Monday, September 29, 2014

The STOLEN Scottish Independence Referendum: Scottish Referendum Rigged - The "How" And The "Why"

It is amazing that people just do not get it when it comes to the stolen Scottish Independence Referendum... This is just one of many elections and referendums that have been "stolen" over the last decade at least in countries all over the world.... If people do not understand that we all must put an end to these frauds, then our entire system of freedom is gone... The whole concept of "democracy" which is essential in the face of growing tyranny world wide is now nothing but a farce where elections are constantly fixed and the true aspirations of those who actually go out and vote is not heard... Joseph Stalin said it best when he claimed that it does not matter who votes, but what matters is who counts the votes!

Yes, the Scottish Referendum was definitely fixed and the voice of the Scottish people who absolutely want independence from the rest of the corrupt United Kingdom was not heard... We have had the Jew spew media claim that the "official" results were a 55.3% NO vote for independence, and the lies that the "peoples' voices have been heard".   However we have seen the wide spread corruption of the actual voting process, and I covered many of the aspects of the cheating in previous articles.....

For right now, I want to present one of the best full reports of how the Scottish Referendum vote was stolen....  It comes from the "Sign Of The Times" (SOTT) website, at, and is entitled: "Special Report: Scottish Referendum Rigged - The "How" And The "Why"".     I have the link to that very long and very damning report right here for everyone to read carefully for themselves, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Right after the results of the fraud Scottish Referendum became known, I put out several articles where I stated clearly that there was no way in HELL that the corrupt and most evil Rothschild controlled United Kingdom and that fraud sitting on the English Throne would ever allow their Scottish slaves to escape... I have not seen anything at all that has changed that perspective..

Lets face the facts here... Scotland was robbed of its independence again.... The English have been dependent on Scotland's massive wealth in Oil Revenues to keep themselves from bankruptcy, and there was no way in hell that these criminals would allow their cash cow to escape their corrupt control...

I have had many comments that have said.. "NTS, Its over, let it go..." to which I state that this fraud should not be allowed to escape the public eye... There are other people all across Europe that also want to escape their enslavement to the criminal European Union and have also called for peaceful and legal referendums.. The Scottish fraud referendum is just the beginning of more frauds as each upcoming referendum in Europe will have massive cheating and rigging as well.... People everywhere must be on the alert to these frauds and do what is necessary to curtail the criminals that do not want their control and enslavement of people to end....

And yes, this stolen referendum should also be noted to the people of the United States that have had every election since the 1960's fixed or stolen.... If people truly want freedom, then they must take action to  make sure all elections are fair, fully monitored, and not rigged......

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Stephan said...

The Scottish patriot vote for Britain is like as if India or the United States would vote next Sunday to become British.

Btw, could you have a look at the video and explain if it is allowed for a trooper to say in public what Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper Betsy Randolph at the 7:33 mark says about Alton Alexander Nolen, "I wish I'd killed him," without losing the job?

▶ OHP trooper talks about dangerous incident with Moore murder suspect - YouTube

Stephan said...

Someone seems to be busy creating a beheading meme, a blog wrote this:

Oklahoma under Terrorist Attack by ISIS: ANOTHER ONE.

It has a link to this:

Fired Oklahoma City nursing home worker threatened beheading, police say

Jacob Mugambi Muriithi, a native of Kenya, was arrested Friday in Oklahoma City on a terrorism complaint.

by Nolan Clay, September 28, 2014

In a bizarre coincidence, a fired Oklahoma City nursing home employee was arrested Friday after a co-worker reported he threatened to cut her head off.

Jacob Mugambi Muriithi, 30, is being held in the Oklahoma County jail on a terrorism complaint. His bail is set at $1 million.

“We take these threats very seriously,” Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater said.

The arrest came on the same day police in Moore revealed fired Vaughan Foods worker Alton Alexander Nolen beheaded a co-worker after he was fired Thursday. Nolen is a Muslim convert.

Muriithi was identified as a native of Kenya who is living in Oklahoma City. He worked at Bellevue Nursing Home in northwest Oklahoma City, police reported.

The co-worker reported Muriithi threatened her while they were both working at the nursing home Sept. 19, a police detective wrote in an arrest warrant affidavit.

The woman was not identified.

She said Muriithi identified himself as a Muslim and said he “represented ISIS and that ISIS kills Christians,”...

People believing this must be hypnotized.