Saturday, October 31, 2015

Status Of Northerntruthseeker

Just to let everyone know.. My better half is finally on the road to recovery from her attack of "shingles"... It was a terrible experience for her that laid her up for the last 6 days....

I spent the majority of my spare time taking care of her needs, and therefore had to neglect doing any surfing online and writing articles at this blog.... As I have said many times, sometimes situations do occur that take precedence, and I have always emphasized to everyone that family does come first...

Well, I am back...I will be doing my rant tomorrow and hopefully everything will get back to normal.... I do want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding...

One other note... I have been in contact with Whitewraithe and we will try indeed to relaunch our Turbulent Times shows on Blogtalk radio starting December 1st.... Whitewraithe actually wanted to relaunch the show November 1st, but I told her that I wanted to make sure my better half was over her illness and I was able to get other personal business taken care of over the next few days at least....  A December 1st target launch date also gives us time to discuss the format and subject of our upcoming shows....

It is good to be back, and indeed that has been so much happening around the world that I have missed..... It is time to get back to the business of writing articles here......

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Friday, October 30, 2015

The Global Warming/Climate Change Swindle: Outgoing Criminal Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, FAILED To Rein In Costly Science Hoax Of "Climate Change"!!

It does appear that everything is full steam ahead next month, as many of our nation's so called "leaders" gather together in Paris, France, to force the world into the swindle of fraud "carbon taxation" based on the falsehoods and lies of "Climate Change" aka.. "Global Warming".....

In spite of my own best efforts, and the multitude of others that have worked their asses off, in trying to awaken most suckers..err.. people to the fraud of Global Warming or as they call it now "Climate Change", most are just too brain dead and brainwashed now to the point that they are willing to agree to the newest "accords" that will be passed into law in Paris, and as a result will fleece everyone of their hard earned money in the form of the fraud called "carbon taxes"......

But I am also perturbed by the fact that the new incoming Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is just as big a fool as others and has been suckered or brainwashed into believing the fraud of Climate Change, and will put Canada's signature on these scam Carbon taxation accords!  It troubles me deeply that this government that was put into office basically to remove the last dictator, Stephen Harper, from power is so willing to sell out the Canadian people and is willing also to fleece the poor Canadian taxpayers of their hard earned income.... Honestly, is Justin Trudeau that stupid?  Or is he part of the Global control agenda?

I came across the following article that I definitely want to share with my own readers here... For according to this article, from the Windsor Star website, out of Windsor Ontario Canada, at, it appears that Stephen Harper himself while as Prime Minister failed to rein in the costly Science hoax of "Climate Change" by refusing to do anything to stop the fraud of "Carbon Taxation"!   This is a must read article by everyone, and I have it right here for all to see for themselves... I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Harper failed to rein in costly science hoax

Published on: October 29, 2015 | Last Updated: October 29, 2015 6:02 PM EDT

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper waves as he leaves the stage after addressing supporters at an election night gathering in Calgary, Alta., on Monday October 19, 2015. DARRYL DYCK / THE CANADIAN PRESS

By Tom Harris

Before first winning a minority government in 2006, then opposition leader Stephen Harper promised to get to the bottom of the climate file if he ever became prime minister. Neither he, nor most members of his party, believed that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from human activities were causing a climate crisis, let alone worth spending billions of dollars trying to reduce. Emission reduction regulations were not necessary, they said. They were right.

The Harper Conservatives vehemently opposed Prime Minster Paul Martin’s decision to add carbon dioxide (CO2) to the list of toxic substances in the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA). CO2 is not toxic and so should not be included in a list that includes mercury, lead, arsenic, sulfuric acid and PCBs, they said. They were right on that too.

In a 2002 fundraising letter, Harper called the United Nations climate process “a socialist scheme to suck money out of wealth-producing nations.” He couldn’t have put it better.

But, somewhere along the road to power, everything changed.

The Harper minority government not only left CO2 on the CEPA toxic substances list but used the listing as the legal foundation for costly and useless CO2 emission regulations.

Despite withdrawing from the Kyoto Protocol at the last possible moment in 2011, Harper supported UN negotiations to “stop dangerous climate change.” The Conservative government even made GHG reduction pledges Canada had no chance of keeping without ruining the country.

Harperites transferred billions of Canadian tax payer dollars to UN climate initiatives, $300 million to the Green Climate Fund alone earlier this year, for example. Like Mulroney, Chretien and Martin before him, Harper instructed his environment ministers to work with the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to create new agreements, despite the fact that no treaty based on the UNFCCC can work since it includes an out clause for developing nations, the source of most emissions.

Just like those he had criticized in opposition, Harper continued to support useless and potentially dangerous projects such as capturing and storing CO2 underground. And all government climate programs continued to focus only on possible warming impacts.

Even after securing a majority government, Conservative MPs who were skeptical of dangerous human-caused warming were forced to keep their opinions to themselves. Just as it had under the Chretien/Martin Liberals, Environment Canada continued to pound out hopelessly biased global warming propaganda.

So why did Harper embrace a process he so vehemently opposed while in opposition? The answer seems obvious: he and his advisors must have concluded that they had to play along with the climate scare until public opinion changed.

That was a mistake.

In a paper published in the journal Climatic Change, researchers at Drexel University, McGill University and Ohio State University showed that the stated positions of politicians and other elites in society is the major factor driving public opinion. The analysis, based on an examination of 74 separate surveys over a nine-year period, supported the 2009 conclusion of Harvard University’s Susan McDonald that “When elites have consensus, the public follows suit and the issue becomes mainstreamed.”

The Drexel/McGill/Ohio State study showed that, when U.S. Republicans worked with Democrats in support of the global warming hypothesis, the public was far more supportive of this position.

But, after the Republicans split with the Democrats on climate change in 2008, there was a sudden drop in number of people who “worried a great deal” about climate.

Public support for the costly and impossible objective of “stopping climate change” remains higher in Canada than in the U.S. largely because the issue has all party support here, while it is polarized in America.

Rather than leading Canada away from the most costly science hoax ever, Stephen Harper helped ensure it would continue. History may record this as his greatest failure.

Tom Harris is Executive Director of the Ottawa-based International Climate Science Coalition.

NTS Notes:  Yes, Stephen Harper could have ended the ensuing Carbon Taxation fraud on the Canadian people years ago because it seems his own people knew it was a hoax.. And again he did NOTHING to stop it....

I do wonder if the real truth is that Stephen Harper's controllers made him turn a blind eye to the fraud of Climate Change, because the real crooks behind the swindle and their controllers wanted to make sure that their slave nations imposed their criminal taxation on the nation's suckers.... If someone has another angle to this, I am all ears...

Lets face the facts again right here... There is NO man made "Global Warming" or "Climate Change" period... This planet that we all share goes through natural cycles of hot and cold climate that is driven entirely by the energy output of our Yellow Dwarf star, Sol (I have had many say that I should not call Sol a "Yellow Dwarf" star, but in all science writings, that is the primary term that is used...).... Sol is presently going through some changes and has actually had a diminishing amount of solar radiation output over the last few years... The result is less solar radiation hitting our planet, Earth, and naturally we will see a period of Global cooling.... But these cycles have been going on for billions of years, and sometime in the next few decades, Sol's output will increase again and our planet will warm again!  

The facts are again that it does not matter how much "greenhouse" gases we as human beings pour into our atmosphere... They have a negligible effect on our climate due to the fact that the primary source of our climate is Sol itself....

One other thing that I must repeat that I have said in so many previous articles.. Carbon Dioxide is absolutely NOT a "toxin" nor is it a so called "Greenhouse" gas, period.... I have challenged many over the years to show how CO2 that is actually a coolant has an adverse affect on our climate,when all indicators show clearly that CO2 levels have not ever had a direct effect on planetary warming...   The fact is that CO2 itself is a provider of life for the majority of organisms on our planet, our plant life, and under increasing CO2 levels in our atmosphere, plant life flourishes!

The bottom line is simple... Our nations' "leaders" are about to go to Paris next month and will put their signatures to accords that are all a FRAUD based on a massive hoax.... The scam artists behind this fraud are all going to be making out like bandits laughing all the way to the bank.....And in the case of Canada, our outgoing Conservative government had a chance to end this fraud on the Canadian people and did nothing to stop the scam...... Now the incoming Liberals are all aboard the scam bandwagon, and we as Canadians will pay for it dearly for years to come in the form of fraud "Carbon taxes"....

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Get Ready To Puke: Canada's Criminal Former Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, To Be Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize (!)

* I first want to thank everyone for their patience while I take care of my better half who has been suffering for the last 5 days from "Shingles"... I have had to take most of my time doing what is necessary to keep her comfortable while she recovers, and again it has taken priority and time away from my blogging and writing articles here... Thankfully she is now getting better....

A commentator sent me a most interesting link to an article that I definitely want to share with everyone here... Supposedly, according to the following report from the "Arutz Sheva" Israeli National News website, at, it appears that the Nobel group that gives out "peace prizes" is actually considering giving this year's "Nobel Peace Prize" to none other than... and hold off on barfing just yet... to none other than that ultra criminal former Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper!  First, here is that article here for all to read for yourselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Canada's PM to be Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

B’nai Brith Canada to nominate Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a staunch Israel supporter, for the Nobel Peace prize.

By Dalit Halevi and Elad Benari
First Publish: 9/1/2014, 3:44 AM

Canadian PM Harper in the Knesset
Canadian PM Harper in the Knesset

B’nai Brith Canada has announced that it will nominate Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, for the Nobel Peace prize.

In a statement released on Friday, B’nai Brith CEO Frank Dimant said that “with recent developments across the globe posing new and difficult challenges, only one leader, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, has maintained the moral clarity needed to face them.”

“Moral clarity has been lost across much of the world, with terror, hatred and anti-Semitism filling the void,” he said.

“Throughout, there has been one leader which has demonstrated international leadership and a clear understanding of the differences between those who would seek to do evil, and their victims. More than any other individual, he has consistently spoken out with resolve regarding the safety of people under threat — such as opposing Russian aggression and annexation of Ukrainian territory — and has worked to ensure that other world leaders truly understand threat of Islamic terrorism facing us today.”

Dimant continued, “In accordance with the rules of the Nobel Foundation it gives me great pleasure to nominate in my capacity as Professor of Modern Israel Studies at Canada Christian College, Prime Minister Stephen Harper for the Nobel Peace Prize in honor of the outstanding moral leadership he has demonstrated.”

Harper has been a staunch supporter of Israel and continued to stand up for the Jewish state during the last conflict in Gaza.

The Canadian leader called on Canada’s allies and partners to recognize that Hamas’s terrorist acts “are unacceptable and that solidarity with Israel is the best way of stopping the conflict.” He also blamed Hamas for the heavy loss of civilian life in Gaza during the fighting.

In January, Harper visited Israel for the first time since becoming Prime Minister. During the visit, he gave a speech in the Knesset and also showcased his musical talent during a special dinner with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

NTS Notes:  I had to go and definitely grab a barf bag when I started reading this horrific piece of garbage...

I for one cannot ever understand the Nobel commission and why they choose the most evil people possible for their "Peace Prize"?   Alfred Nobel must definitely be rolling over in his grave...

Lets face the facts... Canada under the former criminal PM, Harper, was a staunch supporter of the Apartheid and psychotic state of Israel and turned a blind eye to when the Israelis unleashed their army in their slaughter of Palestinians.. It was a clear statement to the entire world that Canada was nothing more than Israel's "poodle" when they refused to support any UN resolutions condemning Israel for their mass slaughter of Gaza civilians during Israel's attack on that open air prison camp called the Gaza Strip back in 2014.... 

Lets face the facts here.. Harper is absolutely not the right candidate for any "Peace Prize"... He is a criminal who supported slaughter of civilians and absolutely showed his love of Israel every chance he had... But we must all remember when the Nobel group selected that other ultra-criminal, Barry Soetoro (Barack Obama) for the same "Peace Prize" a few years back and he definitely has shown the world that he truly is a man of "peace"...

The bottom line is that this is only a "nomination" for the Nobel Peace Prize.... The real crime against humanity will be if Harper actually wins the award!

More to come


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Even More Proof That ISIS Is A Complete Fraud! ISIS Getting MORE Supply Drops From America

I for one am sick and tired of the constant media lies that constantly try to ram into everyone's brains the false hood that ISIS is still the main 'threat' to the entire world, and must "be stopped at all cost"... The American government has long been using their fraud creation "ISIS" to continue to promote their equally fraudulent "war on terror" and it is so amazing that most people still do not get it and actually believe that "terrorist" group is somehow real.....

With Russia's intervention into Syria over the last month, "ISIS" is now on the run... That CIA/Mossad fraud group cannot stand up to the firepower and aerial bombardment that the Russians are employing against their positions and many have now fled over the border into neighboring Iraq.... It is also a fact that the United States and Israel do not want their fraud to end due to their insane want to have Syria destroyed at all cost and to have Bashar al-Assad removed as Syria's President.....Therefore I can guarantee the Americans and Israelis are doing their worse to bolster their fraud terrorist group at all cost, even if it could lead to an escalation in the conflict....

A while back, I wrote an article showing clear evidence that the United States, Israel, and even that criminal  group called NATO, were air dropping supplies directly to their fraud "ISIS" terrorists and it was surprising that in spite of that clear evidence that exposed ISIS as a fraud and nothing more than American/Israeli operatives, most people still did not get the message.. Well... I came across the following video that I definitely want to share with my own readers here that shows again the fraud of ISIS in all its glory.... In this video, you will again see proof positive that the United States is in fact STILL supplying weapons and food directly to their ISIS forces..... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  With Russia now directly fighting and destroying ISIS in Syria, the Americans are now playing a most dangerous game with this resupplying of their fraud terrorist group, ISIS, and this could indeed lead to a direct US-Russia confrontation and possibly World War III....

There has been many articles that have come up recently that also show that the Americans are directly airdropping anti-tank and anti-aircraft munitions that will be used against Syrian tanks and Russian aircraft very soon..... Yes, the US is indeed pushing the envelope and when these weapons are used against Russian forces, there could indeed be hell to pay....

Honestly, I just do not get it with some people... I have constantly been stating to friends, associates, and colleagues that this "ISIS" is nothing more than a fraud and a massive swindle on the world to continue to both promote the fraud "war on terror" and to be used to have more innocent nations destroyed.. It is so shocking to see that so many people are so far gone and so gullible that they refuse to listen....  It seems that the only time they will all wake the hell up is when this war for Syria's destruction escalates and we are involved in a full Global war with billions of lives at stake....

More to come


The Honeymoon With Justin Trudeau Is Over: Justin Trudeau Shows WHO His Masters Are By Proclaiming He Has "Israel's Back"!

*First a quick note:  I have indeed been busy the last few days taking care of my better half due to her bout of "Shingles".... I am trying to post material here when I can, so please bear with me over the next while...

Yes, the Canadian people spoke last week Monday loud and clear that this once proud nation was due for a change and that the policies of fear mongering had to change for Canada to progress forward...

It was indeed a massive "swing to the center- left" as Canadians threw out the dictator Stephen Harper and his Conservative party cronies... The Liberal Party, under Justin Trudeau got a resounding majority, and many heralded this as the dawn of a new age and a new direction for Canada over all....  But from what I am seeing by Justin's stated policies, I am not so sure.....

First, I want to present here the following very important video that is absolutely troubling to me, and shows again that the Jewish control over Canada will absolutely not change even with the change over from dictator Stephen Harper to the new PM, Justin Trudeau... The video is entitled: "Justin Trudeau Has Israel's Back" and is a must see by everyone... I have more thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I honestly do wonder what Justin has been smoking when he claims that Canada and Israel share so much in common, and the Liberal party will "have Israel's back"?... It shows the he is either ignorant and blind to the criminality of that psycho state, or he is saying and doing as he is told by his Jewish masters.... I would suggest the latter....

Yes, it does appear that Canada will not change for the better overall with the Liberals now in power.. Jewish power does reign supreme in this nation, sadly, and Canada will continue to be one of that criminal psychotic state's staunchest "allies".....

There are of course other troubling issues with Justin, especially with his "Climate Change" policy and his willingness to go over to the Paris Conference on "Climate Change" coming up shortly and selling Canada down the river to the fraud of "Carbon Taxation"... The Canadian public will indeed be fleeced as a result...

And of course I and others here in Canada are still awaiting further details on Justin's moves on the criminal Trans Pacific Partnership deal that was of course signed in "secrecy" by the former Conservative regime... It does appear that Justin is also ready to sell out the Canadian people to huge corporate control and deprive us of our personal rights and freedoms all for these corporate monsters....

As a Canadian, I had hoped that there might be a chance that with the removal of Harper, that Canada may take a step in the right direction but it appears that with Trudeau, we are about to get what many are calling "Harper lite" in control of this once free nation....

Yes, the Honeymoon is indeed over in Canada, and the Jews remain in control of this once free nation.... It will indeed be interesting to see what happens over the next while, and I will try to keep up with the real facts and let everyone know here.. Stay tuned..

More to come


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, October 25th, 2015


Sunday again... And of course here comes my usual weekly rant...

It has been a most hectic week here, and with so many projects on the go and work related issues, by yesterday I was truly an exhausted individual... But to top it all off, my better half came down with a severe cold over the last few days, and suddenly on Friday she broke out in a severe rash on her legs that was so painful and full of blistering that I had no choice, in spite of her stubbornness, to take her to a local doctor to have it checked out....Lo and behold, it was a case of "Shingles"...

For those that are unaware of what "Shingles" is, it is basically the Chicken Pox virus that is dormant in most of our bodies, suddenly becoming active and attacking the body again...  It has been long claimed that "Shingles" can attack the nervous system and has been linked to not only the horrific blistering on the body, but can lead to long term physical as well as neurological damage to the body as well.... Luckily her "Shingles" turned out to be a mild form of the disease, and basically she was told to be off her feet for the next week to allow the disease to run its course....So, since yesterday I have been a nurse maid to the woman who has put up with me for the last two decades at least....

But of course while I was waiting in the doctor's office for my better half to be diagnosed, I could not help but notice not only all the sick people in the waiting area coughing and hacking, but the posters everywhere stating that it was "Flu season" and of course "suggesting" that everyone go out and get their "flu shot".... It is to me so ridiculous that so many have fallen for this lie and again as I have said in so many previous articles.. FLU SHOTS ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WORK!

It is a known fact, and anyone can take the time to do their own research, that vaccines absolutely do not work and worse, they actually weaken the body's own immune system... It must again be noted that the chemicals in "vaccines" do damage to our bodies, including Mercury in the form of Thimerasol that attacks our nervous systems... Therefore what we have are chemicals that are made by Pharmaceutical giants for profit that not only do not work, but weaken our body's natural ability to fight off diseases....

It was indeed so amazing as I stood in the line at the Pharmacy for some medication to help alleviate my better half's painful experience with Shingles that I could not help but look over at the people that stood in line like brain dead sheep for their 'flu shots'..... Honestly, I have tried in the past, and there are many articles at this blog that talk about my exploits and what happened to me as a result, in trying to stop people from subjecting themselves to the hell of vaccines.... But again, now that I know that many cannot be reached and are too far gone, I sadly have had to turn my back on these people and have stopped trying to save them....

Yes, Canada has a new Prime Minister in Justin Trudeau, and from what I have read about him and his platform, Canada will indeed be much better off than what we had with that dictator Stephen Harper in control, but honestly just barely.... There are some policies that Justin supports that to me boggles the mind, including his support of the "Climate Change" issue and his wanting to have Canada sign off on the upcoming Paris accords on "Climate Change" that will see the imposition of Carbon taxation on the already taxed to death Canuckleheads here.....Yes, it appears that Justin has indeed "swallowed the kool-aid" on the fraud of Climate Change which indicates that he has either not studied the real science and facts behind the fraud, or he is indeed under the control of the criminals that are behind the agenda....

Several people mentioned last week that I missed Justin's position on the legalization of Marijuana in this country... I honestly do not see this as either good or bad simply because I have been a firm believer that the present laws that make Marijuana illegal in this nation are a joke... Marijuana as far as I am concerned should be both legalized and controlled much along the same guidelines that alcohol is in this nation... Marijuana should also be promoted for its usefulness in fighting diseases such as Cancer as well.... Therefore for Justin Trudeau to legalize Marijuana in Canada is a step forward.....

Criticism has indeed been coming my way as per my article stating that we should still be weary of Vladimir Putin and his real intentions as it pertains to Russia's involvement in the Middle East... I again must point out that the Jews never left Russia and are indeed still very much in control of the Russian Federation, including its entire political spectrum as well as Russia's monetary system... Therefore the Jews are still the real king makers in the Russian Federation, and if Putin ever stepped out of line from their control, they would indeed have someone put a bullet into his head and put another one of their puppets in control....

One thing that has bugged me about the Syrian situation and Putin is of course his constant meetings with Israeli representatives that we have seen in Moscow over the last few weeks as well as his direct meetings with that nut job, Netanyahu, last month... Few details have come out about what resulted in those consultations, and many have said that Putin told Netanyahu to basically "take a hike".. But to me if these talks were about coordination in terms of Syria and what  Russia was to do with their involvement in striking "ISIS" then some must again wonder exactly what Russia's true intentions are pertaining to their involvement in Syria?...As my article last week stated, are we being played as fools as part of a sick twisted game?

But in terms of what we are witnessing in Syria right now, I would say that the  Russians have indeed exposed the fraud of "ISIS" to the whole world as being nothing more than a massive hoax and an American/ Israeli propaganda device of "fear".... The Russian air strikes have been so effective that even now the American public are finally awakening and asking the big question: "If the Russians are so effective today in destroying ISIS, then what the hell have the American "air strikes" been hitting for the last year at least?".....The answer is so obvious: American airstrikes have all been targeted at Syrian forces in SUPPORT of ISIS!

Yes, the news out of Syria becomes better every day as we see the good guys, the Syrian army, rapidly retake large areas of Syria away from the ISIS and other so called "moderate rebel" frauds.  It is therefore only a matter of time now before the ISIS fraud is finally wiped out in Syria, and it is no wonder that the American regime is searching for something, anything, to slow down the Russian steam roller... This is why the sick and twisted American pentagon thinkers are actually contemplating not only trying to impose a "no fly zone" again over Syria (good luck to that one), or even openly fully arming the so called "evil" ISIS "terrorists"(watch their spin doctors explain that one to the American people..)...It is indeed a sick game that the Americans are playing, and they will either lose or escalate the conflict into a full blown war against the Russian Federation itself....

Yes, Benyamin Miliewkosky aka "Netanyahu" showed his true insanity last week by trying to suddenly become a history 'revisionist' and yet failed so miserably and laughingly... It is so remarkable that few Jew spew media outlets in both here in Canuckleheadistan as well as the formerly free United States even broadcasted his insane rant where he claimed that the Palestinians caused the Jews most holy "Holocaust" of World War II.   But we all should know by now that this lunatic is desperate in trying to find any excuse possible and seemingly "plausible" for his psycho nation to wage an all out war on the Palestinians...  Yes, these morons actually do think that by turning all of their lies of history upside down, they can now have their excuse to slaughter thousands and wipe out an entire people.......Netanyahu being the huckster and formerly failed used furniture salesman has instead finally opened peoples' eyes to the lies of our history and many should rightfully now re-examine the so called "holocaust" itself... I can guarantee that there would indeed be hell to pay once the real facts behind the "holocaust" are revealed....

With all the news that came out last week that did so much damage to the tribal Chosenites and their fraud media, it is no wonder that they were looking for something to divert their slave nations' attention somewhere else... And lo and behold, we have this so called "deadly" hurricane "Patricia" that suddenly went from a category 2 tropical depression and small storm to a "super hurricane" in the period of just two days... And of course it was making a bee line to a heavily populated area of Mexico along the Pacific coast as well..... But what happened after all the media hype about this 'super storm'?  NOTHING!  The expected multi thousands of deaths that should have occurred from this "biggest hurricane ever" did not occur, and in spite of the usual reports of "devastation" and pictures that do show some damage, something is definitely amiss....I wonder if it was indeed a massive fraud on our minds?

One major issue that I found puzzling was the reports of the hurricane's wind speed and how there was such a wide variation in reports such as some coming out while the storm was heading towards Mexico claiming 320+ kph winds...But when the storm actually made landfall, there were reports of wind speeds of 220-250kph or even lower... If this was the "storm of the century" the winds should have been very much higher and the entire Mexican coast should have been wiped out. And yet the pictures show in spite of the pronounced devastation so many trees and buildings standing in the hurricane's path?   It seems to me that the media was purposely making this storm much worse than it actually was, and people should be asking themselves why?

Lets face the facts.. The last few years have seen hurricanes in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans actually being much smaller than anticipated.  This flies in the face of the "global warming" and "climate change" kooks out there that have long claimed that the warming of the planet would indeed cause hurricanes to be more "intense"... But all the evidence is showing that due to the planet cooling, tropical storms would indeed diminish in strength and we are seeing the evidence clearly with smaller and weaker hurricanes..... I therefore makes sense to me that for these scam artists and our governments behind the scam to keep their fraud Climate Change agenda alive, they required a "super storm" to take place to sell the lie to the public and with the fraud Paris conference coming next month, where they are trying to sign off on Climate Change huckster accords, they had to act fast.. Therefore they selected this storm "Patricia" to be their con, and they worked their magic through their control over media and government to sell it as a "super storm" when it was in fact absolutely not.... And yes, so many people have been played as suckers and the proof is from what we have just witnessed from the non-existent "destruction" from this 'super storm'.... Hey, I am stating facts here, and if people do not like it, then do your own fact checking about what really happened with "Patricia" and get back to me....

OK, I usually have left my thoughts about that super treasonous murderous criminal Jewess Hillary Rodham Bligh (Clinton) until my last minute tidbits, but I honestly have to ask if the American public has lost their insanity and is actually going to allow this freak of nature to run for President on the "Democratic ticket"?   I have been reading and watching all the real reports of this treasonous witch's involvement in the Benghazi fiasco from years ago and how she has been lying about her trail of murders during not only her time as the first lady in the White House, but even her murderous campaigns during her time as Secretary of State... Honestly, if the American people simply are that stupid and will allow this murderous criminal who sold out her own nation so many times to be selected as their next President, then there is absolutely no hope for the American republic.... But it does appear that the Jewish controllers have indeed selected Hillary as their next puppet in charge, and it does not bode well for America as a whole...

And one last thing before I get onto my "last minute tidbits"... I am sick and tired of the lies that have been constantly coming out about this "refugee crisis" as the media spews that is happening right now in Europe.. I again and again must point out that many of these "refugees" are absolutely NOT refugees at all, but are migrant workers from Africa who have been actually PAID ( I again smell George Soros as the rat behind this scheme) to board boats off the coast of Africa and have been flooding into southern European ports and then have made their way into many central European nations including Germany... Yes it is to me a diabolical plan (now again who would gain by destroying Europe and many of its nation's borders?) by the glorious tribe to destroy national sovereignty right across Europe to make way for their much long planned "One regional government".... It also is indeed a horrendous plan to destroy the one force and race of people that has long been against Jewish domination, which is of course the Caucasians.....The proof is so simple when everyone examines the make up of these so called "refugees" and discovers the majority are absolutely not from Syria itself (most are black) and the recent fact that most of the real Syrian refugees are right now ready to go home to Syria itself now that the Syrians are winning back their country.....The bottom line is this European 'refugee crisis' is a farce and a massive lie......If immigrants want to come to any country, then they should do it by the legal methods and not ever claim falsely to be "refugees"......

OK, After I have pissed off a lot of people to this point, onto my last minute tidbits... As expected the American Jew spew media is trying to sell the gullible people on the lie that Donald Trump has now 'lost' his lead in the "polls" for the Republican nomination.  Yes, the facts are of course otherwise and Donald is still firmly in the lead for nomination, but I must point out that even if Trump gets the nomination, he is still in bed with his Jewish controllers that guide his every step..........A quiet week in America with no new "shootings" to report here.  But they are of course coming, and as I have long said they will continue  until people wake the fuck up and put an end to these criminals and their push  for American gun control.......OK, why are economists stating that America and the entire world is now on the road to "recovery"?  I wonder what these guys do drink or smoke?  The facts are again that our economies are failing and it is only a matter of time before the Jewish swindlers behind the whole mess finally allow it to collapse.  Hopefully most everyone has done a bit of preparation for when that happens. Hopefully.......Has anyone else noticed how quickly the Jew spew media reports on blaming Russia for the MH17=MH370 fiasco disappeared? Yes, people do have very short attention spans.  But fear not, for the misfits that make up the US government think tanks, and the liars in our media, will think of something to try to make Russia into our "enemy" and again try to sell it on the gullible people out there.......Yes, the Trudeau government here in Canada is wanting to pull out of the Lougheed Martin F35 fiasco deal that would bleed Canada to death and give us about 65 flying pieces of junk in return.  Canada does need a replacement fighter for their aging F18 fleet, but anything is better than the F35 flying lemons.  I see that Russia has some fabulous Su35 fighters for sale at a bargain price compared to the F35, so why not??........Yes, Russia is doing such a fine job in Syria in destroying the ISIS fraud there, that Iraq is requesting Russia's help in destroying the ISIS problem there. And notice how the American government is having such a temper tantrum over Iraq wanting Russia's help that they are now wanting to go back into Iraq themselves to try to prevent Russia helping the Iraqi people from the mess they created?   Yes, America  has created such a mess that they are acting out of pure desperation (and insanity) now....... I am still waiting for a message from Whitewraithe as to when she wants to talk to me, and is up to restarting Turbulent Times.   Patience everyone for again I have left it up to her to contact me when she is feeling better and ready to talk......Great news! Arsenal is at the top of the table in the BPL right now.   Good news for Gunner fans indeed.  But of course the games against their major headache and adversary, the Manchester City Citizens, are still to come........I may have to spend a little less time this week writing articles here at this blog due to my having to take care of my better half while she recovers from 'Shingles'.   I will do my best to continue to write and post when I can, so bear with me........ And finally, my look as usual at the fabulous American family of trolls, trollops, skanks, and misfits, the fabulous Kardashians.   Yes, my favourite target, Kim, just turned 35 last week, and of course the paparazzi are talking about how great she looks.  Hey, if any woman spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgery and put on pounds of makeup then they too could look like a brain dead Jew-lywood skank.  Honestly, I continue to be amazed as to why the American people actually put up with these idiots.  Yes, while the world goes to heck and America sinks, the American public continue to love their Kardashians...

More to come


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fabulous Article By Gilad Atzmon: Hot Off The Press: Netanyahu Is A History Revisionist!

There have been so many that have constantly called me an "antisemite"and one that hates all Jews.. I have to periodically remind these fools and definite Hasbara/JIDF agents that I absolutely do not hate all Jews for the simple fact that there are those within the Jewish community that see the evil ways of their fellow "tribe" members and are fighting along side those who I call the real "truth movement" in having that evil exposed for the whole world to see... Many of these individuals are of course called "self hating Jews" but to me, they are welcomed as allies....

One person in particular that I have great respect for in his fight to expose the evil ways of his fellow tribe members is of course Gilad Atzmon, who is a fine Jazz musician and has authored so many fabulous pieces of literature about the truths about Judaism and Israel's theft of Palestine... One book that comes to mind is of course "The Wondering Who" which can be read over at Gilad's website at

But for right now, I want to turn everyone's attention over to a new article that Gilad just released yesterday that takes a close look at the insane speech that the lunatic Benyamin Milewkosky (Netanyahu) gave the other day where he is claiming (and very falsely of course) that the Jewish "holocaust" of World War II was somehow orchestrated by and the responsibility of the Palestinians!   Here is Gilad's article, entitled: "Hot Off The Press, Netanyahu Is A History Revisionist" for everyone to see for themselves right here... I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Hot off the Press; Netanyahu Is a History Revisionist

By Gilad Atzmon 

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has attracted criticism for an incendiary speech in which he accused the Palestinian grand mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, of “inspiring the Holocaust”. Critics accuse Netanyahu of trivialising the Holocaust by attributing the impetus for Hitler’s plan to exterminate the Jews of Europe to the grand mufti.

In his speech Netanyahu described a meeting between Haj Amin al-Husseini and Hitler in November 1941. “Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews at the time, he wanted to expel the Jews. And Haj Amin al-Husseini went to Hitler and said: ‘If you expel them, they’ll all come here [to Palestine].’” According to Netanyahu, Hitler then asked: “What should I do with them?” and the mufti replied: “Burn them.” Netanyahu chose not to reveal how he had uncovered the transcript of the conversation.

This shift in Israeli historical perspective, illuminated by Netanyahu, is timely and welcome. In recent days it has become clear that Palestine is not willing to accept the Zionist presence on its land any longer and this feeling is more than understandable. Time is overdue for the Jews to move on and invent a new phantasmic promised land.  Germany is obviously the ideal candidate. Angela Merkel loves immigration and she is probably willing to take a few million Israeli humus eaters to balance the victims of Ziocon wars who are fleeing into her Germanic haven.

Berlin has recently become the new Jerusalem for the Israelis. Thousand of young Israelis have moved to Berlin in recent years in a migration wave that in Hebrew is called, ‘Olim le-Berlin’ (Ascending to Berlin).

Yesterday PM Netanyahu joined the call of the Israeli youth, and he has finally vindicated Hitler and the Germans. It seems that actually it is the Palestinians who should be blamed for the Shoah. In the Hebraic sphere they like to keep the equation simple – the eternal victim (the Jew) is the constant factor, the anti-Semite is the variable element. The anti Semite keeps changing, it never stops changing.

 Some boring Israeli historians are not yet willing to follow Netanyahu’s revisionist shift. They still insist that maintaining German guilt is essential. Professor Dan Michman, head of the Institute of Holocaust Research at Bar-Ilan University said, “while Hitler did indeed meet the mufti this happened after the Final Solution began.” I am always confused by Jewish scholarship and the way Jewish scholars fiddle with facts to make them fit ever-changing Jewish interests. According to the Zionist Holocaust religion, the “Final solution” was first established in the Wannsee Conference in January 1942. But Hitler met the Mufti in November 1941.

Alternatively, try to follow to the depth of Israeli scholarship. Professor Dina Porat, told the Israeli news website Ynet, that Netanyahu’s claims were “incorrect”.  Her profound argument:  “You cannot say that it was the mufti who gave Hitler the idea to kill or burn Jews. It’s not true. Their meeting occurred after a series of events that point to this.” As I pointed out in ‘The Wandering Who?’, there is no such a thing as Jewish history. Instead its history is the institutional concealment of Jewish shame that results in an unabashed, inconsistent, kosher zigzag.

MK Itzik Shmuli called on Netanyahu to apologise to Holocaust victims.  “This is a great shame, a prime minister of the Jewish state at the service of Holocaust deniers.” Thankfully we now posses a very effective litmus tests for Holocaust deniers. If Netanyahu is the Holocaust denier that MK Shmuli suggests, he will soon express his support for Jeremy Corbyn and our revolutionary Labour party. I am not actually holding my breath.

Update:  Reuters agency reported  today that  the German government has refused to share the responsibility for the Shoah with the Palestinians or anyone else. "Responsibility for the Holocaust lay with the Germans," insisted Angela Merkel's spokesman Steffen Seibert. His message was clear-  the Holocaust is ours and no one will take it from us, not even Bibi. 

NTS Notes:  Lets get the facts straight right here on the sick game that Israeli freak of nature is now pulling... With the rise of the Palestinians against their brutal Israeli control in what is being called the "Third Intifada", it seems that old and insane Benyamin is trying to "change" history to try to fool the planet into the belief that the Palestinians were somehow responsible for the "holocaust".. In doing so, he is somehow and insanely hoping that the world will now support Israel in their planned genocide of the Palestinians under the false pretense that it is "revenge" for the Palestinians "ordering" the "Holocaust"!  Insanity is putting it mildly...

But of course the news over the last few days is showing that this act of lunacy on the part of the Israelis is backfiring in their faces... And rightfully so.. For it is and definitely should open up all research and investigation into that part of our history that has been so brutally suppressed.. Once the floodgates are opened, and the world finds out that the "Holocaust" was definitely not as it seems, there should rightfully be hell to pay for the criminal state of Israel itself....

It is also a sad statement when Germany, that has been so beaten down and brainwashed into the feeling of "guilt" for that period of unproven history, has come out just yesterday and is saying that the "holocaust" is theirs and theirs alone... Pathetic is putting it mildly....

Yes, as Gilad is pointing out, Nutty Yahoo is now a "history revisionist" and is trying to change the so called "history" on the fly... But all he has done is open the flood gates to full investigation, and again I do hope the real truths about that part of our "history" comes to light, especially in this nation of Canada where "investigating" or "researching" the so called "holocaust" will get people nothing more than jail time!

And one other note:  Here is another bombshell Gilad article that shows the exact transcript of that meeting between the Grand Mufti and Adolf Hitler back in November 1941... Take the time to read it and tell me where it even implies that the Mufti or Hitler said that the Jews were to be "burned" as Nutty Yahoo claims!
Here is the link to Gilad's article about that meeting:

There should be no doubt in anyone's minds any more... Besides the fact that Netanyahu is clearly insane, he is one lousy and very laughable "history revisionist"....

More to come


The Ridiculous Ottawa "Shooting" Was Exactly One Year Ago Today: The Ottawa "Shooting" Revisited

Yes, today October 22nd 2015 marks one full year since that absolutely ridiculous and very much laughable fraud "shooting" incident that occurred on Parliament Hill in Ottawa Ontario Canada.... And it still surprises me to this day how truly gullible the average Canadian knucklehead still thinks it was real!   Even the average layman can analyze the information about what occurred one year ago and easily conclude within minutes that it was indeed a massive fraud and a hoax on the gullible Canadian people....

To help explain in full detail what actually happened one year ago, I want to present the following article that comes from another real truth seeking website, Crimes Of Empire, at The article is entitled:"The Ottawa "Shooting"  Revisited" and is a must read by everyone... It definitely blows holes in this ridiculous false flag attack on Canadians..... I have that article right here in its entirety, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

The Ottawa “Shooting” Revisited.

Hero of the Day! kevin Vickers returns to Parliament  
Crowning moment! Hero of the Day! Kevin Vickers returns to Parliament to an adoring reception the day after the Ottawa psy- op.
October 22nd, 2015.

The Ottawa Psyop was one year ago.

The Ottawa shooting incident of a year ago was one of the more ridiculous and easily unmasked faux events of recent times.

The hoax was conducted in a very audacious manner and there are numerous facts that completely exclude the possibility of the event being authentic.

They never even TRIED to explain the waitig media.
They never even TRIED to explain the waitig media.
Fact. 1. The Media contingent in the centre block waiting for the incident to happen.
When the supposed terrorist ran into the centre block of the Ottawa Parliament having supposedly already gunned down a ceremonial soldier at the Ottawa monument, a large contingent of the Canadian media were present in the Centre block, perfectly placed to record the fake gun battle that marked the denouement of the event.

There is no reasonable explanation for the presence of the Canadian media in the centre block other than that they were there to play their role in the psyop. There was no reason ever provided for their presence there for obvious reasons.

Fact. 2. The Scene at the Monument was clearly fake.

SMOKING GUN: Fake CPR!!! Ottawa Shooting Hoax Officially BLOWN WIDE OPEN!

The scene at the monument where the ceremonial soldier Nathan Cirillo was suppposedly killed was also ridiculous, the scene was obviously staged and controlled scen with Canadian security forces preventing anyone coming close enough to the scene to realise it was a fraud.

The thing that made it really obvious was the CPR conducted by bystanders on the supposedly wounded soldier. Close scrutiny of the CPR made it clear that the CPR was fake, the compressions were being done for a theatrical purpose alone, the hands were not even placed on the chest of the soldier as they delivered the compressions.

So there were right from the start serious problems with both elements of the event.

Ottawa Shooting was a Staged Event – False Flag/Hoax – Get Informed Canada!!!

Fact 3. The narrative of the centre block attack is farcical.

The only good part of the Ottawa incident was the hilarious ceremony in the Canadian parliament the following day weere the faux hero of the incident, Parliamentary Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers who had been laughably fictionalised as the action hero who leaped athletically through the air, spun and shot the “terrorist” ending the crisis.

Even this did not fit at all with the event the media recorded in the centre block but they recorded an immense avalanche of gunfire that the Canadian police supposedly delivered into the dead body of the terrorist.

The idea that the Canadian police are so childish and stupid that they come upon a dead body and fill it full of lead “just to make sure” w as another obvious sign that this was a laughable psy-op.

Fact 4. CBC liars destroyed the centre block story further.

CBC, the Canadian state broadcaster, was front and centre right throughout the hoax, as questions emerged about the incident the media tried to iron ot some of the wrinkles.

Evan Solomon of CBC broadcast from the centre block of the parliament, during his broadcast Evan Solomon pointed at a number of indentations in the wall where the supposed terrorist was supposedly killed by the heroic Kevin Vickers.

Unfortunately for Evan Solomon and the other professional liars and con artists of CBC one diligent researcher checked the centre block area on a Google world view of the parliament recorded several years earlier.

The researcher discovered that the “bullet holes” identified by Evan Solomon on the CBC news had existed years before hand and the indentations were the result of the removal of hooks used to mount pictures on the wall.

OTTAWA HOAX BUSTED!! 9 Bullet Holes a LIE!

Every element of the event that was able to be scrutinised was clearly fraudulent. There were no elements of the event that rang true in the slightest.

Every known fact about the Ottawa event points to a psy op and none point to an authentic terror attack.

The identity of the attacker, the choices of target, the way the attack was conducted, the weapons used, the hero, all of it was just silly.

At the time of the attack the Canadian Government led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper was trying to push through new “anti-terror” laws that would increase the power of the state at the expense of the citizens.

Following the Ottawa incident the bill sailed through the Canadian Parliament and hero Kevin Vickers adjourned to Israel where he was feted.

The despicable nature of the Harper government and the manipulative nature of their supposed anti-terror efforts was made crystal clear several months after Ottawa when an intelligence agent the Turkish government said was from Canadian intelligence . The man was arrested after having assisted several teenage British girls to travel to Syria and Iraq.

BUSTED! Canada Supports the “Islamic State” | Crimes of Empire

Will the new Canadian government differ in substance as well as style?

The Harper Government was soundly defeated in the Canadian Federal election this week.

The new Canadian Government has announced the end of Canada’s involvement in the US led fake anti ISIL operation in Iraq and Syria.

Until they begin to dismantle some of the legal infrastructure implemented by the foul and wicked Harper government and tell the truth about some of these phony events it should be assumed that the new Government is simply a less offensive and openly wicked incarnation of the same franchisee.

I wrote two pieces about this, the lesser is in the link and the better one is reprinted below.

Ottawa Shooting Narrative Completely Unravels | Crimes of Empire

Ottawa Shooting Locations-before they scrubbed the story.
Ottawa Shooting Locations-before they scrubbed the story.
Ottawa Shootings: the New World Order Lie Machine Comes to Canada
Saturday October 25th, 2014.

The Official Story
We are told that on Wednesday October 22nd, a disenchanted Muslim convert with a history of petty criminality launched a “lone wolf” terrorist attack on the Canadian capital Ottawa.

The man named as Michael Zehaf Bibeau is said to have begun by attacking a soldier named Corporal Nathan Cirillo who was on sentry duty at the Ottawa cenotaph (National War Memorial). The attacker is supposed to have shot Corporal Cirillo at least twice, (Barbera Winters states that two people were compressing one wound each) ) using a 30-30 Winchester Rifle before returning to his car, driving towards the Parliament nearby.  Zehaf-Bibeau then abandoned his car, ran up to another vehicle and seized this vehicle which he drove close to the Parliament, excited car number 2, ran into the Middle Section of the Parliament building, apparently pausing to shoot a security guard in the foot, where the Sergeant at Arms and former Parliamentary Security Chief Kevin Vickers shot him to death.

The incident came only two days after another incident involving Canadian soldiers and a purported jihadist terrorist. On Monday, another Muslim convert was killed by police after supposedly attacking two soldiers with a motor vehicle killing one of them.

A Motive Rich Environment.
When Parliament resumed on Thursday the newly minted “hero” Kevin Vickers and the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper were greeted with a rapturous response.

These incidents mark the first acts of violence attributed to supposed “Islamic extremists” in Canadian history, although the police have apparently disrupted earlier jihadist plots, with the “Toronto 18” plot of 2006 the most obvious example

The attacks came at an interesting time in Canadian politics, with n small contingent recently sent to attack the IS group in Iraq and the Parliament preparing to debate new “Security” legislation that would grant unprecedented powers to Canadian Law Enforcement and Security agencies.

The Pattern is Well Established.

All the supposed “Islamic terror” attacks in the West were either conducted entirely by Western Intelligence (September 11 and the London bombings) or with their complicity and augmentation. (World Trade Centre 1993, Oklahoma City, Bali 2002) To see an “authentic” terror attack in the West would be a radical break from the recent historical pattern of anti Western terrorism in the West.

Whilst at face value the Ottawa shooting story may seem relatively plausible, given that the self-starting “lone wolf” terrorist only managed to kill one person, the fact is that each and every terror attack conducted under the banner of the supposed “Islamic Jihad” has been conducted under the supervision of Western intelligence agencies. This includes massive attacks such as the September 11th event, conducted entirely by Westerners, to petty events such as the failed “crotch bomber’ and the “Times Square bomber” who simply placed flammable items into a car and set them alight.

The fact that the event in Ottawa did not cause mass casualties therefore does not indicate it’s authenticity as a real terrorist attack conducted by a real terrorist.

Scrutiny of the footage and a critical examination of the media coverage of the Ottawa event indicate that the Ottawa shooting incident was a manufactured event, a psychological operation conducted against the people of Canada against the west, a classic utilisation of the “Problem, reaction Solution” formula designed to achieve the goals of the Canadian political elite and their New World Order handlers at the expense of the truth and the freedom of the Canadian people.

There appears to be a high likelihood that the Ottawa event is another from the Boston, sandy Hook school of false flags, where the entire event is concocted. I am extremely confident that the “terrorist” did not murder Corporal Nathan Cirillo, that was a lie. It does remain possible that the killing of the “terrorist/patsy” was authentic.

If we look back at the Boston bombing hoax, there was one very real element of the violence, the violence the State meted out against the supposed perpetrators was very real. Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was alive and in custody and the police really murdered him. An eyewitness stated that the police drove repeatedly over the elder Tsarnaev’s body, The deaths of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his friend Ibragim Todashev (shot to death in FBI custody no less) are both very real as indicated by the photos of their corpses. The Ottawa incident may have ended in the death of Mr. Bibeau Zehaf, it did not begin with the shooting of Corporal Cirillo, that was faked. This is obviously an event entirely stage-managed and controlled by the Canadian Security Services and their Law Enforcement colleagues before a pre-positioned and waiting media.

The Problem with the Gunman Mr. Zehaf-Bibeau.
There is a welter of footage that depicts Mr. Bibeau, we see him return to his vehicle after the supposed “Cenotaph attack” on Corporal Cirillo. We see him leave his car and run across towards the Parliament. We see him park this car and run into the Parliament building. We do not see him fire his weapon, nor do we even see him brandish it in a threatening way. We see a guy running round with a gun. He doesn’t carry the gun with any intent and he does not fire it.

We are told the gunman is a terrorist engaged in a suicidal mission. This is one, only and final chance to “even the score with the infidel” Yet he apparently makes no attempt to attack the second soldier stationed at the Cenotaph. Indeed we know that the ceremonial soldiers deployed at the Cenotaph were in pairs.

Yet we have never heard a word about the other soldier stationed there. His identity, response and how he avoided the terrorist gunman all remain oblique. There is no photograph that even shows another soldier on the scene, and the “suicidal gunman’s” failure to target the other soldier makes no sense at all.
The Corporal Nathan Cirillo killing scene, please note the police tape has been put up and the complete lack of blood.

The Killing of Corporal Cirillo appears to be a work of fiction.

The first thing that I would like to know is whereabouts in his body Corporal Cirillo was shot? The individual who performed mouth to mouth resuscitation upon him Lawyer Barbera Winters claimed he was shot twice.

I cannot see any evidence that he was shot at all, and much that should be there is not.

Please note the pristine white glove.
He was shot and he died. Therefore, he must have either been shot in the head or torso, or bled to death. Blood-loss is the only viable cause of death of being shot in the leg, right? The legs are not essential to human survival like the brain or the heart.

Please note the pristine white gloves and the complete lack of blood.

It is clear that Corporal Cirillo was not shot in the head. It is also hard to see any signs of a wound to his torso and all in all, the pristine white state of his gloves indicates he was not shot in the torso and tells us that this event was manufactured by the team from Lies central whoever they may be.

Attack Conforms to Scenario Envisaged by Security Forces.

This is Boston redux in Canada, and the Quebec incident must come under severe skepticism also. Especially given the fact that a CBC Senior Correspondent

Adrienne Arsenault tells us (via Aangirfan) that the Canadian Security Services recently ran a “war game scenario” that involved an initial attack in Quebec followed two days later by an incident elsewhere in Canada.
Please remember that this is a nation with no history whatsoever of jihadist terrorism and suddenly we have two attacks that conform to a script that was part of a “war game” to “test:” the capabilities of the Security Services just as the Government is about to bring new Security Laws granting unprecedented powers to the same Security Services before the Parliament.. How absolutely extraordinary. How farcical. Oh and it all happened just as they upped the “terror threat level” from low to moderate.

Another odd thing about the “terrorist killer’ on a suicide mission was that he made no attempt to fire upon or harm any of the civilians he encountered. This is odd but could be reasoned away. (He had decided only to attack Security forces).

But if we accept that, what are we to make of the fact that when attempting to enter the Middle Section of the Parliament building, the supposed terrorist killer on a suicide mission was confronted by a Security guard, whom he supposedly shot in the foot.

That all pales somewhat into insignificance when we look at the two films shot by the Canadian media from the final incident in the Middle Section that saw the death of the purported gunman.

The gunman commandeers a vehicle, (careful not to harm the occupant) drives the vehicle to the Parliament complex. He is being closely pursued by Police

The gunman enters the Centre block of Parliament pursued by Police. The incident is just developing and has been ongoing for no more than several minutes. So it seems more than a little odd that the Canadian media were assembled in the Centre Block, they were there before the Police arrived. Multiple camera crews.

The first police arrive at the Centre block Hallway under the eyes of a waiting and pre-positioned media scrum.

These are the first police to arrive in the Centre block in pursuit of the Gunman, yet the media team were already there in numbers. Not only the camera filming what we see, but several others.

News teams were lined up in the alcoves waiting for the event to take place.

The police arriving, the media waiting. Hmm.
The police arriving, the media waiting. Hmm.
Waiting Media are clearly visible.

How on earth is it possible that this unprecedented event suddenly occurred and at least three media teams were waiting in exactly the right place to film the climax of the operation and they arrived before the police. It almost seems intentionally insulting the way they do things. It was also interesting that during this video.

Ottawa Shooting_ New Footage of Gun Fight:

at the 32 second mark one of the waiting media personnel appears to mutter “this is fake”. The media are in place for more than a minute before the police even arrive.

It;s transparent nonsense. The latest installment of grotesque street theatre from the men and woman of the House of Big Lies.

The Corporal appears not to have been murdered at the Cenotaph, whether the gunman himself died is completely unclear. He may well have been genuinely killed, he may well have not been killed.

What we have seen is clearly simply a large-scale complex drill parlayed into a big lie Psyop.

If the details of the drill are uncovered I am confident that they will show that the scenario involved a shooter in the parliament, the Cenotaph killing, along with a mall incident (apparently abandoned mid-operation) and a sniper perched on a high-rise building. The scenario may also have included a gunman inside the Post Office as a member of the Military police was televised dragging a “suspect” from the Post Office after it was evacuated.

As far as the Rideau Centre Mall. I have a serving member of the Ottawa police force on CNN stating that there was an incident there, he offers solid and total confirmation, but states that there were no injuries. So what happened there and why has it been completely edited out ever since.

Constable Mark Susse”(spelt phonetically his name is spoken not spelled by CNN) “We have had three shootings.. one near the Rideau Centre.. We can confirm that there were three shooting was hurt. “

I would suggest that the correct response to this rather despicable little Psy op would be for the people of Canada to resist each and every new Security proposal proposed by this Government, who are clearly completely cynical and untrustworthy emissaries and servants of the New World Order This lie should destroy the Harper Government, and destroy all trust in the Canadian media forever. How do you describe those who smile and lie in the service of tyranny and mind control? Wicked.

NTS Notes:  I personally was in Ottawa just a few months back and ventured up to Parliament Hill to do my own analysis of what this shooting was all about... I walked around  Parliament Hill and noted how the RCMP is everywhere and how the approaches to the top of the hill is well guarded and virtually impossible for a "lone gunman" to make the approach as the liars in the media claim without being blown away in the process... I also had the courage to talk to several RCMP officers about how long it has been since Parliament Hill had such a high level of security surrounding the hill itself and they said the security emplacements have been in operation for YEARS.... Therefore again the fact that this "lone gunman" was able to do what he did in even making up to the Parliament building without being gunned down first last October was clearly impossible......

Yes, it was indeed a massive hoax and a con on the entire Canadian people... AND of course lo and behold shortly after this fraud "shooting" the criminal and now defeated Harper regime had his nice little "anti-terrorist" bill C51 all ready to go and to be signed into law... All these criminals needed was an "incident" powerful enough on the Canadian public that they would stupidly support this horrendous freedom stripping "bill".... Yes, the Canadian people truly were that stupid....

The truth is again that these criminals will absolutely continue with these fraud shooting "incidents" because they know that the gullible people will cower in fear and rather than go after them, ask them for protection from the non-existent "terrorists".... And again the gullible people will blindly surrender their rights and freedoms for the illusion of more security.... Yes, they will indeed continue until we all find the courage to stop them and their evil goals....

More to come


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Global Warming Fraud: Here's Proof "Climate Change" Cultists Have Been SCAMMING Americans (And Everyone Else) For DECADES!

Yes, Canada has a new government and a new Prime Minister... And many people living here in Canada are fully aware of one of Justin Trudeau's platforms, which is of course to have Canada sign off on "Climate Change" protocols that are to be put forward very soon at the upcoming Paris Accords on Climate Change... It is therefore so sad that Justin is unaware that it is all a fraud!

As I have stated many times before, there is no such thing as AGW, or man caused "Global Warming"... It is and always has been a scam for nothing more than to fleece our nation's people out of more money and taxes... The real alarming thing that I find is that in spite of my best efforts and many others that have been trying to reach the public about the real truths behind the Global Warming, or as they call it now "Climate Change" fraud, many people are either too brainwashed or too gullible to take notice....

I want to present the following very interesting article that comes from the Refreshing News website, at, entitled: "Here's Proof "Climate Change" Cultists Have Been SCAMMING Americans For Decades".  As the title indicates, these scam artists have been fooling everyone for decades as it pertains to this "Climate Change" fraud.... I have that article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

October 20, 2015

Here’s Proof ‘Climate Change’ Cultists have been SCAMMING Americans for DECADES

 Someone took the time to look up some old news archives and found an amazing thing – the global warming, ice age, climate change cult has been going on for decades, literally.
The article is from 1932 and basically uses the same scare tactics as they did back in the 70s and of course again now.
These people have been scamming Americans for decades only now they are spending BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to pay for Democrats to continue their scam.

From Twitchy:
Global warming alarmists, including John Podesta, are warning that the flooding of coastal cities due to rising sea levels is imminent due to climate change.
As it turns out, at least they’re being eco-friendly by recycling doom-and-gloom predictions… from over 80 years ago
If these people didn’t have this alarmist B.S. that Democrats go for, most of them wouldn’t even have jobs.
So taxpayers get to pay for a bogus lie that Democrats continue to push based on junk science so ‘global warming alarmists’ in the science community can have jobs.

This has got to be one of the biggest scams in the history of the United States and Americans get to pay for it out of their pockets; with more expensive consumer goods and with job killing regulations.
Way to go Democrats!

NTS Notes: Honesty, when the hell will people learn and wake the hell up?   It seems that the only time people will actually take notice is after these scam artists get their fraud Carbon tax system imposed on our nations and it starts hitting everyone in their pocketbooks...

I personally do remember when in the late 70's the fraud artists tried to sell the false idea that the planet was entering a new "Ice age"... It is so amazing how quickly so many people forget ......

Yes, so many nations are going to gather together in Paris shortly to sign off on new accords to "save the planet" from ourselves through the fraud of man caused "Climate Change".... Honestly I hope that on that first day, Paris gets one hell of a cold snap and/or a blizzard just to give these suckers a taste of  the truth that the planet is not warming but is in fact entering a long cold trend...

And about Justin Trudeau going to Paris for these fraudulent accords?  Unless he is part of the scam, I do hope that someone takes him aside and fills him in on the truths about this fraud...

More to come