Saturday, July 18, 2015

Vacation Alert

I am taking a much needed vacation for the next 12 days starting tomorrow....

I will NOT be posting anything, including my weekly "rants" during that time frame...

This vacation has been long in planning, and my better half has demanded that I do NOT blog during that time, just to give my body and my mind some much needed rest and relaxation....

During my absence, you can take a close look at the outstanding work put out by my friends and colleagues, that I call 'The best bloggers that I know"... They are of course listed along with other fine bloggers in the left hand column of this blog...

There has been a lot of material that I have not properly covered during the last few weeks, that many have asked for my opinion or a sample of my thoughts.... I figure in closing, I would quickly give my personal opinion and thoughts about a few...

- The Chattanooga shooting is a lie and a fraud.   When you find the criminal Jewish SITE group, and that scumbag Pamela Gellar involved, it ALWAYS points towards these shootings as being set ups...

- The Iranian nuclear "deal" is not much of a deal at all, when you consider that Iran never had or was ever building nuclear weapons in the first place.... And to top it all off, the 'deal' is not set in stone yet as the scumbag Jews that control America are now working overtime trying to scuttle the deal before it gets into place..

- Israel is always causing trouble.. No change there.... And their Prime Minister, Benyamin Miliewkosky (Netanyahu) is just as insane as ever.

- ISIS is still a fraud.  NO changes here at all, and until people wake the hell up, this fraud will continue to exist.... You really do have to love the BS "beheadings" though and how they are still selling that crap to gullible people....

- Jewish criminal banksters are still making our economies miserable and causing more nations to be teetering on economic turmoil.   The question becomes when people will have had enough of their criminal activity and tell them to take their debt and stick it where the sun does not shine?

- Jade Helm is on right now, and I look at it more as a "conditioning" program to prepare the American public to accept the military in their own backyards for the time when the government finally brings martial law to America...

- The liars behind Global Warming will continue with their scam because honestly, they are stuck with their own lies and are too brain dead now to admit defeat....

Well, hopefully that covers a few points... I will be back in a few weeks after some much needed rest and a chance to unwind...  See you all soon....

More to come



greencrow said...

Have a great and restful holiday, NTS.


Anonymous said...

Hey Northern,
Come and vacation around the Burlington,Billerica,surrounding communities in Massachusetts.
When you speak of economic collapse,i told you,there rebuilding everything and that thought is hard to conceive,maybe you have an explanation for that or maybe I read it and forgot??
In that case,please inform me on that thought.
Lots of rebuilding and building things and new stores opening up,seems like paradise around here.
I also had a feeling,you were gonna say phony Chattanooga was false.
Seems like everything is false these days,ill still tune in for your stories or blogs,its like watching a movie,i take in all your blogs and apply to reality,and like I say to other folks,fact or fiction,you decide.
Im still on the fence.
Enjoy your vacation,and please visit this delusional paradise,and tell how its all gonna collapse,which it did under the Bush regime.
Also,if you eliminated the forces that beand you had the paradise you seek.
Would there still be war and injustices and people like you writing blogs about all your injustices????
I think I have asked you a few times and never got an answer.
I would love to read your thoughts on that.
Ill even ask you again if you fail to respond again

Thank you
If your vacationing anywhere near Massachusetts,please check out this area and see if you agree about the paradise I think it is

Thanks again

Be true to thyself and thy be false to no man.
The truth shall set you free

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful vacation!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the break. I will miss you

Anonymous said...

So northern.
Come to Boston and check out what there doing there,then cruise the burbs about thirty to fourty minutes away.My area
Since your not from around here,you may not notice anything.
I went to Boston after not going for a few years and sooo much has changed and grew,and there still growing.
That's why when you speak of economic collapse,you just cant see that happening around here..
In the burbs,there building all these condo units and people are filling them as fast as there building them,go figure???
So cmon,take a trip to Beantown,you can investigate the hoax more thougouly with boots on the ground,then survey the burbs,see all the new eateries and stores popping up,redoing or rebuilding schools.
Soooo if you don't have a destination in mind for your vacation,come check out taxachusetts or some call masshole.
But it is thriving.
Come and see

I havnt had a vacation in over twenty years
I probably need one more than you,and I don't see any on the horizon.
Just a slave to the criminal system

Anonymous said...

Here is a lot of projects that are going on.
Im sorry,its difficult to see your doom and gloom prediction,while all this is going on..Check out all the projects,that either started or are about tooo.
Same thing is going on in the burbs.


Jody Paulson said...

Have a good vacation, NTS!

Anonymous said...

Hey NTS, enjoy your well-deserved break, and don't dare look at this until you're back.
Up there with the Kardashians (spit!) I know how much you adore the Royals (spit!), so here's a treat for you:

Anonymous said...

And another one for you:
That bag of sh*t is gone from that office at the nAzi Defamation League. His "If the world left us alone, we'd be fine," comment is such BS. If he and his ilk would leave US alone, the world would be a much better condition.

Hope you enjoy your break.