Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Truth About The "War" In Eastern Ukraine: Ukrainian Army Is Definitely Targeting Civilians!

I have been saying since last year that the "war" in eastern Ukraine is absolutely NOT a war at all... It is a brutal and cold blooded act of murder against civilians..... The criminal US puppet regime in Kiev has been attacking and shooting civilians in the eastern provinces of  Ukraine who's ONLY crime was to run a legal and very binding referendum last year where they decided legally to separate from Ukraine itself and  go their own way.... According to all aspects of international law including the parts about a people's right to "self determination" these people have every right to say that they have had enough of the criminality of the Ukrainian leadership and have rightfully decided to split from Ukraine itself, much like Crimea rightfully decided in a referendum to go back to the Russian Federation.....

Since the eastern provinces rightfully and legally decided in a just and fair referendum to split from Ukraine, the brutal Kiev regime has launched a massive war against the civilian population and has used the Jew spew media to promote the lies that the Ukrainian army is fighting both "rebel" forces and Russian troops in the eastern provinces... It is a fact that many Ukrainian soldiers have been brainwashed into the belief that they are in the eastern provinces to "defend" Ukraine from "Russian aggression", but when they arrive and they discover that they are murdering helpless and mostly unarmed civilians, many have defected from the Ukrainian army and/or put down their weapons and have sought to go home.... But the brutal Kiev regime has upped the stakes by placing "barrier troops" at the rear of the Ukrainian front lines in the eastern provincial "war" and these "barrier troops" have been shooting and killing any Ukrainian army personnel that have tried to turn around and go home.    Yes, the criminal United States government (and the one here in Canada as well) is condoning and in full support of this genocide and we continue to be lied to by the fools in the Jew spew media to this day.

I want to present a most important article and video that comes from the Russia Insider website, at www.russia-insider.com that shows clear evidence of the Ukrainian army brutality against the civilians of the eastern provinces of Ukraine.... I have that article right here for all to see for themselves, and I can tell everyone that after I myself watched this video and read this report, I too have been heart-wrenched... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

If This Video Doesn't End the War in Ukraine, Nothing Will

The most heart-breaking video of the civilian bombing outrage that we have seen so far.  Force yourself, and everyone you know to watch it.  Share it and talk about it.

Message to Poroshenko from a women that lost her child and husband as a result of Ukrainian shelling

The war in East Ukraine is routinely presented in western mainstream media as a humanitarian tragedy in which both sides are guilty of harming civilians, but this is, in fact, not true.  

The reality is, it has been a very one-sided affair with the Ukrainian side deliberately shelling and individually terrorizing defenseless civilians, in a calculated effort to lure Russia into a larger conflict, a cynical and vicious strategy condoned and egged on by neo-con elements in the US and the EU.

If the general public in Europe and America knew what was happening they would never allow it, but they do so only because the media, also dominated by neo-con views, has not reported the situation honestly.

The rebels have never engaged in this sort of criminal warfare, and in all likelihood, never would, because it requires a particularly venal world view to perpetrate something like this, and most people simply would not do it.  Neo-cons and neo-nazis can push this sort of thing - most people could not bring themselves to do it.

In addition, it is the Ukrainian side which has attacked the East, and not the other way around.  The reason they attacked was to stop a secession movement, which in its essence is not disimilar to secession movements in Scotland, Spain, and elsewhere.

Thus to paint this as a battle between equally reprehensible sides doing equally inhuman things to one another is a crude misrepresentation, but this is exactly the picture that the media have conveyed. 

If anything, it is the Ukrainian side which has been presented as in the right, a preposterous inversion of the truth.  It is only the Poroshenko led Ukrainian side which has acted reprehensibly.

The heartbreaking video above of a civilian victim, by now one of thousands, describing what happened to her and her family.

That the mainstream media is not reporting the true nature of this conflict is a journalistic failure of historic proportions, and it is no exaggeration to say that they have been criminally negligent.  The only two examples over the past decade which compare are the shoddy reporting that allowed the US to enter into the Vietnam war and the Iraq war.

NTS Notes:  When the hell will people finally wake up to the truth about what is happening right now in Ukraine?   I again must state that to purposely target civilians is indeed a war crime, and the criminals who have decided that policy should be in The Hague for their crimes against humanity!

We have the fools that run our governments right now meeting in that fraud G-7 conference in Europe, and many including that idiot that calls himself Canada's Prime Minister,  Stephen Harper, are declaring their "support" for the brutal and murderous regime in Kiev... And these idiots are all calling on more and more economic sanctions against the Russian Federation for its non-existent "aggression" in Ukraine!   I do wonder if these fools are indeed idiots, or are following their Jewish master's orders when they make such ridiculous statements and assertions...

Yes, again what we are being told to by the liars in the Jew spew media about Ukaine is a full 180 degrees from the real truth..... Our criminal governments and media are promoting these monsters in Kiev as they prepare right now to launch an all out offensive in the eastern provinces that will see the genocide of thousands of innocent people.....

Wake up everyone, and make sure that people know the truth about Ukraine before more innocent lives are snuffed out...

More to come



Anonymous said...

Stalin gets credit for being a sick leader.
Hitler gets credit for being a sick leader.
Men in uniform commit all the atrocities you witness.
Stop calling men in uniform heros.
Stop embracing these people as heros,fighting for freedom and liberty.
Men in uniform are brainwashed puppets for demented human beings.
My stomach turns and for many years,ive never appreciated soliers or men in uniform and they scare me.
I think if your regime defeated the powers at hand,i guarantee,you would still witness crimes against humanity by men in uniform,do you agree??
What if your people took over,and they wanted control of something,tell me please,do you think they would also commit crimes against humanity,because its human nature??
Please comment on that

Anonymous said...


This is going on in Amerika
Once again a man in uniform,seems to be the unstable one.
He only knows what his rulebook,says he can do.
Hey chump,march the girl into the gas chamber.
Now tell me please,if your regime was in power or your utopian vision.
Would your men in uniform be just as dangerous?And also would there be a truther like yourself,telling others about your crimes of humanity.
Does the cat have your tongue?You pleading the fifth??
I would love to know

Anonymous said...