Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Syrian War Against The Criminal US/Israel/NATO Cabal: Exposing The Truth About The "White Helmet" NGO's Operating Inside Syria

For the last year at least, when I have been researching and studying the "war" in Syria, there periodically are articles or videos concerning this group of "NGO's" operating inside Syria that are supposed to be there to aid and assist the Syrian civilian population.....But more and more when I looked at these "White Helmets" something really stank to high heaven, and evidence began to surface showing these NGO's to not be "impartial at all".....

Well, lo and behold, it seems that these "White Helmets" are not as they appear and how the Jew spew media portrays them at all...For according to the following video, these "White Helmets" are actually US/UK (and very possibly Israeli) agents embedded into Syria and working hand in hand with the fraud "terrorist" groups out to destroy Syria itself!  First, here is that important video for everyone to see right here, and of course I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Again, like everything else that has been shown to be a lie about Syria via the Jew spew media, why I am I not surprised by this?

Lets face the facts here... The US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal has always wanted Syria destroyed, conquered, and broken up into small fiefdoms...They care not about any of the nations of the Middle East as long as their "Greater Israel" project is achieved... Therefore the usage of these "embedded" agents operating directly in areas across Syria working towards this goal is definitely a given...

Once again, we find the dirty hand of the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal operating clandestinely, and in the process making live a living hell for helpless civilians...The truth about these so called "White Helmets" should be known by everyone, and therefore it is imperative that everyone see this important video themselves to learn the truth....

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