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Voting For Your Own Executioner!

Periodically, I look at what is happening in the formerly great United States of America, and especially the clowns that are vying for the office of President.... I have been troubled in trying to figure out the American mindset that they continue to rely on a crooked two party system where both sides, both Democrat and Republican, are criminals and crooks.... Both sides absolutely do nothing more than kiss Jewish ass and pledge their undying devotion to the criminal and psychotic state of Israel above and beyond the American citizens that are gullible enough to vote them into office... It is beyond disgusting to watch....

One great writer that absolutely writes fabulous articles is of course John Kaminski... I have already posted many of his works at this blog for others to read for themselves, and right now I want to present his latest article that comes from The Rebel website, at www.therebel.is... It is entitled: "Voting For Your Own Executioner!" and I have it right here for everyone to view for themselves... I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

John Kaminski

Fabricated terror charades promise death to everyone
and mark the end of the USA

By John Kaminski

At this point in time, the myth of the United States of America as a good and decent country has been pretty much vaporized by the constant betrayal of its own citizens and its neverending attacks on the rest of the world. I mean, with a leadership that supervised the demolition of its two tallest buildings as a pretext for making war on the world, abandoned its own people by deliberately sending most of its jobs overseas, and lastly, is about to round up and dispose of all its dissenters in the name of falsified terror threats, how could anyone with a functioning brain lend any degree of support to this political monster in Washington that is clearly and deliberately eating its own tail?

And to make it perfectly clear — deliberately destroying its own country at the behest of a demonic foreign power!

A description that has come down to us from the annals of ancient history perfectly pertains to all these by now familiar atrocities, these egregious invasions and massacres that have been trumpeted as noble victories by the fatuous psychopaths who have commandeered the leadership of the USA.

The words belong to the Roman historian Tacitus. They describe the results of the deeds of his father-in-law Agricola, the Roman governor of Britain two thousand years ago. These are chilling words — words that have become the tragic legacy of America.

Step by step they were led to things which dispose to vice, the lounge, the bath, the elegant banquet. All this in their ignorance they called civilization, when it was part of their slavery.

What follows is the more famous part of the quote, which has been applied many times to tragic military "victories" throughout history, but never more appropriately than to America's uninhibited rapacious behavior throughout the world over most of the past century.

To ravage, to slaughter, to usurp under false titles, all this they call empire. They make a desert, and they call it peace.

The archetypal signature of this image is, of course, Gaza, the enduring symbol of what the Jews have done and are doing to the world. But that vomitous tableau is inexorably being replaced by images of ravaged American cities — Detroit in particular — a ruined metropolis abandoned by the foreign moneymakers and left as a gut-wrenching monument to the legacy of America's cynical hypocrisy, America's willingness to betray its own citizens and let them molder in their own excrement.

Throughout all of this deterioration, the majority of American citizens continues to proceed as if nothing is really wrong, reasoning that "there's no use worrying about things you can't control". The level of American education has never been lower. Oblivious to their own imminent fate, they still believe what they read in the newspapers.

This mass abdication of responsibility is a symbol not only of the studied indifference that has been imbued into the minds of Americans by their deliberately dysfunctional educational system, but also by their reliance on a media apparatus that is owned by the same people who have undermined and sabotaged the USA throughout its entire history, but most especially throughout the 20th century, after the Jews managed to institute the Federal Reserve and the income tax, which enabled them to start World War 1 and begin a century of secret plunder that has now proved fatal to the republic.

In fact it has been the public's reliance on mass media that not only has allowed them to lose contact with the reins of power, but also allowed their health to be seriously compromised by accepting and using products that have been advertised but have years later been proven to be harmful if not fatal. Public media in the United States have given Americans a totally false view of reality and caused the unnecessary deaths of millions of people, both at home and abroad.

Most of all, reliance on public media has allowed candidates for president to be chosen by the traitors who run the media who then push these well-controlled criminals down the throats of the voters to guarantee that government will never operate for the benefit of the general population, but only to the moneymen who keep the majority powerless and impoverished.

Pick a candidate, any candidate, all the candidates. They're all primed to kill you, to kill anyone the bankers tell them to kill.

How long is it going to take before we figure out that our so-called leaders are really our jailers? And not just that. They're psychopathic killers, ready and willing to kill us just as they are eager to obliterate thousands if not millions all over the world. What a trip! We get to vote for our own executioners.

How long is it going to be before we figure out that we have absolutely no control over who gets elected? We don't pick the candidates, they do! It's the same with the laws they pass. We have no input, no vote. And no control over the laws they break, either.

Just think for a minute about the last law they passed that we really wanted to have passed. It's a lot easier to remember some abomination of a law that we never in our lives wanted to see passed. The Trans Pacific Partnership is merely the latest in a long line of repressive measures — the NDAA, the Patriot Act, the death of the Freedom of Information Act — that ordinary people never wanted, or thought were necessary.

How stupid do you have to be not to know that a law they won't let you read before passage is a law that should never be passed?

The TPP is the end of all public participation in the workings of government.

They shackle us with inexcusable wars, restrictive laws, financial penalties for everything, but what do they give us? Certainly not even security from their own terror plots.

America is now and has always been on the wrong side of all the wars, killing innocent people to make them conform to the wishes of the international bankers. Don't deceive yourself — the international bankers are Jewish. Jewish religious leaders authorize the robbing and killing of all of the non Jews in the world. Don't try to say anything different. You'd be lying.

We've taught our cops to kill children and pets for no valid reason.

We teach children sexual perversions in the first grade. We teach them how to use a condom years before they have any thought about sex. Perhaps this is to prepare them for being raped by those freaks creating this insane situation.

There is no internal security threat in the United States. There are no terrorists lurking behind every shrub, only desperate flunkies hired by the FBI to act out their own rage at their failed lives, to be paraded before the public in show trials to reinforce the idea that putting up a defense is useless. The main internal security threat is the government, whose law enforcement employees create the threats that they then claim to solve, and then claim great effort is needed to thwart these contrived, fake threats, necessitating ever new and more repressive restrictions on freedom.

Sandy Hook was a fraudulent event, using crisis actors, corrupt cops and photos of children from previous generations. Adam Lanza did not even exist. No children were killed. The cops lied about everything. And the media — the prostituted totally unreliable Jewish media — played along, maintaining the fiction that America is a free country, and not a giant prison of deceived dupes totally controlled by creature comforts, gross hypocrisy and designer drugs.

Sandy Hook was about as real an event as Osama bin Laden being buried at sea, or two young dupes being blamed for the Boston Marathon bombing when uniformed members of "The Craft" were seen by millions setting up this "drill gone live".

All these events have proved that this out-of-control government can arrest whomever it wants, try them in a kangaroo court and execute them, all without a shred of evidence, and often times without a trial.

The next vote you cast for president is likely to be for your own executioner, for the person who is likely to be responsible for your own death. All these major candidates who are so disgustingly promoted by disgusting mainstream media are in the pocket of Israeli billionaires, and the Jewish holy books COMMAND their believers to kill or enslave all those who are not Jews.

So do you think Hillary or Jeb are going to care one whit about your life, when saving it might jeopardize the millions coming to them from their scandalously wealthy Israeli puppeteers?

There are many different ways to kill you. Medical atrocities and genetically modified food have already guaranteed the defacement of future generations, which is just what the planners want to happen.

Cops bursting through your front door for no particular reason and killing your dog and perhaps yourself seem to be a new American tradition, no doubt based on U.S. cops now being trained in Israel.

Andrew Breitbart, a conservative, was murdered with some kind of heart attack dart, and plane crashes are popular treatments for those who effectively oppose the Jewish New World Order.

The fact that you have not exploded in a violent rage against all of these atrocities is evidence of your drugged paralysis that prevents you from even acting in your own best interests. When they come to kill you, you won't even defend yourself, will you?

The dirtiest villains in all this betrayal are the writers who pretend to be eloquent spokespeople for the opposition but who do not possess the courage to tell the whole story, and leave all mention of the Jews out of their equations. This kind of faux criticism actually benefits the Jews because it further undermines America while it leaves the Jews hidden behind the scenes, which is where they like to be as they sabotage and deface everything that they don't already own.

They made a desert and they called it peace.

This is what the Jews trumpet as their world plan, to unite the whole world in a viciously perverted ponzi scheme where no one trusts anyone else so genuine community can never exist, only devotion to sick rabbis who rape little boys and murder the elderly and the innocent so they can steal their organs.

Some Jews would try to tell you not all Jews behave this way, but Jews lie about everything all the time. Did you know?

Whatever happened to all those oaths to uphold the Constitution, or what George W. Bush once infamously called "that goddamned piece of paper"?

It didn't mean anything to them when they took those oaths, and it doesn't mean anything to them now. These people are all enthusiastically supported by Jews.

And when you cast your next vote (if you're still stupid enough to be voting), think hard if your choice is going to be the same person who is going to cause your death, or the death of someone you know and love, sometime soon in the very near future.

The U.S. government was totally complicit in the deaths of some 3,000 people in New York City on Sept. 11, 2001 in a caper that was primarily organized and executed by Jews. Do you really think that killing you because you were offended by their criminal behavior is going to bother them one bit?

This is what America has become — thanks to the influence of the Jews, who own the politicians, the newspapers and your bank account. Ignore all writers who pretend to be writing about our mutual problems, but don't mention Jews, because, willingly or not, they're working for these monsters who intend on killing us all.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

NTS Notes:  Another superb article of truth by John, definitely...

I agree with John's statements about so called "terrorism" because I myself discovered many years back that it indeed is and always has been a scam... The so called "terrorists" are indeed either Mossad or CIA operatives that use the fraud of "terrorism" to strike fear into people so that they are gullible enough to surrender their personal freedoms for the illusion of "security" from these "terrorists"!   The scam has indeed worked beyond these criminals' wildest dreams as we watch our governments take away their citizens' freedoms and turn our nations into police states....

I also fully agree with John's assessment of the Sandy Hook fraud... I have known from almost the day of that fraud shooting that we are dealing with a hoax and a scam to try to fool the American people to surrender their last line of defense from tyranny, which is of course their guns... I also again want to take a shot at those fools and scoundrels out there in the so called "truth movement" that continue to defend the Sandy Hook lie, because these misfits and criminals have been bought off and sold their souls to the devil himself...We all know who they are by now, and these idiots should all be both ashamed of themselves and shunned by everyone else...

Yes, the 2016 US Presidential "election" is another charade where Americans will be stupid enough to vote for Jew ass kissing morons.... And with the nation falling into demise, and rapidly becoming a police state, the American people are definitely voting for their own executions...

More to come


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