Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Get Ready To Puke: President Barry Soetoro's September 28th Speech To The UN General Assemby - A Bunch Of Lies!

*NTS Note:  I am finally on the road to recovery from what the hell hit me over the weekend.... I will be taking it easy over the next few days and putting up articles when I can here.. Thanks for your patience...

I was surfing the Internet just yesterday evening, when I came across the video of Barry Soetoro's speech to the UN General Assembly... I actually sat there and listened to that clown with his teleprompter speak, and I could not believe the bold faced lies that came spewing out of his mouth!   The man spent the entire speech doing nothing more than tell the world complete lies and falsehoods about everything... The ultimate was when he spoke about the Ukraine and especially about Syria... It is hard to imagine anyone actually listening to that entire speech without being offended!

I first want to present the video of Barry speaking in front of the UN General Assembly here for all to see and for those who can stomach the lies coming out of that clown's mouth... It is over 42 minutes long, and again full of lies and falsehoods...

Now I decided to take the time and tear this entire "speech" apart in my usual fashion.... Here is the entire transcript of that "speech" here for everyone to read for themselves, with my usual interjections of truth in each section....Get ready to barf!

The following speech was delivered by President Obama at the United Nations General Assembly as transcribed and released by the White House.

Mr. President, Mr. Secretary General, fellow delegates, ladies and gentlemen: Seventy years after the founding of the United Nations, it is worth reflecting on what, together, the members of this body have helped to achieve.

NTS Note: Let The Bullshit Begin....

Out of the ashes of the Second World War, having witnessed the unthinkable power of the atomic age, the United States has worked with many nations in this Assembly to prevent a third world war — by forging alliances with old adversaries; by supporting the steady emergence of strong democracies accountable to their people instead of any foreign power; and by building an international system that imposes a cost on those who choose conflict over cooperation, an order that recognizes the dignity and equal worth of all people.

NTS Note: Barry is of course lying here.. The US has never "forged" alliances, but has used force to get other nations to bow to their will.  And it is amazing that the first nation that comes to mind that has chosen conflict over cooperation and never respects the rights and dignity of others is Barry's first love, Israel! But you will find that Barry never mentions that hell hole anywhere in this "speech"...

That is the work of seven decades. That is the ideal that this body, at its best, has pursued. Of course, there have been too many times when, collectively, we have fallen short of these ideals. Over seven decades, terrible conflicts have claimed untold victims. But we have pressed forward, slowly, steadily, to make a system of international rules and norms that are better and stronger and more consistent.

NTS Note: The truth is that the UN was formed as the first step to the long planned 'one world government' system.  And when anyone examines the "terrible conflicts" over the last seven decades, they will find the United States itself as the cause of those conflicts some 80% of the time!

It is this international order that has underwritten unparalleled advances in human liberty and prosperity. It is this collective endeavor that’s brought about diplomatic cooperation between the world’s major powers, and buttressed a global economy that has lifted more than a billion people from poverty. It is these international principles that helped constrain bigger countries from imposing our will on smaller ones, and advanced the emergence of democracy and development and individual liberty on every continent.

NTS Notes: The one nation that constantly tries to impose their will on smaller nations is of course the United States. And since when has the US ever advanced or even respected individual liberty on other continents?

This progress is real. It can be documented in lives saved, and agreements forged, and diseases conquered, and in mouths fed. And yet, we come together today knowing that the march of human progress never travels in a straight line, that our work is far from complete; that dangerous currents risk pulling us back into a darker, more disordered world.

NTS Notes: The "dangerous currents" that he talks about that are pushing the planet into a darker disordered world are again being caused by his own nation!

Today, we see the collapse of strongmen and fragile states breeding conflict, and driving innocent men, women and children across borders on an epic scale. Brutal networks of terror have stepped into the vacuum.

NTS Notes: "Brutal networks of terror" of course run by his own CIA and the criminal Israeli Mossad!

Technologies that empower individuals are now also exploited by those who spread disinformation, or suppress dissent, or radicalize our youth. Global capital flows have powered growth and investment, but also increased risk of contagion, weakened the bargaining power of workers, and accelerated inequality.
NTS Notes: Of course Barry takes a shot at the one last bastion of truth left on the planet.. The Internet!....And he is outright lying when he claims how "Global Capital" has powered growth and investment.  Most of that growth has been within the so called '0.1% elite' that controls the planet! And of course the real weakening has been in the so called "middle class" that is being destroyed by his failed economic policies...

How should we respond to these trends? There are those who argue that the ideals enshrined in the U.N. charter are unachievable or out of date — a legacy of a postwar era not suited to our own. Effectively, they argue for a return to the rules that applied for most of human history and that pre-date this institution: the belief that power is a zero-sum game; that might makes right; that strong states must impose their will on weaker ones; that the rights of individuals don’t matter; and that in a time of rapid change, order must be imposed by force.

NTS Notes: What he misses here is the bitter truth.. Most of the problems in the world are being caused by nations such as his own imposing their will on smaller weaker countries.. The solution is simple: Stop fucking around with other nations and mind your own business!

The increasing skepticism of our international order can also be found in the most advanced democracies. 

NTS Notes: How about the increasing skepticism of the "international order" right in the US?  Luckily more people are finally awakening to the threats of this "new world order" to their own lives!

We see greater polarization, more frequent gridlock; movements on the far right, and sometimes the left, that insist on stopping the trade that binds our fates to other nations, calling for the building of walls to keep out immigrants. Most ominously, we see the fears of ordinary people being exploited through appeals to sectarianism, or tribalism, or racism, or anti-Semitism; appeals to a glorious past before the body politic was infected by those who look different, or worship God differently; a politics of us versus them.

NTS Notes: Taking a shot at Donald Trump and Trump's rightful statements about illegal immigrants flooding into the US.....Notice also how his script writers inserted the fraud of "anti-Semitism" into the mix.

The United States is not immune from this. Even as our economy is growing and our troops have largely returned from Iraq and Afghanistan, we see in our debates about America’s role in the world a notion of strength that is defined by opposition to old enemies, perceived adversaries, a rising China, or a resurgent Russia; a revolutionary Iran, or an Islam that is incompatible with peace. We see an argument made that the only strength that matters for the United States is bellicose words and shows of military force; that cooperation and diplomacy will not work.

NTS Notes: Bold faced lie about the US economy.. No growth period!.... Of course the lies about American troops coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan, when he plans an escalation of the conflicts there.....And of course trying to create the idea that Russia, China, and Iran, are now the "adversaries" and "incompatible" with "peace".  And another lie when he says that cooperation and diplomacy will not work when the only nations that stand in the way of cooperation and diplomacy are his own and of course the psychotic state of Israel...

As President of the United States, I am mindful of the dangers that we face; they cross my desk every morning. I lead the strongest military that the world has ever known, and I will never hesitate to protect my country or our allies, unilaterally and by force where necessary.

NTS Notes: A bit bellicose here in saying that he would not hesitate in using the US military unilaterally to impose the US will on the world....

But I stand before you today believing in my core that we, the nations of the world, cannot return to the old ways of conflict and coercion. We cannot look backwards. We live in an integrated world — one in which we all have a stake in each other’s success. We cannot turn those forces of integration. No nation in this Assembly can insulate itself from the threat of terrorism, or the risk of financial contagion; the flow of migrants, or the danger of a warming planet. The disorder we see is not driven solely by competition between nations or any single ideology. And if we cannot work together more effectively, we will all suffer the consequences. That is true for the United States, as well.

NTS Notes: Notice how carefully he is bringing up this idea of "integration" on the entire world. The build up for the upcoming "new world order" ideas.. Wait for it, for it is coming!

No matter how powerful our military, how strong our economy, we understand the United States cannot solve the world’s problems alone. In Iraq, the United States learned the hard lesson that even hundreds of thousands of brave, effective troops, trillions of dollars from our Treasury, cannot by itself impose stability on a foreign land. Unless we work with other nations under the mantle of international norms and principles and law that offer legitimacy to our efforts, we will not succeed. And unless we work together to defeat the ideas that drive different communities in a country like Iraq into conflict, any order that our militaries can impose will be temporary.

NTS Notes: Bold  faced lies about Iraq.. The US has never learned anything from Iraq as it spent trillions of dollars and has created even more "instability" in that innocent nation....The US cannot succeed with its present policies as it does not work under the "mantle" of international norms and principles as he states. The US has defied international law constantly......And again the only conflict that seems to happen is when the US itself interferes in other nations!
Just as force alone cannot impose order internationally, I believe in my core that repression cannot forge the social cohesion for nations to succeed. The history of the last two decades proves that in today’s world, dictatorships are unstable. The strongmen of today become the spark of revolution tomorrow. You can jail your opponents, but you can’t imprison ideas. You can try to control access to information, but you cannot turn a lie into truth. It is not a conspiracy of U.S.-backed NGOs that expose corruption and raise the expectations of people around the globe; it’s technology, social media, and the irreducible desire of people everywhere to make their own choices about how they are governed.

NTS Notes: Amazing that he talks about force imposing order, when the US has been leading the charge in using force to impose their will.. And of course the lies about strongmen and dictatorships, when the US has brutally imposed many of them in nations around the planet.... Again his taking shots at the Internet and how the internet has exposed some of the real truths.....And again, if the US really wanted to respect other nation's people, then they should stop interfering and actually allow those nations to make their own choices on how they want to be governed!

Indeed, I believe that in today’s world, the measure of strength is no longer defined by the control of territory. Lasting prosperity does not come solely from the ability to access and extract raw materials. The strength of nations depends on the success of their people — their knowledge, their innovation, their imagination, their creativity, their drive, their opportunity — and that, in turn, depends upon individual rights and good governance and personal security. Internal repression and foreign aggression are both symptoms of the failure to provide this foundation.

NTS Notes: I do sound like a broken record already.. But if he was honest here, then he would stop interfering and meddling in other nations' business!

A politics and solidarity that depend on demonizing others, that draws on religious sectarianism or narrow tribalism or jingoism may at times look like strength in the moment, but over time its weakness will be exposed. And history tells us that the dark forces unleashed by this type of politics surely makes all of us less secure. Our world has been there before. We gain nothing from going back.

NTS Notes: And when has the US ever learned about history and how it has been responsible for the so called "dark forces" that have destroyed many nations as he states? 

Instead, I believe that we must go forward in pursuit of our ideals, not abandon them at this critical time. We must give expression to our best hopes, not our deepest fears. This institution was founded because men and women who came before us had the foresight to know that our nations are more secure when we uphold basic laws and basic norms, and pursue a path of cooperation over conflict. And strong nations, above all, have a responsibility to uphold this international order.

NTS Notes: In other words, this clown is saying that the US must continue to destroy free nations and subjugate others according to the US's "ideals"?....Yes, strong nations have a responsibility to uphold the law and to cooperate with weaker nations... Not to destroy them!
Let me give you a concrete example. After I took office, I made clear that one of the principal achievements of this body — the nuclear non-proliferation regime — was endangered by Iran’s violation of the NPT. On that basis, the Security Council tightened sanctions on the Iranian government, and many nations joined us to enforce them. Together, we showed that laws and agreements mean something.

NTS Notes: I was wondering when Barry would get around to Iran.... NO Iran did not violate any part of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and has allowed full compliance under IAEA laws and standards.. The sanctions therefore were imposed on behalf of Barry's masters in Israel.......And by the way, Barry.. How about Israel and its non-compliance to the NPT?  Yes the laws and agreements mean something all right, except when it comes to the psychotic state of Israel which breaks the law all the time....

But we also understood that the goal of sanctions was not simply to punish Iran. Our objective was to test whether Iran could change course, accept constraints, and allow the world to verify that its nuclear program will be peaceful. For two years, the United States and our partners — including Russia, including China — stuck together in complex negotiations. The result is a lasting, comprehensive deal that prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, while allowing it to access peaceful energy. And if this deal is fully implemented, the prohibition on nuclear weapons is strengthened, a potential war is averted, our world is safer. That is the strength of the international system when it works the way it should.

NTS Notes: Again, Iran was never building any nuclear weapons, only nuclear power stations!..... It was always pursuing nuclear power only, and basically wants the lifting of sanctions and the return of the hundreds of billions of dollars stolen and frozen by the US......And again, how about Israel and its hundreds of nuclear weapons, Barry?

That same fidelity to international order guides our responses to other challenges around the world. Consider Russia’s annexation of Crimea and further aggression in eastern Ukraine. America has few economic interests in Ukraine. We recognize the deep and complex history between Russia and Ukraine. But we cannot stand by when the sovereignty and territorial integrity of a nation is flagrantly violated. If that happens without consequence in Ukraine, it could happen to any nation gathered here today. That’s the basis of the sanctions that the United States and our partners impose on Russia. It’s not a desire to return to a Cold War.

NTS Notes:  Lets get the facts straight here.. Russia never "annexed" Crimea, period.. The people of Crimea voted in a free referendum last year by a 98.2% majority to return to the Russian Federation.  The referendum was perfectly legal and binding.....Russia has shown absolutely NO aggression against Ukraine, period.  The idea of "Russian Aggression" is a constant lie promoted by the US government and its twisted lying media.....The sanctions against Russia are therefore wrong and for all the wrong reasons!  It is the US that wants to return to a "cold war" standing with Russia simply because it wants an adversary and a reason to launch World War III just to save its failing economic neck!

Now, within Russia, state-controlled media may describe these events as an example of a resurgent Russia — a view shared, by the way, by a number of U.S. politicians and commentators who have always been deeply skeptical of Russia, and seem to be convinced a new Cold War is, in fact, upon us. And yet, look at the results. The Ukrainian people are more interested than ever in aligning with Europe instead of Russia. Sanctions have led to capital flight, a contracting economy, a fallen ruble, and the emigration of more educated Russians.

NTS Notes:  A bunch of lies here by Barry... Russia's "resurgence" is due to the posturing of the United States and NATO in pushing its forces for a war against the Russian Federation......The Ukrainian people are not interested in aligning with Europe, but simply want the US proxy government in Kiev to go away.....And Barry lies about the effect of the "sanctions" on Russia... Russia is actually growing and prospering by making deals with nations directly and away from the US and their dollar....

Imagine if, instead, Russia had engaged in true diplomacy, and worked with Ukraine and the international community to ensure its interests were protected. That would be better for Ukraine, but also better for Russia, and better for the world — which is why we continue to press for this crisis to be resolved in a way that allows a sovereign and democratic Ukraine to determine its future and control its territory. Not because we want to isolate Russia — we don’t — but because we want a strong Russia that’s invested in working with us to strengthen the international system as a whole.

NTS Notes:  Barry lies again.. Russia is actually doing diplomacy with the Kiev government especially over the Ukraine's need for Russian oil and natural gas.... The real "crisis" is of course the US puppet regime in Kiev refusing to abide by the wishes of the people in eastern Ukraine who voted legally in a referendum last year to split from Ukraine.... And Barry lies about the US not wanting to "isolate" Russia, for it is not only the sanctions that are an attempt at Russian isolation, but the US is working with NATO and other nations in building up military forces in countries surrounding the Russian Federation.

Similarly, in the South China Sea, the United States makes no claim on territory there. We don’t adjudicate claims. But like every nation gathered here, we have an interest in upholding the basic principles of freedom of navigation and the free flow of commerce, and in resolving disputes through international law, not the law of force. So we will defend these principles, while encouraging China and other claimants to resolve their differences peacefully.

NTS Notes: Another bunch of lies.. The US still maintains its bases in the western Pacific specifically for the attempts to isolate China.. And it is Japan, the US's main ally in Asia,  that is making the territorial claims in the South China Sea....Barry of course also lies about the US not meddling in China's affairs....He fails to mention the situation in Hong Kong last year where US led "students" tried to get an uprising going.  Luckily the Chinese put an end to that problem quickly....

I say this, recognizing that diplomacy is hard; that the outcomes are sometimes unsatisfying; that it’s rarely politically popular. But I believe that leaders of large nations, in particular, have an obligation to take these risks — precisely because we are strong enough to protect our interests if, and when, diplomacy fails.
I also believe that to move forward in this new era, we have to be strong enough to acknowledge when what you’re doing is not working. For 50 years, the United States pursued a Cuba policy that failed to improve the lives of the Cuban people. We changed that. We continue to have differences with the Cuban government. We will continue to stand up for human rights. But we address these issues through diplomatic relations, and increased commerce, and people-to-people ties. As these contacts yield progress, I’m confident that our Congress will inevitably lift an embargo that should not be in place anymore. (Applause.)

NTS Notes: Yes, the US pursued a failed policy for the last 54 years of trying to isolate Cuba and force Cuba back into the hands of greedy US corporations and a US puppet dictatorship... The Cuban people were able to improve their own lives basically thanks to not allowing the US to impose its will on the island nation....Amazing that Barry says the US stands for human rights, when most Americans now live in what is now a dictatorship with no freedoms!......And yes it is time for the US to concede defeat when it comes to the failed embargo against Cuba and finally lift it.....

Change won’t come overnight to Cuba, but I’m confident that openness, not coercion, will support the reforms and better the life the Cuban people deserve, just as I believe that Cuba will find its success if it pursues cooperation with other nations.

NTS Notes: There is no need for "change" in Cuba.. The Cuban people have done very well by resisting the US and standing up for the rights of its own citizens..

Now, if it’s in the interest of major powers to uphold international standards, it is even more true for the rest of the community of nations. Look around the world. From Singapore to Colombia to Senegal, the facts shows that nations succeed when they pursue an inclusive peace and prosperity within their borders, and work cooperatively with countries beyond their borders.

NTS Notes: Nations succeed by not allowing meddling nations such as the United States to try to subvert or subjugate their people and their resources!

That path is now available to a nation like Iran, which, as of this moment, continues to deploy violent proxies to advance its interests. These efforts may appear to give Iran leverage in disputes with neighbors, but they fuel sectarian conflict that endangers the entire region, and isolates Iran from the promise of trade and commerce. The Iranian people have a proud history, and are filled with extraordinary potential. But chanting “Death to America” does not create jobs, or make Iran more secure. If Iran chose a different path, that would be good for the security of the region, good for the Iranian people, and good for the world.

NTS Notes: What a load of lies... What Iranian "violent proxies", Barry?  Iran has not attacked another nation in centuries, and has no "violent proxies" as Barry states.   Iran was brutalized by the US puppet regime under the Shah from 1953-1979 and finally threw off their American oppressors in their revolution. The people of Iran have not forgotten their oppression due to America and its "sanctions" and the path they choose is not to be put back under the subjugation of American interests...

Of course, around the globe, we will continue to be confronted with nations who reject these lessons of history, places where civil strife, border disputes, and sectarian wars bring about terrorist enclaves and humanitarian disasters. Where order has completely broken down, we must act, but we will be stronger when we act together.

NTS Notes: Reject their "lesson of history"?  More like nations fighting against American aggression and American subjugation!

In such efforts, the United States will always do our part. We will do so mindful of the lessons of the past — not just the lessons of Iraq, but also the example of Libya, where we joined an international coalition under a U.N. mandate to prevent a slaughter. Even as we helped the Libyan people bring an end to the reign of a tyrant, our coalition could have and should have done more to fill a vacuum left behind. We’re grateful to the United Nations for its efforts to forge a unity government. We will help any legitimate Libyan government as it works to bring the country together. But we also have to recognize that we must work more effectively in the future, as an international community, to build capacity for states that are in distress, before they collapse.

NTS Notes: What a load of hogwash.. Libya was attacked and destroyed by both the US and NATO simply because Ghadaffi no longer wanted to go along with those criminals and decided to both break away from US domination and to seek trade not in the US dollar (Remember Ghadaffi and his Gold dinar?)....The so called unity government in Libya is a farce and has now ruined that once great nation....It is a laugh that Barry would support a Libyan government that "works to  bring the nation together" considering he and his NATO "allies" destroyed Ghadaffi's government that had united that nation!.....The US "builds capacity" for nations alright, but only it seems to create distress and collapse so that crooked corporations can take over!

And that’s why we should celebrate the fact that later today the United States will join with more than 50 countries to enlist new capabilities — infantry, intelligence, helicopters, hospitals, and tens of thousands of troops — to strengthen United Nations peacekeeping. (Applause.) These new capabilities can prevent mass killing, and ensure that peace agreements are more than words on paper. But we have to do it together. Together, we must strengthen our collective capacity to establish security where order has broken down, and to support those who seek a just and lasting peace.

NTS Notes: More like to create an international "police force" to enforce the goal of creating the "new world order"...

Nowhere is our commitment to international order more tested than in Syria. When a dictator slaughters tens of thousands of his own people, that is not just a matter of one nation’s internal affairs — it breeds human suffering on an order of magnitude that affects us all. Likewise, when a terrorist group beheads captives, slaughters the innocent and enslaves women, that’s not a single nation’s national security problem — that is an assault on all humanity.

NTS Notes: And where are these "tens of thousands" that Assad has "slaughtered" as Barry claims?  Investigations have shown that to be an outright lie....The nation of Syria was doing quite well until the US and Israel decided it was next on their list of nations to be destroyed....The terrorist "beheading" videos are of course a bunch of lies.... Yes, the American/Israeli creation called "ISIS: is indeed slaughtering civilians, not the Syrian government forces.....The assault on all humanity is of course Israel and its puppet nation, the United States, attempting to destroy Syria.
I’ve said before and I will repeat: There is no room for accommodating an apocalyptic cult like ISIL, and the United States makes no apologies for using our military, as part of a broad coalition, to go after them. We do so with a determination to ensure that there will never be a safe haven for terrorists who carry out these crimes. And we have demonstrated over more than a decade of relentless pursuit of al Qaeda, we will not be outlasted by extremists.

NTS Notes: Again, it is the US and Israel that run and operate this "apocalyptic cult" they call "ISIL" or "ISIS"......And Barry is lying about the US using its military to go after "ISIS" when again and again the only targets the US ever hits is Assad's  forces who are actually fighting "ISIS"!......The US has created the "safe havens" in Syria for their "ISIS" proxy and is fully arming, protecting, and of course guiding them in their attacks.... And of course you have to laugh when he mentions "Al Qaeda" which was also an Israeli/American proxy and very fraudulent "terrorist" group....Basically the entire "war on terror" has always been a fraud...

But while military power is necessary, it is not sufficient to resolve the situation in Syria. Lasting stability can only take hold when the people of Syria forge an agreement to live together peacefully. The United States is prepared to work with any nation, including Russia and Iran, to resolve the conflict. But we must recognize that there cannot be, after so much bloodshed, so much carnage, a return to the pre-war status quo.

NTS Notes: More bold faced lies.. The US is not working with any nation in trying to resolve the conflict, when in fact it has even had the gall to supply their proxy force "ISIS" with full satellite imagery of Russia's bases at Latakia to help them in their attacks there.  The Syrian people again were doing very well without the interference of the Americans well before this "civil war" began.....
Let’s remember how this started. Assad reacted to peaceful protests by escalating repression and killing that, in turn, created the environment for the current strife. And so Assad and his allies cannot simply pacify the broad majority of a population who have been brutalized by chemical weapons and indiscriminate bombing.

NTS Notes: My bullshit meter has just exploded... The US started the carnage by creating the "protest" groups within Syria and then fully funding and arming so called "rebels"....The people of Syria have fully supported Assad, and Barry does not mention how they voted OVERWHELMINGLY last year in general elections to support Assad.... And again with the lies of "Assad gassing" his own people. That was proven to be an American "ISIS" attack that went wrong for the "terrorists"....And there has been NO "indiscriminate bombing" as he tries to lie about. The only indiscriminate bombing that is going on is the US and its NATO "allies" bombing civilian and Syrian targets in support of their ISIS proxy!

Yes, realism dictates that compromise will be required to end the fighting and ultimately stamp out ISIL. But realism also requires a managed transition away from Assad and to a new leader, and an inclusive government that recognizes there must be an end to this chaos so that the Syrian people can begin to rebuild.
We know that ISIL — which emerged out of the chaos of Iraq and Syria — depends on perpetual war to survive. But we also know that they gain adherents because of a poisonous ideology. So part of our job, together, is to work to reject such extremism that infects too many of our young people. Part of that effort must be a continued rejection by Muslims of those who distort Islam to preach intolerance and promote violence, and it must also a rejection by non-Muslims of the ignorance that equates Islam with terror. (Applause.)

NTS Notes: Again with the calls for the removal of Assad.. That was always the aim of the criminals in the US and Israel.....The Syrian people can rebuild only after the US, NATO, and their proxy "ISIS" are gone...And no, ISIS did not 'emerge' out of the chaos in Iraq and Syria, but is basically "Al Qaeda" reinvented and made to look more sinister....The rest of this section contains bullshit diatribe about Muslims and Islam......I wonder how Barry can say such bullshit with a straight face...

This work will take time. There are no easy answers to Syria. And there are no simple answers to the changes that are taking place in much of the Middle East and North Africa. But so many families need help right now; they don’t have time. And that’s why the United States is increasing the number of refugees who we welcome within our borders. That’s why we will continue to be the largest donor of assistance to support those refugees. And today we are launching new efforts to ensure that our people and our businesses, our universities and our NGOs can help as well — because in the faces of suffering families, our nation of immigrants sees ourselves.

NTS Notes: NO Barry, there are actually many easy answers to Syria.. End the fraud of "ISIS" that you created, and stop this insane want to have Assad removed from office.  Your nation and Israel created the refugee crisis that we see in Syria due to your insane want and lust to have Syria destroyed and Assad removed from office.  

Of course, in the old ways of thinking, the plight of the powerless, the plight of refugees, the plight of the marginalized did not matter. They were on the periphery of the world’s concerns. Today, our concern for them is driven not just by conscience, but should also be drive by self-interest. For helping people who have been pushed to the margins of our world is not mere charity, it is a matter of collective security. And the purpose of this institution is not merely to avoid conflict, it is to galvanize the collective action that makes life better on this planet.

NTS Notes: Again, the US created the refugee crisis in Syria by having their proxy, ISIS, go into villages and indiscriminately slaughter innocent civilians...If the US wants to solve the crisis, then stop their proxy in Syria, ISIS, immediately... The vast majority of Syrian "refugees" will gladly return to Syria once the US and ISIS are gone...
The commitments we’ve made to the Sustainable Development Goals speak to this truth. I believe that capitalism has been the greatest creator of wealth and opportunity that the world has ever known. But from big cities to rural villages around the world, we also know that prosperity is still cruelly out of reach for too many. As His Holiness Pope Francis reminds us, we are stronger when we value the least among these, and see them as equal in dignity to ourselves and our sons and our daughters.

NTS Notes: Here we go with the Agenda 21/Global Warming BS.... "Sustainable Development Goals" is just a poor way of saying that he has plans to fleece his own people through the fraud of carbon taxation...And it figures he would bring forward the Pope who also is pushing the Agenda 21 lie....

We can roll back preventable disease and end the scourge of HIV/AIDS. We can stamp out pandemics that recognize no borders. That work may not be on television right now, but as we demonstrated in reversing the spread of Ebola, it can save more lives than anything else we can do.

NTS Notes: More lies.. No profit to be seen by big US corporations in rolling back diseases... And there is still some real questions about "Ebola" in West Africa and if there was actually ever an "outbreak" or if it was only to allow the US to go into the region for its resources....

Together, we can eradicate extreme poverty and erase barriers to opportunity. But this requires a sustained commitment to our people — so farmers can feed more people; so entrepreneurs can start a business without paying a bribe; so young people have the skills they need to succeed in this modern, knowledge-based economy.

NTS Notes: More lies by Barry... Better to spend trillions on weapons, wars, and on Israel, than in fighting poverty, or in giving more people in America the tools to succeed.....

We can promote growth through trade that meets a higher standard. And that’s what we’re doing through the Trans-Pacific Partnership — a trade agreement that encompasses nearly 40 percent of the global economy; an agreement that will open markets, while protecting the rights of workers and protecting the environment that enables development to be sustained.

NTS Notes:  Here we go with Barry trying to sell the "Trans-Pacific Partnership"  which goes beyond "trade agreements" and goes right into attacking the freedoms and liberties of the American people as well as promoting the fraud of "sustainable development" aka Agenda 21....

We can roll back the pollution that we put in our skies, and help economies lift people out of poverty without condemning our children to the ravages of an ever-warming climate. The same ingenuity that produced the Industrial Age and the Computer Age allows us to harness the potential of clean energy. No country can escape the ravages of climate change. And there is no stronger sign of leadership than putting future generations first. The United States will work with every nation that is willing to do its part so that we can come together in Paris to decisively confront this challenge.

NTS Notes: Here we go with the Global Warming bullshit and the fraud of "ever-warming" climate.  Barry is again trying to sell the fraud of Global Warming as a cover for his needed carbon taxation to fleece the American people...The upcoming Paris conference on Climate Change is going to be where nations will be gullible to sign off on bullshit carbon credits....

And finally, our vision for the future of this Assembly, my belief in moving forward rather than backwards, requires us to defend the democratic principles that allow societies to succeed. Let me start from a simple premise: Catastrophes, like what we are seeing in Syria, do not take place in countries where there is genuine democracy and respect for the universal values this institution is supposed to defend. (Applause.)

NTS Notes: Again, Barry created the catastrophe in Syria....The US has in fact created most of the "catastrophes" that has taken place in other countries through their meddling...

I recognize that democracy is going to take different forms in different parts of the world. The very idea of a people governing themselves depends upon government giving expression to their unique culture, their unique history, their unique experiences. But some universal truths are self-evident. No person wants to be imprisoned for peaceful worship. No woman should ever be abused with impunity, or a girl barred from going to school. The freedom to peacefully petition those in power without fear of arbitrary laws — these are not ideas of one country or one culture. They are fundamental to human progress. They are a cornerstone of this institution.

NTS Notes: Interesting that he talks here about freedoms considering how he has stripped most Americans of the rights that he claims should be "universal"...And it is to laugh that he says that the freedom to peacefully petition should be a right all over the world, while his own nation brutally cracks down on those who try to petition peacefully!
I realize that in many parts of the world there is a different view — a belief that strong leadership must tolerate no dissent. I hear it not only from America’s adversaries, but privately at least I also hear it from some of our friends. I disagree. I believe a government that suppresses peaceful dissent is not showing strength; it is showing weakness and it is showing fear. (Applause.) History shows that regimes who fear their own people will eventually crumble, but strong institutions built on the consent of the governed endure long after any one individual is gone.

NTS Notes:  Again talking about no rights to dissent across the planet, when he no longer allows it in America!   Yes, history shows that regimes that fear their own people will eventually crumble, and that is definitely what we may be watching happening in America right now!

That’s why our strongest leaders — from George Washington to Nelson Mandela — have elevated the importance of building strong, democratic institutions over a thirst for perpetual power. Leaders who amend constitutions to stay in office only acknowledge that they failed to build a successful country for their people — because none of us last forever. It tells us that power is something they cling to for its own sake, rather than for the betterment of those they purport to serve.

NTS Notes: More bullshit from Barry considering he has worked to have the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights shredded!

I understand democracy is frustrating. Democracy in the United States is certainly imperfect. At times, it can even be dysfunctional. But democracy — the constant struggle to extend rights to more of our people, to give more people a voice — is what allowed us to become the most powerful nation in the world. (Applause.)

NTS Notes:  Yes "democracy" is imperfect.. And presently  the so called "democracy" in America is being transformed into a dictatorship where Americans will have no rights and no voice...

It’s not simply a matter of principle; it’s not an abstraction. Democracy — inclusive democracy — makes countries stronger. When opposition parties can seek power peacefully through the ballot, a country draws upon new ideas. When a free media can inform the public, corruption and abuse are exposed and can be rooted out. When civil society thrives, communities can solve problems that governments cannot necessarily solve alone. When immigrants are welcomed, countries are more productive and more vibrant. When girls can go to school, and get a job, and pursue unlimited opportunity, that’s when a country realizes its full potential. (Applause.)

NTS Notes:  Lie after lie here.. There is no free elections in America because the ballots are rigged..There is no "free media" because the media in America and elsewhere is totally under the control of criminal Jewish interests... And the problem is not "immigration" but ILLEGAL immigration that is ruining America....And of course Barry misses the fact that there is no more "unlimited"  opportunity in America due to the failing economy, and loss of rights and freedoms for the American people..

That is what I believe is America’s greatest strength. Not everybody in America agrees with me. That’s part of democracy. I believe that the fact that you can walk the streets of this city right now and pass churches and synagogues and temples and mosques, where people worship freely; the fact that our nation of immigrants mirrors the diversity of the world — you can find everybody from everywhere here in New York City — (applause) — the fact that, in this country, everybody can contribute, everybody can participate no matter who they are, or what they look like, or who they love — that’s what makes us strong.

NTS Notes: That used to be America's greatest strength.. But now the rights of the people who actually built that once great nation are being circumvented by the fraud of "political correctness" and the rights of the immigrants who do not follow or abide by American laws and standards.... The American "melting pot" idea has now turned into a dismal failure....

And I believe that what is true for America is true for virtually all mature democracies. And that is no accident. We can be proud of our nations without defining ourselves in opposition to some other group. We can be patriotic without demonizing someone else. We can cherish our own identities — our religion, our ethnicity, our traditions — without putting others down. Our systems are premised on the notion that absolute power will corrupt, but that people — ordinary people — are fundamentally good; that they value family and friendship, faith and the dignity of hard work; and that with appropriate checks and balances, governments can reflect this goodness.

NTS Notes: Interesting that Barry mentions all this when his own government is wrought with corruption...

I believe that’s the future we must seek together. To believe in the dignity of every individual, to believe we can bridge our differences, and choose cooperation over conflict — that is not weakness, that is strength. (Applause.) It is a practical necessity in this interconnected world.

NTS Notes: Barry should practice what he preaches here... How about the dignity of the people living in those nations that you are right now destroying?

And our people understand this. Think of the Liberian doctor who went door-to-door to search for Ebola cases, and to tell families what to do if they show symptoms. Think of the Iranian shopkeeper who said, after the nuclear deal, “God willing, now we’ll be able to offer many more goods at better prices.” Think of the Americans who lowered the flag over our embassy in Havana in 1961 — the year I was born — and returned this summer to raise that flag back up. (Applause.) One of these men said of the Cuban people, “We could do things for them, and they could do things for us. We loved them.” For 50 years, we ignored that fact.

NTS Notes: Great tear jerking part of this entire speech, Barry.... Again, too bad Barry's own government does not practice what it preaches....

Think of the families leaving everything they’ve known behind, risking barren deserts and stormy waters just to find shelter; just to save their children. One Syrian refugee who was greeted in Hamburg with warm greetings and shelter, said, “We feel there are still some people who love other people.”

NTS Notes: Again, his own policies in trying to destroy Syria created the "refugee crisis" in the first place!

The people of our United Nations are not as different as they are told. They can be made to fear; they can be taught to hate — but they can also respond to hope. History is littered with the failure of false prophets and fallen empires who believed that might always makes right, and that will continue to be the case. You can count on that. But we are called upon to offer a different type of leadership — leadership strong enough to recognize that nations share common interests and people share a common humanity, and, yes, there are certain ideas and principles that are universal.

NTS Notes: It is again too bad Barry does not practice what he preaches here... The US itself is a failed empire that has for decades believed that "might makes right"....... And for nations to want to share in common interests means that they want to do so without the meddling of America....

That’s what those who shaped the United Nations 70 years ago understood. Let us carry forward that faith into the future — for it is the only way we can assure that future will be brighter for my children, and for yours.

NTS Notes: That future still depends on nations being given the right to choose their own future without the interference of America!

Thank you very much. (Applause.)

NTS Notes: Finally, the end of this speech full of lies and falsehoods... But you have to hand it to Barry's speech writers and his teleprompter.....

NTS Notes: Well, there you have it... Barry goes in front of the UN General Assembly and tries to sell both his Global Warming fraud agenda and of course his want to have Bashar al-Assad removed from power in Syria... 

Two major points of contention were missing in this entire speech.. Barry talks about the rights of people of all nations and yet he does not even mention the plight of the Palestinian people at all in this entire bullcrap speech.... That to me was appalling....

And of course he steered away from the criminal and psycho state of Israel and their constant want to have their neighbors destroyed including Syria....

Let us just be thankful that this criminal only gets up in front of the UN General Assembly to spew his load of lies once a year....

More to come



greencrow said...

Note how Barry never refers to international law but to international "principles". This is because the US doesn't believe in the rule of international law. It doesn't work for them.

Anonymous said...

Shew!!! I had a hard time getting through this, and thank you for your interjections. I had "bullshit overload" when he overly promoted Democracy whilst ignoring the almost 70 years of endless and tremendous genocide, murder, imprisonment and the utterly revolting UNdemocratic treatment of Palestinians (remember them?) at the hands of Israel and the slavery of US taxpayers. NEVER coming to the forefront of "remembering" the absolute genocide and eradication of Native Americans by those "tyrants" of power. The thing that makes us all sick is the disgraceful, indecent, arrogance of hypocrisy which is now shining in the light like a beacon that has caused this nation to be at war within and without perpetually. I take this speech as a desperate act of the deception of words vs. the reality of actions. The only action required at this time is the total recognition and apology of ALL US atrocities done since her beginning.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, NTS! You not only survived one of the greatest Jew-scripted, BS-filled speeches ever delivered by their androgynous mulatto king, but you also gave an excellent analysis of it all. Would it be an exaggeration to say that every major sinister program of “God’s Chosen” was covered in that well-crafted, but crap-filled speech of my least favorite of our long line of immoral, craven presidents? The saddest thing about it is that the majority of my fellow Americans are either mesmerized by it all or just sound asleep, with absolutely no idea who their real enemies are.

Anonymous said...

Excellent assessment NTS! The contrast between this schizoid blah! blah! blah! and the coherent, cogent and relevance of Putin's speech is striking. I can hardly wait to read your assessment of Bennie Nutty-Yahoo's schizoid blah! blah! blah! when he's finished on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

And then there is South Africa...same old story...!!!