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Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, September 28th, 2014


Yes, it is Sunday again, and it is time for my usual weekly rant…

First, I figure I would clear up a few issues that arose over the last week… One was the comment I made in last Monday's Turbulent Times show where I stated that PressTV out of Iran was one of the last truthful news networks left in the world…. Lets make it clear that this is of course in comparison to all of the crap that we endure daily from the liars in the Jew spew western media outlets.   There were some comments over at Delcroix's Outside Radio network that questioned my statement, but I stand behind it…. Yes, there are many problems in Iran, but compared to what we see here in Canada and the United States, they are minor.  We are told that Iran is such a terrible place with terrible Islamic laws, but in reality as compared to our waning freedoms and push towards a totalitarian police state here at home they are in most ways minor….. I have said that PressTV still in most ways gives a more honest and truthful view of what is really happening around us, and I have yet to see anything that has changed that view…. One other issue that I and others have been experiencing is the sudden rash of removals of important videos from Youtube.  We all know why by now, considering who controls Youtube and how they are doing much of the censorship.    I have been constantly going back and trying to get the videos into their articles, but it is sometimes a tedious task in searching for the appropriate video.  Yes, sometimes the videos are available over at Vimeo or other video sites as well.   I do want to thank some readers for their diligence in getting me the appropriate links at times.

Of course I cannot help but start out by talking about the fraud "ISIS/ISIL" crisis that continues to be promoted by the liars in the Jew spew media…..You cannot turn on the idiot box these days and not have some so called "news" report come out with another phoney terrorist fear.   Personally, I have had enough of their lies and their promotion of this fraudulent group as the latest boogeyman to try to scare gullible people into supporting more wars against innocent nations.  I can guarantee that most people feel exactly the same way.   To me, the trouble is that too many suckers and idiots have fallen for this trap without actually taking the time to go and research for themselves the validity of these so called "terrorist groups".  That may also be due to the fact that people these days just do not think, and many have ridiculously short attention spans…..Equally shocking is how over the last week at least when I hear anyone talking about "ISIS", I have tried to harp in by asking them if they even know what "ISIS" stands for.   When I tell them the truth that "ISIS" is actually the acronym for "Israeli Secret Intelligence Service"and that "ISIS" is the creation of the American CIA and Israeli Mossad, they have looked at me like deer in headlights.   It is so terrible to see that so many suckers just do not get it with this "ISIS" scam and again I put it down to the fact that most people just do not think….

I stated for well over a year now, and was harping the facts like a broken record for the last 50+ rants and many associated articles that the target for the criminals in the US and Israel was always the innocent and peaceful nation of Syria, and I have yet to be proven wrong…. It is most interesting about how this fraud "ISIS/ISIL" so called "terrorist" group has been over the last few weeks going deeper and deeper into Syria.   That to me is by design because the US/Israel target is of course the removal of the popular Bashar al-Assad government in Damascus.  On a daily basis we find the Jew spew media give us our regular dose of lies about so called "airstrikes" against "ISIS" targets, and yet we find absolutely no evidence that any of these so called "terrorists" have been killed.   The fact that there have been no reports of any actual "terrorist" deaths from all of these bombs and missiles falling on "ISIS" targets should have raised many red flags for everyone.   And the facts that the only victims that seem to be dying from these attacks are Syrian civilians, and that these air attacks have suddenly turned against Syria's petroleum refineries and other oil targets, does again indicate that the whole purpose is to again to destroy Bashar al-Assad…

The propaganda spin doctors in the United States are of course trying to sell this new war of aggression to not only the more pessimistic American people, but to other nations as well…. The so called "Coalition of nations" that the American government has been trying to promote as their force in the Middle East against this "ISIS" fraud started up as such a laugher with only about 18 other much smaller nations, primarily located in the Middle East itself, actively participating…. Sadly, this last week the Jew controlled Parliament in the United Kingdom has voted for the UK to join in this fraud coalition against this phantom "ISIS terrorist threat".    It appears that the United States government has again got their lapdogs in the United Kingdom to participate in another criminal war in the Middle East much like they did in 2003 when the UK was the only nation to follow the US lead in the unjust invasion of Iraq…  It is bad enough that the UK is itself a bankrupt nation, but now they are again sending British men and women to fight and die in another unjust war for the destruction of Syria……

The United States and the United Kingdom have now been committed to a new war of aggression against Syria, but it appears that my own nation of Canada may be joining in this illegal and unjust war as well…. It is bad enough that the criminal Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, has already sent 500 Canadian forces into Iraq as "advisors", but he is actually considering the demands by his Jewish masters that Canada join in this "coalition" to have Syria destroyed as well…. Canada can also ill afford to send any of its minuscule armed forces to the Middle East on any combat missions, and after the fiasco of Afghanistan many in the Canadian military are in no rush for another meaningless war of aggression….. We will see over the next few days if that liar Stephen Harper will commit Canada into this war for Syria's destruction….

It is bad enough that we see the propaganda about this fraud "ISIS threat" on a daily basis, but now the US Jew spew media and the liars in the American government have gone and created a new and "much more dangerous terrorist group" that is called "Khorasan".     It appears that after the laughingly ridiculous titles of previous fraud "terrorist" groups such as "Al Qaeda" (The toilet in Arabic), "Boko Haram" (sounds like 70's rock icon band "Procol Harum"), and even "ISIS" (The Egyptian goddess of MAGIC and Illusion.  Fitting considering this terrorist group is an illusion),  they decided to finally come up with a phoney name that at least sounds Islamic and Arabic for a change.   But this "Khorasan" name does look and sound too close to "Khardasian" and I do wonder if that was done intentionally to grab the attention of the dumbed down American people…. I can guarantee that these acronyms and names are always by design and created after researching what type of name would stick in the public's minds….. But this latest "terrorist group"  is just as phoney as all the previous ones, and is being harped by the media as one with "capabilities" to attack the United States directly.   Yes, we have seen the progression of these "terrorist" groups getting more and more "deadly" as their names change, and this is by design.   There are still too many people out there who are swallowing all the bullshit from their media and governments, and the criminals know that they can continue with these fraud "terrorist threats" for as long as the people are willing to be gullible sheep…..

One other interesting issue about this fraud "ISIS" threat that truly has turned it into a joke was when the criminal French President, Francois Hollande, went in front of the UN Security Council meeting on September 24th and had the gall and stupidity to somehow link this fraud "ISIS" threat to the equally laughable threat of "Global Warming".    I read the context of this idiot's presentation to the UN and I could not help but laugh.   Hollande himself has long been a promoter of the fraudulent Global Warming scam and is pushing hard for nations to sign off on Climate control legislations in 2015 (fraudulent carbon taxation).   He therefore went in front of the UN and tried to tie this fraud terrorist threat with his Global Warming agenda.  To me, all he did was to make himself look like a moron…. It is so sad that the people of France actually voted for this blithering idiot, but they are stuck with him until the next elections which sadly will not take place for a few years yet…. To try to tie fraudulent "terrorism" to equally fraudulent "Global Warming" is beyond ridiculous, but sadly many people will again fall for this stupidity due to their own ignorance of both subjects….

Yes, I could turn this entire rant into an "ISIS" bashing, but there are other issues to look at….The Sandy Hook fraud operation came back into the headlines this last week with the important revelation that official FBI records in the United States showed absolutely NO deaths from Newtown Connecticut for that period of December 2012.   THIS is indeed another "smoking gun" and again points to the fact that the shootings were indeed a fraud and that NO ONE died on that fateful date of December 14th, 2012. If the FBI records which are official US government documents show that nobody died, then nobody died, plain and simple… Tragically, there are still gullible idiots and fools out there that are either not up to speed on the truth that Sandy Hook was indeed a massive operation to scare the American public, or some are indeed agents working hard to try to still convince everyone that what happened at Sandy Hook was authentic according to the liars in our government and media.   It is so sad that many even in this laughable "truth movement" have also been exposed as the true frauds they are, and yet these frauds continue to draw so many gullible suckers to their pathetic websites, blogs, etc….

The Scottish Independence Referendum that was such a fiasco and a fraud is over, at least for the time being while the Scottish people decide what to do next… But other independence referendums are now being launched in other European nations… The people of Catalonia in Spain will be going to the polls come mid November to decide their own future, be it either to continue to be part of Spain  or to declare their own independence.    I do wonder if this one in Spain will be as fixed as the Scottish vote….Then we have the people of Venetia in northern Italy that may also shortly call for an independence referendum as well…. The fact is again as I have stated in previous rants that the people of Europe are having their say on their future, much to the chagrin of the criminal Rothschild controlled European Union.    But we have seen what kind of cheating does take place due to the fraudulence of  the Scottish vote, and I can guarantee that these Jewish criminals do not want to see their minions escape their enslavement….

The Ebola scare is of course still there… There was a very revealing article that came out last week where Liberia finally came out and directly accused the United States of manufacturing this latest and most deadly Ebola strain for the purpose of creating a pandemic.   Yes, this backs up everything that I and others have long claimed in that this Ebola virus strain was indeed manufactured in that "research" facility in Sierra Leone for the sole purpose of creating a world wide pandemic that would have both wiped out much of the world's population as per the diabolical Agenda 21 and UN directives, but also to bring in the criminal martial law directives in nations that the criminal Jewish elite have long desired… It is about time that nations told the truth about this Ebola outbreak, and Liberia is leading the way.  Sadly, of course, with the Jewish control over much of the world's media, few people are listening..

Lets face some facts about this Ebola fear…. I personally am not sold yet on the idea of this being a full blown pandemic, and much of the fear is actually being used to  promote the criminal Pharmaceutical agenda of selling their poisonous vaccines on the gullible public much like they did with the non-existent Swine Flu fear of 2009-2010.    Yes, there are still reports of thousands of deaths from this Ebola strain being reported in west Africa, but there are almost zero pictures of any supposed victims anywhere to be found.  Then we have the reports of "Ebola victims" transported to hospitals all over the world, including the United States and Canada, and yet those reports have also disappeared.   I do suspect a criminal agenda here, and it may indeed be for suckers to take more deadly vaccines into their bodies to further weaken their immune systems…. On the other side, if this Ebola outbreak does go world wide, then again the best method of treatment is of course to take Vitamin C supplements and absolutely avoid vaccines….

Tomorrow, Monday, at 6PM CDT is supposed to be our seventh "Turbulent Times" show on Outside Radio (    Whitewraithe herself usually is my cohost, but she gave me some bad news just the other day that her term position of employment was indeed terminated.   She had hoped to catch on with that company on a permanent basis, but it appears that they had other plans.  It has been devastating to her both emotionally and physically and she alerted me that she may not be wanting to do the show on Monday night…. I hope that everyone sends her a message of support over to her Pragmatic Witness site (, and I will try to coax her for making her regular appearance.

Well, I do believe that is it for the moment on covering many of the important issues of the last week.  I will close this rant with my usual "last minute tidbits" to hopefully cover a few other issues that I may have missed…..While the world focuses in on the fraud "ISIS threat", there is still the issue of Ukraine with the Western nations continuing to vilify Russia.  Sad, considering these criminals are cutting their own necks when it comes to their dependance on Russian natural gas to keep them warm this coming winter…. It is bad enough that Japan has already been devastated by the Fukushima nuclear disaster, but now they have a major volcanic eruption happening right now that could further devastate their islands as well as their fragile economy….. World economic outlook towards the end of this year is not good, with more reports that the economic collapse that is expected is indeed upon us.  And yet we continue to see the liars in the Jew spew media continue to promote the lies that the economy is headed to "recovery"?   I hope everyone is getting prepared for what is coming when the economy does indeed collapse, because it will be devastating….The world is going to hell, but fear not, for Apple has released their long planned "I Phone 6" to keep gullible people focused on non-important issues.  Sadly with most people now in destitution, especially in America, many will still line up and fork over a few hundred dollars just to have the latest and greatest smartphone.   The term madness does indeed come to  mind…..The US Government criticized Palestinian Authority leader Abbas for his speech in front of the UN last week calling Israel's mass slaughter of people in their recent assault on Gaza "genocide".  Hey, the truth does hurt, does it?  And honestly what else would you call a mass slaughter of innocent civilians then?……….I saw the reports these last few weeks of children dying all over the planet after being subjected to the horrible HPV "vaccine".   I just wish people would finally get it that vaccines absolutely do NOT work and the side effects from the deadly chemicals in these poisons is much worse than the diseases they are supposed to be fighting.  But of course we will continue to see gullible sheep line up and roll up their arms to take their lethal injections like dumb ass sheep…. AND I did see the reports about a mysterious virus that seems to be attacking ONLY vaccinated people across the United States right now.  Further proof that vaccines do not work and that they indeed only weaken the immune system…..Arsenal played to a hard fought 1-1 tie with Tottenham Hotspur yesterday in a game where they dominated from start to finish.   It is nice to see the Gunners undefeated, but considering they already have 4 ties in 6 matches, it does not bode well for their need to be near the top of the table….Hawthorn Power against Sydney Swans this Tuesday for the Aussie Rules Football "Grand Final".   Yes again in spite of the weird quirks of Aussie "footy", I may actually watch the game……Yes, the latest fraud"terrorist group" called "Khorasan" is "out to get us all" and to destroy and conquer America so it seems.  But hey, they have nothing on the loveable skanks and trollops known as the Kardashians that have already done their damage in destroying American minds and conquering America without any use of fear mongering.  Maybe the spin doctors and criminals behind these fraud terrorists need to do their research better on what works best on gullible American minds?

More to come


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Re the Scottish vote:
Are we to believe that the Scots are really so dumb about election fraud tactics? With all the juvenile lapses in strict adherence to necessary election protocols that ocurred, it seems more like treason happened within the "Yes" party. The "Yes" vote leaders should have been closely involved to be sure that the voting apparatus was set up to be operated legally and honestly. They should have known what to demand and insist on in following strict protocols. But apparently, they didn't. Couldn't be lack of knowledge, so maybe they were Trojan Horses pretending to support the "Yes" voters, but actually working in concert with the "No" agencies of power.

Possible info on "Khorasan":

Wikibon describes the Server SAN (storage area network) as a combination of servers and pooled storage connected to multiple servers. " "Essentially, in a Server SAN, all storage appears to the network to be "local" as if it were attached to the same server backplane, regardless of where in the network the storage physically resides."
[Like multiple countries involved?]
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