Sunday, September 13, 2015

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, September 13th, 2015


Sunday again, and as usual....Time for my weekly rant....

I have been extremely busy this last week with work demands and of course still doing major work around the house... It does seem never ending... And on top of all that, I came down with a wicked cold on Friday that put me out of commission yesterday.  I finally had some time to rest and try to give my body time to recuperate... Feeling a bit better today and much to the chagrin of my better half, here I am typing away on my laptop doing my rant.....

Yes, it was indeed the 14th anniversary of that true tragedy that hit America, which of course was the Israeli Mossad operation that killed some 3000 Americans and plunged the United States into the never ending and very fraudulent "war on terror".... Suffice to say that we are indeed no closer in getting the real criminals that are responsible for that heinous crime, the Jewish power elite that control the United States as well as their agents operating in America, to face real justice for this crime now as it was 14 years ago... Basically thanks to their complete control over the US Government and the Jew spew media they may never see their day in court until the American people wake the fuck up and see that their nation is not their own....

I have of course been constantly badgered by so many asking for my views as to exactly what happened that day and I will not go into great detail other than to say (A) Those were indeed planes that hit the twin towers, and they were definitely drones devoid of passengers..... (B) It was definitely a missile that hit the Pentagon.... (C) Flight 93 was a drone devoid of passengers and its target was definitely the Solomon Building (WTC7)... (D) The Pentagon section targeted by that missile contained all the information about the missing 2.3 TRILLION dollars stolen from the American people and had to be destroyed by the criminals involved...... (E) WTC7 contained the ENRON criminal records that could have brought down the Bush crime family, and once it was demolished in a controlled demolition the afternoon of 911 those records were demolished as well..... (F) The phone calls made from those planes were bogus and indeed part of the deception.... (G) Passengers on the aircraft were offloaded at an air force base (probably Stewart in upstate New York) and those who were not part of the deception were subsequently murdered....And (H) Osama bin Laden and all of the so called "Arab terrorists" had NOTHING to do with this attack, period, other than to be the scapegoats....

There, I know I have not gone into any detail on these issues that I point out simply because it could fill this entire rant... Suffice to say that the attack worked beyond the criminals' wildest dreams as they have been able to use their American slaves in the fraud 'war on terror' that has already destroyed so many innocent nations... And all for their glorious and psychotic state of Israel....

It has been a disturbing week indeed with the media continuing to go hog wild since the release of that picture of that "Syrian boy" washed up dead on that southern Turkish beach...Yes, at first I actually bought into the belief that the pictures may have been real but there was a gnawing suspicion in myself that we were dealing with another fraudulent "Nurse Nayirah" Kuwait 1990 "incubator baby" scam to be used as a propaganda weapon to convince a skeptical world that "something had to be done" in regards to Syria....Well, guess what? My suspicions have been correct, for we found first the criminal Jew spew media having the audacity to move the 4 year old Syrian boy, Aylan Kurdi, down the beach from where his body was first found for a better photo shoot!  That alone raised a serious red flag that this may indeed be a scam...But then at the end of the week I find reports that Aylan's own father has been involved in trafficking of people out of Syria for years! ... And I have seen the reports claiming that the entire "Aylan Kurdi" episode is a fraud where no child has actually died....  Basically everything about this episode stinks to high heaven and to me it appears more and more as being a fraud piece of propaganda to brainwash people into the idea that Syria must be invaded to end the entire "refugee crisis".....

I already laid it out in mid week with a full report about how the entire Syrian "refugee crisis" is and always was a creation of the criminal US and Israeli regimes to convince the entire world that the solution is to march right into the innocent nation of Syria, take out Bashar al-Assad's government, and kill thousands of innocent Syrians along the way.... It is to me so disgusting to see report after report coming from the liars in the Jew spew media that Assad is the bad guy in all of this, and I am especially disgusted to see them harp the lies that Assad is a "butcher of his own people"..... The facts again are clear in that the US and Israel have always wanted Syria destroyed and have been using their fraud of "ISIS" as their primary proxy force to brutally attack and murder innocent Syrian civilians.   The Syrian people have sought refuge in other nations to avoid their own demise and thus the 'refugee crisis' was born.... It is also a fact that has not been told by the liars in our own media that the vast majority of these refugees will gladly return to their homes in Syria once the civil war ends and the ISIS problem is resolved...

Yes, it is true that Russia has committed forces to Syria to assist the Assad government forces in their war against the fraud of ISIS.... It is therefore no wonder that the liars in the US government has been sending warnings and threats to the Russian government that Russian forces fighting in Syria against the "terrorists" could turn the entire situation into a full blown war.... The US and Israeli criminal governments do not want their fraud of ISIS to be revealed to the entire world as the fraud it is by the Russians!..... The simple fact that the US government has gone public with their threats against Russia should finally tell everyone exactly what ISIS is and always has been; a US/Israeli creation for the destruction of innocent nations in the Middle East...

It is amazing that with all the attention of the Jew spew media focused in on the Syrian "refugee crisis" that another very important crisis has been overlooked happening 1/2 way around the world... Just last week, Japan was hit by a series of very serious typhoons that have done further damage to the crippled Fukushima nuclear power station.....There have been serious reports that the facility has lost further containment of its already melted reactors and their adjoining facilities due to the damage inflicted from these typhoons.....What is especially alarming are the reports that even more radioactive contaminated water has been flooding into the Pacific Ocean, and will continue to flood with no hope of stopping for the foreseeable future......The fact is that this disaster has never ended in spite of the lies from our media, and appears to be going from bad to worse..... The failed reactors are still in full meltdown and spewing their toxic poisons into the atmosphere, the Japanese countryside, and into the Pacific Ocean with absolutely no solution out there to stop them.....It again appears that our attention has been purposely focused in elsewhere while this world threatening crisis continues in Japan..... As I have said in the past, wars and love for the criminal and psychotic state of Israel comes first and foremost for both our governments and the liars in our media.....

Again there appears to be a 'lull before the storm' when it comes to the situation in Ukraine... The all out attack by the criminal US puppet regime in Kiev against innocent civilians living in the breakaway Donbas region of eastern Ukraine has not happened (yet), but it is coming... The Ukrainian army has indeed been reloaded now with American built and American taxpayer paid for weapons and they are just waiting for their orders now to launch their assault.....There are indications that the assault will happen as early as the end of this month, and when they do it will be a bloodbath for the civilians living in the Donbas breakaway provinces.  Yes, the criminal Ukrainian regime wants the "rebellion" crushed and they care not that thousands of Ukrainians will perish in the process...Of course the big question still remains.. When the assault is finally launched and civilians start dying, what will Russia do?

I got into a little bit of a back and forth comment war with a troll over NASA's fraudulent pictures of Earth and the Moon from about a million miles out... If anyone takes the time and look at the video itself, you can see that the Earth Moon is way out of perspective due to the focal point in the image when the Moon crosses over the Earth.. That is bad enough, but the image is supposed to be over a five hour period and during that time you do NOT see the Earth's clouds change at all which is impossible... Our atmosphere is quite fluid and volatile and clouds change constantly all over the surface... Basically due to these glaring errors, the entire picture and video are a fraud and NASA has again been caught in a massive lie... But honestly, what would you expect from an organization that is there for the money and has been lying about practically all of their space missions... From the fraud Lunar manned landings all the way to their fraud Mars probe and beyond...

It is true that Whitewraithe has decided to take a long hiatus from writing her blog over at Pragmatic Witness ( I have been in many long conversations with her, and I have tried to convince her that she should not give up her blog and writing her articles....  She has been in financial dire straights for a very long time now, and has only now been able to secure some employment at a job that will only pay her commission.... She has been frustrated and angry for years that in spite of her best efforts, she has not been able to find any permanent full time work...... I therefore am supporting her decision and have left the door open to her to contact me when ever possible and to even consider guest writing here at this blog when she feels up to it.... She is still one of the best real truth seekers out there and I will always consider her as one of my closest allies and best friends......

Before I get onto my last minute tidbits, I do want to touch on one issue again that I find so disturbing.. And that has to do with all of this bullshit 'political correctness" crapola that we see going on, and especially all the reports recently by the ridiculous feminists attacking men.....Do not get me wrong, for I have absolutely nothing but the best respect for women... But the so called "feminists" are to me a true crime against women in general... Women and men are of course different, and no matter what the "feminists" try to proclaim, that is how nature designed them.... Yes, women have indeed for thousands of years been kept back in many ways  in our societies, and I have no qualms about the concepts of equality... But the facts are still the same that many women cannot do a man's job, and vise versa.... It has always been a burr in my butt to watch as many women have been placed in jobs that they are absolutely unqualified for due to the simple fact that they are women and many corporations have to "fill quotas"......To me, the facts are that the best QUALIFIED individual should get a job position, and it should not matter about the sex of that individual.    But beyond that, I have seen this last while as the feminists and the other so called "rights groups" have been on a full blown attack against heterosexual men, with some crazed "feminist" just this last week putting out the idiotic claim that heterosexual men should be put into concentration camps!  (I kid you not, and you can see the video about it here)..... The bottom line again is this... All this crap about political correctness and that bullshit feminist movement is being done purposely to weaken us as a society.... And again I must point out the fact that the glorious "chosen ones" are the ones behind the entire "feminist movement" and all this crap called "political correctness'... Heck, it is all laid out for all to see in their diabolical "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion"!

OK, Onto my last minute tidbits... I have not covered everything that I could cover that has been happening in our sick world above,  but hopefully I will touch on many of those key issues here.......When will people understand that the migrant "crisis" happening in Europe right now is NOT due to Syrian refugees, but due to illegal migrant workers flooding in from Africa?  Amazing how the Jew spew media overlooks that important fact......Something big is about to happen in the next few weeks, if not days, with all of the world's economies, and I suspect the huge 'crash' that I and others have warned about is indeed upon us.  What I find troubling is how the Jew spew media liars STILL proclaim that the worse is "behind us" and that a recovery is happening.   I do wonder what these liars are smoking at times?........Donald Trump has finally shown his true Israel loving colors this last week when he said that the Iranian nuclear "deal" was bad for America and Israel.   Like I said, there is no hope for America if this Jew dick sucker gets selected as the next American President for he knows exactly who his masters are........Again, I must ask WHY Hillary Rodham Bligh (Clinton) is not in jail for her lies, deception, and treachery against the American people?  I find it so strange that even a few of the gullible American people still consider voting for this vile murderous  creature come November 2016!.......Why am I not surprised that while nations everywhere around the world are willing to take in refugees from Syria, the criminal state of Israel has absolutely shut their doors to these people?  Hey, it again shows exactly what the criminal and psychotic state of Israel is all about in its want for a pure "Jewish" only nation!.......The Virginia false flag has been fully exposed now as a lie, and yet we still have only silence from those shills in this "truth movement" that have promoted other frauds such as the Sandy Hook operation as being real?  It just proves again that the midget man from Idaho and that Spin-doctor from the suburbs of Chicago are exactly what I have always said they are; Agents placed in the alternative media to lead everyone down the wrong path and away from the real truth......Greece is about to vote for a new government in Athens, and this time I truly hope the Greek people get it right and throw those Syriza bums out of office.  Greece does not need 'austerity' and should make a clean break from both the EU and NATO...... WHY am I not surprised that an Australian "Jihadist ISIS" supporter and supposed "terrorist" has turned out to be a 20 year old JEW?  If anyone takes the time and digs deep enough into all terrorists and "terrorism" as a whole, they find the evil criminal tribe always at or near the bottom!......My status report on my usage of "adsense" for this blog;  I have made exactly $85.74 as of this morning in Canadian dollars, and the first payment to myself will be sent out once the $100.00 level is reached.  I am still wanting to use the money exclusively for a Blogtalk radio account and hopefully I can convince Whitewraithe to be part of the new "Turbulent Times" shows.  Stay tuned.......I see Arsenal defeated Stoke City 2-0 yesterday and the Gunners are now sitting in a pretty good position in the top 5 of the English Premiere League.  Still a long way to go in the 38 game schedule with major games coming against the Citizens, the Red Devils, and even the Blues.  As I said before, did I mention that I do love Soccer?......And finally, what most people wait for, my usual look at the rejects from society, America's sweethearts the Kardashian clan of trolls and misfits.  I finally watched a few minutes of that horrific 'reality' show starring the new and improved Bruce Jenner and honestly I thought he must be one truly screwed up person to change himself into a woman.  But hey, I guess years of living with and having anyone's mind turned to mush by the Kardashian clan would do that.   One truly screwed up "family" but hey, America sure does love their Kardashians!

More to come



Anonymous said...

Your friend Whitewrath should check out the job market in the Boston Ma area
Along with yourself,i think your last Sunday blog you said buildings boarded up,must be because of that yingyan Harper.
That's what happened around here during the Bush era.
Your Harper digbat is probably responsible,yank him out.
But if Canada takes away your speech and the econmy still is pathetic.
With you and your intelligence,from reading about your Nasa theory which is way beyond my capacity of intelligence.
But im thinking that technical school MIT and all that robotic stuff originates around here and with your background,maybe there is better opportunity for you around here?????
Something for you to ponder along with your friend
She sounds from your nlogs,troubled and cursed,no hope.
I checked her site a few times,but im still here checking you.
I was guided by fate to this site or coincidence,which some people say is non existant,im Canadian and I find a truth seeker in Canada
So ill still check in for fun and knowledge
I still have mentioned your site and coincidently I was talking womans movement or the pussyfication of men and told her to check the site out.
Its funny you typed it today,the day this woman was aware of thebehavior and complaining of why men behave like this.
I told her the media and check out your comments.
I just heard Bush in an interview and they asked him about being third in poll and he says,thats ok,Romney was third and he was the nominee,ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I saw that Bush snicker and know we are in deep trouble later when hes suddenly number one and between him and Hillary,i would rather have Clinton,for the economy was good under Bill.
Also around here in this area,there still talking growth and jobs and housing for all the people taking these jobs
Its a utopian paradise and I think you and your friend should take a mini vacation and sample for yourselves

Don't forget to go to this site to listen to what the black preacher says about 911
Just scroll down to the eleventh,he has two videos that day,first one is similar to your blogs

check it out truthers
unite with the blacks and get the job done
he calls the satan and devils


Anonymous said...

The fake kid on the beach is a guise to break down the west and to alleviate people's reluctance to take in these "refugees". Take a look at the photos of these "refugees". The "refugees" are young, well-dressed men toting electronics. They look well-nourished and are wearing western garb that looks clean. Where are the elderly, the kids and the women? The press cherry-picks their photos, usually by Getty Images or one of the mainstream media. If you look at the media coverage by countries that do not want more refugees, there are articles outlining crime statistics. This is radically different than the politicized coverage here, where they use bleeding heart language like, "Is Canada doing its share?"

Check out the comment section.

One needs only to see what has gone on in Europe to see that the people do not assimilate, but form their own neighborhoods. The rape rate in Sweden has skyrocketed and the people who point out that it is the Muslim and African refugees that are responsible are promptly attacked as being racist.

If Canada opens its doors, expect to be told to accommodate the refugees by giving up our way of life. Bavarian schoolgirls were told to dress modestly around the refugees. So it goes back to the dark ages when a woman was blamed for being raped because of how she dresses, instead of holding the men accountable.

Yet some people are begging to let these fake refugees into the country, holding demonstrations with nice banners and posters. Who is paying for the design and printing of the banners and posters? They look professionally done and it means that someone had to pay for getting them printed. It is the same as in Sandy Hook, the Ottawa fakery and the Boston nonsense. They all had nice posters and graphics on their fundraising websites. Even in Ottawa, Harper appeared under a banner at the NHL game "Ottawa Strong". If my kid had just been shot, I would not be sitting around discussing slogans and what colors to pick for my new logo on my fundraising website.

Look how our federal candidates are all over this issue prior to the election. Even one of my relatives who believes everything in the paper said that the kid on the beach looked very staged.