Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Charleston Shooting Is Indeed A Hoax: This Is So Ridiculous - Arresting Police Officers Take Dylann Roof To Burger King (!)

I am so shocked and yet so amazed at the absolute stupidity and ignorance of the general American public... They are right now being so easily manipulated and outright brainwashed by the liars in their own media and the criminals running the American government over the recent Charleston "shooting" that was in fact nothing more than a very elaborately staged drill that went "live"....It is disgusting to behold....

But I was sent something today via email that absolutely floored me, and made me howl in laughter and yet feel absolutely disgusted by those out there that have been gullible enough to believe this Charleston shooting to be real!  It appears that according to this video, released by a true seeker of the truth, RedsilverJ, that the police officers that arrested the supposed gunman responsible for the "massacre" of 9 victims in that church in Charleston, Dylann Storm (Yes, that is his middle name!) Roof to a Burger King fast food restaurant before they turned him over to the FBI and Charleston police..... First and foremost, here is that video for all to see for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Honestly, are the real criminals behind this fake Charleston shooting laughing at everyone for how gullible people truly are?

So let me get this straight... This supposed criminal shoots 9 innocent people dead in a church in Charleston using uncanny marksmanship (and no mention at all of anyone else possibly wounded...), escapes and drives up to North Carolina and gets arrested outside a Marathon gas station (video of that arrest looks so staged...) and then is placed handcuffed into a police cruiser to be sent back to South Carolina... And on the way back the cops involved pull into a Burger King of all places to feed this criminal because he is complaining he is hungry?   OK, I guess it all makes sense now.....

The real troubling part is that the cops took this phoney patsy of a shooter to a Burger King.. That stuff they serve there with all the poisons in what they pass off as "food" will really kill you!

The bottom line is that this "shooting" is so phoney and in your face of being a fraud, and yet the majority of Americans are still swallowing the bullshit like good little mutton headed sheep..... And now the criminal US government is quickly pushing the gun control legislation in the American public's faces in the hope that most are too stupid to wake up and see that they have been played as fools.....

Wake the hell up, America!

More to come



Anonymous said...

Another possible reason for this staged occurrence in South Carolina is due to Rep. Trey Gowdy's determined investigation into the Obama Benghazi affair, which does incriminate Obama/Clinton with treason, even if it was a CIA op. Open Obama political warfare has now been declared against the South with the attack on the Confederate Battle Flag, as well as the official declaration that all Whites are extremists based on the false, staged Charleston shooter. It looks as though Gowdy might be in the crosshairs of being eliminated so his Congressional investigation comes to a dead stop (pun intended).

Anonymous said...

Keep researching, it gets better! Read about the flag ban, and the Burger King story won't matter.

-A very concerned American patriot

Anonymous said...

Maybe the cops were also white supremists and they were celebrating his way.
As far as names,there are lots of weird names these days thanks to jewerywood celebs,whats Bruce willis kids names??Case closed on names.
Know whats weird,is in that photo shoot with the two guards
One is black,the other looks like his eighteen year old brother.
Yep,he had it his way at bk
They were all proud he nailed a senator
Mission accomplished

Anonymous said...

Yep that arrest video reminds me of Andy Griffith show
That was the most action they have seen in years and they were not sure of protocol.
As far as burger king,i believe Aunt Bee would have baked him a pie.
Most generous people .

You know whats even stranger?
The Boston hoax spoke to the victims family after the ruling.
They were all laced with hate and revenge and ill will towards the terrorist.
But in Carolina,all the black victims family prayed and forgave the soo called terrorist.
They all had kind words.
Should that be a lesson for the sick and emotionally disturbed white man filled with rage or nothing to be learned from those sound bites.
You listen and then decide
Who sounds sicker????
White victims or black???

I seek the truth,but im still not with you all the way

Unknown said...

Just like Sandy Hook, it's the methodical collection of data that eventually proves it was just an active shooter drill.
Maybe most tellingly, how was a crime scene with nine bodies, 50 rounds fired/five reloads, investigated, processed and cleaned in three days, with church services resuming on Sunday? What hazmat company was called in to deal with the removal of all the bone,blood,tissue matter, and were they forced to sign confidentiality waivers?
How did Loretta Lynch, sworn into office the day of the shooting, arrive at the figure of 29 million dollars for the families? What deliberative process was used to reach that figure and 'fast track' it in TWO DAYS? (SandyHook took a year. Aurora took seven months. Boston took nine months. Charleston, two days.
The FLETC drill was scheduled right there on the website.
And finally, the arrest, where a cop holsters his weapon as he approaches a car where a stone cold killer supposedly could erupt into carnage at any moment. No way. Watch any footage where cops are taking down killers, and they point their guns directly at the head or center mass of the perp. They shout orders. They are rough in the handcuffing and submission process. We see none of that, and they frisk him like a highschooler on a joyride. No way, no how.