Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The War Against Syria Is Definitely Back On: Insane US President Vows To Strike Syria If US Warplanes Attacking IS (In Syria) Are Targeted!

I have been trying to get the message out to everyone for well over a year now that the criminals in both the United States and the psychotic state of Israel have ALWAYS had it in their plans to have Syria destroyed...The insane Jews in Israel have always wanted Syria destroyed, due to the fact that both Syria and Iran are two of the countries left in the entire Middle East that stand in the way of Jewish control over the entire region.   These maniacs are willing to use their American puppets to bring about that destruction, and they care little that any attack on Syria could indeed trigger a larger regional conflict and even possibly a full blown global war.  It is sheer and utter madness....

We have heard the criminal US President state in his "address" to the American people last Wednesday, September 10th, that he will have American forces conduct "operations" in Iraq to have the fraud "terrorist" group known as ISIS subdued and eliminated... We all knew from the outright lies in that ridiculous speech that the real target of the United States has always been Syria and that this criminal would be commanding his forces to conduct "air operations" against phantom "ISIS" targets in Syria itself....

Well, now the truth about what the US intends to do in the Middle East may be finally leaking out  for everyone to see... For according to the following article that comes from the following Associated Press news article through the SFGate online news service at www.sfgate.com, the insane US President is vowing to strike Syria itself if US War plans attacking "ISIS" targets in Syria itself are targeted!    First, I have that article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

AP sources: US would retaliate against Assad

Updated 11:34 am, Tuesday, September 16, 2014
WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States would retaliate against Syrian President Bashar Assad's air defenses if he were to go after American planes launching airstrikes in his country, senior Obama administration officials said Monday.

Officials said the U.S. has a good sense of where the Syrian air defenses, along with their command and control centers, are located. If Assad were to use those capabilities to threaten U.S. forces, it would put his air defenses at risk, according to the officials, who insisted on anonymity in order to discuss the administration's thinking on the matter.

President Barack Obama has authorized U.S. airstrikes inside Syria as part of a broad campaign to root out the Islamic State militant group, though no strikes have yet been launched in the country.

Asked Monday about the prospect of striking Assad's regime if his forces were to target Americans, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said there will be "rules of engagement that are related to any military orders the president directs."

"It won't surprise you to know that there are contingencies related to self-defense when it comes to these sorts of rules of engagement," he said.

The mere discussion of launching strikes in Syria has highlighted the complexity of taking U.S. military action inside a country locked in an intractable civil war. The conflict has created odd alliances, with both the U.S. and the Assad regime now fighting the Islamic State militant group.

However, U.S. officials have ruled out direct coordination with Assad and insist that a campaign against the Islamic State will not strengthen the Syrian dictator's hold on power. Obama is seeking congressional authorization to train and arm Western-backed rebels in the country in hopes they can both fight the Islamic State and eventually the Assad regime.

Officials said Obama has been making phone calls in recent days to lawmakers in both parties pressing for them to authorize the train-and-equip mission before lawmakers leave town Friday for an almost-two-month recess in preparation for November's midterm elections.

The rise of the Islamic State group has put Obama on the brink of being drawn into a Syrian conflict he has long sought to avoid. Administration officials have long insisted that one of their concerns with making airstrikes against the Assad regime is the government's formidable air defenses, which could put American forces at risk.

Those air defense capabilities are less prominent in the more desolate stretches of eastern Syria where U.S. warplanes are likely to fly in order to launch airstrikes. However, officials have said air defense systems can be moved and thus must be monitored as the U.S. mission ramps up.

NTS Notes:  THIS dear readers is proof positive that the criminals in both the United States and Israel have long been using their fraud "ISIS/ISIL" group as a means to finally have Syria destroyed...

The fact is that Syria is a sovereign state, and any US planes that fly over Syria will be in clear violation of international law, and the Syrians have EVERY RIGHT under international law to defend their territory from such incursions...

But I do believe that this has always been the sinister US plan,and I will explain it here....The US is clearly twisting the facts about international law and rights to a sovereign nation's airspace... They will twist the fact that Syria has the right to defend itself from US warplanes violating their territory into their long needed excuse to start shooting at Bashar al-Assad's forces and escalate the fraud war against "ISIS" into a full blown war against Syria!  

So the game is now on... It is now obvious that the US will start very shortly in sending planes into Syrian airspace to go after the fraud "ISIS/ISIL" targets, and when the Syrians rightfully start defending their airspace from these incursions, the criminals in the US government will scream that Syria was targeting and shooting at their aircraft and will retaliate by escalating the conflict to a war against Syria...

Yes, these psychos are definitely wanting a war and to see Syria destroyed.   They care not about the consequences in terms of what Iran and even Russia will do when that shooting war against an innocent Syria starts.   That escalation could spell the end of this world as we know it!

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