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The US War On Syria Is On Again: Dissecting The Criminal US President's "Speech" From September 10th, 2014 Updated!

Yes, today is the 13th anniversary of the Israeli assault on the United States of America that launched America into the very fraudulent "war on terror".... To me it is shocking that the majority of Americans are still such gullible brain dead nitwits that they cannot understand or even fathom that these Jewish criminals could have pulled off such a heinous and diabolical operation...But the facts are all there for anyone that spends the time to research properly that it was indeed the psychotic nation of Israel fully responsible for the greatest "terrorist" attack on American soil in its history....

Yesterday, the criminal US President of the once great United States of America put out a speech from the White House where he came out and outlined his plans to have America committed to attacking the fraudulent US/Israeli "terrorist" group known as "ISIS" or as they like to call it now.. "ISIL".... Thankfully, I did not have the time or the patience to listen to this LIAR give the "speech" last night, due to Whitewraithe and I doing a special "Turbulent Times" show on the fraud of religion... However, I did read the transcript of that speech full of lies, and I was aghast... It was so full of outright lies, that I decided I would take the time to do an article and basically take the entire transcript of this BS "speech" and tear it apart...

Therefore, I want to present right here the entire transcript of the LYING Bullcrap criminal who calls himself President of the United States right here for everyone to read for themselves, with of course my notes in each part to show exactly where this criminal is lying his ass off.... I have my usual follow up notes to follow:

NTS Note: When I originally put up this article, I missed an entire section of this scumbag's speech.  I have updated the article accordingly.  Either way, the last part is still a continuation of the lies and the push for war against Syria...


NTS Note: Let the lies begin, America....

My fellow Americans, tonight I want to speak to you about what the United States will do with our friends and allies to degrade and ultimately destroy the terrorist group known as ISIL.

NTS Notes: The same ISIL that is as phoney as a 3 dollar bill, has been the creation of the Israeli Mossad and American CIA, and is fully financed by the United States gullible taxpayers.

As commander in chief, my highest priority is the security of the American people. Over the last several years, we have consistently taken the fight to terrorists who threaten our country. We took out Osama bin Laden and much of al-Qaida’s leadership in Afghanistan and Pakistan. We’ve targeted al-Qaida’s affiliate in Yemen and recently eliminated the top commander of its affiliate in Somalia. We’ve done so while bringing more than 140,000 American troops home from Iraq and drawing down our forces in Afghanistan, where our combat mission will end later this year. Thanks to our military and counterterrorism professionals, America is safer.

NTS Notes: More lies of course, because his highest priority is to his Jewish masters... Osama bin Laden was an American CIA operative and agent.....Al Qaida is/was another American phoney terrorist group for the fraud "war on terror"......There are still tens of thousands of American operatives and soldiers in Iraq today, and therefore the "mission" will never end....And America is not "safer" today thanks to Israeli operatives all over the country planning a new "9-11" attack....

Still, we continue to face a terrorist threat. We can’t erase every trace of evil from the world and small groups of killers have the capacity to do great harm. That was the case before 9/11, and that remains true today. And that’s why we must remain vigilant as threats emerge. At this moment the greatest threats come from the Middle East and North Africa, where radical groups exploit grievances for their own gain. And one of those groups is ISIL -- which calls itself the Islamic State.

NTS Notes: The "terrorist" threat is pure propaganda, and uses the psychology of fear well on the gullible American people....To erase every trace of evil from the world, start by getting rid of Israel....The greatest threat is also the psychotic state of Israel.....Radical groups are financed and supplied well by the CIA and Mossad....ISIL is a great case in point again about being an Israeli/American proxy....

Now let’s make two things clear: ISIL is not Islamic. No religion condones the killing of innocents, and the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim. And ISIL is certainly not a state. It was formerly al-Qaida’s affiliate in Iraq and has taken advantage of sectarian strife and Syria’s civil war to gain territory on both sides of the Iraq-Syrian border. It is recognized by no government nor by the people it subjugates. ISIL is a terrorist organization, pure and simple. And it has no vision other than the slaughter of all who stand in its way.

NTS Notes: Yes, ISIL is not "Islamic"... It is Judaic!......Lie about no religion "condoning" the killing of innocents, because he has not studied up on Judaism and their condoning of slaughtering of Gentiles....ISIL is not a state but a US/Israel proxy and is replacing "Al Qaeda" as the latest and greatest 'terrorist" fraud group....Notice how Soetoro/Davis/Obama starts adding  "Syria" into the speech in a careful manner......ISIL is an American/Israeli creation, pure and simple.....Its "vision" is that ordered by its masters in Tel Aviv and Washington!

In a region that has known so much bloodshed, these terrorists are unique in their brutality. They execute captured prisoners. They kill children. They enslave, rape and force women into marriage. They threatened a religious minority with genocide. And in acts of barbarism, they took the lives of two American journalists -- Jim Foley and Steven Sotloff.

NTS Notes: The "bloodshed" that this liar speaks of has been mostly created by his masters in Tel Aviv....Yes, ISIS has executed prisoners and children, but on orders from their paymasters in Tel Aviv and Washington, and for propaganda......The two "journalists" that were beheaded:  Foley was most definitely a CIA operative and most definitely still alive... Sotloff was an Israeli Mossad operative, and also most definitely still alive.  Their "beheadings" were laughable jokes....

So ISIL poses a threat to the people of Iraq and Syria and the broader Middle East, including American citizens, personnel and facilities. If left unchecked, these terrorists could pose a growing threat beyond that region, including to the United States. While we have not yet detected specific plotting against our homeland, ISIL leaders have threatened America and our allies. Our intelligence community believes that thousands of foreigners, including Europeans and some Americans, have joined them in Syria and Iraq. Trained and battle-hardened, these fighters could try to return to their home countries and carry out deadly attacks.

NTS Notes: Again, inching Syria more and more into the speech at just the right points.  And notice how this booga booga US/Israeli created fraud group is suddenly in his speech a "threat" to America, including the 'plots' against the US itself.... More booga booga about ISIL with this "thousands of foreigners" joining them in both Iraq, and SYRIA.... Training of this fraud terrorist group has indeed been conducted by the Mossad and CIA.....

I know many Americans are concerned about these threats. Tonight I want you to know that the United States of America is meeting them with strength and resolve. Last month I ordered our military to take targeted action against ISIL to stop its advances. Since then we’ve conducted more than 150 successful airstrikes in Iraq. These strikes have protected American personnel and facilities, killed ISIL fighters, destroyed weapons and given space for Iraqi and Kurdish forces to reclaim key territory. These strikes have also helped save the lives of thousands of innocent men, women and children.

NTS Notes:  Notice the wording to try to both "assure" Americans about this fraud "terrorist threat".....Yes American special forces are already on the ground in Iraq along with a "coalition" of NATO nations including my own, Canada........Yes there have been "airstrikes", but most probably propaganda and of course will not hurt the Mossad/CIA ISIL forces.  The real damage will be done when the air strikes are suddenly aimed at Syria and not against "ISIL", BUT Assad's government forces there....Saving the lives of thousands of innocent men, women and children??  Where was the US when Israel was murdering and slaughtering innocents in Gaza?

But this is not our fight alone. American power can make a decisive difference, but we cannot do for Iraqis what they must do for themselves, nor can we take the place of Arab partners in securing their region. That’s why I’ve insisted that additional U.S. action depended upon Iraqis forming an inclusive government, which they have now done in recent days.

NTS Notes: Here we have the United States having already destroyed Iraq twice, now calling for a third time....And notice the wording about how the Iraqis have put in another US puppet regime in Baghdad before the US commits to "destroying" their own creation and fraud group ISIL.... Honestly, have the Iraqi people not suffered enough from the  criminality of the United States???

So tonight, with a new Iraqi government in place, and following consultations with allies abroad and Congress at home, I can announce that America will lead a broad coalition to roll back this terrorist threat. Our objective is clear: We will degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL through a comprehensive and sustained counterterrorism strategy. 

NTS Notes: Of course another "coalition" of sucker nations to go in and "destroy" ISIS, while actually being used to destroy Syria.  Counter-terrorism strategy is a laugher, considering that the real terrorists are the US and Israel themselves....

First, we will conduct a systematic campaign of airstrikes against these terrorists. Working with the Iraqi government, we will expand our efforts beyond protecting our own people and humanitarian missions so that we’re hitting ISIL targets as Iraqi forces go on offense. Moreover, I have made it clear that we will hunt down terrorists who threaten our country, wherever they are. That means I will not hesitate to take action against ISIL in Syria as well as Iraq. This is a core principle of my presidency: If you threaten America, you will find no safe haven. 

NTS Notes:  Again, from what I have read the so called "airstrikes" as of today have been "ineffective" (not a shock to me), but will suddenly become "effective" when they are launched against Syria... Notice the carefully used wording of 'humanitarian missions".  The same "humanitarian missions that worked so well in other nations such as Libya.......Yes, by all means, hunt down the "terrorists" who do threaten the US, namely the Israelis....... Notice again the careful placement of Syria into the mix..... And the man is a liar here because the real threat to the United States is again the psychotic state of Israel....

Second, we will increase our support to forces fighting these terrorists on the ground. In June, I deployed several hundred American service members to Iraq to assess how we can best support Iraqi security forces. Now that those teams have completed their work and Iraq has formed a government, we will send an additional 475 service members to Iraq. As I have said before, these American forces will not have a combat mission. We will not get dragged into another ground war in Iraq. But they are needed to support Iraqi and Kurdish forces with training, intelligence and equipment. We’ll also support Iraq’s efforts to stand up national guard units to help Sunni communities secure their own freedom from ISIL control.

NTS Notes: Yes, this criminal deployed "advisers" to Iraq, just like the "advisers" that went to Vietnam before that war escalated there.......Yes, Iraq has a new US puppet government in place as demanded by their American masters......The man is a bold faced liar when he claims that the additional 475 "service members" will not be in a combat role.  Most are special forces and Green Berets, which will indeed be part of the "fighting" against Syria...errr... ISIL......And yes, the US will not be dragged into a war in Iraq, but they will use Iraq as a springboard for their assault on Syria.....Notice no mention of US arming, training, and equipping their ISIL forces....... And America has never cared about Sunnis or even Shiites in Iraq, because they want Iraq destroyed and its oil for American/Israeli interests....

Across the border in Syria, we have ramped up our military assistance to the Syrian opposition. Tonight, I again call on Congress, again, to give us additional authorities and resources to train and equip these fighters. In the fight against ISIL, we cannot rely on an Assad regime that terrorizes its own people -- a regime that will never regain the legitimacy it has lost. Instead, we must strengthen the opposition as the best counterweight to extremists like ISIL, while pursuing the political solution necessary to solve Syria’s crisis once and for all.

NTS Notes:  Finally, here we go with the lies about Syria..... Notice the ramping up of military "assistance" to Syrian opposition that have been murderous criminal mercenaries.....Calling on Congress to send more money and equipment to overthrow the democratically elected and very popular Assad government.....Assad has never "terrorized" his people as this liar implies, when the real group that has been "terrorizing" as well as murdering civilians has been the US bought and paid for "opposition" rebel mercenaries.....Legitimacy of Assad's government?  Gee, I guess having some 95% of the people vote for you in the last general election means that his government is "illegitimate" as this liar claims........Yes, he is most certainly strengthening the so called 'opposition' by financing the fraud ISIL group.......The "political" solution is obvious, and that is to leave Syria alone and stop being an Israeli puppet! 
Third, we will continue to draw on our substantial counterterrorism capabilities to prevent ISIL attacks. Working with our partners, we will redouble our efforts to cut off its funding, improve our intelligence, strengthen our defenses, counter its warped ideology, and stem the flow of foreign fighters into and out of the Middle East. And in two weeks, I will chair a meeting of the U.N. Security Council to further mobilize the international community around this effort.

NTS Notes: Prevent ISIL attacks?  Who is this POS President kidding?  He wants ISIL "attacks" to continue to frighten the dumbed down American sheep into supporting his "war on terror".....Notice he is again inserting "partners" into the speech to show how he is suckering in other nations to support this "initiative" aimed at Syria..... "Warped" ideology?  Again what about Judaism and that warped ideology?....Notice also that he will call on the puppets in the UN to support a new "coalition"...

Fourth, we will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to innocent civilians who’ve been displaced by this terrorist organization. This includes Sunni and Shia Muslims who are at grave risk, as well as tens of thousands of Christians and other religious minorities. We cannot allow these communities to be driven from their ancient homelands.

NTS Notes: Again as I stated before, where was this "Humanitarian Assistance" when the Jews were wrecking Gaza?  Hypocrisy anyone?......And about the religious groups in Iraq and Syria, he does not give a crap as long as they stay subservient to Israel and the United States and surrender their oil... Driven from their ancient homelands?  Hypocrisy again, considering that he has done nothing while Israel swallows up the ancestral lands of the Palestinians while killing those people.  Double standard anyone?

So this is our strategy. And in each of these four parts of our strategy, America will be joined by a broad coalition of partners. Already, allies are flying planes with us over Iraq, sending arms and assistance to Iraqi security forces and the Syrian opposition, sharing intelligence and providing billions of dollars in humanitarian aid. Secretary Kerry was in Iraq today meeting with the new government and supporting their efforts to promote unity, and in the coming days he will travel across the Middle East and Europe to enlist more partners in this fight, especially Arab nations who can help mobilize Sunni communities in Iraq and Syria to drive these terrorists from their lands. This is American leadership at its best: We stand with people who fight for their own freedom, and we rally other nations on behalf of our common security and common humanity.

NTS Notes:  Again, notice the careful insertion of the "Syrian opposition" in this BS speech... Again, humanitarian aid is a con because everyone must remember how well that "humanitarian aid" went over in Libya......Yes, Kerry was in Iraq to talk to the new American puppet regime there and give them their marching orders.....Enlisting partners from the Middle East and Europe is a laugher because most are already puppets of Jewish interests and will go gladly to fight and die for the glory of that shithole called Israel.....Again inserting Syria into the statement without outright calling for invasion..... Yes, American leadership at its best.  Destroying every nation they "help" instead of actually caring for true freedom.... Notice the ending lie about common security and common humanity. How about aiming that at the criminal state of Israel, Barry! 
My administration has also secured bipartisan support for this approach here at home. I have the authority to address the threat from ISIL. But I believe we are strongest as a nation when the president and Congress work together. So I welcome congressional support for this effort in order to show the world that Americans are united in confronting this danger.

NTS Notes:  Democrat or Republican "bipartisan"?  Who is he kidding, because they both answer only to their Jewish paymasters..... And he does NOT have the authority to go to war without the support of Congress no matter how he sells this horseswap... Most of the American people are dumbass sheep that are not aware at all of this push for war!

Now, it will take time to eradicate a cancer like ISIL. And any time we take military action, there are risks involved, especially to the servicemen and women who carry out these missions. But I want the American people to understand how this effort will be different from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It will not involve American combat troops fighting on foreign soil. This counterterrorism campaign will be waged through a steady, relentless effort to take out ISIL wherever they exist, using our air power and our support for partners’ forces on the ground. This strategy of taking out terrorists who threaten us while supporting partners on the front lines is one that we have successfully pursued in Yemen and Somalia for years, and it is consistent with the approach I outlined earlier this year: to use force against anyone who threatens America’s core interests, but to mobilize partners wherever possible to address broader challenges to international order.

NTS Note:  Got to love the wording from his spin doctors: 'Eradicate a cancer like ISIL'.  Just like the eradication of "Al Qaeda" which has never happened.  More lies........Sacrificing American lives in another unjust war just like the previous assaults on Iraq and Afghanistan.......And more BS about this conflict not involving American combat troops in fighting.  They are already there and indeed fighting!......Notice the quote "support of partners' forces on the ground".  Just a round about method of covering for American involvement by using the "coalition force" ploy........Taking out "terrorists" like he did in Yemen and Somalia?  What a laugher, because these innocent nations are still a mess thanks to America's involvement.....Use force against anyone that threatens America's core interests, Barry?  How about then attacking Israel for what it has already done to America!

My fellow Americans, we live in a time of great change. Tomorrow marks 13 years since our country was attacked. Next week marks six years since our economy suffered its worst setback since the Great Depression. Yet despite these shocks, through the pain we felt and the grueling work required to bounce back, America is better positioned today to seize the future than any other nation on Earth.

NTS Note:  Here we go with inserting the "9-11" attack ploy into the speech.  Notice the timing of this address has coincided with the 13th anniversary of that Israeli assault on America.... Yes, it will be six years since the Jews basically raped and pillaged America back in 2008 by blackmailing the government into accepting "bailouts" or they would have exposed some 20+ TRILLION DOLLARS in "derivatives" and basically bankrupted and collapsed America overnight.  But again, most Americans are totally unaware of that act of treason and blackmail.........No, America is NOT positioned to "seize the future" as this clown lies.  America is totally bankrupt and it is now in the final stages of economic oblivion.  The future has been laid to waste for America thanks to criminal Jewish interests!... Barry is so full of crap here!

Our technology companies and universities are unmatched. Our manufacturing and auto industries are thriving. Energy independence is closer than it’s been in decades. For all the work that remains, our businesses are in the longest uninterrupted stretch of job creation in our history. Despite all the divisions and discord within our democracy, I see the grit and determination and common goodness of the American people every single day, and that makes me more confident than ever about our country’s future.

NTS Notes:  More bull crap... America's technology companies were off-shored decades ago, and the American universities are a shadow of their former greatness.  Most college students are graduating illiterate and unable to find any work while most are saddled by billions in un-payable student loans...... Manufacturing is a joke in America and the auto industry is a disaster that constantly needs government bailouts..... The job creation numbers in America are ridiculously low and in the actual negative in terms of real growth and Barry is outright lying here...... How can he see the "grit and determination" of the American people when in reality poverty and despair is the only growth industry in America today?...And he claims he is confident in America's future?  He has further destroyed the economy and sold America out to foreign interests worse than any president before him.... Barry is definitely living in dream land!

Abroad, American leadership is the one constant in an uncertain world. It is America that has the capacity and the will to mobilize the world against terrorists. It is America that has rallied the world against Russian aggression and in support of the Ukrainian people’s right to determine their own destiny. It is America — our scientists, our doctors, our know-how — that can help contain and cure the outbreak of Ebola. It is America that helped remove and destroy Syria’s declared chemical weapons so that they can’t pose a threat to the Syrian people or the world again. And it is America that is helping Muslim communities around the world not just in the fight against terrorism, but in the fight for opportunity and tolerance and a more hopeful future.

NTS Note: America mobilizes the world against terrorists?  What a crock when ALL terrorism has indeed been an invention of the Americans and Israelis......And here is an outright lie about Russia.  Russia has absolutely NOT shown any aggression against Ukraine... And a real  WHOPPER of a lie when he falsely states that the Ukrainian people have had the "right to determine their own destiny"... How about the proud people of Crimea that voted in a legal referendum to rejoin Russia, Barry?  Or what about the same for the people of eastern Ukraine who have voted legally in a referendum to separate from Ukraine itself.  Barry is so full of shit here, considering his regime overthrew the democratically elected government in Ukraine in the first place and has imposed a brutal puppet regime in its place!......And about Ebola, Barry.... It was American criminal scientists working in that American sucker taxpayer bought and paid for "research" facility in Sierra Leone that have now weaponized Ebola to have it spread world wide!.....Again, with the falsehood about Syria's chemical weapons program which has never posed a threat to  their own people.  That is an outright lie from you, Barry!......Again, the lies about Muslims and terrorism, when the truth again is that the real terrorists are the Americans and Israelis..... If he truly wanted a future of opportunity and tolerance for the Muslims, then take your hands off of their nations, Barry!

America, our endless blessings bestow an enduring burden. But as Americans, we welcome our responsibility to lead. From Europe to Asia, from the far reaches of Africa to war-torn capitals of the Middle East, we stand for freedom, for justice, for dignity. These are values that have guided our nation since its founding. Tonight, I ask for your support in carrying that leadership forward. I do so as a commander in chief who could not be prouder of our men and women in uniform — pilots who bravely fly in the face of danger above the Middle East and service members who support our partners on the ground.

NTS Notes:  Notice his careful wording here about America standing for "freedom, justice, and dignity", when in reality this is a crock... America is being put on another war footing to destroy an innocent nation, Syria, and Barry is basically pleading with the American people here for support for that destruction.....Yes, he may be the Commander in Chief, but the American people have the right to reject his push for wars for his Jewish masters.....

When we helped prevent the massacre of civilians trapped on a distant mountain, here’s what one of them said: “We owe our American friends our lives. Our children will always remember that there was someone who felt our struggle and made a long journey to protect innocent people.”

NTS Notes:  Wait a minute... America never helped prevent any massacre on that 'distant mountain'.  Those Christians were supposedly saved by the Kurds and by their own ingenuity in repelling the American ISIL  Mossad/CIA forces.... Again, what a crock in protecting innocent people, Barry.  Where the hell were you when your masters in Israel were slaughtering thousands of innocent lives in Gaza!

That is the difference we make in the world. And our own safety, our own security depends upon our willingness to do what it takes to defend this nation and uphold the values that we stand for — timeless ideals that will endure long after those who offer only hate and destruction have been vanquished from the Earth.

NTS Notes:  The "difference" the US makes in the world is that they are now seen as the true evil on the planet and only being used as a sock puppet by the insane criminal state of Israel.....If he actually cared about upholding values that America should stand for, then he should immediately cut all ties with the criminal state of Israel and actually do something about their power and criminal agents operating in America itself....Yes, timeless ideals that should endure long after nations like the US and Israel have had their evil vanquished from the Earth!

May God bless our troops and may God bless the United States of America.

NTS Notes:  My BS meter barely endured the massive crap it absorbed with this POS "speech"... Poor thing will need to cool down from overheating! ... As usual, these speeches close with the "God Bless the United States of America" but knowing the evil the criminal American government has truly been doing all over the planet, if there is actually a God, then there can be no blessing for the hell America brings to this planet today!

NTS Notes:Again, Honestly, after reading this complete fairy tale full of lies and falsehoods, I wanted to puke...

This criminal is doing EXACTLY what I have been stating for the longest time, and that is to underhandedly and through the "backdoor" of this fraud "ISIL terrorist" group plan to attack and destroy the innocent nation of Syria!

The bulls-eye is now absolutely on the innocent nation of Syria, and the American criminal government has now put the US on a new war footing thanks to their fraud "ISIL threat"..... Again, with the 13 anniversary of the Israeli assault on America aka 9-11, when the hell will the American people finally wake up and see that they are being used as pawns and fools???

More to come




Anonymous said...

Obama started the war on Syria today.
Thursday, September 11, 2014

Syria airstrikes need boots on the ground, AF officer says
Tom Vanden Brook, USA TODAY 11:26 p.m. EDT September 11, 2014
WASHINGTON — U.S. special operations forces will be needed on the ground in Syria to make the expanded air war President Obama has ordered there more effective, a senior Air Force commander told USA TODAY.

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Just a comment on your belief that (religion) is fake. Do you make a distinction between religion and faith? Just wondering. Peace.

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Jody Paulson said...

You've got these guys pegged, NTS. So, Obama thinks he can just waltz into a sovereign country and start bombing because of the (fake) beheadings of two war correspondents by enemies of that state.

I don't recall bombs falling over Israel when Americans Furkan Dogan, Rachel Corrie, and 34 crew members of the USS Liberty were brutally murdered, and those actions were given sanction by the Israeli government!