Friday, September 4, 2015

The Truth About The Syrian Refugee Crisis: WHO Is To Blame For This Crisis? America, Israel And Their Fraud ISIS Terrorist Group!

I have been watching closely over the last few days as the Jew spew media has been filling our media outlets with reports and pictures about the plight of Syrian refugees who have been fleeing Syria due to the US/Israel's illegal and brutal war against that peaceful nation...The situation came to a boil in the last few days alone with the reports about a 3 year old Syrian boy's  body that was washed up on the southern Mediterranean shore of Turkey....It was gut wrenching indeed to watch the video reports... But the real gut wrenching factor was in how the liars in our media claim who is responsible for the refugee crisis in the first place!

I opened my local newspaper this morning as usual to catch  up on a few sports reports... And I could not help but see the headline "Syrian Refugee Crisis: Who Is To Blame?.... I figured I would turn to the article inside hoping that the news reporters would have it right and blame the criminal US/Israeli fraud "terrorist" group known as "ISIS" for this situation... But as expected, the inside article had a huge headline "Bashar al-Assad is to blame"! ... And the mini headlines all over the page had crap like "Bashar the butcher of Syria" all over them to boot...  It was so disgusting that I closed the newspaper and tossed it in the trash.....

Since that point, I have called the head office of that rag "newspaper" demanding that they print a rebuttal and tell the truth.. The person that I spoke to said I had the right to put up a comment in the editorial section, but knowing their history of never publishing my previous "editorials" before, I declined....  It is so obvious again that we all have an uphill battle against the brainwashing effect of the liars in our Jew spew media to get the truth out into people's minds.....

The dead Syrian child washing upon the Turkish shore is indeed a microcosm of the entire terrible situation that Syria is enduring due to the brutal American/Israeli led war to have that nation crushed and destroyed... But again people do need the facts about what has actually caused the Syrian people to have to flee their country and seek refuge in Europe... To help understand the real truth about this Syrian Exodus  to Europe, I want to present the following very important article from the AntiWar website, at, that is entitled: "Exodus To Europe: Who Is To Blame?", for all of my own readers to see the truth about exactly who has caused this horrific situation in the first place.. Here is that article, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Exodus to Europe: Who’s to Blame?

Tens of thousands from the Middle East and North Africa are fleeing the wars

by , August 31, 2015

As thousands of refugees wash up on the shores of Europe – over 107,000 in the last month – it is a scene of horror and misery untold. A truck load of 71 dead migrants was recently discovered in Austria: they had suffocated, and body fluids from their decomposing bodies dripping out of the back indicated that a tragedy awaited its discoverers. 

They come from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Iraq, and throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Is it a coincidence that these are all countries that have been attacked by the United States in its endless “war on terrorism”?

From Libya, where Hillary’s war destroyed the country and handed it over to Islamist militants, refugees are being loaded onto rickety boats: thousands have died in a desperate attempt to escape the consequences of Libya’s  “liberation” from Gaddafi’s rule. Their homes obliterated, their infrastructure destroyed, their societies pulverized by the terrors of war and occupation, these desperate people are besieging Europe in the tens of thousands, traveling via Turkey to Greece, through Macedonia, Hungary, and Serbia, making for Germany and the West – ironically the source of their misery to begin with.

Syria, once a country of over 22 million, has seen more than half its population either killed or forced to flee. 

And why? The interventionists blame the regime of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, but this is a lie: the United States and its regional allies – Turkey, the Saudis, and the Gulf emirates – have been busy destabilizing the country for years. While the US has supposedly only been funding the so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels, the Turks, the Saudis, and the Gulf states have been organizing and funding the Al-Nusra Front, the local Al Qaeda affiliate – and most of the “moderates” have defected to the Islamic State.
The US has steadfastly refused Russian efforts to broker a negotiated end to the Syrian civil war, consistently demanding that “Assad must go.” The Syrian despot is no angel – his air force is busy bombing civilian areas – but he retains significant support from the country’s Christian and Alawite minorities, who would face a massive purge if and when the Islamists take over. 

Syria’s plight is a direct consequence of US intervention in that country’s internal affairs: it is yet another regime-change operation gone bad. Without US encouragement, both political and material, the Syrian rebels would never have launched and sustained their revolt. Indeed, Washington has been eyeing Syria ever since the Bush administration targeted them in the early days of the Iraq war, and the Obama administration has continued the same policy in a ramped-up form: whereas the Bush folks merely threatened Damascus without doing much about it, the Obamaites have armed and trained Islamists of a supposedly “moderate” mien, while looking the other ways as its regional sock-puppets pour millions into the hardcore radical jihadists who are the mainstay of the Syrian opposition.

The result: the decimation of an entire country, and a massive exodus that threatens to cause chaos in Europe, roiling ethnic tensions already at the boiling point – and destabilizing the Middle East, from Lebanon (where the influx of Sunni Syrians threatens the delicate balance of religious-political factions) to Jordan.
The smugglers are being blamed for the plight of the refugees, and to be sure these are not humanitarians by any means: once they collect the exorbitant fees they charge, they could care less if the boats they load migrants on spring a leak and sink. Yet the real criminals are those who started the wars these people are fleeing: instead of arresting the smugglers they ought to be arresting the real criminals – the war criminals in Washington, Ankara, Riyadh, Doha, and half the capitals of Europe, whose imperial ambitions are the root cause of the greatest exodus in modern history.

NTS Notes:  Again, we have all been so distracted over the last while by the fraud shooting in Virginia, and the fluff about the "Deflategate" laughable situation with the National Football League in America, that we have overlooked this ongoing crisis in Syria that has escalated to this terrible point where we see innocent children dying.... The Jew spew media has indeed done their job well in promoting the lie that this crisis is the fault of Bashar al-Assad, but we who truly understand the real situation know otherwise...

I again must say flat out that Bashar al-Assad is absolutely 100% innocent when it comes to this crisis... His forces have been fighting a pitched battle against the American/Israeli criminal fraud "terrorist" groups including Al-Qaeda, and their recent creation known as "ISIS"..... The Americans and Israelis are now indeed using this Syrian refugee exodus and crisis as their latest and greatest propaganda tool to try to convince a more skeptical world that "something has to be done" in Syria... And of course they are using their lying media outlets to deflect the blame away from the real culprits and against the Bashar al-Assad government ....

I must say that the propagandists in our media know how to get the crowds "tear jerked" when it comes to these crises.... This dead 3 year old Syrian boy washing up on the Turkish shore is strangely reminiscent of the "Incubator Babies" fraud story used skillfully by the liars in our governments and media back in 1990 to convince the world that they attack and destroy Iraq for its 'conquest' of Kuwait....

One other note:  It is so amazing that these criminals in the Jew spew media are now so focused on this refugee crisis originating from Syria, while they have overlooked the Palestinian refugee crisis that has been going on for some 68 years and counting.... And what about the ongoing crisis for the survivors and refugees living in that open air prison camp known as Gaza?....But since this latest crisis works in favor of their demented and psychotic state of Israel, we know the answer....

More to come



Penny said...

Hey North

I DO NOT believe the boy on a beach story-
It's riddled with inconsistencies
check out my latest

which ends with reports that John Kerry wants a ground invasion of Syria, cause ya know that results in less refugees, right??? (wink, wink)

the story is a clear psychological operation

Anonymous said...

Why are Harper's beloved 'israeli's' (spit!) on the Al Qaeda casualty in fighting FOR Al Qaeda?

Jody Paulson said...

Pure evil -- but Americans can't allow themselves to become emotionally manipulated into interfering with the crisis in Syria, because it was black op funding that caused this crisis in the first place. Find out who is funding "ISIS" and put a stop to it! That's how to stop the killing.

greencrow said...

Kudos to you NTS, for calling up the newspaper and complaining about the baldfaced lies that are being printed. It is shocking that the M$M gets away with such blatant and systemic lying on a daily basis. I forget about it for short periods of I gave up reading newspapers years ago...but every once in a while I get into a conversation with a friend or relative of mine and am truly shocked at how brainwashed they are. It is a dangerous situation...with two thirds of the population completely brainwashed and one third (our one third) totally aware of the criminality that rules the world.


Northerntruthseeker said...

Penny... That is why I put up the paragraph stating that this "boy on the beach" is strangely reminiscent of that infamous incubator scam of October 1990 by that fraud nurse that turned out to be the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States.. It fits the MO of the Jewish criminal cabal that they would put a phony dead baby into the news to get the usual tear jerking response that they figure people are stupid enough to do...

I have read your article... Interesting, and I may post it here as well a bit later when I have more time... Thanks

Northerntruthseeker said...

Crow... The local "Sun" is of course the publication, and I have had bad dealings with those pricks before.. They always refuse my posts because they figure I am "antisemitic", etc...

Northerntruthseeker said...

I would love a retraction, but of course the Jews that run these rags want to brainwash the public with their lies...

Anonymous said...

This comment is to "Penny" and whoever else it may concern...
With all mixes of lies and truths...we must be careful to not become so hard and apathetic towards the reality of this Syrian and other refugee crisis. Here is a video/article that might be of help to those that believe this small little boy was used as a propaganda stage.

The only message this suffering father and husband has said sums it all up. If we are unable to have compassion because we decide there is a conspiracy...regardless of the truth about the deaths, drownings and suffering of these Syrians...then your attempts to sort through the human tragedy is pointless, vain, and in my opinion, have fallen into the hands of the enemy. I read your article and while you are free to your opinion you also reveal your hardened heart that has never seen the day of disaster, suffering and oppression to believe that it is real, can be real, and the misery of it. As my heart aches for this father and the rest of the exodus crisis...ask yourself what kind of desperation would cause you to flee from the only home you know and love (with only a bag of belongings)to a foreign place that does not care nor accept you. I hope for you never to see that kind of extreme existence...but in the same breath I know that's what it would take to harbor compassion for fellow brothers, sisters, and their little ones. Shame on ( ).

Penny said...

Hey North
I linked to you & quoted your very good observation on how this psyop is so very reminiscent of the Iraq incubator lie. Wash, rinse, repeat!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Anonymous... The desperation to flee is from the brutal actions of the American/Israeli fraud called ISIS that has been murdering civilians....

Bashar al-Assad has not been killing his own people, in spite of what the Jew spew media promotes... The truth is of course that these people are fleeing to save their lives from the foreign lunatics that want their nation destroyed...

Penny said...

North: Your anonymous commenter is a troll
Likely one who pollutes my place. Or tries to?
Notice the comment is directed to me "Penny"
Opening with an adhominem attack against my person- the standard demonization tactic of a troll

"we must be careful to not become so hard and apathetic"
implying I am "hard and apathetic"

"the reality of this Syrian...." supporting the official narrative as the truth. Numerous contradictions in the narrative already amply demonstrate there are problems with the presented "truth"
Notice anonymous troll did not directly challenge the contradictions demonstrated in my post, but, instead came here to attack me?

Along with all the judgements on my person which include but are not limited to: name calling, shoot the messenger, appeal to emotion, and bandwagon (join in with troll and everyone else) this beast can't get it's garbage through at my blog- so comes over here to spew
Definitely trollish behaviour-

But, North, leave troll's comment and my response so that others can read for themselves &understand how it is we are all being manipulated. Trolls, such as the one above,come along to shore up perception management memes.

Anonymous said...

First the godless Jews get the West to destroy the countries of the big bad Muslim bogeymen (just the ones that have every reason to hate the Jews), then the Chosenites lay a guilt trip on Western nations to take in those that are fleeing our bombs and bullets. Michael S. King (of has a good take on what is going on here. I’ve broken his analysis into two parts because of the limitation of characters in a given post:

Part One of Mike’s analysis:

NY Times [headline]: Europe Must Reform Its Deadly Asylum Policies


[Analysis] In typical Jewish Supremacist holier-than-thou fashion, Andrew Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board" is again lecturing Europe on the need to reform its "deadly" asylum policies - as if it's the White Man's fault when migrants drown at sea. Join us as we once again pull aside the curtain concealing this wicked little Weasel of Oz who evidently fancies himself the anointed ruler of Europe. (actually, sad to say, he and his gang of ghouls do rule Europe).

Andrew Rosenthal "The Editorial Board": The arrival of hundreds of thousands of refugees from war-torn regions of Africa and the Middle East, as well as economic migrants from Africa and Asia, is testing the European Union as no other recent crisis has.

Analysis: True statement, but the devil here lies in the omission. Who is it that is orchestrating and financing those wars and "terrorist" uprisings that are uprooting so many Africans and Middle Easterners? Answer: CIA and Mossad through their proxies and controlled terror fronts. (ISIS, Al Qaeda, al Shabab, Boku Haram et al).

Andrew Rosenthal "The Editorial Board": As the human toll mounts — more than 2,500 have died so far this year — so does the moral pressure on Europe to act.

Analysis: "Moral pressure on Europe to act"? You hypocrite! The "moral pressure" should be placed upon the parties who have deliberately destabilized those regions of the world - namely the U.S. and Israel (with protective propaganda cover from Sulzberger's Slimes).

Andrew Rosenthal "The Editorial Board": On Friday, after 71 people were found suffocated in a truck in Austria and 150 others drowned off the coast of Libya.

Analysis: All of sudden, Rosenthal, The Editorial Board of the Slimes is concerned about dead Muslims? From whence comes this all-of-a-sudden compassion for the very folks you devils at the Slimes have been slandering and terrorizing for years?

Andrew Rosenthal "The Editorial Board": The roots of this catastrophe lie in crises the European Union cannot solve alone: war in Syria and Iraq...

Analysis: No! "The "roots of this catastrophe" lie in the U.S. / Israel destabilization tactics, sanctions, wars and proxy wars which the whole nasty gang at Sulzberger's Slimes enthusiastically supported then, and still do today. Need a reminder, Andy, Editorial Board? Here[Link]:

Rosenthal The Editorial Board seems to have a bad case of 'selective amnesia' when it comes to remembering how the Slimes puffed up the 2002 -2003 warmongering lies of its in-house propagandist Jewey Judy Miller and, later on, the UN 'dog & pony show' of one of its manufactured super-heroes, Colon Rectum Bowell. Had the Slimes told the truth in 2003, Iraq and Syria would still be stable societies.

Anonymous said...

Part two of Mike’s analysis:

Andrew Rosenthal "The Editorial Board":... chaos in Libya

Analysis: Libya was also a stable society until the Globalists, including The Slimes, destabilized it and murdered Qaddafi by using "rebel" terror proxies.

Andrew Rosenthal "The Editorial Board": ... destitution and brutal regimes in Africa.
Analysis: Again, the "destitution" was caused by clandestine U.S. intervention aimed at kicking China out of Africa. We-thinks Andy the Amnesiac needs yet another history lesson in pictures. Here [Link]:

[Captions under pictures:]
1- Libya: Killary Rotten Clinscum cackled: "We came. We saw. He (Qaddafi) died."
2: Africa: The U.S. / Israel Complex uses proxies to destabilize resource-rich and China-friendly African nations.

Andrew Rosenthal "The Editorial Board": But the European Union’s failed asylum policies cannot escape blame for the suffering of thousands of people seeking to escape these crises.
Analysis: Wow! This level of mendacity takes one's breath away. So, if someone tries to break into an apartment that is 15 stories above ground, and slips and falls to his death as he is scaling the walls of the building; then the management of the high-rise is at fault?

Andrew Rosenthal "The Editorial Board": As things stand now, Europe offers few legal avenues to refugees,

Analysis: In essence, Rosenthal The Board is saying that management should place giant airbags on the sidewalk in the event a cat burglar falls. When the invader falls, he should also be given free legal counsel.

Andrew Rosenthal "The Editorial Board": Germany, to its credit, will allow Syrian refugees to apply for asylum no matter where they first entered Europe. But Germany is already scheduled to absorb 800,000 refugees this year, and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany has made it clear the rest of Europe must also do its share.

Analysis: Our hearts go out to these Syrian and African refugees; but the solution to their misery is not to have them flood over-crowded and under-employed Europe. We must, once and for all, end these wars for Israel and for Globalism (which Rosenthal The Editorial Board fully supports!) and then repatriate the refugees back to their home countries as we help those countries to rebuild. (That's only fair given that we blew them up to begin with.)

Andrew Rosenthal "The Editorial Board": Something must be done, and soon....

Analysis: Yes. Something must be done, all right -- like ripping outRosenthal's The Board's forked-tongues and closing down that Marxist madhouse in Manhattan.
[Caption under pictures:] Slimes scoundrels: from left, Columnist Joe Nocera, Columnist Thomas L. Friedman (Tribe), Big Boss Arthur Sulzberger Jr.(Tribe), occasional Contributer Carmen Reinhart (Tribe), Andrew Rosenthal aka "The Editorial Board" (Tribe), Columnist Paul Krugman(Tribe).

Andrew Rosenthal "The Editorial Board": ...not only for the refugees but also for the political stability of the European Union.

Analysis: This logic is backwards. The "political stability" of Europe is being threatened by the migration itself, not the lack of a coordinated policy to absorb the migrants.

Andrew Rosenthal "The Editorial Board": The human tsunami and the absence of a coherent response to it has fueled Europe’s xenophobic Right.

Analysis: The "xenophobic Right", eh Rosenthal, Editorial Board? Why isn't Israel ever denounced as "xenophobic" when it detains its migrants in actual desert prisons before deporting them.

Andrew Rosenthal "The Editorial Board": France has hardly been hospitable to refugees, but on Sunday, its foreign minister sharply criticized Hungary for the fence it is constructing along its border with Serbia to keep refugees out.

Analysis: The nerve of those "xenophobic" Hungarians -- protecting their national borders. Who the hell do they think they are - Israel?

Anonymous said...

Make that three parts:

Part three of Mike's analysis:

This criminally inaccurate and incomplete Editorial is so quintessentially Marxist. First, Globalist-Zionist scum such asRosenthal, er, the Editorial Board enthusiastically support a disastrous policy which leads to a crisis. Then, they falsely accuse others of being responsible for the problem as they pull on our heart strings. And finally, they propose their deadly solution to the very crisis which they engineered.

Rosenthal, that wicked Weasel of Oz is a clever skunk indeed. But once you learn how to spot his tricks; his malodorous power over your heart and mind will vanish as quickly as the Twin Towers which his buddies blew to smithereens in advance of this never-ending "War on Terror".

Anonymous said...

NTS, another very logical perspective on this issue is clearly expressed in an article titled “Drowning in Altruism: Thoughts on White Pathology and the Invasion of Europe,” by Andrew Joyce:

Anonymous said...

No, I'm not a troll beast that was so 'named' by Penny, nor have I ever known about her until her posting at the beginning of this comment thread. To be honest, I am aware of the CIA/MOSSAD/NATO involvement of this terrible carnage in Syria and the ME. I certainly agree with that. I found this article that brings out some truth except for leaving 'Israel' out of the equation.

I do believe that as said in this article..."Now the humanitarian chicken has come home to roost. Common decency demands a response. Even within its aid budget, Britain spends freely on corrupt governments, phoney consultants and global warming projects. It has cash for glamour causes at home and abroad.

There is nothing glamorous about a refugee camp. It is merely necessary. Britain helped smash this region. It must help mend it." is the drum that is beating in Israel...

So here we have 'Israel' (the curse of the sold)...pointing fingers as if she was innocent, not only accusing but demanding a solution that has caused this mess in the first place. The devil himself.

In my opinion (and only that)...the 'West' NEEDS to become tired of the 'Israel' curse, and all of this suffering, death, refugee flight will only end when they end their alliance with the devil (Israel). It is as simple as that. And I do hope that these refugees that have a name and a story will be able to go home in peace.

If I am not welcomed is ok, I won't be back. I wish you well.

Anonymous said...

Unrelated to the story, but maybe one all by itself:
The smoking gun for the 'disappearance' of MH-370!
And, as always, NTS, you hit the nail on the head on this one too.

Anonymous said...

Which country benefits from Mideast chaos? Is it strange to consider some country even benefits from such chaos in Europe at all? Yes, the only country benefits from Mideast and Europe chaos is none but Israel!
U.S. and European countries created the chaos in Syria, Libya etc, maybe unconsciously, but even US doesn't get any benefit from it. European politicians are so stupid to stir extreme unrest under their nose, they totally lost their common sense. Only country benefits is Israel. I try to find a blue print of Israel's conspiracy. Based on general political principal, when an event happens, most time it is not accidental and whoever benefits most is real instigator for the event, there is a causal connection,

Anonymous said...

Your stories are wrong. The facts are as follows:
1. Russia for 4 years prevented USA & EU to get rid of Assad (fact), 2. Russia provided Assad with military advice and modern weapons (fact), 3. Russia has an economical problem because of USA/EU orchestrated drop in price of oil (fact), 4. Russia is badly affected by USA/EU economic sanctions and fuming about it(fact), 5. Russia sent already 3000 Russian soldiers to Syria and tries to increase its Middle East military presence by sending more (fact, 6. There was no mass exodus of Syrians for 4 years of Assad's war but suspiciously it coincided with Russian troubles (fact. 7. Russia wants to retain its military base in Tartar (fact). 8. USA/EU/Israel have vast interest in sustaining their current level of control over Middle East and oil prices not in changing it (fact).

Anybody analyzing the above will see clearly that it is Russia which has a vast interest in controlling Middle East and prices of oil as well as weakening EU by flooding them with "refugee crisis". As usual (compare Ukrainian crisis) Russia orchestrates the "refugee crisis" by proxies.

I am very interested if your site will publish my comment. It will be a thermometer of your unbiased attitude. As they say if want to catch perpetrator always look who is to benefit from the deal.

Anonymous said...

Israel is certainly interested in weakening its Arab neighbors who want it obliterated (fact) but Israel does not have enough people and money to expand and administer "Greater Israel" as anybody can see through examples of Palestine and Golan Heights (fact). Also as occupiers of more of Arab territory they will galvanize greater hatred among Arabs. Your conclusions about Jewish conspiracy to expand Israel is not based on facts.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your blog - but you cannot leave out the Papal conspiracy as well - I see you have your focus mainly on the Zionists - but biblically the papal are the ones that will usher and control the new world order.. its so deep and complicated for most people to fatham but look at the events taking place now - the new pope is pulling together all the world religions to create a ONE world religion.. a religion that will cause all people to be forced into people being coaxed into believing that the governments are "good" - America has been affiliated with the Jesuits for years - JFK and so many others were murdered for not going along with the illuminati way.. which I could go on for hours on what that entails.. most of the people of the world are blind; and truly are like sheep being led to the slaughter.. politions and their rhetoric such as the Clintons; Bush and others are so crooked; so evil that I am amazed at society and their stupidity that they would support such crooks... ISIS was and is a conspiracy to eliminate the middle east - half of its already done.. I say kudo for Putin to standing up to them however - there is his agenda as well.. for control over the NWO... God help us all...

Anonymous said...

As an American, this sickens me. We don't want the refugees here, and it becomes clearer daily that our government and the kabalist illuminati have orchestrated the entire thing to usher in chaos. I am afraid you Muslims will face much hatred in the western world.