Friday, September 26, 2014

The Criminal US War On Syria: Calling BS On The US "Airstrikes" Against "ISIS" - This Video Is A Real Laugher!

The reports continue to come in fast and furious from the Jew spew media these last few days about the so called "airstrikes" against "ISIS/ISIL targets" in northern Syria.... I have watched some of the alleged airstrikes and I have been puzzled by several factors... One of course is the lack of so called "ISIS/ISIL" casualties from these "airstrikes" when all we find from real sources is the deaths of innocent civilians... The second is the "airstrikes" themselves that seem to hit empty targets.... I have long suspected that these "airstrikes" against fraudulent "ISIS/ISIL targets" are nothing of the sort and the REAL airstrikes will begin very shortly against Syrian government forces.... The plan has always been to remove Bashar al-Assad from power in Syria, and this "ISIS/ISIL" bull crap propaganda is just that... Propaganda to fill the sheep's heads with bull crap!

I came across a most interesting short video today, and it absolutely proves that these alleged "airstrikes" against "ISIS/ISIL targets" that the Jew media is spewing are pure BULLSHIT.... This one video alone, supposedly filmed by "ISIS/ISIL" itself, shows how an "airstrike" against an "ISIS/ISIL artillery" position was absolutely staged..... Here is that video from Youtube user "ZeeRoeThree" for everyone to see for themselves,and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  This video is such a ridiculous laugher... The dead giveaway is the fact that the one "ISIS/ISIL terrorist" in the middle of the video just before an alleged American GBU missile hits the "artillery piece" has the foreknowledge to cover his ears to protect them from the sound from the blast!

The other note is the fact that the entire artillery piece "personel" were able to be miraculously away from the "artillery piece" during the supposed "missile" hit .... They all had foreknowledge that the missile was about to hit????

Then we have the concussion from the supposed missile hitting the obviously very fake "artillery piece"... It would take at least a 500lb GBU ("Paveway" or possibly "Hellfire") missile to blow up that "artillery piece" which would have created a small blast wave that would have knocked some of the "ISIS/ISIL fighters" in the video off their feet, and sent flying shrapnel everywhere that would have killed others at least.. But we see none of that at all in this video, which means that the blast was not only staged, but the "missile" itself was also staged and most probably a phoney....

I am calling BS on this one, and I would again argue that this video that the Jew spew media has been using as "evidence" of US airstrikes against "ISIS/ISIL terrorists" is pure bull crap propaganda.... I am also now convinced that all of the alleged US "airstrikes" against "ISIS/ISIL targets" are complete bullshit as well....

The facts are simple for everyone .... ISIS/ISIL is pure and utter bullshit.... It is a fraud "terrorist group" along the lines of the equally fraudulent "Al Qaeda" and the US/Israel's latest fraud boogeyman group called "Khorasan" (makes me think of the "Kardashians" when I hear this latest laughable name)...... The fact is again that these criminals in the US and Israel will continue with these frauds until people either blindly follow these maniacs into war like gullible sheep, or people finally wake the hell up and put an end to their madness...

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Stephan said...

Video removed. Do you have the name/title of the video?

Stephan said...

Found the title. A solution which helps everyone visiting the site years later finding a removed video, is adding the title to the video, linking it with a search.


I call Bull S%*T on ISIS Airstrikes! Video proof of foreknowledge


Or adding the words, "No video? Search here for video titled ..."

Stephan said...

Another example of faked ISIS propaganda:

Islamic State Propaganda – Bad Fake – Media Pwned