Monday, September 14, 2015

The Truth About The "Migrant Crisis" Flooding Europe: The Footage The Media Refuses To Broadcast!

I have absolutely been reading up the last while about this 'migrant crisis' that is overwhelming European nations.... I have also been disgusted by the false stories coming from the liars in our Jew spew media as they constantly claim (falsely) that these "migrants" are all "refugees" from Syria..... From what I have been reading over the alternative media outlets and not from the liars in the Jew spew media, there is definitely more to these migrants and this "crisis" in Europe than what we are being told, and that is why I am putting out this report to get to the real truth...

First, I want to present the following very important video that comes from Youtube user "Migrant Truth" and is entitled: "Migrant Crisis: The Footage The Media Refuses To Broadcast" and is definitely a must see by not only my own readers, but everyone... It shows clearly that this "migrant crisis" is absolutely not what we are being told, and that definitely the liars in the Jew spew media are portraying these migrants as "victims" when in most cases they absolutely are not!  Here is that video, and I do have my own thoughts and comments and additional information to follow:

NTS Notes:  One thing that I must clearly point out about this "crisis" is that these so called "refugees" are absolutely not as they seem.. Most are in fact migrant WORKERS that up until the time when Libya was destroyed by the criminal NATO attacks of 2011 were blocked from flooding into Europe via the Mediterranean Sea...

It is a fact that few want to talk about that Muhammar Ghadaffi did in fact have agreements with the European Union to BLOCK illegal migrants from using Libyan ports to illegally migrate across the Mediterranean to southern European nations... That agreement of course ended with the illegal war against Libya and the subsequent murder of Ghadaffi himself... Now these migrants have been flooding into Libya from the sub-Saharan backwards countries they come from in horribly overloading boats in passage across the Mediterranean Sea to ports in Europe... We see the consequences of the folly of NATO destroying Libya with this flood of refugees that is not only NOT stopping but in recent months has been accelerating...

It is also a fact that the media overlooks the obvious that these 'refugees' are absolutely NOT Syrian.. The majority that are shown in this video that are overwhelming European countries are black.  Syrians are absolutely NOT black!   This proves again that these migrants are exactly what I am claiming.. Illegal Sub-Saharan Black migrant workers!   They have no business in Europe and if they do want to immigrate to European nations there are absolutely proper immigration authorities and channels to do so.... Jumping on overloaded ships and falsely claiming to be "Syrian refugees"?  I don't think so....

There is far more to this "migrant crisis" or "refugee crisis" than we are being told... Something inside me is saying that the criminal Jewish elite are behind this for their want to destroy European nations and possibly overwhelm the primary white populations of Europe in the process..... I am not racist, but this does appear to be exactly what is happening in Europe right now!

I will continue with reports about this "crisis" that does appear to be wrecking Europe right now... The real truths about what is happening must be told, and absolutely not by the liars in our "media"...

More to come



Anonymous said...

If Alex Jones sucks??
Why are you using his feed.
The end of that video promotes his site,info wars
isn't that the enemies site???

Northerntruthseeker said...

Most everyone knows that even shills such as Alex Jones has to put out some truthful information from time to time...

Infowars does put out some fine information... But everyone with common sense knows that Alex and his group over there will rarely name the true criminals, the Jews....

Northerntruthseeker said...

And I do wonder what will happen to Alex now that his controller, his Jewish wife, has divorced him... Maybe he will finally be free to tell the real truth? I could always dream....

Anonymous said...

They say,dreams come true
Keep on dreamin and maybe someday it will happen
I hear you can create your own reality by what you think
Always stay positive and keep the energy high along with other truth seekers and maybe it will happen.
There is a book on positive thinking,i think those statements were in there??
I think the New England patriots use that ideology along with cheating.
Yep,Alex Jones gets to put it out there,for the controllers allow him to do it.
Its like on prime time television.
Most shows have censors and rules
It always seems those people get to break them and that's why people tune in.
Its risky television,pushing boundries and getting away with and getting viewers to tune in.
You do understand that??Do you?
Ive heard them admit it and ive heard other people say,how do you get away with it.
Well,because your king of the hill.
Stay positive and try to preach in a non racist way.
I found people get terrified with the racist way.
Most people are brainwashed not to think like that.
In my opinion,try to think of way to deprogram them to see the reality of it


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this, regardless where it came from it is still video tape that is not edited nor purposely left out. I too watched a video on this 'refugee' crisis. The story was being told via refugee rights according to EU Law and how they are being subjugated to injustice. So with all due attention I focused on the words of these illegal migrants...that have overwhelmed the coasts of Italy via Mediterranean Sea. Many are Somalian looking for wealth...and I instantly remembered the Somalian pirates. With all of this and to add the brewing of US 'Blackness'Americans latest so-called 860 mile walk from Selma to DC for Black rights (NAACP led)...I believe that the take down of the West will indeed be black militants spewing their oppression whilst making millions...
And the EU being held hostage by their own Immigrant Laws... Europe or Die (Full Documentary).
I look at these African invaders and their astonishingly good health when they arrive Italy from their stricken poverty after paying big money to smugglers, confessing to become football stars, rap stars, basketball millionaires, etc. (What about firemen, policemen, or everyday jobs? And where on earth are they getting so much trash that they leave behind if they have nothing? I do believe their are true refugees fleeing, but with anything there are impostors. So...I'm not so forced fed. There is certainly a global movement...and it ain't pretty.