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Great New Article From Whitewraithe: I'm Not Mad; I'm Pissed Off!

Yes, Whitewraithe is back... She is starting her new job shortly and has her computer back up... Over the last few days, she has been pouring out a wealth of new articles over at Pragmatic Witness (  and they are indeed worth reading....

But one article in particular caught my eye, and I want to share it here with all of my own readers.. .This one is entitled: "I'm Not Mad, I'm Pissed Off!" and is indeed worth reading... I have it here and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

“I’m not mad; I am pissed off!”

After a very long hiatus from writing my own articles the spark has once again emerged.

Today I took the time while waiting on a job offer to listen to several interviews, two from Christopher Jon Bjerknes.  I’m extremely glad that he’s being interviewed so that he can share what I believe to be the truth about what is happening in America and around the world especially in Europe.

The truth is mostly ugly and most unwelcome and the truth of our plight most definitely is disgusting.

The Gentiles mortal enemy, the psychotic, emotionally dysfunctional Jews whether  Ashkenazi or Sephardic have been planning our demise for the past 2500 years according to Bjerknes.  If you are of white European heritage then you’re their number one target.  They want every white person on the planet eradicated either contrived or breeded out by miscegenation meaning interracial coupling to weaken the white genome.  That’s been their primary plan all along because our intelligent brains are their greatest threat.  Quite literally, we are smarter than they are.

So why is the white race allowing itself to be annihilated from the history books?  I can’t even begin to answer that question because even I don’t know.  Bjerknes’ suggestion; have lots of white babies and teach them to be proud of their heritage from an early age and prohibit interracial couplings/marriages if possible.  I suggest you listen carefully to the interview Bjerknes gave to Kyle Hunt at Renegade Broadcasting.  It’s posted right here on Pragmatic Witness.

However, since I’ve returned to watching quite a bit of television I am seeing interracial relationships everywhere on nearly every show I watch.  And it doesn’t matter what you watch whether family shows, adult drama, horror, etc., it’s there.  It is teaching our white children that it’s normal and natural to be with someone outside their race.  Well, it’s not normal or natural – it’s foreign.  Why, because every race including Jews have their own identity and conception of the world around them.  Their rituals for living are quite different from a normal white American.  And you can call me racist – I don’t care.  I have nothing against another race because I am something the Jews are not; compassionate and empathetic.  I don’t want to see anyone get hurt or die but I wouldn’t want a black woman marrying one of my grandsons either.  But the Jews are ramming this myth down every child’s throat that watches shows with this philosophy.   The white race in America is being threatened on every front and I am sick of the brainwashing or the threat of being labeled – racist, especially when every other fucking race on the planet hates whites.

At least this is one area of our lives the Jews cannot control.   They cannot make us marry or couple with another race, yet.

The other races mean nothing to the Jews although you may think they do.  You all are being used to exterminate the white population, then they will come after you because they care nothing for you either.  Unwittingly, you’ve become their patsies and lackeys.  Whatever you’ve been promised; women, wealth, safety will never come because you’ll be on a slab in the morgue.  Don’t think for one minute that you’ll be spared too?

The most effective way to wipe out the white races in America has been through consistent immigration just as the Jews have accomplished in all the white countries in Europe and Great Britain.  Sweden and England especially have been inundated with Muslims from the middle east, and Somalis from Africa and a number of other darker races.  Swedish women are being raped on an unprecedented scale to the point they need body guards to walk their once safe streets.

I say this to every white person living in America, be proud of where you come from since most of us were imported from Europe several hundred years ago.  We have a shared heritage and lineage with our European brothers and sisters.  Embrace that reality knowing we have at least our breeding in common with our distant cousins across the pond.

As for myself, I am part Anglo-Saxon English and Scottish, with a bit of Eastern Cherokee Indian mixed in.   But since I’m descended from the Anglo-Saxons, then I’m also descended from the Vikings which may explain my intense warrior spirit.  Northerntruthseeker has referred to me as “warrior woman” on more than one occasion.  I am extremely proud of my heterogeneous heritage.  It makes me special and like no other because there is no one like me.  White diversity is very unique and we are unlike any other race on the planet.

However, let me interject that doesn’t mean that I condone hatred of anyone regardless of where they derive or what race they are.  We all are human beings and it’s time we start treating each other with generosity and respect.  We all bleed red and we all die when our lives are snatched from another with malice in their heart.

The Jews have nothing but malignant malice in their hearts if they actually have one for all whites and every other race on the planet and it’s time everyone arrives at that reality no matter how unpleasant.
It’s past time to face these monsters and demons and put them down once and for all.

I want to live in peace and prosperity without fear – don’t you?


NTS Notes:  I told Whitewraithe a while back that she should never give up writing at her blog, and that she needed that blog to vent ever so often even during her time of depression......I am glad she took my advice...

Yes, I agree with what she is stating here.... It has indeed saddened me to watch as the Caucasian race is being destroyed by the criminal Jews, and that is by design... All that anyone has to do is to read their own Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion where these monsters state clearly that their sworn enemy and their biggest obstacle to world domination is indeed the white race.... The evidence that they are indeed well on the road to the destruction of white people is by what we are presently witnessing happening all over Europe, and soon to come to both Canada and the United States....

Whitewraithe says she is pissed off and mad.. Maybe its about time that EVERYONE out there stand up and realize what is happening to our very livelihood and our society and be pissed off as well....

More to come


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