections or be achieved internally through peaceful means.

NTS Notes: Paul definitely does "hit the nail on the head" with this report, but as in previous reports, he does fail to NAME the criminals who are responsible for the sad state that America is in, who are of course the criminal Jews.... He does call them the "One percent" but most of us already know WHO the vast majority of this "one percent" are....

I am also puzzled by Paul's mentioning of Bernie Sanders in this article without the mention that Bernie himself is of course a tribe member, and has spent time in Israel itself.  He is also suspected of being Mossad and may actually be the "person of choice" to be the next US President simply due to the exasperation of the American public with the Trump-Killary circus and the media suddenly pushing Sanders as the alternative... I have already stated in many previous rants here at this blog that Sanders is very much indeed the real criminal Jewish choice as their next puppet President!

But lets face it.. The two party system in America has been a fraud for decades.. There is NO real choice for the Americna people at all, for both parties in that laughable circus are fully controlled by criminal Jewish interests... If there actually was an "outsider" to that control that had a chance for victory, the criminals would have had a bullet put to his/her head already....

I do agree with Paul's assertions that the US is now on the slide to oblivion, and that America is now not only a failed state, but very much a police state where the American people have lost all their rights and freedoms....  It is so sad that most American people are now that dumbed down by the phoney propaganda and pollution of the Jew spew media and the chemicals in their diets that they will not lift a finger to stop that slide...

I also look at the real scary scenario that the US government is now hell bent on a third world war, and that war will spell the end of America as a nation.... It could also spell the end of civilization across the planet as the US would indeed use nuclear weapons once it starts losing the war against both Russia and China...

Yes, Americans are a conquered people.. The "enemy within the gates" has now taken full control, and the only choice now left for real change will be violent revolution... A sad statement for even me to make indeed....

More to come


Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Egyptair Flight 804 Controversy Continues: The US Navy Is Treating The EA804 Search Like A Joke - Navy Knows Israel Did The Massacre

*I again have had to take care of personal and other business these last few days, and once again I am playing "catch up" on putting articles at this blog... My apologies to my readers, but again life does take precedence some times...

I have been watching all the bullshit coming out of the Mainstream media these last few days, especially the OUTRIGHT LIE that is being promoted that Egyptair Flight 804 "did not" make any "evasive maneuvers" before it disappeared off of radar in the eastern Mediterranean Sea on its final approach to landing at Cairo Egypt... This sudden change from the initial reports shows definitively that SOMEONE is trying to cover up for that disaster, and it has indeed caused me to smell a rat... And that rat may definitely have a huge star of david right on its behind!

Several readers and some friends have been sending me some notes requesting I look over the material at Jim Stone's website, at www.jimstone.is... I have looked at his material pertaining to this Egyptair 804 disaster and his claims that Israel has actually abducted the aircraft and its crew and secretly flew it into Israel... I find his report to contain a lot of material that makes logical sense, including the report about how the plane's own telemetry was at first reported and then "mysteriously" disappeared which means that SOMEONE once again was trying to hide the real truth about this aircraft and that what we have been told by the liars in the Jew spew media is once again full of shit.... I have much respect for Jim Stone and his reports, but my being a pessimist and a realist requires me to attain more information and research before coming to conclusions......

Once again, I want to turn to a most interesting report that comes courtesy of Greg Bacon, who of course writes the blog: "Goon Squad" at www.careandwashingofthebrain.blogspot.ca, that shows that something is definitely all wrong with this disappearance of Egyptair flight 804 especially when the US Navy itself has been haphazardly and almost nonchalantly 'searching' for the wreckage of the aircraft, which is atrocious and ridiculous......Unless they know that they have to give the world this PR exercise knowing full well what actually happened to the aircraft itself!  Here is Greg's report, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The US Navy is Treating the EA 804 Search Like a Joke; Navy Knows Israel Did the Massacre

U.S. Navy LT JG Curtis Calabrese takes notes on board of a U.S. Navy Lockheed P-3C Orion patrol aircraft from Sigonella, Sicily, Sunday, May 22, 2016, searching the area in the Mediterranean Sea where the Egyptair flight 804 en route from Paris to Cairo went missing on May 19 (AP Photo/Salvatore Cavalli) ea804_5.25.16 photo joecool_zpsil8aevll.jpg

From the clouds, I'm guessing the Navy plane above is flying at around 6-7,000 feet. pretending to look for Egypt Air 804. So, shouldn't Joe Cool be using binoculars to search and not try looking like a hipster with his shades?
EgyptAir jet did not show technical problems before takeoff: Sources
Speaking on condition of anonymity, the sources said the plane disappeared without swerving off radar screens after less than a minute of it entering Egyptian airspace. Air traffic controllers from Greece and Egypt have given differing accounts of the plane’s final moments.

An Egyptian forensics official said 23 bags of body parts had been collected, the largest no bigger than the palm of a hand. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the official said their size pointed to an explosion, although no trace of explosives had been detected.

There are too few [fault] messages to fit a typical fire, which would normally trigger a cascade of error reports as multiple systems failed, he said, and too many of them to tie in neatly with a single significant explosion.
If the human remains they're 'finding' are no bigger than one's hand, that wasn't a briefcase bomb, but something much bigger that should of been detected by the firm providing 'security' a de Gaulle, the Israeli firm ICTS.

Maybe the world should be asking Israel, who was conducting 'fighter jet war games' in the same area?
Egyptian Media Blame Israel for A320 Passenger Jet Crash
Al-Mesri al-Youm newspaper wrote that in its report of the plane's crash, Greece hasn’t mentioned Israeli warplanes' wargames in the Southern parts of Crete Island which was revealed earlier this month by Tel Aviv, adding that the maneuvers had started one night before the Egyptian plane's crash.

It added that the exercises are staged with the goal of training the Israeli air force pilots using Greece's airspace which is adjacent to Egypt and Libya.

According to the report, Israel started the maneuvers on May 18 and they will last until next January.
Egypt Air MS804 Update: Baffle 'em with Bull$h!t

Very late in mention "satellite telemetry" kills the "official" story dead.

NTS Notes: Yes, Greg and others have from the very beginning stated that Israel has either stolen and kidnapped the aircraft and crew, or that these diabolical criminals were the ones that actually blew the plane out of the sky! 

I did say in my previous report that the idea that the plane was stolen and flown to Israel did cross my mind due to the close proximity of Israel itself to where the plane "disappeared"... For these criminal Jews to steal the aircraft and cloak its radar is well within their capabilities... But the question remains as to WHY these monsters would want the aircraft at all?  Was there someone on board that aircraft that they wanted and kidnapped?

And again we have the big question about the telemetry data from the aircraft that definitely showed that there was nothing amiss just before the aircraft disappeared.. That does show the very strong possibility that the aircraft was indeed hijacked, stolen, and then flown to Israel......But again, for what purpose to the Israelis?

There is so much yet to show about this sad incident... 66 people are now missing and presumed dead.... There were definitely naval exercises and naval war games going on while this plane was flying over the eastern Mediterranean Sea, and that does lead us to the strong possibility of a shoot down by an "errant" missile fired from a naval vessel.... The US Navy's callous approach to the search does indeed show that they indeed know who did the deed and what really happened to the plane and passengers... And knowing the US's subservience to the criminal state of Israel does logically lead us to the idea that Israel is indeed responsible for either the stealing or the shootdown of this aircraft.... 

As more reports do surface that shows what indeed happened to Egyptair flight 804, I will bring them forward here.. Stay tuned..

More to come


Monday, May 23, 2016

Israel Did 9-11: Turnabout Is Fair Play As Saudis Are Now Blaming The US For The 9-11 Attacks!

We have seen over the last month as the US Government released a totally bullshit report called the "28 Pages" that supposedly blamed the Saudi Arabian government for "financing" the supposed "terrorists" involved in the Israeli Mossad operation of September 11th, 2001 that murdered some 3000 innocent American civilians and plunged that once free nation into the perpetual "war on terror"....

It is again a sad commentary to make here that the US government has been trying desperately to deflect the blame for the 9-11 attacks away from their Jewish masters and the Israeli Mossad agents operating almost freely across America....For the last 15 years, these criminals have been trying to find excuses for that murderous operation that was absolutely done by the Jews and Israelis.  Luckily, these days the blame game has fallen on more and more deaf ears as the American people have been slowly waking up to the reality that their nation is not their own and that the criminal state of Israel is fully responsible for the most horrendous "terrorist" attack ever conducted on American soil....

Yes, the "28 pages" documents did indeed try to blame the Saudis for the 9-11 attacks, and I knew it would only take a matter of time before the Saudis themselves retaliated for that false report and put out their own statement about the 9-11 attacks... And right now, I want to present the following article that comes from the Blacklisted News website, at www.blacklistednews.com, where it appears that the Saudis are NOW stating the the US itself was behind the 9-11 attacks!  It is a most interesting article for all to see and I have it right here in its entirety... I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Published: May 23, 2016


On the eve of President Obama's April 2016 visit to Saudi Arabia, the U.S. Congress began debating the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA), that would, inter alia, allow the families of victims of the September 11 attacks to sue the Saudi government for damages. Also in April 2016, theNew York Times published that a 2002 congressional inquiry into the 9/11 attacks had found that Saudi officials living in the United States at the time had a hand in the plot. The commission's conclusions, said the paper, were specified in a report that has not been released publicly.[1]
 The JASTA bill, which was passed by the Senate on May 17, 2016, triggered fury in Saudi Arabia, expressed both in statements by the Saudi foreign minister and in scathing attacks on the U.S. in the Saudi press.[2] On April 28, 2016, the London-based Saudi daily Al-Hayat published an exceptionally harsh article on this topic by Saudi legal expert Katib Al-Shammari, who argued that the U.S. itself had planned and carried out 9/11, while placing the blame on a shifting series of others – first Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, then Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq, and now Saudi Arabia. He wrote that American threats to reveal documents that supposedly point to Saudi involvement in 9/11 are part of standard U.S. policy of exposing archival documents to use as leverage against various countries – which he calls "victory by means of archives."
Following are excerpts from Al-Shammari's article:[3]
 "Those who follow American policy see that it is built upon the principle of advance planning and future probabilities. This is because it occasionally presents a certain topic to a country that it does not wish [to bring up] at that time but [that it is] reserving in its archives as an ace to play [at a later date] in order to pressure that country. Anyone revisiting... [statements by] George H.W. Bush regarding Operation Desert Storm might find that he acknowledged that the U.S. Army could have invaded Iraq in the 1990s, but that [the Americans] had preferred to keep Saddam Hussein around as a bargaining chip for [use against] other Gulf states. However, once the Shi'ite wave began to advance, the Americans wanted to get rid of Saddam Hussein, since they no longer saw him as an ace up their sleeve.
"September 11 is one of winning cards in the American archives, because all the wise people in the world who are experts on American policy and who analyze the images and the videos [of 9/11] agree unanimously that what happened in the [Twin] Towers was a purely American action, planned and carried out within the U.S. Proof of this is the sequence of continuous explosions that dramatically ripped through both buildings... Expert structural engineers demolished them with explosives, while the planes crashing [into them] only gave the green light for the detonation – they were not the reason for the collapse. But the U.S. still spreads blame in all directions. [This policy] can be dubbed 'victory by means of archives.'
"On September 11, the U.S. attained several victories at the same time, that [even] the hawks [who were at that time] in the White House could not have imagined. Some of them can be enumerated as follows:
"1.   The U.S. created, in public opinion, an obscure enemy – terrorism – which became what American presidents blamed for all their mistakes, and also became the sole motivation for any dirty operation that American politicians and military figures desire to carry out in any country. [The] terrorism [label] was applied to Muslims, and specifically to Saudi Arabia.
"2.   Utilizing this incident [9/11], the U.S. launched a new age of global armament. Everyone wanted to acquire all kinds of weapons to defend themselves and at the same time battle the obscure enemy, terrorism – [even though] up to this very moment we do not know the essence of this terrorism of which the U.S. speaks, except [to say that] that it is Islamic...
"3.   The U.S. made the American people choose from two bad options: either live peacefully [but] remain exposed to the danger of death [by terrorism] at any moment, or starve in safety, because [the country's budget will be spent on sending] the Marines even as far as Mars to defend you.
 "Lo and behold, today, we see these archives revealed before us: A New York court accuses the Iranian regime of responsibility for 9/11, and we [also] see a bill [in Congress] accusing Saudi Arabia of being behind it [sic]. This is after the previous Iraqi regime was accused of being behind it. Al-Qaeda and the Taliban were also blamed for it, and we do not know who [will be blamed] tomorrow! But [whoever it is], we will not be surprised at all, since this is the essence of how the American archives, that are civilized and respect freedoms and democracy, operate.
"The nature of the U.S. is that it cannot exist without an enemy... [For example,] after a period during which it did not fight anyone [i.e. following World War II], the U.S. created a new kind of war – the Cold War... Then, when the Soviet era ended, after we Muslims helped the religions and fought Communism on their [the Americans'] behalf, they began to see Muslims as their new enemy! The U.S. saw a need for creating a new enemy – and planned, organized, and carried this out [i.e. blamed Muslims for terrorism]. This will never end until it [the U.S.] accomplishes the goals it has set for itself.
"So why not let these achievements be credited to the American administration, while insurance companies pay for the damages, whether domestic or foreign? This, my dear Arab and Muslim, is the policy of the American archives."

[1] Nytimes.com, April 15, 2016.
[3] Al-Hayat (London), April 28, 2016.

NTS Notes: Yes, turnabout is indeed fair play... I knew it would only be a matter of time before the Saudis answered the US's own bullshit report with one of their own in retaliation....

And as Blacklisted News shows, the blame game and finger pointing is being done on both sides now, but the REAL culprits, the criminal Israelis and their Jewish agents operating in America, again get off "scot free".....

Yes, this finger pointing back and forth is complete and utter bull crap... These criminals in both nations know full well who is really responsible for the 9-11 attacks, but will never ever state the obvious... Saudi Arabia is run by Jewish criminals and the US itself is controlled by other Jewish criminals.... Therefore the real culprits will continue to get away with the genocide of some 3000 Americans again, at least for now....

I and others in the real truth movement know full well who is responsible for the 9-11 act of mass murder on the American people... Given time more and more people will finally accept that reality and something may indeed be eventually done about these Jewish monsters that have long taken control of America and have led it to ruination..... We can only hope that time is soon....

More to come