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If You Squeeze It, You Get Lemon Juice: The Continuing Saga Of The POS F35 Lightning II - Flying Blind: F-35's Radar Software Fails In The Air

I have been asked why I continue to put up articles about the atrocious failure known as the Lougheed Martin F35 Lightning II fighter aircraft... I will state again that it is tantamount when you consider the absolutely outrageous amount of US taxpayer money that has been devoted to this program that will produce a "next generation" fighter aircraft for the US military that is nothing but a dud or as is commonly called a "lemon"...... The TRILLIONS of dollars that are going to be spent on this program could conceivably be instead injected into the US economy and the US infrastructure that would definitely get America moving again!

For this report on the F35 "flying lemon", I want to present the following article that comes from the The Register out of the United Kingdom, at www.theregister.co.uk, entitled: "Flying Blind: F-35's Radar Software Fails In The Air", that shows on top of the F35's other massive failings, its vaunted "software" systems are turning out to be an unmitigated disaster! ... I have that article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Flying blind: F-35's radar software fails in the air

Lockheed-Martin promises patched code will soar this month

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter has run into yet another software bug, according to a report in IHS Jane's Defense Weekly.
The glitch is in the software that operates the fighter's radar. During flight, Jane's reckons, the radar software becomes unstable.

The report quotes US Air Force Major General Jeffrey Harrigian as saying “What would happen is [pilots would] get a signal that says either a radar degrade or a radar fail – something that would force us to restart the radar”.

He said the problem was discovered in 2015, and that Lockheed-Martin is now running a fix through its test labs, with a patch due this month.

The USAF believes the glitch won't get in the way of it reaching “initial operational capability” for the F-35 between August and December this year.

The F-35's software has been raised again in Australia courtesy of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Background Briefing program over the weekend.

Dr Keith Joiner, former Australian Defence Force director-general for test and evaluation, told Background Briefing the F-35 hasn't yet completed its cybersecurity testing.

“The only system that has done cybersecurity vulnerability and penetration testing is the logistics software, so ordering spares. And it didn't go very well”, Dr Joiner claims.

“The most software driven aircraft ever built hasn't yet been tested against cyber security and the modern cyber warfare threats”.

The problems with the F-35's logistics system emerged in February 2016.

A key Lockheed Martin database is non-compliant with US Cyber Command requirements, meaning Department of Defense personnel can't check engine and airframe maintenance data from government networks. The bug could delay the F-35's combat testing by a year. ®

NTS Notes: So here we have a "fighter" aircraft that is useless in actual fighting... And on top of that it cannot fly in the rain...Or fly at night... Has one horrific VTOL engine that guzzles fuel at an alarming rate making it useless for prolonged combat... Has an engine that has in cases from last year caught fire 'mysteriously'.... Has NO GUNS for air to air combat.... Is hopelessly slow and maneuvers poorly... And on top of all that its "stealth" is a total lie as I have proven before and therefore can be seen by other aircraft and ground radars quite easily... .And now we find an endless string of reported software glitches in its "software" programs? 

Lets face the facts here... The US military has already invested hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars in this program that will produce a "fighter" aircraft that will easily be blown out of the sky by opposing air forces flying even more ancient aircraft... And this thing fighting against Russian modern aircraft? Forget it, for the Russian modern Su's and MIG's will blow this POS right out of the sky....

The real sad part in all this is that the US government is committed to this aircraft no matter what its failings are.... As I have said many times, this program should be scrapped and the money put towards actually saving the US economy instead.... I hope in that regard if someone like Donald Drumpf attains the US Presidency that the funding for this program and commitments to Lougheed Martin are seriously revisited and the program is halted immediately......

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