Sunday, November 30, 2014

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 30th, 2014


Sunday again.. And as usual, time for my weekly rant…

Yes, I have been MIA for the last few days… I decided to take a small "break" just to unwind and concentrate on some family and personal matters… Hey, I run this blog and I post articles when I am available or when time permits… There may be some out there that do not like the fact that I do not post articles from time to time on a regular basis, and honestly those people can bite me…. We ALL need a break once in a while, because knowing what I and others know and about how truly sad and sick our world really is can take a strain on anyone's mental health….

Yes, the situation in Ferguson Missouri spun way out of control, and to me that is not only sad but outright disturbing… Lets get the facts straight again that I am NOT racist and I am not prejudiced, especially against the black community… But what I saw shows the ignorance of the black community as a whole… There, I said it and I will call it for what it was….. The facts are simple and crystal clear here….Michael Brown was a HOODLUM and a criminal, period.  The Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson, had absolutely every right to defend himself from a large hulking individual that was ATTACKING him.    Make no mistake because this was definitely a situation where extreme force was necessary for defense of an individual from someone that could have easily killed him….

I smelled agent provocateurs at work in Ferguson Missouri early on, and I have yet to see any evidence otherwise… The criminals in the Jew spew media and obvious agents working in the black community did their dirty work in whipping up hatred and anger to the point that riots were going to happen no matter what the Grand Jury verdict was…. What is sad to me is that most of those who fell for this trap were of course the illiterate and ignorant individuals that were under the false illusion, and constantly bombarded with the false propaganda, that it was them against the "evil white man"…. What we have here is of course false hatred, and placing blame elsewhere rather than working at solving their own social issues themselves…. Honestly, many of these rioters that we have seen only have themselves to blame for their woeful lifestyle, their lack of education, and their absolute ignorance…..They have been fed the false illusion that somehow attacking others will make themselves better?  I think not….

I have come under a tremendous amount of fire via very bad comments from the article that I put up earlier this week stating that "Justice has been served" in regards to the Darren Wilson/Michael Brown verdict.  To me, those commentators are themselves either ignoring the facts and evidence from that case and are jumping on the riot bandwagon and fomenting hatred and brutality, or are agent provocateurs themselves who know the truth but are out to try to sway the more gullible into accepting the ridiculous violence… I have read many articles and blogs and I have noticed the same pattern amongst many of the commentators… Agent provocateurs it seems are spewing their hatred everywhere and have tried to take over many sites' comment sections.…..

Personally, I have no qualms and am not a racist, no matter what the naysayers continue to claim… I have worked with many minorities in my field of work and many of them are actually disgusted by what they see in their own racial communities.. Many have told me that they themselves have come under terrible scrutiny and hate from their own race due to them working in the "white man's world"…Many that have worked with me have gone so far as to call their relatives and others within their own race nothing but lazy and good for nothing people that only want to live "off the dole" and not do things to better themselves!

Lets make it perfectly clear here… The criminals who are out to destroy the United States definitely want a full race war between both the blacks and hispanic communities on one side, and the whites on the other.   There should be no doubt in anyone's minds by now that the push by the criminals who control the US government to flood the United States with illegal immigrants is definitely aimed at destroying the white majority in that nation that has long been the builders of the once proud American society…. I only need to turn to the criminal Jewish Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion documentation that shows how the Jews would create a race war as a means of destroying societies so as to bring about their world government… It is a FACT that the Jews have long sought the destruction of the one people who they have always believed as being their number one enemy in their pursuit of world domination, which is in their twisted thinking to be the Caucasian race… They have long believed, and it is written in their Protocols, that by making Caucasians a minority in any nation that they occupy, they can more easily take over that nation…. THIS shows clear evidence that these criminals are the ones behind the frauds of "immigration reform" and "multiculturalism" because their only purpose is to water down and destroy their true enemy, which is the whites..…..Yes this may sound "racist" to many who are reading this and it may cause some of my readers to suddenly turn away in "disgust", but I am under no illusion and cannot stop the truth from being told….

The solution to me is of course for the blacks, whites, Asians, hispanics, etc to reach a common rapport and realize that we have a common enemy that wants us to destroy each other in stupid, and I do mean stupid, race wars….. The Jewish criminal "elite" have long sought the usage of "foot soldiers" in their lust for world dominion, and they know that right now those blacks and hispanics that do not know the real truth are the gullible saps to fit the bill….. What these fools who unwittingly serve as the foot soldiers for Jewish interests do not realize is that once these psychotic criminals achieve their goals and destroy their "enemy", then they will in turn destroy these useful idiots, their foot soldiers, themselves!

Yes, there is a war out there aimed at peoples' minds… We not only have "race wars" but "religious wars" as well…. Lets not forget that right now the ultra criminals who want world control would surely love to see the major world's religions, Christianity and Islam, go to war and destroy each other… It would be a dream of the Jewish elite to see the 2 billion Christians and 2 billion Muslims go head to head and wipe each other out.  Then they as the sole survivors would have the planet for themselves… It does seem ghastly, but is that not what we are witnessing right now especially with the Jew spew media whipping much of the Western nation's people into a frenzy with the fraud "ISIS terrorist" threat, and the constant bombardment of people's minds with the absurdity of the "evil Muslims out to kill everyone" fraud?

Of course, while racial tensions run rampant, especially in America, we have again witnessed the spectacle of "Black Friday" and the insane consumerism that it annually entails…. Yes, I have watched the videos and the Jew spew media reports of how ridiculous people have become the day after American Thanksgiving by swallowing the propaganda drilled into their minds that they must go out and spend, spend, spend, themselves into oblivion… It is sad that while most Americans, Canadians, and even now the British, are suffering by crushing personal debt loads, and yet they will go out and search for those "bargains" on "Black Friday" unwittingly only feeding the large corporations greed and lust for profits….. Personally, I do not partake in that madness and wonder if people for at least one day out of the year (Boxing Day used to be as bad here in Canada) have lost their minds?

OK, While much of our Jewish controlled media outlets constantly bombarded people's minds with the troubles in Ferguson, Missouri, there has been major news happening elsewhere… This last week marked the first anniversary of the "protests" in Ukraine that eventually led to the overthrow of the elected government in Kiev back in March earlier this year… Now a year later, Ukraine is a mess and yet the US puppet regime in Kiev is preparing for all out war against the "rebels" in the Don basin of Eastern Ukraine….. There has also been the usual BS reporting coming out of the Jew spew media that Russia is "preparing" for an "invasion" of Ukraine itself (crying wolf again?), which is of course an outright lie…. Russia has long known what is at stake and has not taken the bait in the trap set up by the United States and the European Union that would trigger a regional war and ultimately a full scale world war, by moving its armed forces anywhere near the Ukrainian border….Even now the Russians are instead planning another aid convoy (yes, the last one was an aid convoy) that would provide humanitarian relief for the people of the Don basin that are right now being brutalized by the Kiev government itself…. I do wonder if the Kiev government may again try to falsely claim this newest convoy to be a "military" convoy like they tried with the last one.  Wait and see…..

One other important issue that has not been told in the Jew spew media is the near collapse of the P5+1 talks that have been going on for well over a year to decide the fate of Iran's peaceful nuclear power program… The psychos in Israel along with their minions in the United States government have been trying every dirty trick they know to scuttle these talks and to have Iran walk away from the meetings.. Yes, these criminals want the entire world to believe that Iran would break off these talks under the false notion that Iran does not want a peaceful settlement but only to continue to build its non-existent "nuclear weapons"…. But again the truth is that Iran absolutely does not have any nuclear weapons, period, and has always agreed to have its nuclear materials under strict rules and regulations for their usage in nuclear power plants…. It does again need to be said here that the real criminals here are of course the Israelis with their large stockpile of hundreds of nuclear weapons with multiple delivery systems that nobody is ever allowed to talk about or to bring under scrutiny…..The hypocrisy is of course that the Israeli controlled puppets in the US Government continue to scream about the need to attack and destroy Iran while purposely overlooking the real danger in that entire region which is of course the criminal state of Israel with its nuclear weapon stockpile…. One good thing that has come about from these P5+1 talks is that in spite of not reaching an agreement, the talks will continue much to the chagrin of the criminals in the US and Israel that want them derailed permanently….

Yes, Whitewraithe is still out there, and at least for the time being has decided not to quit.  It has been tough going for that lady and besides many other personal issues, she has been going through a family crisis the last while that has taken up much of her time…. I have done my best to send her some help and I again want to thank those who have also sent her a bit of relief themselves.…..We will try to relaunch our "Turbulent Times" shows soon by doing some podcasts via Skype recordings….. We are of course still out there looking for another network that may be willing to  broadcast our shows as well.

Well, I guess that is enough for right now….So much has not been touched in this rant, and for those articles that I have missed for this last week, I will of course take a shot at them in my closing "last minute tidbits"……The Jew spew media outlet CNN has claimed again that the economy is "recovering" and I do wonder what the reporters there continue to smoke?  Is it no wonder CNN and the other media liars out there have lost their audiences and are disappearing?……The US continues to launch "airstrikes" against their fraud CIA/Mossad "ISIS" forces and again we hear of no "ISIS" casualties, and only Syrian and Iraqi civilian casualties?  I wish that people would wake up and realize why……..Reports coming in from all over the world about people being injured and even dying after taking "vaccine" shots.   When will people finally realize that it is the vaccines that are the killers and not the 'diseases' they are supposed to fight?……..Just saw news the other day that the Malaysian government has been blocked from taking part in the MH17 shoot down investigation.  Is it just me, or is this just seem ludicrous?  Obviously more attempted coverup by the US and Ukraine who do not want the real truth about their false flag operation to be revealed……Amazing report came out about how scientists have digitized a worm's brain and put it inside a Lego robot.  OK, Why did I think of the worm like brains of politicians when I read this report?……..Man arrested for supposedly carrying and pointing a banana (yes, a banana) at a police officer in America this last week.  I really have to laugh, because this reminds me of the "Monty Python" skit where a man attacks another man with a 'loaded' banana.  Oh, how America has fallen……More nations in Europe are about to recognize the independent state of Palestine.  But this is a useless exercise, for Israel will just continue to ignore and depend on their puppets in the US to "veto" any resolutions against their criminal activities….. Extreme cold weather has settled over this part of central Canada with near record "wind chill" values overnight.  Gosh darn that global warming!   I do want the clowns behind that farce to explain this one…….Arsenal finally wins one, but just barely against West Bromwich Albion, by the score of 1-0.  The Gunners right now are not looking too good and are even having a tough time against lower Premiere League teams…. Interesting article just out by Jim Stone concerning how professional sports games can be fixed by using electromagnetic waves to basically fry the brains of players, and to "knock" players off their games.  To me, this is very possible, and should not be dismissed……. And finally, my look at the one great American family that has been frying the brains of Americans for the last half decade at least, the Kardashians.   The paparazzi are aghast that Kanye West skipped out this year on the Kardashian's Thanksgiving dinner.   I have a million ideas for a pun here, but I will leave it up to readers for their comments about this family of trollops and misfits, and this ridiculous turkey news….

More to come


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving To My American Friends And Readers

I have started to get into the habit of taking Thursdays off to do some personal business… But since today is American Thanksgiving, I figure I would say "Happy Thanksgiving" to all of my friends and readers in the United States…..

I sure hope everyone in America is taking today to be thankful… But always remember that while you are stuffing your faces with turkey and other fixings, there are many out there that are not so privileged and do need your help… Take the time to give what you can and to lend a helping hand to those in need…

One other thing…. Tomorrow is of course "Black Friday" and be ready for the madness of American consumerism at its best (or worse…)

And as usual…

More to come


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Caught! US Government Creates Virus To Attack Russia - Cyber War!

The Jew spew news is continuing to run wild with their reporting about the "racial tensions" in Ferguson Missouri stemming from the Grand Jury properly coming back with a verdict that Officer Darren Wilson acted in self defense in his shooting of Michael Brown.... I have stated it clearly already that Brown was a hoodlum, and what we are watching right now are ridiculous "riots" across America that seem to be the work of agent provocateurs that have been planning this unrest for quite some time....

But while there is so much focus on the situation in Ferguson, there is indeed interesting news happening elsewhere on the planet... And right now, I want to present a most interesting report that I came across via the InvestmentWatch website, at  It comes as a video report that contains some startling information that the US Government (and probably the Israelis) are right now conducting "cyber warfare" against Russia in the form of a new computer virus in a vain attempt to try to ruin Russia's economy, as well as several other key issues of interest... I have that video report right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  WHY am I not surprised by this?  The criminal psychos in the United States and Israel definitely created their infamous "STUXNET' virus that was aimed at Iran's peaceful nuclear energy program several years back... But the problem then was that 'STUXNET' got loose and did its damage to the nuclear power facility at Fukushima Japan!   We have seen the result of such arrogance and evil with the still ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster.......Now they have created another cyber warfare weapon that is aimed directly at Russia.....

Then we have the Iranian issue that everyone should be aware of... Iran is NOT building nuclear weapons as the liars in our governments and media continue to harp... The fact is again that the ONLY nuclear weapon nations in that entire region are Pakistan, India, and of course the criminally psychotic state of Israel....The real ridiculous joke are the liars in the media and our Jewish controlled governments that continue to harp the false threat of Iran while "looking the other way" when it comes to Israel's vast nuclear arsenal!  BUT again with the Jewish control of the media and governments, the attack on Iran is still definitely on the table....

It is also sad to hear about the "mental health" issues that seems to now be so prevalent in our military forces.. But the fact is that these young men and women are so brainwashed with misinformation about exactly who is the "enemy"  and who is not, that when they discover the truth it definitely ruins them for years if not life.. The mental strain alone leaves many suicidal and in deep depression....It is therefore so amazing that our crooked governments come up with their usual "band-aid" solutions, such as psychotropic drugs (and of course now Heroin!), for this every growing problem without looking at the real root of the problem to start..... But the criminals in charge cannot stop the lies or the military would definitely turn on them.....

I personally have not watched the Oklahoma City bombing documentary, "A Noble Lie"... But knowing what I know about how governments do lie, I will take the time to have a look shortly... It is indeed sad about patrolman Terrance Yeakey, who's strange death a year after the Oklahoma City bombing shows the earmarks of a government hit to stop his own investigation into the "bombing" and therefore cover up the conspiracy of lies.....

It is so amazing that a "crisis" like the one we see right now in Ferguson, Missouri, happens at just the right time to divert public attention away from crucial events happening elsewhere... I have always suspected that  this has been done by design.......

More to come


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Racial Tensions In America: Proper Justice Is Served - Grand Jury Rules NO Indictment For Officer Darren Wilson

FINALLY proper justice has been served in America... Just yesterday, the Grand Jury in the case of Officer Darren Wilson shooting dead Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri has ruled properly that Officer Wilson will not be charged for Brown's death.... All of the evidence that the Grand Jury has seen shows clearly that Officer Wilson acted in self defense against Brown's abuse while trying to arrest Brown....The criminal justice system in the United States ruled properly, in spite of all the outcries coming from the African-American community.

Right now,  I want to present Whitewraithe's report on this verdict... Her article is entitled: "Grand Jury Rules No Indictment For Officer Darren Wilson" and I have it right here for all of my own readers to view for themselves.. I have my usual own thoughts and comments to follow:

Grand Jury rules no indictment for Officer Darren Wilson


I am overwhelmingly happy to report this news as I had dreaded the worst.

The crime scene unit and the three autopsies performed on Michael Brown conclusively confirm that Officer Wilson was abused by Brown during his attempted arrest, and that Wilson did everything within the law so as not to take his life.

The prosecutor also stated that it was mainly African-American witnesses that said Brown continued to charge Officer Wilson forcing him to keep firing.

However, CNN reports that the Brown family will file a civil suit against Officer Wilson for the “wrongful” death of their son.

CNN also reported that Officer Wilson will resign from the force due to the threats from the Ferguson community.  This man’s career is basically over at the age of 28.

Although, I believe justice was served in this case, the accused police officer will never be able to escape the events of Aug. 9, 2014 all due to the unfair race relations in this country.

Like I said, if Brown had been white the story wouldn’t have sparked a murmur in the media.  Even the Prosecutor said St. Louis officers were forced to kill many white perpetrators, so – where are their stories?  Why haven’t we heard about them?  The answer is staring you in the face because White Americans no longer matter.


NTS Notes:  In my honest opinion,  THIS has and never should have been a "black versus white" issue... Michael Brown was a hoodlum, period...Wilson as far as I can see from all of the evidence acted in self defense against a very large individual that was attacking him! ...Yes, it is a travesty that the young man was shot, but under the circumstances there was little choice left for the police office when he was trying to defend himself...

Again, this should have never been a "racial issue"... The Jew spew media and the sick Jewish agent provocateurs in America did their worse at blowing this situation way out of proportion and were the ones that fueled the violence we saw in Ferguson Missouri immediately after this incident back in August...

Now we are watching, as a result of this Grand Jury decision, the liars in the media and the so called "black leaders" in America continue to incite more violence and hatred right now by whipping blacks into a frenzy of riots, violence, and looting right across America....There is still fear that this could turn more violent and more states may yet declare a state of emergency and declare martial law... I have wondered if this is exactly what the Federal Government wants so as to bring in Martial Law across all of America so as to start confiscation of every single gun owned legally by American citizens....

I do agree with Whitewraithe's last comment where if this incident was one where a white youth was shot, there would have been absolutely not one single report anywhere... It shows how bad our society has become when blacks now matter so much more than whites.....

Wake up, America (and Canada as well)!

More to come


Monday, November 24, 2014

The Jerusalem Shooting Hoax: Nailed It! Jim Stone Agrees It Was A Hoax As Well....

When that "shooting" and "axe"(!) attack happened last week in Jerusalem, I smelled a rat.... It was just too convenient for this type of attack to happen at just the right time for the criminal psychos in Israel, and especially for that arch criminal Benyamin Miliekowsky (Netanyahu) who was under fire from everywhere for his insanity.... Now, thanks to this "attack", the criminals in Israel will think they have the green light to again go out and attack and destroy the Palestinian people while at the same time steal even more of their land....

I did come under some fire from some commentators (I never publish their slurs or slanders) when I called this shooting a massive hoax.... Of course I had the usual gang of morons who again called me an "antisemite" (How can I be one considering I support the Semites aka the Palestinians), on top of other outrageous accusations.... I would not back down and I called this "shooting" as I saw it... Another false flag attack where NOBODY got killed.....

Now, it appears that I have again been vindicated... For now even Jim Stone over at Jim Stone Freelance ( has come around and is calling this Jerusalem attack a hoax as well... Here is Jim Stone's article from just yesterday, entitled: "Food For Thought On Jerusalem Synagogue Axe Job" for everyone to read for themselves, and I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Nov 23 2014

Food for thought on Jerusalem synagogue axe job

I initially called it real, but there are considerable inconsistencies for this

Here they are: First of all, at first report, ONE rabbi got killed, One police officer got killed, and both attackers got killed, and there were a few injuries. Other than that, NO ONE GOT KILLED. This was the story at first, PERIOD, and that is all the story was.

Now we have multiple Rabbis killed, three American and one Brit. Dual citizens or what? Why the story drift? Good reason: So that America and Britain will have "suffered an attack" in the Holy land. OOPS, story drift strongly indicates it was pure B.S. from the start.

And why the story drift? Is a real story not just a real story, and with a real story is the truth not all that needs to be told? APPARENTLY NOT.

Inconsistency: Rabbis are very valuable, well paid, and a synagogue typically therefore has only one. A meeting of four would be an outstanding anomaly. Then have all 4 killed by an axe attack? IN A SYNAGOGUE THAT WAS BIG ENOUGH TO DRAW FOUR OF THEM? That would make it HUGE, with MANY MANY PEOPLE, too big of a crowd to attack with an axe and then kill 4 people, let alone Rabbis so I call BULLSHIT.

I guess if it was an ISIS axe attack, everyone would just sit in a line for the attackers and cooperate just like they did in that latest beheading video. And Isis just has that midas touch, where people cooperate with their killings for the ultimate propaganda gold. Outside of the magic of ISIS, I challenge even a samurai to go into a place where no one is tied up and succeed in whacking everyone of a specific type to death with a clumsy axe, while whoever the axe is after can run wherever they want. 

A samurai could nail one no doubt, but while one is being nailed, what happens when the rest run? How do you hack a bunch of running people with a clumsy weapon that had a 4 inch maximum effective cross section? What was it? a medeival battle axe with a blade a foot and a half across? What did the attackers do, consult the Klingons? That would make it possible to catch them all, absent that it would border on impossible. Lone gamma ray intersects with the only stray quark in a stadium. The attackers were good at Pokemon I guess.

So now this story stinks to high heaven. The story drift off into the abyss of lunacy and improbability now fits a different puzzle quite well - that of constant deception and false flagging by the tribe.

Dear Jewish community: You had a GREAT lie going with this one. Everyone felt a little sorry for you before you got stupid with it, now it is OBVIOUS it is just yet another lie, at least to those who have more than 15 connected neurons. Is holding your B.S. lies together by vaccinating people against their own intelligence what your medical system is really for?

  And now for the kill shot - lots of the bloody photos looked quite real. Good setup job. But one mistake AND:
Well, I am not a blood expert, but I have NEVER seen real blood spread out like this in a fabric. This looks like something oil based was used, where whatever was supposed to be the pigment stayed behind while the carrier spread out in the fabric. Any info on this? Leave it on the Forum.

And a little note to people trying to get the truth out about this, it is not a bloody Torah on the floor (those cost $50,000 and are a scroll,) it is a $25 Siddur on the floor. Report it as a Siddur to help the story spread with knowledgeable people. This is an important point for the false flag aspect, because the Jews would never in a million years desecrate a real Torah for a B.S. false flag.

NTS Notes: What especially ticked me off about this attack was how the Jew spew media all over the world dropped every other important news article and ran hour after hour and report after report about this "attack"... It seemed that the whole world was suddenly coming to an end because the masters of the universe and the most holy "chosen ones" were attacked.... That propaganda BS made me realize that something was amiss and reaffirmed my suspicions that this was a hoax....

Yes, again the timing was just too perfect for this event to happen... The liars in the Jew spew media went ballistic with report after report about how the "poor Jews" were suddenly under attack from a "crazed Palestinian" which of course would create the false propaganda again that the Palestinians were somehow "evil" and the Jews were suddenly so "good"..... It also seems that this propaganda was especially aimed at the American audience because every US network was carrying this story as their top story for days on end!

What this was, readers, was another fraud "terrorist" attack and false flag operation.... Israel needed this to happen to again sway world opinion in their favor and it appears to have worked with the gullible masses... But I for one am not fooled, and it appears that Jim Stone and others that have real critical thinking skills have also come around to the same conclusion...

More to come


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Important Video: American College Students Show Exactly WHO They Hate More... ISIS Or Israel!

It is a fact that thanks to the incessant brainwashing of the liars in the Jew spew media, and especially over the Jewish propaganda media known at Television or as I call it "Talmudvision", the dumbed down and chemicalized American public does not see the real truths about the criminal and psychotic state of Israel... Instead most are blindly led to believe that Israel is America's "friend" and "greatest Ally".... Luckily many know the real truth and are not blinded by the false propaganda...

Right now, I want to present the following very important video, that shows that there is still hope in America as Berkeley University students in California show exactly who they hate more.. the fraud "ISIS" or the criminal state of Israel!   I have that video right here for everyone to see for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Honestly, this truly warms my heart and shows that in spite of all the propaganda pushed into the minds of our young people, many are not blinded by the BS and see exactly what the criminal nation of Israel is all about!

This is a video that everyone should see for themselves.. Please take it and pass it around for others to see and realize the truth about Israel and how people are not blinded by all the BS rhetoric courtesy of the Jewish controlled media outlets...

More to come


Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 23rd, 2014


Sunday again... It is very cold in this part of central Canada, and all I can say is "Gosh darn that Global Warming"....

It has been an interesting week all over the planet.... And I could spend this entire rant just going over each major issue in fine detail... But for a change I will not focus so much on these issues in such fine detail, but will instead do a quick summary of each major issue here..

-The planet is cooling and Global Warming is indeed a fraud... The crooked communist homosexual President of the United States is going to use the farce of "climate change" very shortly to bring in his much cherished "Carbon Taxation" on the dumbed down American people... Be ready, for it is coming..

-The situation in Ferguson Missouri is definitely a set up to create racial wars all across America... I do believe this has long been planned by the criminals in the US Government to both bring about their much needed martial law so that they can confiscate the firearms of the American people...

- The laughable fraud known as "ISIS" is still at it... A Mossad/CIA creation that has finally been revealed in the last few weeks as nothing more than a weapon aimed directly at Syria.  The US wants Bashar al-Assad removed to satisfy their masters in Israel.....

- The situation in Ukraine is heating up again with the US Proxy government in Kiev now getting ready for all out war against the "rebels" in eastern Ukraine.  How far this will go before Russia gets involved is anyones' guess, but it does not look promising for the entire world...

- Evidence came out this week that some 90-100% of all of Ukraine's gold "reserves" are missing.. Gee, why doesn't anyone believe myself and others when we stated months back that the first rule of business when the criminal US proxy government took over in Kiev was to gather all of Ukraine's gold reserves and quietly have them flown out of the country in cargo planes overnight when nobody was supposedly looking?

- More nations are now making moves to stop their trading in US dollars and to get rid of all of their US dollars in their reserves.... This is of course a disaster for the US government and again is one of the reasons why they are pushing for war, and in fact any war, just to prop up the dollar.... Also one of the insane reasons why the criminals in the US government are actually contemplating war with both Russia and China....

- Even more evidence this week that Sandy Hook was indeed a massive government operation using crisis actors.... Nothing new here, but I am still surprised that so many people cannot wrap their minds around the fact that it was a scam....

- Israel is still blocking attempts to get independent investigators into the Gaza Strip to assess the damage and the carnage from their last genocide of innocent Palestinians... Nothing new here, for people would indeed be shocked to know that it was NOT "2100" Palestinians that were supposedly murdered by the maniacs in the IDF, but somewhere in the 100,000+ range....It indeed was a genocide,and Israel is desperate to cover up their actions....

- Another fake "ISIS" beheading video brought to everyone by the ridiculous Jewish propaganda team "SITE" run by that criminal Jewess Rita Katz....It astonishes me how so many people are still such fools and suckers that they actually fall for this crap!

- The US government and the Ukrainian government are still hiding the evidence of their wrongdoing in regards to the MH17 shootdown from July..  Nothing new here, for these criminals do not want the dumbed down people to discover that they have been lied to on their way to a planned war with Russia....I wish that people would see the definite link between MH17 and the "missing" MH30 flight of last March... And one other note here: Those supposed pictures of a Ukrainian fighter plane taking a shot at what is supposed to be Malaysian flight MH17 has been proven to be a fraud.   The picture is basically a collage of many different pictures taken at different time points and all put together for one image.  Again, as I stated before, the planes themselves are all the wrong sizes in respect to the ground below them for starters, and there are other glaring errors... Someone did a lot of work here using Photoshop, but they failed to take into account the sizes of the planes involved....

- The G20 "summit" in Brisbane Australia was for one purpose and one purpose only... To sign off on a criminal agreement to steal everyone's hard earned savings WHEN the Jewish controlled banking criminal system collapses.  The real joke was having those 20 criminal heads of state gather around and do some Russia bashing which was of course the cover for their real crime against humanity....As I stated many times, get all of your money out of your "savings" accounts NOW!

- As a Canadian, I am still angry that criminal Prime Minister Stephen Harper would open up his fat mouth at the G20 "summit" and do his Jewish masters' bidding by going out of his way to try to attack Vladamir Putin for Russia's non-existent "involvement" in Ukraine.  I am not surprised that the Jew spew media here has only been singing "praise" for this man's idiocy, but there are a lot of Canadians that know the truth and are not fooled...

-President Barry Soetoro/Davis/Obama goes in front of the US nation and lies his ass off about "immigration reform".... To me this is a travesty for the American people as that criminal in charge has the nerve to now allow some 5+ million illegal immigrants to stay in America and steal jobs away from American citizens....It is so sad that most Americans are too chemicalized and turned into zombies to actually stand up and stop this crime....

- The shooting in Jerusalem where 5 people supposedly "died" has all the earmarks of being another false flag operation... The timing is just too perfect for the vilified and most evil Miliekowsky (Netanyahu's real name) government, which will definitely use that "attack" to not only attack and destroy more Palestinians, but will also use it to have the Jew spew media go world wide with the false propaganda of "Oh, those poor poor Jews" again.....

- The Ebola "outbreak" has quieted down, and again I suspect we are dealing with another fraud along the "swine flu" pandemic of a few years back.... Another definite push for "vaccinations" of the general public through the propaganda of fear....

- A Kenyan "bus attack" that killed some 28 people on board just the other day.... I smell another false flag attack and set up.  Notice how we have another "terrorist" group, this time called "al-Shabab" (You really have to love these names) that has claimed responsibility.   Just like the other fraud "Boko Harum" that is raising havoc in Nigeria, I smell a Mossad/CIA financed and run group.....

- The P5+1 meetings are about to adjourn with a final agreement supposedly hammered out and ready for  signing.  Watch as that final 'agreement' that will 'curtail' Iran's non-existent nuclear weapons program gets scuttled thanks to the criminal state of Israel pulling the US's strings like a marionette.  The fact is again that Israel wants war against Iran and when that war comes they still want their American slaves to do all the fighting and dying for them....

- The ESA's Rosetta comet probe has been both a success and failure according to the crooks over at NASA.  Knowing what I know about how much NASA lies, pardon me for being skeptical about that entire "space mission" and its findings.....

Those are some of the major issues of the last week, and again I have spared everyone with not having to go into fine detail..... Only laid out what I see is what is really happening in each case...

One point that I have always wanted to make and I periodically must repeat it here.. I do make mistakes, and I am only human..... For those who want to see just a few of my most glaring errors, I will recap here:

-When I discovered the Jewish problem, I believed for such a long time that it was only the "Zionists" that were the real criminals and that not ALL Jews are that twisted and evil... But like others, there is a learning curve and now I can see that it is not "Zionism" but Judaism itself that is the problem.... We are dealing with a "religion" that teaches its followers from birth to absolutely hate the rest of humanity and to have themselves believe that they and only they are superior to everyone else... To me THAT is real "racism" and "hatred", and it is no wonder that through their control over media and government they promote the lie of "antisemitism" as "hate".....Is it not amazing that the REAL haters are the ones running around promoting the concept of hatred?... Yes, the problem is not "Zionism" but Judaism itself.....

-For the longest time I thought that "vaccines" and "vaccinations" were actually good for human health.  But from research and the great works by others such as Dr. Rebekah Carley, I now know the truth and have been one of the biggest advocates for at least the last decade of everyone avoiding "vaccines" at all cost.  Sadly, until I understood the truth about vaccines, I subjected my own son to the vaccine regimen from his own birth until he was around 8 years old.... Now that I know better, he too has not had to endure any more of those poisons.....

- When Sandy Hook first happened, I put out one article where I believed that there actually was a "shooter" and that he was on psychotropic drugs... But within days, I saw through the facade and realized that we were dealing with a massive fraud.... Yes, I made this mistake and I quickly changed my mind after sifting through the facts... Sadly, there are so many others that still are stuck with the lies and cannot even admit their own error of judgment..... Are these people so bull headed or are we indeed dealing with agent provocateurs?

- For the longest time, I put so much trust in some others in the so called "truth movement", which was a mistake.... It has taken myself years to discover who is trust worthy and who are the good guys and gals in this effort, and I thank them for their efforts....

Again, this shows that we are all human, and prone to error.... It indeed is a learning curve and one that I am most definitely still on!

Well, I guess that is enough for now... I have already covered so much in the summary above that I almost left nothing to chance... But I will quickly cover a few others in my last minute tidbits here.... A young man gets suspended in school in America for pointing his finger at friends in an imaginary "ray gun" gesture?  What the hell is the matter with the American people that they allow that to happen in their education system?..... More evidence this last week that shows that the 'social media' platform called "Facebook" is a data mining operation.  Evidence revealed these last few weeks shows the American NSA and other spy groups have always been using "Facebook" to spy and gather personal information on people stupid enough to actually use that "social media".  My recommendation still stands that if you are stupid enough to have a "Facebook" account, close it immediately!.....The Hawaiian island of Maui votes clearly to outlaw GMO products on their island and the crooks at Monsanto are trying to block that action by filing lawsuits against Maui county.  When will America finally wake the hell up and put an end to the crooks over at Monsanto, and GMO in their food supplies, before it is too late and people are permanently poisoned by that crap?.....Jew spew media again putting out false reports about Russia 'invading' Ukraine again I see.  Yes, another piece of pure BS propaganda just to both vilify Russia and to push for a new world war.  Are people truly this gullible?....... 8 feet of snow in Buffalo, New York, USA, and now the weather forecast for the next while calls for a brief warming period with possible flooding in that region of eastern New York state.  Gosh darn that Global Warming again.......I saw the laughable report that some congress critters in Washington DC actually consider digging a "moat" around the White House to protect it from "attack".  Shades of medieval times when criminal Kings and Queens built moats around their castles to protect them from the peasants indeed.  Oh, how America has fallen........Whitewraithe is back and finally releasing new articles.  I want to thank those who have been kind enough to send her a bit of help through these troubling times.  The lady is indeed a warrior.......Yes, Arsenal got beaten yesterday by Manchester United 2-1 and they are sliding down the table.  Another year of disappointment for the Gunners, and there will be more rebuilding required before they can indeed challenge for the top of the table.....Yes, today marks the 51st anniversary of the planned assassination of the last great American President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, at Dealey Plaza in Dallas Texas.  Suffice to say that was the day that to me, the last hope for America against the criminals that have ruined that great nation, died........And finally, what everyone waits for, my parting shot at America's sweethearts, the trolls and trollops called the Kardashians. Supposedly there will not be a "Kardashian Christmas Card" this year.  I am so shocked and stunned, and have been hoping for another one along the lines of the fabulous one that they put out last year.  For those who missed it last year, look at it here.  Again, NOTHING says "Christmas" like the Kardashians!

More to come


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Racial Tensions In America: Great Article From Whitewraithe - Jewish Oligarchs Responsible For Promoting Black Criminals In America - The Case Of Michael Brown

Right now, most of America is waiting for the results of the Grand Jury investigation into the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson Missouri…. I suspect that much of the tension that we are witnessing is being created on purpose by the criminals running the US Federal Government as a means of cracking down on personal freedoms in America and to bring forth Martial Law across the United States…. Yes, in spite of living here in Canada, I have been following some of the reports coming out of Ferguson Missouri, and what I see is a no win situation for either side, black or white…..

Right now, I want to turn to a fabulous article that my good friend, Whitewraithe, has just released over at her Pragmatic Witness website (… The article is entitled: "Jewish Oligarchs Responsible For Promoting Black Criminals In America - The Case Of Michael Brown" and as the title states, it is again the so called "chosen ones"that are responsible for all of the racial tension we are now witnessing across the United States….. I have that article right here for everyone to read for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Jewish Oligarchs responsible for promoting Black criminals in America – The Case of Michael Brown

Just the other day, I published a blog written in 1993 by Kevin Alfred Strom where he included a quote from the communist Jew Israel Cohen promoting the Black race in America. Here is that quote:

In the 1912 book, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, the Communist Israel Cohen wrote: “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.” Israel Cohen wrote that in 1912! Ask yourself! Did this program cease when the Soviet Union collapsed – or does it still continue today?


But, there is a huge error in Cohen’s quote. It was not just “whites” who were responsible for racial oppression against the Negroid races, it was mainly the Jews who looked white. Remember, Jews owned ALL the slave ships.

It has now been proven through historical documentation that Jews have ruled the majority of civilization everywhere in the world since the late 17th century due their control and domination of the banking and financial institutions. Whoever controls the money also controls the country, and with that control comes the manipulation and indoctrination of society as they see fit for their own self-benefit. In the Jews’ own words, White Anglo-Saxon People (WASPS) are their most feared nemesis and the only way to defeat us was to switch the power and authority to the Black race hoping they would kill us all.

Growing up during the “Civil Rights Movement” in America I’ve seen everything change between the Black and White races, not for the sake of equality, but on the pure basis of revenge against a false enemy and to instill reverse racism onto the white population. This was the Jews’ plan all along and has out-performed beautifully for them in many ways.

Affirmative Action has mostly provided undeserving Blacks with lesser skills than their white counterparts the better, higher-paying jobs. Blacks also have most of the Customer Service jobs in the country and the highly-skilled, trained people that used to inhabit these positions are long gone and with it the decent, helpful service they once provided.

Unmarried Black women can have numerous illegitimate children and the government generously provides all the welfare that mother requires, from food stamps to WIC benefits, medical care and even a monthly subsistence check for additional expenses including housing through Section 8. And to keep from working they will continue to produce offspring for as long as possible.

In every Local, Federal and State office the majority of workers are Black or some other minority. So where do Whites fit in? Actually, no where – and my situation is proof positive of that keen observation. Black middle-aged women are still able to procure good jobs, but not White middle-aged women. Most are faced with “age discrimination.” This is unfair, racist and definitely unconstitutional.

Basically, I wanted to lay the groundwork on the current state of Black society in America in order to address the case of Michael Brown. Brown had every chance to be a decent American due to the country’s current uneven laws between the races. Blacks have far more opportunities than Whites, however, he chose a different path ultimately ending his life.

While I am definitely not a fan of the current criminal police state in this country, I also will not glorify bad people or criminals regardless of their race. From the evidence we have it’s already been proven Michael Brown was a bully, a criminal and a threat to his own race not just to Whites.

From Frontpage Mag, Brown’s actions prove his criminality:

Michael Brown: A Criminal and a Thug

As the media-sanctioned rioting, bloodshed and looting continue in Ferguson, Missouri, evidence is emerging that police shooting victim Michael Brown wasn’t the upstanding citizen that many on the Left have claimed him to be.

All of this is happening as mobs have been attacking cops with Molotov cocktails and destroying community infrastructure. Some blacks in the region are reportedly randomly assaulting non-blacks as collective payback for what happened to Brown. Looting and property destruction are rampant. Scores of people have been arrested. Aircraft were ordered to fly at least 3,000 feet over Ferguson airspace after police said their helicopters were fired on from the ground.

A curfew was imposed, and the state’s feckless Democratic governor, Jay Nixon, stripped local police of some of their responsibilities, replacing them with state highway patrolmen. This, predictably, led to more looting of stores and all the things that usually happen when an angry, violent mob is rewarded for its bad behavior.

Through it all, the Left is out in force in Ferguson, trying to make a bad situation worse. The criminal elements of the city have been emboldened by martyred accounts of Brown, and have carried out a campaign of destruction against the civil order under the banner of “no justice, no peace.”

As happened in the Trayvon Martin case two years ago, the hulking, nearly 300-lbs. Brown has been portrayed as an innocent doe-eyed angel unfairly cut down by evil police as a promising future awaited him. In Brown’s case, he was said to be just days away from heading off to college.

But as one blogger observed, in this age of ubiquitous social media, the 18-year-old African-American man left behind,

“a cache of rap songs … that contain pretty much what you’d expect out of modern rap – lots of boasting about murdering, taking drugs, drinking, and sex with hos.”

In one of them labeled “Free$tyle Big’Mike,” one performer raps, “My favorite part’s when they bodies hit the ground. I soak ‘em up like I’m wringin’ out a sponge.”

The fact that Brown liked performing thug music obviously doesn’t by itself make him a thug, but it does provide insight into his state of mind. The same can be said for the photographs that have surfaced of Brown posing like a tough guy, making gestures with his hands that some say are gang signs.

But what Brown did before he was killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, whose home and address were publicized by a reporter despite ceaseless death threats against the officer, offers compelling insight into what made Brown tick.

Evidence is now available that shows that Brown tried to wrest a gun away from a policeman and that he was ordered to freeze before he charged Darren Wilson and was shot. Some have suggested Brown was high on drugs at the time and that made him especially aggressive but a toxicology report on his body won’t be available for weeks.

Before the shooting incident last weekend, Brown used violence and the threat of more violence to steal. With an accomplice, he knocked over a convenience store, bullying victims with his prodigious size and weight. (Incidentally, the owner of the store told theWashington Post he fears that his customers will murder him and that he begged reporters not to suggest that he called the police on Brown.)

An official incident report about the robbery was released Friday by Ferguson police, over the vehement but ultimately groundless objections of left-wing politicians, including the Missouri governor and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. History shows that leftist office holders aren’t too concerned about getting to the bottom of a matter when their supporters are in the streets calling for blood. If the documentation in question helped make the case that the local police were cold-blooded, murdering racists, those same politicians would be loudly demanding its release.

The report in question identifies Brown and his 22-year-old friend Darren Johnson as suspects in the Aug. 9 robbery that took place minutes before Brown’s death.

According to the report, police responded to a call about “stealing in progress” at a convenience store. The stolen item was a $48.99 box of Swisher Sweets cigars. Marijuana users are known to hollow out such cigars and use them to smoke drugs.

A man identified as Brown was captured in store surveillance stills having a physical confrontation with a much smaller store employee who tried to lock the doors of the establishment to prevent the men from departing with the stolen item.

The 6’ 4”, 292-pound Brown took the employee by his shirt and pushed him back into some merchandise. As Brown moved toward the door, he then turned around and moved toward the worker “appearing to intimidate him.” After that Brown disappears from the camera footage.

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson made the video of the robbery available Friday, explaining that state law forced him to act. Reporters had demanded the footage under the Freedom of Information Act, Jackson said.

The Obama administration sought to suppress the release of the inconvenient footage by pressuring the department not to release it to the public. Pandering for votes, Gov. Jay Nixon said Sunday he “deeply” disagreed with the decision by Ferguson police to release the robbery video.

The recording was made public “Number one to attempt in essence to disparage the character [of Brown] in the middle of a process like this is not right,” Nixon said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

So, first local police were condemned for not being sufficiently transparent; then after they released a key piece of evidence they were condemned for being too transparent.

Gov. Nixon then claimed that releasing the video was too painful for his constituents. “And secondarily it did put the community and, quite frankly, the region and the nation on alert again,” he said.

Of the week-old case, Nixon said, “These are old wounds, these are deep wounds in these communities and that action was not helpful.” Of course, by the governor’s reasoning the local police have no right to make the case that they are not murderers while they are being indicted by the frenzied Ferguson community, media and political Left.

Gov. Nixon again pushed emotional buttons, playing to the mob. “When you see your son gunned down in the street and then you see a police chief begin an attempt to attack his character, that’s just not the way to operate and we’ve made that clear to everyone,” he said.

This means Nixon believes that Jesse Jackson Sr. and Al Sharpton, who have been making campaign stops in Ferguson, have every right to be heard while the local police at the heart of the case should just remain silent and take whatever abuse is hurled at them.

Sharpton, the perpetrator of the infamous Tawana Brawley hoax and a close ally of President Obama, also weighed in on the release of the video.

“Michael Brown is gone,” he said in St. Louis yesterday. “You can run whatever video you want. He is not on trial. America is on trial!”

Sharpton continued:

“I have never in all my years seen something as offensive and insulting as a police chief releasing a tape of a young man trying to smear him before we even have his funeral.”

However, the more we learn about the nature of the crime and of Brown’s character, the clearer it is to see who should really be on trial: The likes of Al Sharpton and the race-hate industry, whose lies are fueling a vicious war against civil society in Ferguson.

Meanwhile, an autopsy performed by famed pathologist Dr. Michael M. Baden, former chief medical examiner for New York City, determined that Brown was not shot in the back as some have claimed. In particular, the autopsy contradicts the “eye witness” account of one left-wing media darling, Tiffany Mitchell, who claimed on MSNBC that Officer Wilson was pursuing Brown as he ran away and that Brown was shot in the back as he fled.

The autopsy report concluded that Brown was shot six times. One bullet penetrated his right eye, proceeding through his face, leaving through his jaw and then entering his collarbone. The final two shots in his head were probably the last ones fired.

Brown, who otherwise appeared to be healthy, would have died as a result of the shooting even if he had been transported immediately to a hospital, Baden said.

“People have been asking: How many times was he shot? This information could have been released on Day 1,” Baden told the New York Times after completing the private four-hour autopsy yesterday. “They don’t do that, even as feelings built up among the citizenry that there was a cover-up. We are hoping to alleviate that.”

Baden stressed that he was not assigning blame for the death or justifying what was done the day of Brown’s death.

But Benjamin L. Crump, an attorney for Brown’s family, tried to use the new forensic evidence to bolster the case that the young man was a victim of police brutality.

“The sheer number of bullets and the way they were scattered all over his body showed this police officer had a brazen disregard for the very people he was supposed to protect in that community,” Crump said. “We want to make sure people understand what this case is about: This case is about a police officer executing a young unarmed man in broad daylight.”

Of course the fact that a suspect was shot repeatedly and all over his body doesn’t necessarily demonstrate “brazen disregard” or that the individual was summarily executed by a police officer. It more likely indicates that the shooter, rightly or wrongly, believed that the suspect posed a danger to his life. And the fact that a suspect was “unarmed” doesn’t necessarily have much probative value in a case in which the individual allegedly tried to gain control of a police officer’s firearm.

Crump covered travel expenses for Baden and an assistant to Missouri, retaining the two for the procedure. Baden waived his customary $10,000 fee, the newspaper reports.

This autopsy and an official county autopsy apparently aren’t enough. Now Eric Holder’s spokesman says the “extraordinary circumstances” — whatever those may be — require that a federal autopsy be conducted. Forty FBI agents have also reportedly gone door-to-door in Ferguson in an attempt to gather evidence in an ongoing civil rights investigation related to the shooting.

And they’ll keep digging until they find evidence that vindicates the mob and the left-wing media and the community organizers from Chicago who have descended on Ferguson in order to make an example of the innocent people who live there.

Source: Frontpage Mag

For the Jews, it does not matter if a Black person is moral or immoral, just as long as they punish the White race in any conceivable way imaginable.

Michael Brown was a bully, thug and a “criminal” he just had not been caught perpetrating his bad deeds, then when he was confronted and caught he was killed because of his own actions. The White race did not make him the person he was, his own race was responsible. But instead of focusing on this man’s crimes the Black race chooses instead to blame a policeman for taking him down for the simple reason that the officer was “white.”

Ask yourself, do you believe that this situation would be treated differently if the perp had been white killed by a black officer? Absolutely, not! If wouldn’t even be front page news.

Now, the country is bracing itself for Black mob riots if Officer Wilson is vindicated for doing his job and protecting the city of Ferguson, Mo.

Black rioters and protesters are being allowed to target Whites in 83 cities across the country. How is this even possible? And where is the ‘rule of law’ for innocent whites?

Where’s the outrage from all Americans on all sides, all races, colors and creeds, on the bigger police state growing all around all of us EVERY SINGLE DAY in America? Where are the organized protests for all those who have died at the hands of an ever-increasing, ratcheted up tyrannical system enslaving us all?

There is a highly organized, scripted, funded, targeted agenda playing out in Ferguson, and people are basically falling for it.

The list of cities set for these “planned responses” to the Darren Wilson grand jury decision is below. If you live near one of these things, heads up.

When this all goes down, it’s not going to be pretty…which is exactly the way the people ultimately engineering this situation want it. Can you say “martial law?”

Albany, NY
Albuquerque, NM
Atlanta, GA
Austin, TX
Baltimore, MD
Bangor, ME
Beavercreek, OH
Blacksburg, VA
Boston, MA
Buffalo, NY
Carbondale, IL
Chapel Hill, NC
Chattanooga, TN
Chicago, IL
Cleveland, OH
Columbia, MO
Columbus, OH
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Des Moines, IA
Detroit, MI
Durham, NC
Ferguson, MO
Gainesville, FL
Grand Rapids, MI
Greensboro, NC
Greenville, NC
Grinnell, IA
Houston, TX
Indianapolis, IN
Iowa City, IA
Jackson, MI
Kansas City, MO
Kennesaw, GA
Lawrence, KS
Lexington, KY
Longview, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Louisville, KY
Meadville, PA
Memphis, TN
Milwaukee, WI
Minneapolis, MN
Mobile, AL
Monpelier, VT
Monroeville, OH
Nashville, TN
New London, CT
New Orleans, LA
Newark, NJ
Northampton, MA
Oak Ridge, TN
Oakland, CA
Olympia, WA
Oshkosh, WI
Phoenix, AZ
Philadelphia, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
Portland, OR
Providence, RI
Raleigh, NC
Rochester, NY
Rocky Mount, NC
San Diego, CA
Santa Barbara, CA
Seattle, WA
South Hadley, MA
Spring Valley, NY
Springfield, MA
St. Paul, MN
St. Petersburg, FL
Stroudsberg, PA
Tallahassee, FL
Tampa, FL
Toledo, OH
Toronto, Canada
Tucson, AZ
Washington, D.C.
West Hartford, CT
West Palm Beach, FL
Williamsburg, VA
Worcester, MA

Propaganda Poster:

Organizers are also holding something called “direct action trainings.”

According to THE DAILY SHEEPLE and SHTFplan law enforcement and the National Guard are gearing up for the conflict if Wilson is cleared. But I have a feeling with the corruption in Washington and on the Grand Jury an innocent law-abiding policemen will pay the high price of life incarceration for doing his duty. Go to the links above and read the articles. The information being reported is chilling.

It’s really amazing that Truthers can’t organize to take down a corrupt, immoral government, but Blacks can assemble and plan their criminal actions anywhere, anytime against the Jews’ fiercest enemy – US.


NTS Notes:  I must state clearly that I am in no way a so called "racist" as many of the trolls and hasbara/JIDF clowns who comment at this site try to claim… Facts are facts, and to me it should be clear to everyone with the least bit of common sense, and who have delved into the facts behind this Ferguson Missouri shooting, that Michael Brown was absolutely no saint as the Jew spew media has continued to portray….  Much of the truth about his criminality has been purposely hidden from the public eye, especially in the black community in America (absolutely on purpose), so as to further fuel racial tensions...

I have always said that the blacks themselves are being used as suckers by the Jews for these race wars… The Jews are playing the blacks as fools, pawns, and indeed "useful idiots" in their twisted and sick games, where their ultimate goal is having their most dangerous opposition, the Caucasian race destroyed…

People need to turn again to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, where in that grotesque and most evil document the criminal and psychotic Jews clearly state that they aim is indeed to see the white race destroyed…. What is also a fact is that once the Jews achieve this sick goal, then they would turn on their "pawns" and "useful idiots" for achieving that goal; the blacks themselves, and have them destroyed as well…...

I have said it before, but it is worth stating again right here….It is time for people across America, both black and white, to wake the hell up, put an end to this madness, and stop these Jewish created racial tensions immediately…..The only winners in this type of war will be the evil psychotic Jews themselves….

More to come


Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Global Warming Scam: Even NASA Admits That Winters Are Going To Get Colder...Much Colder!

It does not take a rocket scientist these days to realize that the world is getting much colder... These last few weeks here in central Canada have been much much colder than in previous years, with winter rearing its ugly head at an earlier time than usual....BUT this is nothing compared to what is happening across the continental United States (and much of Europe as well) right now..... I have been keeping tabs on all the reports coming out about RECORD cold temperature reports across America, and the higher than normal snow fall in most American cities (Buffalo just had 6 feet of snow fall with more coming over the next few days).    It does appear that I have been correct in stating for a long time that the planet is cooling and winters will be significantly cooler for the next period of time while Sol goes through its natural cycle of diminished solar output.....

I have really been scratching my head the last while at the idiots out there that are still harping the very fraudulent "Global Warming" scam..... It is so amazing that the ultra criminal behind the whole charade, Al Gore, has "disappeared" from the scene, and it makes sense.. Most people out there would love to tar and feather that criminal for his promotion of the Global Warming lie and how he hoodwinked so many suckers to believe in that fraud!

Right now, I want to present another report that pounds another nail in the Global Warming fraud... It comes from the DC Clothesline website, at, and is entitled: "NASA Admits That Winters Are Going To Get Colder...Much Colder".   This report again solidifies the arguments that the Global Warming group are indeed being played as suckers and the planet is indeed entering a long period of cold climate..... I have that report right here for everyone to view for themselves,and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NASA Admits That Winters are Going to Get Colder…Much Colder

The Maunder Minimum (also known as the prolonged sunspot minimum) is the name used for the period roughly spanning 1645 to 1715 when sunspots became exceedingly rare, as noted by solar observers of the time.

Like the Dalton Minimum and Spörer Minimum, the Maunder Minimum coincided with a period of lower-than-average global temperatures.

During one 30-year period within the Maunder Minimum, astronomers observed only about 50 sunspots, as opposed to a more typical 40,000-50,000 spots. (Source)

Climatologist John Casey, a former space shuttle engineer and NASA consultant, thinks that last year’s winter, described by USA Today as “one of the snowiest, coldest, most miserable on record” is going to be a regular occurrence over the coming decades.

Casey asserts that there is mounting evidence that the Earth is getting cooler due to a decline in solar activity. He warns in his latest book, Dark Winter that a major alteration of global climate has already started and that at a minimum it is likely to last 30 years.

Casey predicts food shortages and civil unrest caused by those shortages due largely to governments not preparing for the issues that colder weather will bring. he also predicts that wickedly bitter winter temperatures will see demand for electricity and heating outstrip the supply.

Casey isn’t alone in his thinking. Russian climate expert and astrophysicist Habibullo Abdussamatov goes one step further and states that we are at the very beginning of a new ice age.
Dr. Abdussamatov points out that Earth has experienced such occurrences five times over the last 1,000 years, and that:
“A global freeze will come about regardless of whether or not industrialized countries put a cap on their greenhouse gas emissions. The common view of Man’s industrial activity is a deciding factor in global warming has emerged from a misinterpretation of cause and effect.” (source)
Don Easterbrook, a climate scientist based at Western Washington University predicted exactly what Casey is saying as far back as 2008. in his paper ‘Evidence for Predicting Global Cooling for the Next Three Decades’ he states:
Despite no global warming in 10 years and recording setting cold in 2007-2008, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climatic Change (IPCC) and computer modelers who believe that CO2 is the cause of global warming still predict the Earth is in store for catastrophic warming in this century. IPCC computer models have predicted global warming of 1° F per decade, and 5-6° C (10-11° F) by 2100 which would cause global catastrophe with ramifications for human life, natural habitat, energy, water resources, and food production. All of this is predicated on the assumption that global warming is caused by increasing atmospheric CO2 and that CO2 will continue to rise rapidly.
The list of climate scientists that are moving into the global cooling camp is growing, many of them base their views on past climate records and history suggests a link between diminished solar activity and bitterly cold winters, as well as cooler summers, in the northern hemisphere.
“My opinion is that we are heading into a Maunder Minimum,”  said Mark Giampapa, a solar physicist at the National Solar Observatory (NSO) in Tucson, Arizona. “I’m seeing a continuation in the decline of the sunspots’ mean magnetic field strengths and a weakening of the polar magnetic fields and subsurface flows.”
David Hathaway of NASA’s Marshall Solar Physics Center explains:
“We’re at the sunspot maximum of Cycle 24. It’s the smallest sunspot cycle in 100 years and the third in a trend of diminishing sunspot cycles. So, Cycle 25 could likely be smaller than Cycle 24.”
A NASA Science News report of January 2013 details the science behind the sunspot-climate connection and it well worth reading. It should be remembered that since the report was written Solar cycle 24 has been proven to be not the smallest cycle in 50 years, but the smallest for more than 100 years. The last one with sunspot numbers this low was 1906, solar cycle 14.
“Indeed, the sun could be on the threshold of a mini-Maunder event right now. Ongoing Solar Cycle 24 [the current short term 11 year cycle] is the weakest in more than 50 years. Moreover, there is (controversial) evidence of a long-term weakening trend in the magnetic field strength of sunspots. Matt Penn and William Livingston of the National Solar Observatory predict that by the time Solar Cycle 25 arrives, magnetic fields on the sun will be so weak that few if any sunspots will be formed. Independent lines of research involving helioseismology and surface polar fields tend to support their conclusion.”
Livingston and Penn are solar astronomers With the NSO (National Solar Observatory) in Tuscon, Arizona. They use a measurement known as Zeeman splitting to gather data on sunspots. They discovered in 1990, that the number of sunspots is dropping and that once the magnetic field drops below 1500 Gauss , that no sunspots will form. (A Gauss is a magnetic field measurement. The Gauss of the Earth is less than one). If the decline continues at its present rate they estimate that the Sun will be spot free by 2016.

If these scientists are correct, we are heading into a period of bitterly cold winters and much cooler summers. Imagine year after year of ‘polar vortex’ winters that start early, finish late and deliver unprecedented cold across the country. Cool wet summers will affect food production, as will floods from the melting snow when spring finally arrives.

The American Meteorological Society Journal gives the following information regarding cold related deaths in comparison to heat related deaths in the United States from 1979-1999. The article is entitled Heat Mortality Versus Cold Mortality.

During the study period from 1979 to 1999 a total of 3,829 people died from excessive heat across the United states. An average of 182 deaths per year. For the same time period 15,707 people died of cold, an average of 748 deaths a year.

Based on these figures cold kills four times more people than heat. If these scientists are right you can expect that figure to rise dramatically as energy demand outstrips supply. Power supplies are also impacted by ice storms and heavy snow which will lead to more outages and the disruption that brings.  Generally the infrastructure will fail to cope with month after month of excessive cold. Transportation is severely impacted by weather events and that has the knock on effect of hitting the economy as people struggle to get to work. For the unprepared regular food deliveries not making it to stores will leave many hungry and increasingly desperate.

The consequences of global cooling are huge and those who fail to consider it as a possibility are risking their lives and the lives of their families.


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Chris Carrington is a writer, researcher and lecturer with a background in science, technology and environmental studies. Chris is an editor for The Daily Sheeple. Wake the flock up!

NTS Notes:Yes, even the crooks and liars over the National Aeronautic Space Administration  (NASA) have to get it right from time to time....

When the hell will people finally wake up and realize that the entire Global Warming scam was created as just another fraud to fleece the general public out of their hard earned savings? 

The criminal US President even recently said that he would make the "Global Warming crisis" one of his "top priorities" in the upcoming year... What this will entail is the introduction of fraudulent "Carbon Taxation" on the American people which will indeed be another scam along the lines of his latest scam "Obamacare".   The result will see the American people burdened with another fraud taxation for nothing more than to line to coffers of the criminals in their own Federal Government!

Lets get the record straight though... There is no "Ice Age" approaching... What is happening is our Yellow Dwarf star, Sol, is going through a natural cycle of diminished solar radiation output that will most probably last at least for the next 20 years... After that point, the output will naturally increase and our planet will enter a new "warming" trend.... These cycles are absolutely natural and have been occurring for billions of years!  It has nothing to do with the fraud of "Human caused Global Warming"....

So "batten down the hatches" everyone.... We will indeed see winters over the next while be much much colder than usual......The Global Warming fear is a fraud and it is time to put crooks like Al Gore and his cronies out of their misery...

More to come