Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year To My Readers, Colleagues, And Friends

I want to wish everyone a wondrous and joyous New Year.....

Yes, 2017 is rapidly approaching, and I will be spending tomorrow, New Years Day, with family once again...

Therefore, I will once again be delayed in getting out my weekly rant... I will most probably have it posted once again on Monday, January 2nd, just like last Monday's!

I have been asked what my "predictions" will be for 2017... I am not a fortune teller or a clairvoyant... But I will say this coming year will indeed be tumultuous, and all we can do is cross our fingers that it will be a massive improvement over what 2016 turned out to be.....

I want to thank my readers for their continued support for this blog... And I will indeed continue the fight for the real truths in this coming year.... So stay tuned...

More to come


Friday, December 30, 2016

The Berlin Truck Attack False Flag And Hoax: BOMBSHELL REPORT! Berlin Attack Truck Owned By Israel Supporting Jew Ariel Zurawski!

I have come under attack by some "commentators" from my last few articles exposing the Berlin "truck attack" as a fraud.... I am a man of logic and reasoning, and everything about this "attack" in Berlin smells like complete and utter bullshit.... This entire "attack" just simply does not make any sense at all, and the evidence coming out since that "attack" clearly shows that it was a set up from the word go......

But today, I was alerted to the following article from Target Freedom USA, that absolutely blows this entire "attack" to smithereens and exposes it as not only a set up, but has the fingers of the criminal Jews all over it.... Here is the link to that important article from Target Freedom USA for everyone to see for themselves that this was indeed a set up, and I have my own thoughts to follow:

NTS Notes:  Well, there you have it..... It is bad enough that the truck owner was almost certainly involved in this mockery, but we also have that scumbag Rita Katz, and her "SITE" group of scoundrels and criminals all over this "attack" as well.....

And as the article shows.. What are the odds that this truck would have been "hijacked" at around 345PM in the afternoon, and that the owner would NOT know that the truck was being driven by someone other than his relative until 4 full hours after that "hijacking".... Honestly, with GPS alone, he would have indeed known, and if this was indeed a "hijacking" he would have contacted the German police immediately...  THAT type of inaction should have everyone indeed asking questions!

And as many have suspected all this time, we now have the "tribe" involvement in this false flag attack and hoax.... Honestly, I had my suspicions that this attack was possibly a Mossad operation, but now the smoking gun evidence clearly presents itself here....

And to those "commentators" that have been attacking me for calling this one a hoax, explain this!

More to come


The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Updated Situation In Syria, And I Had A Hunch The Latest "Ceasefire" Would NOT Hold

It has been a few days since my last report on the present situation in Syria... And over the last few days there have been many reports about this newest and latest "ceasefire" agreement that was brokered by the Russian Federation, Turkey, and Iran (and not the United States of course..) that was to take effect as of yesterday....

But knowing the full criminality of the US/Israel/NATO cabal that absolutely does not want a cessation of hostilities in Syria until they are able to get their sick and twisted dream of having Assad "removed" from power, I knew that this "ceasefire" was a moot point and that the American armed and operative filled so called "rebels" and "terrorists" would never abide by an "ceasefire" and would either use the respite to rearm and redeploy or commit an act of violence to destroy the "ceasefire" all together...

Well, it did not take long for this latest "ceasefire" to be ruined once again by the criminal US.... For according to this latest report from the Southfront website, at, the fraud "rebels" did indeed just launch a new "offensive" against Syrian government forces centered around the Syrian city of Hama.... This report also gives some great detail about the present situation across all of Syria, and I have the link to that report right here for everyone to see for themselves:

OK, WHY am I not in the least bit surprised by this new "offensive" by these fraud "rebels"?  How many times have I and others correctly reported that every single previous "ceasefire agreement" tried by the Russians and the Syrians was almost instantly ruined and/or destroyed by the criminals in the US?   AND I must again point out the reality that these "ceasefires" are indeed a joke, for these "rebels" and "terrorists" have indeed used the lull created during these cessations of conflict to be rearmed and redeployed across Syria only to once again raise even more havoc against the Syrian nation itself!

In other news coming from Syria.. We have reports that Syrian government forces and their Russian allies have now unearthed in Aleppo a massive cache of weapons provided by the US and its NATO allies for the so called "rebels"...... To show once again the immense criminality of the US government in their giving of these weapons to the same "terrorists" that they incessantly lie to the American people that they are supposed to be at war with, here is another link to a report from the Southfront website, that calls this entire fiasco by the US government "Syria-Gate".... And pay attention to the photos in this report that give glaring evidence of American complicity in supplying these weapons to these "terrorists":

Honestly, WHY am I not in the least bit surprised of what the Syrian government forces and the Russians found in Aleppo?   The real crime here is how the Jew spew media in the US and the US government spokespeople have the nerve to DENY any of the US's involvement in supplying weapons, and even personnel and operatives to these "terrorists"!  

Well, there you have it... The war in Syria to free that innocent nation from the criminal clutches of the evil US/Israel/NATO cabal continues.....The Turks are at the moment held up in and around Al Bab and may not capture that city from the "terrorists" until early this coming year... And we have the Syrian army now gathering forces to launch a new offensive to retake the city of Palmyra once again....

This war that has now been going on for well over 4 years, and has cost the lives of some 400,000 innocent Syrian civilians is not over by a long shot..... I for one do wonder what will happen with the incoming Drumpf administration, and if that adminstration will end the policy of arming these fraud "rebels" and "terrorists" and actually move towards ending the bloodshed that the Soetoro administration created?.. We will definitely see after this coming January 20th....

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The "Russian Hacking" Bullshit: A Great Analysis Of This False Claim Against Russia, And My Take

I have been looking at all the FAKE NEWS reports spewing out of the Jew spew media over the last few days and have been alarmed by what I have been reading as much as everyone else in the real truth movement and the alternative media.... It does appear that the FAKE NEWS coming out of the Jew spew media is going ballistic with these fraud reports that "Russia hacked" the entire US Presidential election campaign and that the Russians are somehow responsible for the demise of the psychotic mass murdering freak of nature, Hillary "Killary" Clinton in that election.... But of course the Jew spew media and their pro-Killary shills miss the obvious points that the American people are sick and tired of their incessant lies and that they absolutely did NOT want a psychopath in control of the White House!

It does appear that the outgoing criminal homosexual President of the United States, Barry Soetoro, is definitely wanting to "gift" incoming President Donald Drumpf with a major global war... The insanity is of course that this war will be against a nuclear armed Russian Federation..... We have all witnessed over the last week alone where the LIARS in the US state department and other government crooked groups such as the FBI and CIA supposedly have "proof" that the Russians did indeed "hack" the US Presidential election... BUT these fools and liars are absolutely refusing to bring forward any of their "proof" and are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the gullible American people with only "hearsay" and "inuendos" that have no evidence what so ever.... It is a sad day for all of America when their own government would stoop this low, and it is frightening to think that these criminals are all wanting to push the American nation to the brink of Armageddon...

Right now, I want to present a pretty good article from the Aletho News online website, at, that gives a great summary of the "Russia Hacked" situation... It is entitled: "Report On Russian Hacking: Case Of Fake News And Propaganda", and I have it right here in its entirety for everyone to view for themselves.... I have much more to follow:

Report on Russian hacking: ‘Case of fake news & propaganda’

By Annie Machon | RT | December 30, 2016
An FBI and DHS report on Russia’s alleged hacking of the US presidential election provides no evidence and is a case of fake news and propaganda aimed, at undermining the legitimacy of Trump’s win, says former MI5 intelligence officer Annie Machon.
The Obama administration on Thursday imposed a set of unprecedented measures against Russia over its alleged attempts to influence the US presidential campaign this year. The new sanctions were unveiled after the release of the report by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.
However, the document significantly lacks specifics. It doesn’t explain how the two hacking groups described are linked to the Russian government.
RT asked whistleblower, and former MI5 intelligence officer Annie Machon what she makes of the evidence.
“This is very much a case of fake news, shall we say. It seems to serve two ends as well,” Machon said.
“On the day when the ceasefire is announced, which has been brokered by Russia and Turkey – this is a story that will run and run in America, not the ceasefire in Syria. It’s all going to be about these Russians, and hacking the election and things like that. I think this is the first stage – this is why it was announced that the Russian diplomats were going to be expelled,” she said.
“On the second point as well, it is a mass expulsion – 35 diplomats being thrown out of the country with no proof, with no sort of real intelligence. I think that has also been done to gain the idea, to solidify in public’s mind in America that actually Russia was involved in hacking the election. Where has that phrase evolved from? We don’t know. It was originally just hacking the DNC [Democratic National Committee] e-mails. So I think it is a sort of two-pronged attack that has been carried out; that has been carefully announced today to achieve that,” she said.
“One further point from that in terms of trying to solidify the fact that the Russians interfered in the democratic process of America – is part of this ongoing process to try to undermine the legitimacy of the election of Donald Trump – the next president,” Machon said.
The Joint Analysis Report (JAR) on “Russian malicious cyber activity” issued by the FBI and the DHS National Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) on Thursday begins with a disclaimer which reads: “This report is provided “as is” for informational purposes only. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) does not provide any warranties of any kind regarding any information contained within.”
According to Machon, the FBI and DHS are “just covering their backs.”
“They know it’s much rubbish… they are trying to blind people with science, but there’s no real evidence,” she said.
“Running in parallel to this is a more serious investigation that Barack Obama apparently asked the CIA to carry out into this alleged Russian hacking of the election. That report is due to be announced no later than January 20 next year,” Machon said, adding that the timing is “interesting” since it’s the date of President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.
The report by the FBI and DHS doesn’t give any warranties, which “points to the fact that it is pure propaganda and they know it,” Machon told RT.
Annie Machon is a former intel­li­gence officer for MI5, the UK Secur­ity Ser­vice, who resigned in the late 1990s to blow the whistle on the spies’ incom­pet­ence and crimes with her ex-partner, David Shayler. Draw­ing on her var­ied exper­i­ences, she is now a pub­lic speaker, writer, media pun­dit, inter­na­tional tour and event organ­iser, polit­ical cam­paigner, and PR con­sult­ant. She has a rare per­spect­ive both on the inner work­ings of gov­ern­ments, intel­li­gence agen­cies and the media, as well as the wider implic­a­tions for the need for increased open­ness and account­ab­il­ity in both pub­lic and private sectors.

OK, To me it is so apparent that the crooks and criminals in the outgoing Soetoro regime are indeed scared to death of what will happen to them considering the incoming Drumpf administration may indeed open all the books to "clean house" and as he states: "Drain the swamp" in Washington DC... There is of course the very strong possibility that they will indeed be caught for their criminal acts and murders, and rather than face the possibility of jail time, they are now wanting to create havoc for the incoming administration and hand them a nice little "war" as a present..... Disgusting and diabolical does indeed come to mind....

And what about this "hacking" bullshit that they are trying to throw at the American people?  Again what this is is pure crap and nothing more than just another excuse by the Soetoro government for not getting their queen Killary into the White House... Rather than blame their own incompetency and the criminality of Killary Clinton herself, they are once again trying to deflect that blame and screaming to what few gullible Americans are still listening that "The big bad Russians are to blame!".....

It is to me so amazing to watch a few videos via Youtube that shows what happens when US state department officials are challenged on this "Russian Hacking" bullshit , and how they squirm and never have any answers to any direct questions about their evidence or sources of this "hacking"... Simply because they have NONE!

My analysis of this situation is this..... We have a crooked outgoing US Administration that is scared to death that the incoming administration will have all of them up on charges for their crimes against not only the American people, but their crimes against the entire planet..... They therefore are trying this last gasp destructive measure to again put the US into a massive world war BEFORE Drumpf gets into the White House come January 20th.... And with only 3 weeks left before that occurs, I do wonder what kind of psychotic murderous act they will try to blame on the Russians and try to convince what few gullible Americans are still out there that the only recourse is war.... My hope is that the American people are not this stupid to react, and that the Russians make sure they do not overreact as well.....

Watch for a false flag coming within the next few weeks to try to vilify Russia, for it may be coming... And make sure people are instantly aware of exactly WHO is to blame when it happens..

More to come


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Exposing Donald Drumpf: Great Article From Cartier McCloud - Jew Ball-Lickers

I have said it many times that I am NO fan of Donald Drumpf, period... Yes, he did win the Presidency of the United States, but that was simply because the American people were forced to choose between two evils.. One being of course the most diabolical murderous foul creature on planet Earth, Hillary "Killary" Clinton, and the other one being Donald Drumpf.... With NO viable alternative but to have to choose between these two Jewish butt kissing freaks, the choice came down to whether they wanted the United States into World War III by the beginning of February 2017, which of course the lunatic Killary wanted, or to take the other swindler, Drumpf instead....

I have been criticized again and again about my articles concerning the American vote, and I do agree with the critics that Drumpf is not the answer for America... But with the American public so gullible and brainwashed and with the failures of a "two party system" of what is passed off as "politics", they chose and they are now stuck with Drumpf for at least the next 4 years in that shithole called Washington DC....

And now, to show some reality about Mr. Donald Drumpf and how he is indeed a Jew ass kisser as well as a Jew ball licker, I want to present the following link to an article from Cartier McCloud, over at "Hidden In Plain Site" at It definitely shows once again how Drumpf is indeed in the pocket of the Jewish pricks and how he has "Israel's back".... Here is that link, and my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Well, there you have it.... I too have been surprised about the silence from so many who call themselves "real truthers" and how they either purposely or accidentally missed the glaring fact that Drumpf came out almost immediately after that UN Resolution vote supporting the Palestinians in their fight to save their nation, by stating that he indeed has "Israel's back"..... How can anyone see that statement and not see the truth that Drumpf is indeed in the pocket of the Jews????

Yes, more and more we are seeing the truths about Donald Drumpf come out for the world to understand that he is nothing more than another in the long line of Jew butt kissers and ball lickers.....

We also find the reports since that "resolution" where Drumpf wants to see an end to the United Nations itself...Many have said that this is due to the failings of the UN and how it is nothing more than a "new world order" organization... But something tells me that Drumpf is now calling for an end to the UN primarily at the bequest of his controllers in Israel who may be dumped by the organization for their criminal and illegal actions against the Palestinians...

I said many times that we must be very weary of Donald Drumpf and his "Making America Great Again" slogan... We have heard so many times in the past previous US Presidents come out and give false hope for the American people, and I would not be in the least bit surprise that Drumpf follows the same pattern....

America... This is only the beginning, and just like with Barry Soetoro before, you may indeed be getting screwed once again!

More to come


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Berlin Truck Attack False Flag And Hoax: Video Exposes Remarkable Facts About This Fraud

OK, After a week of looking over so much material, especially from the alternative media outlets, I am calling the Berlin "truck attack" for what it is: A massive fraud and hoax..... I said in a previous article that the one thing that raised a red flag initially for me was how the fraud known as "ISIS" was claiming responsibility for this "attack"... That and further evidence that has come forward has finally convinced me that we are dealing with another fraud for the purpose of scaring the crap out of (this time) the German people so that they will blindly and obediently want their criminal government to curtail their freedoms....I am truly surprised that the German people can be this gullible...

After a week of watching the bullshit that the Jew spew media has been flinging out there to try to claim that the "Berlin truck attack" was the real thing, and that there were allegedly 12 victims and dozens injured from this attack, I found so many holes in the "official story" that you could indeed drive a real truck through it.... And some of the "evidence" that has come forward from these liars was so laughable that I was surprised that anyone would still believe their horse shit!

I came across the following video the other day that summarizes this entire fiasco very nicely, and actually presents some glaring evidence that even I was not aware of.... It comes of course from Peekay Truth, out of Australia, and is entitled: "Berlin Truck Attack Garbology - My Summary", and again is a must see by everyone and especially those who somehow strangely still think the Berlin attack was real... Here is that video, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: The one glaring detail that this video showed that blew the entire attack out of the water is of course the TABLE that is standing right there in the middle of the market walkway that should NOT be there if this was a real "attack".... And as Peekay states, some people may say that the "table" was moved there AFTER the truck went through, but that would be a violation of a "crime scene" that was still under investigation at the time that the photos were taken!   Therefore, again, either someone clearly violated a crime scene and an ongoing criminal investigation, or we are indeed dealing with a massive fraud..

Another point of contention that I found so amazing was, as Peekay points out, how this truck driver, who possibly never drove a "lorry" with that long trailer before in his entire life, was able to maneuver at high speed into the market walkway without clipping the buildings at the entrance to the walkway or not hitting more buildings along the walkway itself.... And then was able to drive at what was claimed "40 Miles Per Hour" without having that trailer 'dove tail' as it swerved to where it eventually stopped...... That is clearly an impossibility...

And another point... WHERE are the skid marks for the lorry?  If that truck was indeed screeching to where it finally landed up, it would have left some skid marks along the walkway..... Another big question that needs to be answered...

And finally... My contention is that the trailer where it finally landed up was NOT put through the walkway at all, but was BACKED UP into that final resting spot as so many in the alternative media have theorized... That would explain the lack of the skid marks, the table in the middle of the walkway untouched, etc... What that means is that the entire scene we have has been a set up from the start!

Then we have the amazing picture of the front of the truck... The windshield with the "Christmas tree" shattered and the big hole right in the driver's own viewing area...The big question that I have is HOW was that massive hole right in the driver's view made?  A big rectangular hole with no source?  WHY has this not raised more red flags for everyone???

Then we have this "terrorist" himself... This guy magically escaped the lorry cabin after this incident, and then was able to make a long trek through so many western European nations before finally cornered in Turin Italy where he was conveniently gunned down.... WHY have not more people asked questions about that?

And finally... The names of the said "terrorists" should have had everyone howling... "Anil" and "Anis".... Are you freaking kidding me here?  What this is is a slap in everyone's faces as the perpetrators of this massive con are laughing in our faces by calling us all idiots with the terms 'ANUS' and 'ANAL'.... I so so surprised that so many people actually believe these names are real, which again shows how truly stupid so many people are.....

So there we have it... Just another of these fraud "terrorist attacks" to have stupid people quivering in fear... And this time it is aimed directly at the German people by their own crooked and criminal Merkel government..... Watch now as the German government will indeed call for new "laws" to as they claim "combat terrorism" but in reality will be used to curtail German freedoms....

So now we have "terrorist attacks" with planes, cars, and trucks... I do wonder what these criminals will decide to use for their next fraud...

More to come


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

New Article From John Kaminski: The Thin Line

I always come under criticisms and ridicule from so many commentators and even others in the so called 'real' truth movement..... Honestly, I do not mind, for I too do make mistakes from time to time and it is good to have healthy discussions and debates... That is the key to freedom of speech and for honesty and openness.... However, I do not put up with slurs or insults and will never give those who constantly throw such crap my way the time of day......

I have come under see ridicule over the last while for my posting of articles from a great writer and a real truth seeker, John Kaminski.... Many critics have long claimed that John is either a "shill" or a "Jew".... I have known John for some time now, and he is not a "shill" and absolutely is NOT a Jew as many claim.... And knowing John for his honesty and integrity, I absolutely will NOT stop putting up his material here at this blog, period.....

Well, right now I want to share John's most recent work here for everyone to see for themselves... It is entitled: "The Thin Line" (Between Sanity And Savagery) for everyone to see for themselves... This article takes a shot at the criminality of the US Military, and is a must see for everyone... I have it right here, and my own thoughts and comments to follow:

The thin line

between sanity and savagery

Once you cross it you can’t come back

Disturbing similarities of heroes and psychos

This is the reward anybody who joins the American military can expect from following orders without consulting their consciences, to be murdered by your superiors for some crime they are trying to cover up.

By John Kaminski

They make beating up the world sound like a fun event.
This is the world turned upside down. There’s this ad for the U.S. Navy on TV, with the rich resonant voice of actor Keith David exhorts young men to serve in “a global force for good.”
Millions of faces of murdered innocents forever serve as a silent rejection of this lie.
In a furnished room far from home, the memory of raping and killing terrified women and children confronts the former recruit and now battle-hardened veteran . . . now reduced to unquenchable tears. The excuse of “just following orders” has always been the last refuge of a soldier who knows he’s guilty.
So many kids who were tricked into killing got rewarded for it, but no reward is big enough to anesthetize the gaping sense of horror at the thought you murdered innocent people.
These thoughts come back at night and all too often kill the recipient of them.
Unless you’re a politician who doesn’t give these things a second thought.

We’ve lost our way

Who was it we are trying to defeat? What was it we are trying to accomplish? What do we do when we know our government deliberately creates the enemies it pretends to fight?
And the most wrenching question of all: What does an act of genuine heroism in service to criminal aggression actually mean? Actually, it means nothing, except for the futile waste of the precious gift of life.
I wonder what was on the minds of Seal Team 6 when their helicopter was going down for the last time. I wonder if they knew they were being eliminated because they couldn’t be trusted to maintain the fraudulent story told by Barack Obama about how these Seals murdered Osama bin Laden and dumped his body in the Indian Ocean.
This is the reward anybody who joins the American military can expect from following orders without consulting their consciences, to be murdered by your superiors for some crime they are trying to cover up.
Around the world America is known as the world’s leading killer, a force known not only for killing without reason and always lying about what it does, but also killing its own operatives when they no longer fit into the plan. Google Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods for further details.
It’s a new twist on the curdled Vietnam legend that we had to destroy the village in order to save it. Now that it’s the operating philosophy of Jade Helm, the NDAA Act and the American military, the theorem has evolved into ‘we must kill them in order to protect them.’
Journalism has never reached the goal it professes to aspire to, but it has never been further away from the goal of editorial objectivity because it remains a smug slave to the financial compromises it must endure to survive. This deal with the devil makes it an unreliable source in most situations.
Jewish-inspired American crimes are camouflaged by compliant media that dare not challenge the lies they are told for fear they will lose their access to the politicians who mislead us. Such is the demented condition of the world today. Vampires feeding on corruption.

We invent our enemies

When the United States ran out of national enemies in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall, it began to invent its own terrorists, first by mobilizing Arabs in Afghanistan into the mujaheddin, then turning them into Al-Qaeda to be impossibly blamed for 9/11, and lately turning this well-funded group into ISIS and the “moderate rebels” of Syria who are indirectly supported by Washington through the stooge states of Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.
All this political prattle inevitably leads to Russia, one of two major white nation combatants scheduled for annihilation by the Jewish masterminds who seek the destruction of all nations, to the creation of a permanent worldwide prison they will call Jewish Peace.
It will be the ultimate abnegation of humanity, which in its former state used to value conscience and morality, but by now has devolved into a kind of pragmatic treason in all relationships, meaning the chances for cultural cohesion in a society are greatly reduced. Lack of friends makes it easier to turn to Big Brother for help.
Generated by the Jewish psychopaths who run the publishing industry, the lockstep newspaper version is that Russia is always evil and this unfortunate condition may be rectified by bombing them.
Somehow all the newspapers in the country have the same opinion. All news is skewed against Russia, much in the way it was skewed against Germany prior to both World Wars.
It’s amazing. But it is no longer a mystery when you realize one or two people own all the newspapers. Same with TV stations. They all have the same opinion — bomb Russia. And now you know why. All these mainstream media outlets are owned by the same rich white criminals. Well, not exactly white. Jewish. There’s a big difference.
And then there are these heroes we venerate for their bravery and for throwing away their lives after the lies that led them to their deaths. The unctuous words of the people who sent them to hell resonate at the funerals of those who followed orders and gave their lives while murdering people who never needed to die.

War is our default mechanism

We raped Qaddafi in the street and stole his oil and gold, then destroyed his Miracle in the Desert water system. He provided free housing and college to Libyan children, and like Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, what benefits these dictators provided to their people put to shame how little the governments of the West actually provide for their own citizens.
The powers that be don’t like this kind of news getting around, that people outside the control of the Jewish banks live better quality lives than those who pay most of their earnings to shysters who don’t lift a finger. Hitler proved that point before he was destroyed by the Jews that plague all countries with their usury.
The new war that we never hear about is going on in Yemen. Like the U.S. invasion of Syria, it’s all about the Saudis trying to reinstall their puppet who was ousted in the last election. The death toll keeps climbing, Yemeni civil society has been destroyed, and the Saudis use American weapons to resubjugate this geographically strategic country.
I learned a long time ago that the core of America’s profitability has always been armaments. We always had the best weapons, and still do, maybe. But for more than a century now, the crown jewel of American industry has been the manufacture of the tools of war.
The entire economy hinges on ability to make war. The educational system is geared to discovering new military applications. America defends dictatorships, and destroys countries that try to be free and independent.
War is our default mechanism. Warmongers trumpet the virtues of war
with no consciousness that most of the victims of war are mothers and their children. Smedley Butler outlined our basic problem 80 years ago. Stifled by corrupt newspapers, the message never reached the general public, or if it did, it was ignored and eventually overwhelmed by the Jewish quest for vengeance that started World War II.
Thinking people all over the world had many hours of their attention consumed by the recent U.S. presidential election. History shows their focus was misplaced, because judging by history it doesn’t really matter who is president or who is not. America the machine keeps rolling on no matter who is president. Presidents who disagree with the powerbrokers who own him are efficiently eliminated by a lone nut with a bonafide mental health history.

The border of madness

Skewered by the conceptual daggers of Jewry, America has crossed the line into madness. No longer do we hear the cherished words freedom and liberty. The powers that be are flooding the civilized world with savages from the wilds of the world to further degrade systems that worked well before this concerted attack on the stability of white nations.
The wars, you know, these are not exhibitions of our bravery or defenses of our liberty. They are brutal onslaughts on victims who are given the bleak choice of obey or die.
The Jews, you must remember, are sworn to kill or enslave everyone in the world, a goal toward which they have made tremendous progress.
You can’t believe what the U.S. government says. One hundred and three treaties signed with the American Indians. The U.S. never kept a single one. The whole world knows this, but America just keeps lying and the world continues to accept those lies because the U.S. has the muscle and the money to castrate any other country.
A country that has that reputation deserves to be destroyed.
It’s the outright lying that gets me the most. The celebrated bloodbaths in Iraq and Afghanistan, all for lies, all for nothing except oil and heroin, the two biggest cash crops in the world. The obliteration of Syria is about an oil pipeline that Israel wants to build. The U.S. policy is to make all of Israel’s neighbors disaster areas, people living in rubble with no hope for freedom.
The deluded populace has yet to realize this is the Jewish plan for the whole world.
Our government would rather kill you than tell you the truth. Just ask an oncologist, or someone who tried to tell you the truth about your government and was forced to leave the country to save his own life.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

NTS Notes: I heartily agree with John on many of the key points that he presents here...

One thing that has sickened me immensely is how when an American sports show is on the Talmudvision networks, how the commentators and hosts always pay "tribute" to the men and women of the American armed forces... Especially when they say "Thanks for what you do, and for protecting our freedoms".... I have to gag when I hear that comment, for I have to ask.. HOW ARE THEY PROTECTING "FREEDOMS" BY MURDERING INNOCENT PEOPLE?

Yes, the propaganda and brainwashing of the American mind starts indeed from an early age... We see children inundated by the military industrial complex, especially in the video games they play!  Is it no wonder the top selling games on the main platforms "Xbox" and "Playstation" are always MILITARY and WAR games?   Brainwashing the children from an early age to have them grow up and possibly join the military to kill innocent people around the world is the name of the game....

And again, I will not stop posting John's material here, in spite of all the naysayers... John has always been a great writer and his material is almost always spot on.....

More to come


Monday, December 26, 2016

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Monday, December 26th, 2016


Yes, you are reading this right...It is MONDAY, and not Sunday... It is indeed time for my weekly rant...I alway say, better late than never....

I woke up today to one of the worst Blizzards in this part of central Canada in well over a decade.. Right now, there is as much as 40cm (16 inches for you Americans on the old scale...) on the ground, with high winds to boot.... The weather channel here in central Canada had forecasted the possibility of this amount of snow and high winds, but considering the last storm actually stayed further south in the United States and we got only the edge of that storm, I thought that this one would miss us as well... But not this time.... I would really love to have that clown "Al Gore" up here right now and flat out have him answer his claims that "snowfalls are a thing of the past"...And in the meantime hit him over the head with a snow shovel to boot!

Well, after spending the last 3 hours this morning shovelling that "Al Gore dandruff", I decided to take a glance at the latest garbage being put out by the Global Warming kooks, and yes they have been at it again claiming this time that the North Pole was somehow ice free according to a reading from one monitor... I have to laugh that these criminals are pushing this notion of an ice free Arctic, for I have indeed been looking at REAL reports and research, and they show clearly that the Arctic is NOT melting and in fact the ice shelf is growing rapidly..... This makes sense when you consider that the local temperatures here have been plummeting over the last few years, with no sign of a "warming" anywhere to be seen...

Some people have asked me why I have put such emphasis on the "Global warming" fraud... I say to them to give their heads a shake and wake the fuck up, for our governments are now pushing very hard to have their fraud "carbon taxation" in place before the general public is able to wake up to that fact that it is indeed a fraud.... People must realize that once our crooked governments get their fraud carbon taxes in place and start milking the public for more money out of their pocket books, it will be nearly impossible to rescind that new tax!   I for one do NOT want to see my family being fleeced by the crooked Canadian government, and I can guarantee everyone else reading this blog feels the same way......

Yes, yesterday was indeed Christmas, and Santa Claus was pretty good to old NTS this year... It was actually pretty good for my entire family as well and we indeed had several of our relatives over to share in the festivities.... I did my part by cooking (Yes, I do cook...) the family feast.... It was a lot of work, but well worth the effort...

But I need not remind everyone that there are indeed many people out there living in poverty and despair that truly need our help this time of year... I always do my part in giving to real charities that actually give to the needy, as well as my annual donation of unwrapped toys for needy children as well..... Hey, just a few dollars, or what every currency you have, to give to real charities does indeed go a long way to help many in need..... And as I said before, I may not be religious, but I do indeed do my best to keep the true meaning of this time of year alive and NOT to be taken by the rash of consumerism that is in fact destroying Christmas.....

OK, time to get down to business.... That "truck attack" in Berlin last week was absolutely a set up and a false flag.... I for one knew that it was a fraud the moment that hoax called "ISIS" claimed responsibility for that "attack".... And to top it all off, in the subsequent days the real criminals behind that fraud did their part in setting up the patsy for the attack, by first very conveniently placing his "ID" under the driver's seat of the truck itself...When the "ID" did not pan out, they then had his "fingerprints" taken from the outside of the truck as well.... Then they created a fraud "manhunt" for the "attacker' that spanned several nations, including Germany, France, and then Italy where they "conveniently" gunned him down... As usual, dead men tell no tales and they made sure that the "attacker" was shot to make sure that he would not talk and reveal that he was innocent....

It does make one wonder what the HELL the criminal German government has to gain from that 'attack' in Berlin?  Well, lo and behold but just days after the "attack" we have that freak of nature, Angela Merkel, getting on German television talking about how Germany is now "under attack" from "terrorism"... And with that, the German government is now "conveniently" wanting to put new laws into place to strip the German people of their rights under the fraud idea of "fighting terrorism"... It does appear that just like other nations, the German people will be surrendering their freedoms for the fraud of "security" from the fraud of "terrorism".....Yes, now we see what that attack in Berlin was really all about!  Hopefully there are enough German readers of alternative news sites such as this one that will understand that the Berlin "attack" was indeed a set up and that they are being swindled by their own crooked government...

I knew the crooked and criminal Barry Soetoro government would sneak in some type of swindle on the American people while they were preparing for the Christmas season....We all remember back in 1913 where the criminal Woodrow Wilson government snuck through the "Federal Reserve act" through Congress while most Congress critters were conveniently not in Washington DC, but actually either at home with their families or in transit to their homes... That passage of the "Federal Reserve act" brought about the ruination of the United States and it put the entire American nation under the crooked control of Jewish criminal bankers who print money out of thin air and then loan it back to the American people with Usury.... The US has suffered now for some 103 years of destitution and poverty thanks to the criminal Federal Reserve act..... NOW, we have Barry sneaking through a bill that fraudulently is claiming to be 'fighting terrorism" by curtailing alternative news networks...

People living in the United States need to understand and very quickly that this new bill that just passed in the US Congress under great secrecy is NOT for fighting "terrorism" at all, but in actuality is going to be used to SHUT DOWN the REAL news, the alternative news networks, that has been exposing the criminality of the US government itself..... I can guarantee that the proponents of this new "bill" are indeed the criminal Jewish elite that runs and controls the entire US media (why I call it the Jew spew media), and they have absolutely been under tremendous fire for their constant lies and falsehoods... What these criminals have needed is a law to destroy the internet and the alternative news to basically put the American people back to sleep,and they finally got their ass clown, Barry, to have it pushed through Congress..... It is my hope as a Canadian that the American people do get wind of this "bill" and have is squashed.. OR, that incoming President Drumpf does the right thing and repeals that bill as one of his first orders of business come January 20th....

One thing that did happen over the last week is of course the passage of a resolution in the United Nations General Assembly calling for the criminal and psychotic state of Israel to give up its false claims to ALL of the land of Palestine... That resolution calls for the end of illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and for them to stop their illegal settlement building on Palestinian land... The one thing that was positive about this resolution is the fact that the US did NOT vote to veto it, but instead "abstained" from voting on the resolution entirely....

But lets be honest here... This resolution that just passed in the UN means NOTHING...The reality is that there have been so many resolutions in the UN against Israel over the 68 years that illegal and criminal state has existed and in each case the psychotic  Israelis have basically laughed in the UN"s face... These criminals know full well that they absolutely control their minion nation, the United States, and has always used those suckers to protect them and to make sure that they keep on stealing land while giving the entire world the middle finger..... And we have the report that since the passage of that "resolution" the Israelis are now countering the UN by putting forward plans for even MORE illegal settlements in Palestine and to accelerate the building of the settlements that are already in progress.... I am not fooled at all by the passage of that "resolution" for it means diddly squat... The Israelis are psychotic and their fraud religion has the false belief that all of Palestine is theirs and they will continue stealing the land to fulfill their fraud "prophesies".... There is NO hope at all for the Palestinian people as long as the criminal state of Israel exists in its present format and undertaking, and the only way that these people will survive is to fight back against these criminals... It is indeed a  case of fight or face genocide and with those choices, I know which one I would choose in a heartbeat...

Meanwhile.. The news is both good and a bit bad in Syria... Yes, Aleppo is free and the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal got caught red handed with their operatives in eastern Aleppo exposed for the world to see.... And I had to laugh when the Jew spew media absolutely failed to report about these operatives and mercenaries caught in eastern Aleppo, while continuing with their lies about "Russian and Syrian atrocities committed" in Aleppo itself..... But what would we expect from these liars and the liars and crooks in our governments?  The world is now becoming fully aware that the entire "war" in Syria was never about "terrorism" but absolutely about "regime change" and subduing and brutalizing the Syrian nation...

Elsewhere in Syria, the battle west of Palmyra has now stabilized and apparently the fraud "ISIS" offensive has run its course... It does appear that now the Syrian government forces and their Russian allies are preparing for a massive counter attack with the goal of retaking Palmyra that may take place within the next few days..... I am though a bit troubled by the situation in northern Syria as the US and its "allies" have launched an 'assault' aimed at taking out the primary "ISIS" stronghold of Al Raqqa.... This battle is a bit curious considering that the fraud of "ISIS" is itself owned and operated by the United States,and here we have a coalition of forces armed by US weapons fighting to take out this American owned an operated fraud terrorist stronghold?   I do wonder if this is as fraudulent an attack as the one that is still going on in Mosul Iraq?

Yes, in spite of my open challenge to anyone to show me how a ragtag group of "terrorists" could own and operate a major city of 1.8 million, Mosul Iraq,  for almost 4 years, there has been NO ONE with a response.... I again am sticking to my guns that the entire "battle for Mosul" that is all over the alternative and the Jew spew media is nothing but a charade.....Again, I must point out how the US allowed their "ISIS" operatives to flee Mosul almost 2 months back and then redeploy for their attack on Palmyra, Syria... That evacuation should have left Mosul as an open and unoccupied city, and yet we find the reports from the Jew spew media that the Iraqi army is facing some "15000" "ISIS" fighters in Mosul?  WHERE did these new "fighters" that are "defending" Mosul suddenly come from?  Apparently out of thin air!  THAT fact should have had anyone with a bit of critical thinking stop and ask "what the hell?"......

OK, I have had my doubts about incoming President Drumpf, and I am still not sold at all about his concept of "Making America Great Again" for he still is surrounding himself with a gaggle of Jewish freaks and lackeys for his incoming cabinet...But I will give credit to Drumpf here for his position on one of the biggest wastes of American taxpayer dollars ever... I am of course talking about the flying "lemon" known as the Lougheed Martin F35 "Lighting II"  fighter aircraft that if implemented by the US armed forces will make them the laughing stock of the entire planet for decades to come... Apparently, Drumpf himself has "tweeted" and put forward his plans to scrap the entire F35 project and will look elsewhere for a proper replacement for America's aging fighter plane force..... THIS is actually a good thing and I applaud Drumpf for this plan if he follows through come this January... The facts are simple here, for the F35 program is a horrific disaster that would cost the US over 1.5 TRILLION dollars over the next few decades, while giving America an "aircraft" that is woefully deficient and a sitting duck against enemy planes.....The American taxpayers have already forked over several hundreds of Billions of dollars for the development of this flying "turkey" and has received aircraft that are absolute disasters to fly.... It would indeed be better to cut their losses here and look for a proper replacement that can actually fight such as the F18 Super Hornets.... I am crossing my fingers here that Drumpf does indeed cancel the entire program and puts the money into actually making America great... The money saved from cancelling the F35 could indeed give Americans a FULL and proper Health Care system and even cover a lot of much needed infrastructure improvements.....

OK, enough of the major events around the world over the last week... I have some more shovelling of "Al Gore's non-existent white stuff" to finish... But of course I will close this rant with my usual "last minute tidbits"......I see that reports have finally come out that conclusively link Autism to "vaccinations".  But this is exactly what I and others in the real alternative news have been saying for years.  The facts are again here that vaccines absolutely do NOT work at all, period, end of story.  Anyone that goes out and gullibly rolls up their arms to allow Pharmaceuticals to be injected into their bodies has to have their heads examined........I see that Queen Killary Clinton did indeed fail in her last ditch attempt to prevent Drumpf from attaining the Presidency by her failure to get the electoral college in America to vote for her.  But the reports from the Electoral College shows that only about 5 or 6  people 'changed" their vote and the majority actually changed it to Drumpf!  This indeed shows how much America truly does hate that witch, in spite of the continuing lies from the Jew spew media.  The future for Killary is indeed grim now, and we can only hope that incoming President Drumpf does the right thing in having his first order of business to see that horrendous monster locked up for her crimes against humanity!........A Russian Tu-154 military plane with 92 people on board goes down in the Black Sea a few days ago, and the alternative media has indeed been scrambling to try to find any evidence of this being an "attack" or a "false flag".  I would say this was the real mccoy and from what I can ascertain, this was not a 'bomb' or an "attack" but the plane did indeed suffer from mechanical or engine failure. The Tu-154 does have a history of failures, and real air crashes do occur periodically.  It is sad for the 92 people on board though that lost their lives, especially happening this time of year.........Someone sent me a link to a report a few days ago from an "alternative" media site that claims that Vladimir Putin had died a few years back and that a "double" is acting in his place.  Lets face the facts there that these "alternative" sites will always be out there to "poison the well" as I have always said.  I dismissed that report immediately, and everyone else should as well.........I am NOT sold on that Russian ambassador to Turkey killed last week as being a "false flag", but am leaning on it being a "planned" assassination that has been carried out by US operatives for the purpose of trying to stir up trouble between Russia and Turkey.  We only need to look at "who gains?" from that assassination being the US and Israel and we indeed have our culprits.  When the truth does come forward, I will have a subsequent article at this blog, so stay tuned.......... There have been a few dismal reports about the Canadian economic situation that came out last week that have been conveniently buried by the Jew spew media with the Christmas season reports getting page one news.  But wait, for now that Christmas is over and January coming in, I can guarantee the crooks that have been ruining our economy can no longer hide the real facts from the Canadian people that we are heading into a deep depression.  I have seen the reality in my own ventures into the local malls this Christmas, where most retailers have had dismal sales.  It will only get worse.........Some good news, as reports are clearly showing people are NO longer even bothering with the Jew spew media outlets such as CNN and MSNBC for their news reports, as their "ratings" are showing them lower than dirt.  It is no wonder that Barry Soetoro has now passed that "bill" to try to end the alternative media for people have grown sick of the lies from the Jew spew media!...... Another piece of good news, as Whitewraithe has finally returned to blogging and has been posting articles over at Pragmatic Witness.   As I said before, I was basically just a "caretaker" for her site during her absence, and that site was always hers and not mine to control. I am glad she is back and writing again.......... Arsenal had two dismal games last week against both Everton and Manchester City, and is now sitting 4th in the table.  The Gunners had better get their act straight or it will be another year of disappointment for their fans including myself with no league title.  And they had better smarten up, or a Champions League spot may also be out of the running as well........2017 is fast approaching, and the only resolutions I want to make for this coming year is to try to continue to improve this site and to continue to improve my fight against the real enemy out there; the damned despicable Jewish criminal elite that wants to enslave this planet. In spite of this new "war" against alternative media sites and attempts to shut us down, I have no intention of quitting, ever...........And finally, my usual swipe at the despicable Kardashian clan of idiots and trolls.  Apparently all is not well in Kim and Kanye's twisted world as their "marriage" is apparently on the rocks.  I knew this was coming as that skank is a freak of nature as well as the entire Kardashian brood.   Hell, it shocks me that it lasted this long!  But as the stomach turns, so does the lives of these skanks and trollops.  And yes, as America continues to go to hell, the American public still has its insane infatuation with these misfits.  I am still trying to figure out how?

Oh well, back to reality here, and digging myself out from this latest bout of "Global Warming".

More to come


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Northerntruthseeker Taking Small Break For Christmas

I am informing my readers here that I will be basically missing in action for the next 2 days...

It is Christmas, and this year I have some relatives over and I need to concentrate on family matters...

It also means that I will be possibly delayed in releasing my usual weekly rant for tomorrow, since it is Christmas day... I will probably have it out on the next day, Monday....

I want to wish everyone a wonderful and joyous Christmas.... Please remember to keep the real true meaning of Christmas and NOT the commercialization in your hearts.... This is indeed the time to spend time with family and friends and truly wish for "Peace on Earth" and "Good Will towards ALL Men"......

Thanks, and I will be back shortly..

More to come


Friday, December 23, 2016

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: It is NOW Official - Aleppo Is Finally Free Of US/Israeli Operatives And Fraud Terrorists!

Over the last week since the announcement that the last remaining "terrorists" and "rebels" would evacuate eastern Aleppo, we have been watching how the US/Israel/NATO scoundrels were trying everything possible to somehow change the outcome including taking shots and bombing the buses that were evacuating the scum and operatives out of the city.... We have even watched the liars and scoundrels in the Jew spew media continue their LIES that the Syrian government forces were "massacring" civilians in eastern Aleppo... But in spite of all those troubles the evacuation and final conquering of the eastern part of the city proceeded, and good news finally came out yesterday...

Yes, the city of Aleppo is FINALLY free and clear of these scoundrels, and right here I want to present the following link to the Inspire To Change World website, at, where the official announcement finally came out yesterday that the last remaining "rebels" and "terrorists" have been formally evacuated from Aleppo, and the entire city has NOW been returned to the Syrian people!  Here is that link here, and of course I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Finally we can all give full congratulations to the Syrian government forces and the Syrian people for the rightful return of their great city of Aleppo....

It has indeed been a very long road to this victory, and I do remember 4 years back when the fraud "terrorists" and "rebels" first seized control of eastern Aleppo.... The last 4 years have seen the  Syrian people holed up in eastern Aleppo being brutalized, starved, raped, and murdered by these scoundrels and now they are all indeed free....

Now comes the rebuilding period... I have seen the pictures of Aleppo BEFORE the last 4 years where the city was a vibrant metropolis with some 2+ million residents... Now it is a shadow of its former glory and it will take years to undo the damage that the US/Israel/NATO scoundrels have done....

Many people believe that with the liberation of Aleppo, the war in Syria is now over... The reality is the fighting will continue as the criminal cabal scoundrels continue to try to destroy the nation and have Bashar al-Assad removed from office... However, with the Syrian government forces now in firm control of ALL major population centers across Syria, the long term prospects for the cabal looks grim... Unless these bastards try to find a way to directly invade Syria, they will indeed lose this war in the long run....

Again, congratulations to the Syrian people and this great victory and liberation of Aleppo....

More to come


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Are You Proud To Be A Canadian?: Criminal Trudeau Regime Admits Weapons Sold To Saudi Regime May (Definitely) Have Been Used In Yemen!

I came across a report today that made me disgusted to be called a Canadian.... I and others living up here in the "Great White North" remember the reports of earlier this year where the Trudeau regime in Ottawa was all for the sale of some 15 BILLION dollars of very deadly and very sophisticated weaponry to the criminal Saudi regime... I had a very gnawing thought at the time that these weapons would be used by these criminals against the innocent people of Yemen.... I had hoped I was wrong about that, but once again I found this report proving that my suspicions were correct..

Right now, I want to present the following link to a report from the Sputnik News website, at, where there are new allegations that the weapons that this "peaceful" nation called Canada sold to the criminal Saudi regime may indeed have been used for their war in Yemen and the slaughter of innocent civilians there... First here is that link here for everyone, and especially my fellow Canadians, to read for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Honestly, how sick is this?  I and others wondered WHY the Trudeau regime was so much wanting to sell these weapons to the Saudis earlier this year, for we had our suspicions that these criminals would turn these weapons on the Yemen people in their want to brutalize that nation.. Now our suspicions may indeed have been correct...

Lets not pull any punches here... The report says that these weapons "may" have been used in Yemen... I am no fool and everyone with any common sense would easily see that YES ABSOLUTELY these weapons are indeed being used to slaughter Yemen men, women, and children!

Is it not amazing that the Trudeau regime has the nerve to "denounce" the Saudi invasion and subsequent attempt to conquer Yemen, and yet was all in on this massive weapons sale?  The term "hypocrisy" does indeed come to mind here...

I used to think that I lived in a "free nation" that at one time actually cared about humanity and was supposed to be a "peace maker".... And now we see the bitter truth as Canadians that those assumptions may have been in the past, but today are indeed outright lies...

And about Yemen... We all must not forget that the nation is now in a severe humanitarian crisis where famine is taking hold... And with that, there will be thousands of innocent people now starving to death.....

I hope that the Canadian government takes notice of the REAL situation happening right now in Yemen, thanks to their stupidity, and actually changes their tune about supporting the Saudi regime... Honestly, good luck on that one...

More to come


The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: This Is Priceless - Syrian Ambassador To UN Reveals Names Of US/Israel/NATO/Saudi Operatives Trapped In Eastern Aleppo!

OK, just last week I showed at this blog an amazing report where some 14 US/Israeli/NATO/Saudi operatives were captured in a bunker in eastern Aleppo... That report and subsequent reports coming over the alternative media showed the world CLEARLY that the US/Israel/NATO CRIMINAL cabal was indeed absolutely on the ground in eastern Aleppo, and was absolutely running the so called "terrorists" and "rebels" that were killing innocent civilians.... It was a black eye for the criminal US government and the psychos in Israel, and clearly showed the world exactly what this "war" in Syria was all about..

But now comes further information that will have everyone that even had their slightest doubts about Syria finally realizing the bitter truth that it was all about "regime change" and of course the destruction of that innocent nation... For according to the following report from the Blacklisted News website, at, apparently there are so many more of these "operatives" still holed up in eastern Aleppo that are about to be captured by the Syrian government forces.... Take a look at this report, that I have the link here, as the Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations has read off the names of these operatives for the world to hear for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

OK, Now comes an equally more revealing report from the Novorussia Today website, at, that reveals how the US government tried desperately to cover up the fact that their operatives were indeed trapped in eastern Aleppo... And the number of operatives and agents by the US alone is indeed shocking as we find the report here of some "230 instructors" trapped, along with some 54 British soldiers, as well as Dutch and French "specialists" stuck in eastern Aleppo.. Here is the link to that report here:

NTS Notes: OK, so we have about '290' or so of these operatives and agents now either in Syrian hands or about to be captured... This is indeed a severe black eye for the criminal US government, and the governments of the criminal group called NATO, and rightfully so...

I do wonder though.. Considering the amount of "civilians" and "rebel forces" that have been allowed to evacuate eastern Aleppo by bus, I do wonder how many of those were in all actuality also US/Israel/NATO agents and mercenaries?   This capture of these operatives may have only been the "tip of the iceberg"....

I for one am so glad that the Syrians are doing the right thing here and not allowing the US to somehow sway or beg them not to reveal their operatives.... The criminality of the US , Israel, NATO, and the Saudis, in the destruction of an innocent nation must be stopped and people everywhere, especially in the United States must know the truth no matter how diabolical it is...

Again, if anyone out there still thinks that this "war" in Syria is anything other than the cabal brutally trying to destroy an innocent nation, give them this report and see them squirm!

More to come


Back To My Roots: Exposing The Fraud Of The Apollo Moon Landings- Moonfaker: Radiation Reloaded

It has been MONTHS now since I last took a swipe at one of the biggest lies in all of our history, the so called Apollo manned missions to the moon..... It is time to once again look at that fraud in some great detail, thanks to a new video that was sent my way the other day from a great researcher out of Australia, Jarrah White, who of course considers himself the "Grandson of the Apollo Moon Hoax"....

Just to fill in new readers to this blog... I have known since my time studying Physics in a local University back in 1979 that mankind has absolutely NOT put men on the moon... That lie, known as the "Apollo Moon Missions" was one of the greatest fabrications in all of human history, and I am truly surprised that there are some 2 BILLION or so people living on planet Earth that still do not get it and understand that it was indeed a massive lie and hoax.....

Over the last 10 years since I launched this blog, I have indeed put forward a multitude of articles, facts, videos, etc that prove the Apollo moon landing hoax... I have also been involved in many talk shows and interviews where I have discussed in great detail the scientific aspect of the hoax that shows clearly that it was indeed IMPOSSIBLE with the technology available in the 1960's to even attempt a safe landing of man on the lunar surface... Heck, it is still impossible even today for such an endeavor due to insurmountable problems that have not been solved......

OK, before I get onto further comments, I do want to present this latest video here from Jarrah White, that is entitled: "Moonfaker - Radiation Reloaded".... In this video, Jarrah presents many facts and scientific reasons WHY the moon landings were indeed impossible considering the horrific problem of radiation in space and specifically with the Van Allen radiation belts that encircle this planet... Here is that video, and my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Being a man of science, and with my own background in Physics, I checked into some of Jarrah's equations and they absolutely do pan out....

OK, this video is indeed very long and for some a bit "over their heads" in regards to the Physics and Mathematics involved... BUT it indeed has been essential for Jarrah to present these equations and scientific facts due to the critics that have constantly said that he does not back up the facts that he has previously presented in other Moonfaker videos with science... And he does splendidly in this video!

Lets face the reality here... Mankind cannot traverse the Van Allen radiation belts (which I call a "barrier") due to the need for proper shielding from the intense Proton and Electron radiation present.... The shielding required just to traverse let alone survive the radiation beyond the belts was indeed much too heavy even for the supposed lifting capabilities of the Saturn V rockets.... The heavy lift requirements for such shielding is not even available today with the rockets presently available....

The US government and the scientists across America in the 1960's knew early on the truth that attempting to land man safely on the moon with the technology available was scientifically and technologically at the time was an impossibility.   But the Johnson administration at the time was not willing to say to the American public that the dream of JFK back in 1961 was not possible, so they concocted the scheme known as the "Apollo Simulation Project" and went full steam ahead with faking the entire program....

It does puzzle me that people still do not get it?  I constantly am looking at critics and throwing at them logic and reasoning especially the FACT that before and even after "Project Apollo" the highest anyone has ever gone in space is roughly 600km..... It shows that "Project Apollo" was indeed a strange "aberration" from what has been such a slow progression in space travel..... And heck, the bigger question that I always ask these critics is this:  "If flying to the moon was so easy in 1968-1972, then WHY have they not "returned" since? .... And do NOT give me this crap about "well, we went then, and there is no reason to return now" bullshit... The facts are indeed that in 44+ years now, there has NOT been one real attempt at even a return flight!

One other note... I am sick and tired of the "flat earth" numb-skulls that have tried to "take over" the Apollo hoax meme with their garbage... I not only look at those that actually believe the "flat earth" garbage to be fools that have been too easily manipulated by lies, but look at the perpetrators of that fraud as working for the US Government to "poison the well" in regards to the frauds of space travel....  I laugh in their faces and I do automatically delete their garbage comments and slurs sent my way... I have no time for idiots...

Yes, it is good once in a while to return to my roots... This blog is for the exposure of the lies of our history, and Project Apollo to me stands out as one of the greatest cons ever perpetrated on mankind..

More to come


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Berlin Market Attack: This One Does Smell Like A False Flag Attack!

Two days ago, we all saw the reports via the Jew spew media and of course the alternative media, of an "attack" in Berlin, where a truck slammed into a market killing (allegedly) some 12 patrons and wounding some 50 others....Over the last few days, I have indeed been watching the reports as they flowed in, and noticed very quickly how the liars in the Jew spew media were very quick to call this one a "terrorist" attack...

I for one waited for one key word to come out before I called this one a false flag attack, and lo and behold that word came out yesterday when the Jew spew media suddenly reported that the fraud called "ISIS" had claimed responsibility for this "attack".... And with that proclamation, we now know this "attack" indeed stinks to high heaven, and something is amiss....

OK, So what we have in Berlin is definitely a false flag attack with the fraud of "ISIS" now claiming responsibility.... But there are so many questions that have to be answered about this "attack" and we can not trust the FAKE NEWS of the Jew spew media to give us the real facts... Therefore we have to turn to the alternative media for answers...

I therefore want to turn to a fellow real truth seeker, who writes the blog "Aangirfan" at, for some REAL details on what we have so far on this attack in Berlin... Here is Aangirfan's report here for everyone to view for themselves, and I have further comments to follow:

Wednesday, 21 December 2016


Anis Amri

The attack on the Berlin market on 20 December 2016 looks like a 'false flag, inside job'.

The ID of Anis Amri, a 21 year-old Tunisian, "has been found under the seat in the lorry."

dailymail 21 December 2016. 11am.

In other words, certain security services have planted the ID of the 'patsy' in the truck?

Why did it take so long for the authorities 'to find' the ID?

Anis Amri was "apparently arrested for GBH but vanished before he could be charged."

How could be vanish, if he was a dangerous man?

The False Flag attack in Berlin has been blamed on ISIS, which is run by Mossad and its friends. CNN was able to report live from the attack even before the German media.

First we read:

"According to Michael Behrendt, crime reporter for Die Welt, Berlin: 'The police have no idea who they are looking for. They have no weapon, no DNA traces.'"

dailymail. 21 December 2016. 6am.

Then we read:

"Police are believed to have found Anis A's blood in the truck's cab."

dailymail 21 December 2016. 11am.

The police first blamed Naved Baluch, 23, for the attack.

"Detectives, who flew Naved Baluch out of Berlin and across the country to Karlsruhe to question him, took 18 hours to realise Naved Baluch, who had no blood on his clothes and no injuries, did not drive the lorry..."

OK, This indeed does stink to high heaven.... And unlike the Russian Ambassador assassination in Ankara, Turkey the other day that appears to be legitimate for the simple fact that "ISIS" has NOT claimed responsibility for that attack, this one is definitely a set up and a false flag attack...

And apparently as Aangirfan points out, we have not only a set up, but obviously a "patsy" to take the blame for this "attack".....

BUT... I have again to ask the following questions.... (a) What is the motive for this attack?  (b) And what is to gain from this attack?   This one, unlike the Ankara assassination, does not make any sense... It does make one wonder what Angela Merkel and her other cronies in Berlin are wanting to gain from this attack....

I am indeed trying to keep an eye on this one, and will have more further articles to follow as subsequent information comes forward... Stay tuned..

More to come