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When Fiction Becomes Fact , The Latest Work By John Kaminski

As a Canadian, I am deeply troubled in my day to day dealings with people, especially in the simple fact that most Canadians are absolutely clueless and oblivious to what is really happening in our sick world.... I have long sought to tell it exactly like it is, and to inform people of the real truths when their heads are being filled by the bullshit coming out of the Jew spew media propaganda talmudvision.... It is always an uphill battle....

But what is happening in Canada with the brainwashing of people is NOTHING in comparison to the horrific brainwashing and dumbing down that I see happening with the citizens living in America.....And to help explain exactly how far America has fallen and how the propaganda is so powerful across the border just south of where I live, I want to turn to the latest article from John Kaminski (www.therebel.is/kaminski) right here for everyone to see for themselves... The article is entitled: "When Fiction Becomes Fact", and of course I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

When fiction becomes fact

Our reality is based

on manipulated events

By John Kaminski

I was reminded of the difference between what people believe happened and what actually happened the other day at the beach when I ran into a woman from Boston who was exploring the joys of the Florida shore near where I live. After she told me where she was from, I mentioned that long ago I used to run a print shop in Copley Square and she immediately responded, “Oh, that’s right near where the bomb went off.”

Not content with reflexively connecting her memory to my remark, she felt the need to add, “Those boys certainly got what they deserved!”

As I was toweling off my hair, I had the immediate impulse to begin to explain that the many hours of research I had devoted to the controversial event known as the Boston Marathon bombing had clearly revealed to me that the two young Chechen brothers had nothing to do with the crime except to be falsely blamed as its perpetrators. The conclusion was based on an avalanche of available evidence, but really hinged on one simple fact: prosecutors claimed the bomb to be in a black backpack and the younger brother was clearly shown to be carrying a white one, which was later conveniently photoshopped out of a picture of him leaving the scene.

But I stifled my impulse to explain all this to a stranger I’d just met, and she sauntered happily away amid the scent of salt air and the screeches of sea gulls.

There is a real danger in challenging what people have come to believe about world events. When you question what people have established in their own minds, it is as if you are threatening their lives, and they can react violently to such an open attack on the way they understand things to be.

So as I stood there mulling over the mini scene that had so concisely encapsulated the last 15 years of my life — all devoted to getting people to see what the perverts who control reality didn’t want them to see — I realized then, as I had done a thousand times before, that history rolls on based upon the lies that are told about events that have happened, and the truth of these events, in the minds of most ordinary people, is never really revealed, at least in a way that they can fully understand the reasons for these horrible things to have happened in the first place.

And it doesn’t really matter which of these events you talk about. 9/11, World War II, the bankruptcy of America?

The criminals who execute these diabolical deceptions are always aided by a vast network of conscripted conspirators eager to assist in promoting the false narratives of these events, like the cops who look the other way, the reporter who leaves out a few key facts, or the politician who seizes on these superficial fictions, histrionically advocates for war and changes the course of world history.

The catastrophe du jour in today’s world is the jailing of would be patriots now incarcerated in Oregon and Las Vegas, straightforward and sincere folks who merely wanted to protest the encroachments of the federal government on private land throughout the Western United States who are now being held practically incommunicado and in solitary confinement for their daring to challenge the unjust jailing of two farmers whose ranch happened to be situated on a piece of land suspected of containing uranium deposits that Hillary Clinton, of all people, desired to sell to the Russians for many millions of dollars.

And of course, the Bundys and their friends happened to be the same people who had prevented Sen. Harry Reid’s diabolical plan in Nevada to sell a large patch of federal grazing land, supposedly preserved by the government for public use, to the Chinese. For this and other affronts to the American police state, everyone who participated in these acts of overt patriotism, these exercises in defending the U.S. Constitution from the foreign tyrants who now control America, all now face up to 100 years in prison for their conscientious and principled behavior.

We all know the story of how an upstanding U.S. citizen named Lavoy Finicum was a victim of federal premeditated murder for his part in participating merely as a support person for Ammon Bundy and his friends as they harmlessly and symbolically occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge to protest the unfair double jeopardy prosecution of the Hammonds whose farm contains the suspected uranium.

All this federal abuse of innocent, well meaning citizens contrasts nicely with the sale of illegal weapons to Mexican drug gangs by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder or the squealing glee displayed by the aforesaid Hillary Clinton over the vicious murders of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi and U.S. ambassador Christopher Stevens as a demonstration of the officially sanctioned criminality of the so-called American government, which is no longer an organization representing the interests and protecting the welfare of the American people, but a hired sadistic hit squad for international gangsters owned and operated by insatiable psychopaths of the Jewish persuasion.

To chronicle all the demonic depredations of the U.S. government in a single story is beyond impossible. But to mention just one item that is irrevocably changing the character of the country would be to spotlight the secret program to flood America with illiterate immigrants, ease their inclusion into the American electorate with all sorts of perks and considerations unavailable to ordinary citizens, and then get them to vote for the party that has given them all this free stuff as a way to cement the dependence of the populace on government handouts and therefore permanently eliminate all dissent by creating the risk of losing these addictive benefits (much in the way churches have been gulled into silence by the implied threat of losing their nonprofit status should they get the sudden urge to preach morality).

The entire history of the 20th century rests on these fictions, these murderous deceptions that have obliterated liberty and replaced it with Mafia-style obedience to the pleasures and pitfalls of corruption.

We have all been coerced into grasping at straws, faint facsimiles of freedom, while the war machine rages on and the crimes against the American continue to intensify and the freedoms we were once guaranteed by our long gone Constitution disappear into the mists of chemical poisons from the sky.

We have been reduced to seeking optimism where there is none in accepting the platitudes and pretensions of plastic presidential candidates, or in continuing to believe in a history that is a total lie.

Our country is totally controlled by a foreign power, the Jews of Washington, London, Frankfurt and Tel Aviv. All our past and present presidents as well as future candidates are all in the pockets of the Jews, making freedom and liberty for the American people a thoroughly unattainable goal at this time.

Our task is to become aware of this handicap in order to realistically aspire to the state of freedom and liberty that was promised to us by our forefathers but later taken away from us by traitors who accepted — and still accept today — the bribes of the Jews, if this task is still possible at this late date.

The alternative is to remain in this powerless foggy stupor in which we have no real control over our lives.

And the question becomes . . . do you have enough energy, and enough courage, to save your own life?

And if you do, what will you tell your children about the world they live in?

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

NTS Notes: When I read this article, I could not help but realize that what John saw on that  beach in Florida is exactly what I see every day up here in Canada as well... I constantly run into people that are so oblivious to reality and continue to spew the falsehood that we are in "danger" of "terrorism"..... I try my best to tell most people flat out that the "war on terrorism" is a fraud and that there are NO terrorists, but all I get is that usual wild eyed stare or them simply not wanting to listen to the truth!

The fraud Boston Marathon bombing is indeed an operation on the minds of America, and the brainwashing has been intense...But we also have of course the fraud Sandy Hook shootings, the fraud San Bernardino shootings, the fraud Seattle College shootings, etc, etc that have done their damage on the American mind set as well.....

But of course the real sad part in these fraud shootings is how even the alternative media is still inundated with fraudulent paid agents that are out there proclaiming these "shootings" and "mass murder" events to be REAL!   It sickens me to think that these sick people will sell their souls for money to proclaim the US government's version of these fraud events to be real....We know who these fraud artists are, and people such as these should be shunned by everyone and ignored for their crimes against the American people....

Yes, America (and Canada as well) are on the slippery slope of full collapse both economically and socially... We can indeed thank the scoundrels, the so called Jewish elite, for this and almost every other problem that our nations are presently facing.... And we can thank these criminals for purposely brainwashing everyone into an illusion that everything is "perfectly fine..."

Is there hope?  An awakening is required, but it is an uphill battle that we are presently losing badly.....All that I can do is to be a messenger and try my best to wake up those few that still have two brain cells left... Others are a lost cause....

More to come



RickB said...

Another great one from Kaminski. Seems all serious truthers agree that Sandy Hook was a fraud. Thank goodness that just a very few dullards think otherwise.

RickB said...

I was going to that I don't believe that dopey still actually believes the JMSM stories of Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon bombing...

thinking that he's embarrassed by now by the arrogant, branding position he's taken...

yet dopey remains undaunted in his branding stance on these two matters as one can see here:


His faithful must advise dopey that his pig-headedness is sinking the Ugly Truth boat. Goodness, then where will all his children go?

RickB said...

I meant to say: "I was going to say"...

Thanks for posting my comment.