Thursday, June 18, 2015

Wider War In The Middle East: The Grim Reaper Smiles

I have been stating it clearly for everyone for quite some time that the entire "war on terror" is nothing but a massive fraud and a scam... Heck, the entire premise of the criminal CIA and Mossad in creating their fraud known as "ISIS" was to not only try to scare the crap out of people and have them psychologically conditioned to accept more wars and loss of personal freedoms, but was also done to stir up as much trouble in the Middle East to justify more wars of invasion by the United States and NATO with their primary target to be the innocent nation of Syria itself..... It is so troubling to me to watch and listen to people, especially here in Canada, fall for this "terrorism" bullshit....

In trying to understand exactly what is happening right now in the Middle East, and how the fraud known as "ISIS" is being used to foment war and destruction of the nations there, I periodically turn to other writers in what I call the real truth movement for their views and articles... One writer in particular, Penny, who writes "A Penny For Your Thoughts" ( has just completed a most interesting blog article on what she sees is truly happening with the escalating conflict happening right now in the Middle East, and I want to share that report right here for my own readers to view for themselves... The article is entitled: "Wider War In The Middle East: The Grim Reaper Smiles", and I have as always my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Wider War in the Middle East: The Grim Reaper Smiles

I've been working on this post for the past week-Take the time to read everything included, plus check all the links. I'm not interested in trolls making pointless allegations. Read the post, check the links, read them and then leave something of substance regarding the material- Thank You!

When first reading this news on June 10/15, I became alarmed at what this increase in advisers signifies- At the time this news article was initially written the headline announced the increasing of advisers to Iraq- The headline now reads: Obama plans to send more troops into Iraq
original url-
“The Obama administration is retooling its strategy in the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Iraq. The president plans to send hundreds more American military advisers into the country, and to establish a new base to accelerate the training of Iraqi forces in Anbar province, the western section of Iraq where ISIS has made recent, unnerving military gains”
Advisers aren’t going to just  train Iraqi forces. Advisers are going to lead the newly trained Sunni militia men from Anbar province. That training had begun last year

Flashback to this previous post: Sleight of Hand: US reaches out to "awakening councils

“The Obama administration is reaching back to an Iraq War programme as a guide to keep disgruntled Sunnis from joining a rampant new insurgency. US officials hope to persuade Sunni militiamen known as Sahwa, or Awakening Councils, to fight back against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant as they did nearly 10 years ago against Al Qaida.”

Except Obama wasn’t reaching back, as explain in that previous post, because, he had always been in touch with these Sunni militia men in the Anbar province. We can connect him with the Sunni fighters of Anbar province in 2008- That’s 7 years ago, my friends. 7 years ago.......

"When George W. Bush visited Iraq in September 2007, my host on my tour of Fallujah, Sheik Aifan, was delighted to meet him. Bush, he claimed, was "very smart and a brother." During the summer of 2008, he would meet Barack Obama as well. When asked what he thought of Obama, he told Richard Rowley, "U.S. foreign policy tends not to change with a new president"
The Shiek was correct! US foreign policy doesn't change and didn't change one iota with the "hope and change" selection of the first black president of the US, Obama.

Anbar province? What is so very interesting about Anbar province in Iraq?

 Why it’s the birthplace of ISIS!! That is not a coincidence. And I am not a coincidence theorist

Reading two previous posts, I will relink below, are crucial to understanding that Obama is repeating what was done previously- There isn’t anything new in this strategy.

I’m going to explain this plan in as short and sweet a fashion, as possible:

Approximately 10 years ago, the Bush administration  used the Sahwa or Awakening Councils allegedly to reign in Al quaeda- All that really happened was Al Quaeda melded into the Awakening council/Sahway or Sunni militias.  That’s it. A straight up morphing into, the pot sweetened with all sorts of  power/money deals. This is covered in the two posts linked below from last year

  ISIS- A US created "stay behind" using Iraqs plundered wealth

 ISIS rises up out of the ashes of the U.S.-led invasion to oust Saddam Hussein as al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI)

Al Qaeda + "Awakening Councils" = ISIS

 "If we understand ISIS to be a left behind army, working on behalf of another master, then the application of  pressure on Maliki & the collusion between the Kurds of Iraq and ISIS makes perfect sense."

The point I am making at this time?

As there was no difference then between the Sunni militiamen and AQ then,  there is no difference between these Sunni militia men and the rebranded AQ, which is ISIL or ISIS now.

Therefore If Obama is ‘reaching back’ to these same groups in Anbar to fight, the pretext that is ISIS, what is actually happening or will be happening very soon is WIDER WAR in region!


“The plan calls for upwards of 500 more advisers to augment the 3,000 U.S. troops in Iraq now, reports CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett. All of the troops would remain under the same tight guidelines -- no front line advising or intelligence gathering -- to minimize the risk of combat deaths or capture”

Mr. Obama said Iraq must provide more recruits and use the 8,000 trained forces more effectively to reverse ISIS gains in the Sunni strongholds of Ramadi and Fallujah

So 500 advisers + 3,000 US troops + 8,000 previously trained forces + Kurdish Forces, unsure of numbers there + NATO forces + Useful idiots as cannon fodder dragged in from NATO nations = boots on the ground for a wider war.

Kurdish Forces? 

Yes, Kurdish forces supported by NATO airstrikes! After all Kurdish forces under whichever brand name, Peshmerga, YPG, have been supported by NATO all along.
CBS article: “Mr. Obama also said his emerging strategy needs to reduce the flow of foreign fighters and new efforts are to begin on the border between Syria and Turkey to use Kurdish fighters and U.S. airstrikes to deter new ISIS recruits from joining the fight.”
So we have our  pretext for the wider war - deterring ISIS recruits from joining the fight?  Stemming the flow of new recruits coming in via Turkey.  Let’s chat about the fighters coming into Syria via Turkey very briefly?

Who is allowing the fighters into Syria? Obviously not the Syrian government because they have long lost control of most of the border crossings

Shall we take a gander at whose controlling the border crossings? Or let me make it easier for all of us to understand- Syria controls only ONE batch of open border crossings. Just one border with one nation. That sole, Syrian controlled, open border crossing is shared with Lebanon.

Al the rest of the border crossings have been closed by Turkey or  are controlled by the Kurds or ISIS- So, who is letting foreign fighters into Syria? The KurdIShIS fighters- Controlled at the top by NATO- (Briefly- Yes, the deluded Erdogan was involved with the destabilization of Syria- drunk with power he believed he was an equal- He was mistaken. I believe we have moved past the time where Turkey's elected government is fully participatory- keeping in mind the deep state- gladio etc)

Only Border Syrian Regime Still Controls is with Lebanon

Of Syria's 19 border posts with Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey, government forces now control just seven -- five with Lebanon, and two more, both closed, with Turkey
The article goes through each border crossing and who is in control of it. The only change from the above linked news is at Tal Abyad: Which is now Kurdish controlled as they 'took' it from ISIS.
As so often happens---but not because the Kurds are such strong fighters, most often because ISIS just retreats- I can't imagine why ;)

Considering that border crossing news, we have to realize that almost all anti- Syrian  fighters entering Syria have been allowed in by ISIS/L or the Kurds- Or as like to call the NATO/US unified group of Sunni Muslim fighters KurdIShIS

The only ones continuing to spread the 'blame the Turkish' government meme is the NATO media and the disingenuous  NATO allied Kurds

So here we have the NATO affiliated Sunni Muslim Kurdishis fighters controlling the border of  Turkey & Syria presently being supported by US air power?  Dare I say soon to be supported by ever bigger NATO airpower  to create a “No fly zone for Peace”

To save lives, alleviate the refugee crisis, and bring about a peaceful transition in Syria, the most practical, feasible step is a no-fly zone (NFZ).
Since when has there ever been a no fly zone for peace! Do you wanna talk Orwellian double speak, sheesh!!!!!

As was mentioned yesterday the aerial raids of the US, in partnership with the NATO allied Kurds, are being used to ethnically cleanse northern Syria of Syrian civilians to create the NATO contrived Kurdistan. Is the US Complicit in Ethnic Cleansing in Syria? Yes, Obviously!

Considering this from September 30/2014 :White House- Kill Syrian/Iraqi Civilians- Exemption for airstrikes

 The White House has acknowledged for the first time that strict standards President Obama imposed last year to prevent civilian deaths from U.S. drone strikes will not apply to U.S. military operations in Syria and Iraq.

The no fly zone for peace meme suggests a cleansing is definitely in the offing. The US will not apply any standards what so ever to prevent civilian deaths in Iraq or Syria. This will extend to Turkey in short order.

With one “no fly zone for peace” stone how many metaphorical birds are to be taken out ?

Destroy Iraq. Destroy Syria. Destroy Turkey. Create an artificially contrived Kurdistan based on the ancient Assyrian lands.  Foment a wider war engulfing the entire region. Taking in Saudi Arabia, Jordan etc., Empowering Israel, allowing Israel to steal more land- See: Israeli Minister calls on World to Recognize Golan Annexation

 Everything a banker/ war monger/ military industrialist complex misery inducing industry loves...

Check, check, check !!!!

This truly IS NOT about fighting ISIS. 
Obama and company are laying the groundwork for the “big war” in the Middle East- The one that will go down in the lie filled history books as “The Great Sunni-Shia War” This is the war we are all supposed to believe is the worst case scenario. But it isn’t. It’s exactly the war that has been planned for.

McClatchy-Mideast’s worst case: A ‘big war’ pitting Shia Muslims against Sunni

“The Middle East crisis that peaked one year ago Wednesday when the Islamic State captured Mosul may result in the breakup of Iraq and an indefinite continuation of a war in Syria that’s already out of control, analysts say.

Yah, the taking of Mosul- Who were the beneficiaries from that incident?
The fall of Mosul. Who benefits and who does not. Updated!

Surely not Iraq, as the US took their elected leader our! Recall? Maliki stands down- US Regime change accomplished via ISIS terror proxy

McClatchy continuing:

“Yet still worse things could happen”

“The conditions are very much like 1914,” says Michael Stephens of the Royal United Service Institute in London. “All it will take is one little spark, and Iran and Saudi Arabia will go at each other, believing they are fighting a defensive war.”

Gee, who might ignite that spark? Dumdeedumdeedum........Israel

Hiwa Osman, an Iraqi Kurdish commentator, was even more blunt: “The whole region is braced for the big war, the war that has not yet happened, the Shiite-Sunni war.”
Keeping in mind the Sunni Muslim Kurds are all ready to participate in that big war!

The Shiite Sunni war. 

It’s been playing out all over the place. Kurds and ISIS, both being Sunni, already aligned and killing Shiites, Christians and non cooperative Sunni’s. But this is NOT really a Sunni/Shia war!

However- that's going to be the presentation. It’s convenient to keep the narrative simple for the gullible. It's easier to present this planned for and desired war, redrawing borders, profiteering in the typical black vs white sort of scenario of Sunni vs Shia- we've been being prepped for this narrative for some time now.

If the US/Israel/NATO psychopaths didn’t want the ‘big war’ to happen, they would have stopped training rebels. Stopped arming rebels. Stopped training Kurds. Stopped arming Kurds. These nations, including Canada would not have dropped weapons to ISIS.  Would have stopped recruiting fighters through domestic intelligence agencies. Wouldn't have carried out numerous false flags to justify their war agenda-( Thinking here of Canada & the Ottawa shooting) Step by step the NATO nations, alongside Israel have built this worst case scenario into a reality. And it will get worse, it will expand, by design. (NATO design)

Turkey: It’s in NATO’s crosshairs. Balkanization.

It’s been a topic here since last year....

Hat tip to James@ winterpatriot who left this article earlier in the week from Eric Draitser-

Did the War in Syria Just Become a Regional War?

"With tensions high over escalations in Ukraine and the South China Sea, the potential for global conflict has never been higher. Those who trade in doomsday prognostication are certainly busy these days. But perhaps it is Syria and the Middle East where the true global conflict is taking place.

The question is: has anyone noticed?"

I've noticed!

NTS Notes: I want to thank Penny for her most excellent work in this fine article..... And yes, I too have indeed noticed....

The fact is again that the whole circus happening in the Middle East conducted by the fraud known as ISIS AND controlled by the ringmasters in the United States and Israel has only one ultimate goal in mind, which is the overthrow of the Bashar al-Assad government in Syria and the imposition of an American/Israeli controlled puppet ruler in his place... The fact that to achieve that goal will cost the lives of thousands of innocent Syrian civilians makes no difference to these monsters....

One other note has to be mentioned is that this destruction happening right now in the Middle East is exactly what was written and PLANNED in the infamous "A Clean Break: A New Strategy For Securing the Realm" documents created by that Jewish criminal Richard Pearle for that nutjob Benyamin Miliewkosky (Netanyahu) way back in 1996.  In that document, these scoundrels called for the destruction of Israel's neighbors and the subsequent creation of smaller weaker fiefdoms which the Israelis would control and thus give them ultimate control over the entire region... That document laid the groundwork to what we are witnessing today with the shattering of Israel's neighbors, and our criminal governments are following that heinous document to the letter....

These wars for Israeli domination of the Middle East will definitely continue until either that psychotic state achieves its dominance over the entire region, or people finally wake the hell up and put a stop to their madness and the death of thousands of innocent people....

More to come



Frank Fredenburg said...

Russia Proposes New Investigation Into Apollo Hoax (ahem) I Mean Lunar Missions

Northern I don't know if you seen this. He mentions you in this article. Or is it a she? I don't know the person that runs the site. If the Russians start exposing all of the hoaxes that this government is orchestrating all over the world, it is going to get very interesting. I'll bet they have some damaging evidence on 9/11. What about China and the steel from the World Trade Center. The Chinese would be stupid if they didn't make a record of all of the evidence of a controlled demolition. I don't think the Chinese are stupid!

Carolyn Yeager is over at John Friend's site taking shots at him in the comments section. Somebody told her that her criticism isn't fair.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Frank... I went to JF's blog and read the comments by that "Carolyn Yeager" person, and I am not surprised by her psychosis...

The woman to me is nuts, plain and simple... She is all over the map at times and throws accusations against everyone else while if anyone criticizes her, she goes ballistic..... She cannot have it both ways, and she is a person who does not welcome criticisms

I washed my hands of Yeager years back when she sided with that other lunatic, Mike Delaney, and they actually did a show where they took pot shots at me... But believe it or not, they actually had absolutely nothing to say or accuse me of, other than to spew hate and name calling.... Sad and laughable....

Greencrow is a good guy in my books and has come a long way over the last few years in his own research and awakening to the Jew problem....

I want to see where the Russians go with their exposure of NASA.... It will be interesting indeed.... I was thinking of posting an article on it, but honestly the stuff that Russia is saying does not go far enough in my books.. They only want to show that there is something wrong with the scientific data collected by Apollo and are NOT outright challenging the notion of NASA NOT putting men on the moon... At least not yet....

But overall, I found the Grreencrow article interesting , and kudos to the guy for having me mentioned...