Friday, September 19, 2014

The Laughable And Ridiculous Phoney "ISIS/ISIL Terrorist" Threat Continues: Excellent Video From Snordelhans, AKA Snordster - New ISIS Horror Threat!!!

I have noticed that the Jew spew media reports on their fraudulent "ISIS/ISIL" threat has taken a bit of a breather for the last two days while the world media focused on making sure that the slaves in Scotland were not able to break free from the criminals that control the United Kingdom… But even with that massive voting fraud in Scotland, the criminals in the US and Israel are still working on getting all their forces in place to have Syria destroyed….

I did read a few articles the other day that showed that this fraud "ISIS/ISIL" group was suddenly into film making… Several reports have come out that this laughable and ridiculous Mossad/CIA group was working on several movie projects and was releasing some videos that showed great Holly(Jewly)wood style production capabilities for such an evil "terrorist" group… It is ridiculous that people still don't get it that this group is so well financed by the United States that now they have suddenly hired film production companies to put out laughable propaganda films!

I came across the following video from Patrick, AKA "Snordelhans" AKA "Snordster" that takes a laughable pot shot at the laughable "ISIS/ISIL" video that was released as their latest propaganda… I want to share that video, narrated by Patrick himself, entitled: "NEW ISIL Horror Threat" right here for all of my own readers to view for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  From "Snordster"'s own Youtube site, I was reading some of the comments readers have placed about this video, and many still don't get it… Snordster released this video as a laughable spoof to take a shot at the ridiculous "ISIL" video that was just released as again pure propaganda to somehow scare gullible people…

The fact is again, readers, that there is no real "ISIS/ISIL" terrorists just as much as there never was an "Al Qaeda"… These groups are nothing more than US/Israeli propaganda devices to scare the stupid people out there into believing in "terrorists" and to throw their support behind the criminal government push for endless wars against more innocent nations….  Sadly, there are still too many fools and idiots out there that are swallowing the bullshit and are willing to send their sons and daughters off to fight wars for Israel….

Again, wake up, everyone!

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Stephan said...

It seems that the Mossad changed the strategy to make the people believe that IS exists (and cancelled the beheading of Alan Henning). The newest installment is a video series about "the truth" about IS. Part 1 at LeakSource:

“Lend Me Your Ears”: Islamic State Captive UK Journalist John Cantlie in News-Style Report to Reveal “Truth” About IS

Stephan said...

Sigh, even if the landscape is darker, my contribution to an IS parody can't keep up with Snordster:

Stephan said...

One can not say they are not creative in making us believe their Truman Show:

Australia police raids foil 'beheading plot'

18 Sep 2014

Australian authorities have carried out their largest "counter-terrorism" raids so far, detaining 15 people to stop an alleged plot by supporters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) to carry out "demonstration killings" in public.

They should have taken the headline Police Smashes Islamic State of Australia

Stephan said...

Three video news reports on the laughable Australian ISIS beheading plot, the last one with silly CGI.

▶ Australia foils ISIS beheading plot - YouTube

▶ Police thwart jihadist copycat beheading plot in Australia - YouTube

▶ Australia ISIS raids: public beheading plots foiled, number of sympathisers arrested - YouTube

Northerntruthseeker said...

Stephan... Thanks for the links...The Australian one especially is such a ridiculous laugher.. Hopefully the people of Australia are not that gullible...But apparently they are!