Thursday, June 11, 2015

Canada Is Now A Police State: Controversial "Terror" Bill C-51 Set To Become Law In Canada

I have received some comments and a few emails asking me about the status of that horrendous "Bill C51" that was passed by the lower House of Commons in Ottawa last month and only needed to pass through the rubber stamping Senate and then off to receive "Royal Assent" by that POS scumbag pedophile that sits on the British Throne that is still ridiculously Canada's head of state.....

Well, the bill did indeed pass through the so called "Senate" with absolutely no problems, and is now waiting to be rubber stamped by Queen Lizard herself before becoming the law of the land in Canada....  And with its passage, the last vestiges of Canada as a free nation now becomes history....

I came across the following article that does a pretty good description of what this horrendous bill contains and what will happen to Canada with its passage, that I want to share with everyone here... It comes from Ognir's Wake Up From Your Slumber website, at, and is entitled: "Controversial Terror Bill Set To Become Law In Canada"....  I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Controversial Terror Bill Set to Become Law in Canada

The legislation greatly expands the powers of Canada’s spy agency, granting them the ability to violate Canadian law and human rights protections.

A highly-controversial terrorism bill put forward by the Conservative Canadian government cleared its final legislative hurdle Tuesday after being approved by the unelected Senate chamber of the parliament.

The legislation, known as bill C-51, has been widely critiqued by for being too far-reaching and for dramatically increasing the powers of Canada’s spy agency, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, turning it into what one newspaper editorial called a “secret police force.”

C-51 also makes it easier for Canada to share information about its citizens with other spy agencies in the Five Eyes group, which also includes the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

The legislation provides few safeguards to protect rights of Canadians, guaranteed in the Canadian Charter Rights and Freedoms. The legislation allows the intelligence service to contradict the Charter and Canadian law through secretive hearings before a judge. It also allows the spy agency to conduct operations abroad, including actions that would violate foreign laws.

In an op-ed for the New York Times, two Canadian law experts have described the legislation as “the country’s most significant national security reform in over a decade” which takes a “breathtakingly broad view of national security.”

Activists in Canada fear the legislation would also curtail the right to protest by broadly applying the label of terrorist to protesters. The Toronto Coalition to Stop Bill C-51, a grassroots group who helped organize mass protests against the bill stated that “this bill will make it easier and ostensibly lawful for government to continue infringing upon the rights of peaceful people.”

During a rally against bill C-51 in Ottawa, Canada’s capital, a federal police officer was caught on camera telling demonstrators, “Whenever you’re attacking the Canadian economy, you could be branded a terrorist.” The police later denied this was their official position.

Bill C-51 was first proposed shortly after a gunman in Ottawa killed a soldier before running inside parliament buildings where he was killed by security.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has deliberately tried to tie that incident with the threats issued by the radical Islamic State group, despite the fact there is no evidence that the gunman was acting on behalf of the extremists.

To become law the bill must now receive royal assent, which is expected in the coming days.
Source: TeleSUR, 10 June 2015

NTS Notes:  I am still in shock to this day about the fact that most Canadians have absolutely been sleepwalking for the last few months while the horrendous and most evil Harper regime in Ottawa was able to get this bill tabled and then passed through Canada's brain dead Parliament.... Now Canadians will indeed pay the price for their folly by watching this once most free nation become a full police state where everyone can be under suspicion of being a "terrorist"...

Must I remind everyone of the fact that ridiculous Ottawa shooting of last year was indeed a false flag operation and a set up from the get go... It was done purposely just to give the criminal Harper regime their excuse to bring this horrendous Bill C51 forward just to strip Canadians of their freedoms.... The propaganda effect due to the applied psychology of striking fear into the general public has indeed worked its magic.....

And again, I must remind everyone about the truth about so called 'terrorism'... It is a scam and a fraud... Even the so called "terrorist group" known as "ISIS" is a complete fabrication and is fully run by the US CIA and Israeli Mossad as a propaganda weapon of fear.....The criminals in our Jew spew media and our crooked and criminal governments have been using the fraud of terrorism as a weapon against their own citizens just to get legislation such as this draconian Bill C51 into  place just to again have people be gullible enough to surrender their freedoms..... And yes, there are stupid people out there that fall for it every time....

The free nation of Canada is now history... Welcome to police state Canada my fellow Canuckleheads....The worse is yet to come...

More to come


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Buy guns and ammo ....... LOTS of guns and ammo.

And work real hard on your resolve to actually use them.

Under tyranny uniforms and badges just designate targets.