Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Revealing True History: The Last Day Of World War I Was One Of Pure Genocide And Murder!

Today is Remembrance Day here in Canada... On This date some 96 years ago, an Armistice was declared at the 11th hour of November 11th, 1918.... According to "official" history, all fighting on the so called "Western Front" ended at exactly that hour between the German army and the Allied forces.... But as usual, not everything told about that last day of World War I is exactly as it seems....

I want to present the following very important video that shows some true history and facts about that fateful day in 1918 when the First World War officially came to an end... This video is entitled: "The Great War: Last Day Of World War I" and what it shows is shocking considering how many men died uselessly on that day when their leadership knew full well the war was already over!  I have that video right here for everyone to view for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I hope that everyone is as disgusted as I am after watching this video....

The fact is that war is so senseless and what we have here is pure cold blooded murder by the leaders in the armies that expected their brave soldiers to fight to the bitter end...  Both sides in that conflict were fully aware by at least 5am that day that the war was over, and that all hostilities were to end by 11am that day.. And yet we find psycho leaders still sending men "over the top" and being subjected to murderous machine gun fire and artillery barrages!

This is an important find and one that absolutely goes against all so called "official" history... We have always been told that both sides "fought" all the way until that 11am point, but real facts are now out that it was absolutely senseless and unnecessary... This means that the so called Generals who told the men to fight to the end were indeed murderers and should have been charged with genocide!

I present this evidence to not slur or disregard the efforts of those brave soldiers who fought for what they thought was right and did so by following orders...... But as usual, so much of our true history has been hidden and I am out to get the true facts exposed....

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Stephan said...

Seen the ISIS connection on Remembrance Day in Britain? Isn't this a perfect timing again?

BREAKING: Major Terror Plot by ISIS Supporters Targeting Queen of England


Anonymous said...

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brian boru said...

What many people forget is that the war did not stop on the eastern part of Europe on November 11th 1918. All over western Russia, the Ukraine, the Baltic states and Poland fighting continued for over two years as the Bolsheviks fought to gain control. Far more Russians died after the treaty of Brest Litovsk between Germany and the Reds than had died beforehand. Had Lenin and his demonic Red Army been victorious against the Poles the Hammer and Sickle might well have flown over Berlin 25 years earlier. It is interesting that there are no memorials to the almost two million Russian soldiers who died in the Great War for Czarist Russia. While the rest of the world was celebrating peace the real agony was just beginning for them. The only force that could have prevented Lenin's victory in Russia and the Ukraine, the German Army, was prevented from doing so by the Allies.

pete fairhurst said...

This history has become hidden and excluded from the "official" history, I assume by design. But many people knew about this for decades afterwards. My grandfather fought for Britain in WW1. And my father served through the whole of WW2, including going over on D day, and when he was present at Luneberg Heath, near Hamburg, when the Germans surrendered.

My father told me about the senseless slaughter on 11th November 1918 when I was a teenager. He knew the truth about it, and he told me with disgust in his voice. I always assumed that his father had told him about it initially. I think that it was common knowledge amongst veterans of both wars.

I am sure that it was one of the reasons that he always refused to wear a poppy. He always told me to take mine off when I can home with one as a schoolboy. And I never wore one myself after he told me some of what he knew. [He mainly didn't want to talk about it at all]

There were many other reasons why he would never wear one too. Including his visit to Hamburg, which had been completely flattened by Allied bombers in WW2. He was very shocked by what he saw there, particularly so because it had been done by his own side, and it was very clear to him that most of the victims were civilians.