Friday, October 24, 2014

Ottawa Parliament Hill False Flag Shooting: What A Coincidence - Canadian Authorities Ran War Game Drills Depicting "ISIS" Attack Scenarios!

It is amazing indeed.. Now two days since that "shooting" in Ottawa, and the Jew spew media up here in Canada is still running almost round the clock reports about this "shooting", the alleged "lone gunman" , and how this "shooter" was some nut job crazed "Muslim extremist" who was a follower of the fraud Mossad/CIA "ISIS" group.... I am sticking to my contentions that this was an elaborate well planned scenario and I have found nothing yet that can convince me otherwise!

NOW, I want to present a very interesting report that comes from the Aletho News service online, at, that gives some very startling evidence that this "shooting" was indeed a set up and absolutely a false flag operation... The article is entitled: "Canadian Authorities Ran War Game Drills Depicting ISIS Attack Scenarios" and shows that the Canadian Military, CSIS, and the RCMP were indeed conducting drills before this "shooting".   This spells a set up and a well orchestrated operation!   I have that article right here in its entirety for everyone to see for themselves, and of course I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Canadian authorities ran war game drills depicting ISIS attack scenarios

By Brandon Martinez | Non-Aligned Media | October 23, 2014
Joshua Blakeney has pointed out that Adrienne Arsenault of CBC reported last night that in the weeks leading up to the two so-called ‘terror’ incidents that took place this week in Quebec and Ottawa Canadian authorities had been running war games exercises depicting such attacks.

The relevant commentary starts at 1:52 of the video below:

According to Arsenault,
They [Canadian authorities] may have been surprised by the actual incidents but not by the concepts of them. Within the last month we know that the CSIS, the RCMP and the National Security Task Force … ran a scenario that’s akin to a war games exercise if you will where they actually imagined literally an attack in Quebec, followed by an attack in another city, followed by a tip that that ‘hey some foreign fighters are coming back from Syria.’ So they were imagining a worst case scenario. We’re seeing elements of that happening right now. … [Canadian authorities] may talk today in terms of being surprised but we know that this precise scenario has been keeping them up at night for awhile.
What an amazing coincidence that Canadian intelligence ran a drill envisioning an attack first in Quebec, then another city. On Monday October 20 a man identified as Martin Rouleau supposedly ran over two Candian soldiers with his car in a mall parking lot in the city of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu in Quebec. And yesterday, as we know, one soldier was gunned down in Ottawa followed by a siege on the parliament itself. Authorities and media are claiming that both suspects were converts to Islam who had become “radicalized.”

What are the chances that these mock terror drills are just a coincidence? In nearly every instance of a major terrorist occurrence in the West, it has been revealed that intelligence services were conducting war games exercises mimicking the very events that later come to pass. On the day of the London subway bombings in 2005 British authorities ran drills depicting the exact attack scenario that transpired later in the day. On 9/11 multiple US agencies were running drills simulating jet hijackings. And now we have confirmation that Canada’s intelligence services were doing the same thing.

It has also been revealed that both suspects in the two incidents this week were being monitored by both US and Canadian intelligence for some time prior to their alleged attacks.

NTS Notes: Honestly, what are the odds that the Canadian government would have their so called "anti-terrorist" forces in the nation's capital just before this shooting takes place and actually be running 'drills' for a terrorist attack that suddenly becomes real just days after the drills conclude?   Does this not remind everyone of the same scenarios in the United States that took place just before every single so called "terrorist" operation there?

This shows again that this "terrorist" attack in Ottawa stinks to high heaven and I am correct when I stated that I smell a rat.... This operation is absolutely what the criminal Harper regime needs to rally the dumbed down Canadian public behind his fraud "war on ISIS"... It also could see the Canuckleheads here accept the fraud concept of giving up their freedoms for more "security".

One other note.. I have come under some attack by commentators for my stand that I see this as a fraud and a false flag operation... I say to those who want to slur me to please show me the evidence to the contrary, if they dare.... Guaranteed they have none...

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If you have yet to see this...

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Media liars busted. The gungrabbing Marysville School shooting in Seattle happened on October 24, yet the Ottawa Citizen posted the photos on October 23. I took a screen capture in case they try to remove this page or alter it to fit their fake narrative.

Photos: Washington school shooting

Ted S. Warren, AP Photo 10.23.2014