Friday, March 11, 2016

Important Video: ALL America's Wars Begin With False Flags (And World War III Will Too)

Being a true student of history, I do find it remarkable that in the last 239 years of America's history, there has only been at most 30+ years where the American republic was not in an actual shooting war, or involved in a war by proxy or through "false flag" operations, across the planet.... It is hard to explain to most Americans that their nation is absolutely not a "peaceful" nation as they have always been taught in the brainwashing of the failed American education system, but has been involved in so many wars, and has actually started or been the direct cause of so many of them!

I want to bring forward a most important video that was just released today from Youtube user: "TRUTHstreammedia", that absolutely tells the truth about America and how it has started so many wars in its history through the usage of false flag attacks and/or operations.... This video is entitled: "All America's Wars Begin With False Flags (And World War III Will Too), and is a serious reality check for my American readers, and especially those who are so brainwashed by the bull crap about how great their nation is... Here is that video, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I would not be a real truth seeker if I did not bring forward some serious reality checks here at this blog, and this video is indeed a serious reality check for those brainwashed people living in America that actually believe that their nation is "good" and "peaceful"... History shows otherwise....

One thing that this video does not show, and is a very important point to understand, is how the criminal Jewish bankers that have hijacked and have been in control of America's financial system for well over the last century, and therefore the American government itself, have been the driving force behind these wars for conquest and destruction.... There is a saying that goes: "Wars are the Jews Harvest" and this statement is so true when you consider that this criminal group have been getting rich from financing all wars and care little about the death toll they inflict.....

One other point to mention is the fact that right now we have not had a "false flag" anywhere around the world for the last few months... But considering how badly the US Government now needs a new war, and in fact any war, across the globe right now to save their failing economy and their own necks, I can guarantee a new one is being planned right now.....

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