Sunday, September 21, 2014

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, September 21st, 2014


Yes, it is Sunday, September 21st, 2014, and again time for my weekly rant…

I do wish that everyone has taken notice of the severe drop in temperatures around the world and how cold it is this time of year in contrast to previous years… This is supposed to be the first day of Autumn here in the true centre of Canada, and usually temperatures this time of year hover well into the 20 degree Celcius range… And yet temperatures are indeed well below normal with frost warnings happening more and more at night…. This of course is exactly what I and others have been saying is actually happening all over the planet, and it flies in the face of those who continue to proclaim the lies of "Global Warming" or as they try to promote it now as "Climate Change"… .This planet's Yellow Dwarf Star, Sol, is going through some major changes as part of a natural cycle of oscillating levels of solar radiation output…. Right now we are entering a long period of diminished solar radiation output, or what scientists call a Solar "minimum"…. The effects will see longer and much colder winters and shorter cooler Summers over the entire Earth…. Sadly, so many countries have now been suckered into the lie of "Global Warming" and have made their citizens ill prepared for actual Global cooling or even a new mini "Ice Age" along the lines of the one this planet suffered less than 3 centuries ago…. And the effect could be a catastrophe for world crops and food supplies as northern countries have much shorter growing periods for their crops…..

I have long made it my business to go after the criminals behind the Global Warming scam for their pack of lies, especially the head criminal behind the scam, Al Gore, who would have made billions off of the suckers who would have fallen for the Global Warming trap through his ownership of shares in the companies that would have counted "carbon credits" in the United States… Again, readers, this so called patron saint of the Global Warming scam was only in it for the money, and in actuality he and his cronies should all be in jail for their deception and lies…..

OK, enough of the Global Warming scam exposure.. On to other business at hand… Of course the major player on the planet that is truly playing so many gullible people as idiots is this fraud "ISIS/ISIL" group that is absolutely nothing more than another Mossad/CIA concoction to keep scaring the dumbed down American people… And yes, the American people are indeed being treated like idiots by the ramblings of the equally compliant and criminal Jew spew Mainstream media that constantly harps the "ISIS/ISIL" trash….

Several things about this "ISIS/ISIL" trash has come to my attention this last week that I wish that many would also see their significance when it comes to this fraud…. First, there are many reports that came forward that show that the "ISIS" moniker, besides being a ridiculous acronym for a supposed Muslim "terrorist" group, is in actuality the true name used by the criminal Israeli Mossad… Many people do not see the truth that ISIS has been the official name for the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, or "ISIS" for short… That, ladies and gentlemen, is fact and not fiction… Yes, the Israeli Mossad for decades has in actuality been using the "ISIS" acronym for the official name of their organization!

The other aspect of the term "ISIS" stems from the usage of the Egyptian god "ISIS" for this fraud terrorist group's official name… I did some research, and the Egyptian god ISIS is according to many encyclopedias the god of "Nature and MAGIC"…. Yes, here we have the Mossad and CIA call their latest phantom terrorist group "ISIS" and I have long suspected that this was by design… Magic also includes the art of "illusion" and here we have this "ISIS" group named after the god of magic and illusion…. I suspect that this is not by accident but by design.. Much the same way that these criminals named their last fraud terrorist group  "Al Qaeda" knowing full well that "Al Qaeda" in Arabic actually means "toilet"….. Yes, there are suckers born every minute and I do believe that these criminals come up with these names just to laugh directly in the fools'  faces that believe them to be true….

I really do not like to say that I have told everyone so, but I have said for a very long time that this "ISIS/ISIL" fraud was the direct result of the Americans and their Jewish masters in Israel trying to find another approach to get their nice little war going against the innocent nation of Syria, and I am absolutely correct…. The Americans and Israelis are right now using this fraud as their ticket to attack and destroy Syria, and in the last week the Americans themselves have warned the good guys, the Bashar Al-Assad government, that if the Syrians do defend their skies which they have every right to do under international law, from the planned American incursions into Syrian airspace to go after their fraud "ISIS" group, then the Americans will turn their airstrikes directly at Assad's forces… THIS, readers, is exactly what the Americans are indeed planning, and sadly not too many people see the truth here…. America and Israel have for decades plotted the destruction of Syria, and having failed in their initial diabolical attempts using their fraud "Syrian rebels" have turned to their "plan B" and use this fraud "ISIS" as the bait…..

However, the Russians are not swallowing the bait when it comes to American plans to destroy Syria… Putin himself has already stated that he would support Syria if America and Israel attack Syria, which could have the world plunged into World War III…. It is still my hope that the American people will put a stop to the madness of their INSANE President before he obeys his Jewish masters and attacks Syria head on…..

Honestly, what more is there to say about the fraud "referendum" in Scotland?   I put up an article after the laughable "referendum" results that stated it clearly… Does anyone actually think that the English would allow the Scottish people to go free?   That fraud on the British throne and the criminal Jewish bankers in London absolutely do not want their Scottish cash cow to be independent of their control so they made sure that the referendum was rigged…. From what I have seen and witnessed, it turned into a farce… We have the ridiculous reports of the NO vote obtaining some 55.3% of the vote and yet throughout the campaign the NO voters were no where to be seen….And of course we have the blatant videos that show the fraud in the counting for the whole world to see…..

Sadly, the people of Scotland have not had their voices heard, and honestly the only choiced now are for a proper independent and unbiased investigation into the frauds of the referendum… It wil be either that, or there is a strong possibility of a full revolution in Scotland… I do not believe in bloodshed, but the truth is that when peaceful revolution is impossible as in the case of a fair and just "referendum", the violent revolution quickly takes its place… Even today we have reports of revolts in major Scottish cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh, where protestors are demanding a full investigation into the fraud referendum… And yet the British controllers of Scotland are not allowing any investigation to take place due to the fact that a proper investigation would indeed expose the shenanigans of the laughable referendum itself…. Better to keep the slaves in the dark and never allow them to have their true voice…..THAT sadly could indeed lead to violent revolt in Scotland…..

Beyond Scotland we have reports of more and more people all over Europe now calling for referendums to decide their own future… It does not bode well for the fraud Rothschild controlled EU as a whole, but as I have said before, that union was a farce to begin with…. The member nations have seen much of their national sovereignty as well as their economics go to hell and many have had enough of the EU….. The fact is that this the first attempt by the criminal Jewish Rothschilds at a form of world government has been a dismal failure….

This last week we find new evidence that the "Ebola Pandemic" is indeed a massive fraud…. I and others have had our doubts about the authenticity of this latest epidemic scare, and I am definitely leaning in the direction of this being another "swine flu" scare to have gullible people line up, roll up their arms, and allow criminals in the Pharmaceutical industry to inject them with the prescribed brain destroying poisonous vaccines that absolutely do not work….

There have been a few interesting things that have happened over the last week that have changed my perspective on the "Ebola" scare….. The biggest red flag was the reports of the United States committing COMBAT TROOPS to West Africa to "combat" this Ebola "epidemic"… When I saw these reports, I was floored…. HOW in the hell can a nation "fight" Ebola using combat troops?  OK, I suppose that an M16 rifle is the desired weapon of choice to fight the Ebola virus itself now?

This action by America in sending "combat troops" to "fight" Ebola in west Africa to me is ludicrous, and I suspect that the real reasons for the combat troops to west Africa stems not from Ebola which they are using as the smoke screen, but actually for the fact that China and Russia have made new trade deals with west African nations for their mineral rights… We are aware already that the American criminal government created the fraud "Boko Haram" "terrorist" group as a means of going into Nigeria to block China's latest trade deals with the Nigerian government.  But that fraud has failed as this "Boko Haram" has proven to be another massive fraud…So it does appear that the Americans are now taking a more direct approach and at just the right time while the majority of the worlds' attention is diverted by their equally phoney "ISIS/ISIL" threat…..

This last week I was sickened by the reports of how Israel will get rich from the "rebuilding" of the demolished Gaza Strip…. With Israel's continuing strangulation of the strip itself and the fact that all materials destined for Gaza have to go through their criminal state, these maniacs will control the actual companies that will be contracted for the rebuilding of the infrastructure in Gaza and supposedly will make somewhere in the neighbourhood of some $6 BILLION dollars as a result…. It is amazing how sick these freaks are that first they destroy the strip using American bought and paid for weapons, and now will get even richer from being the ones to rebuild what they have destroyed…. Hypocrisy and Irony are the two terms that come to mind…

And about the damage that the lunatics in Israel did to Gaza….. I am sick of the continuing reports that continue to claim that only some "2150" people died in the recent Israeli assault… I have said the number is much much higher, and I do believe that the true number is now being hidden by the false reports that there is an "exodus" of people leaving Gaza… The truth has always been that Israel has cut off Gaza and controls both the land and water exit routes out of that open air prison camp… Therefore this "exodus" is a fraud and is being used to cover up the fact that more than 100,000 people actually died in the Israeli massacre…. When there is a new "census" of the Gaza strip, I can guarantee the number of people living in the strip will have suddenly "declined" by over 100,000, and many reports will fraudulently say that decline is due to this ridiculous and impossible "exodus" of citizens out of the strip…. But again the Jewish controlled press and governments will continue to lie about the true number of Palestinians that were murdered in that genocide and the general public will continue to swallow these lies without using real critical thinking…..

Whitewraithe and I are now going to try to have our "Turbulent Times" show permanently (at least for the foreseeable future) on Mondays at 6PM CDT (7PM for those on the right coast of the US)…. Therefore this coming Monday, we will again have a live telecast over the Outside Radio network ( and everyone is welcome to listen in, and to even call in via Skype if they want….. We are still trying to line up more guests for our shows, and will spend the first part of each show to cover current events before going into major topics…… And of course we will continue to have our chat room open at Chatango ( for anyone that wants to chime in and ask questions as well……

Well, I guess that is enough for covering some of the major items for the last week, and again I will close here with my usual "last minute tidbits" to hopefully cover those topics that I may have overlooked in this rant…….The economic collapse is still going strong I see.  Yes the train wreck in slow motion that is the economic collapse is happening right now, and the criminals responsible for the mess continue to promote the lie that everyone is actually in "recovery".   Short of a new global war, I cannot see anything plausible to fix the mess other than nations actually cancelling their debts.  Fat chance of that though considering the Jewish control of the majority of the nations on this planet's finances……I keep laughing at the ridiculous "beheading" videos and other garbage put out by that scumbag Rita Katz and her fraud SITE group, and yet we have our governments and liars in the Jew spew media continue to promote such horse shit.  Honestly, are people really this stupid? Sadly, we know the answer……..The long awaited and very fraudulent "Canadian Museum of Human Rights" finally opened in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada just the other day.  Yes, it is a massive lie and a fraud with an entire section dedicated to the unprovable "Holocaust" of the second World War.  Honestly, there is no way in hell that I would ever set foot in that dedication to lies and falsehoods, and hopefully others here in Canada do feel the same way…….Yes, I saw the report of the Russian "breakthrough" in nuclear power technology by developing a means of using nuclear fuel and not producing any toxic waste.  This procedure was actually considered by the Americans early on with their nuclear power plants but was dismissed because the waste was being used for nuclear weapons development.  Now with the Earth threatening amount of nuclear waste all over the world thanks to that stupid folly (think Fukushima and its collapsing spent fuel rod pools), maybe it is time for America to rethink their approach and consider the Russian alternative…..The United States criminal Senate just passed a resolution to elevate the criminal and psychotic state of Israel to the rank of "strategic partner".   Gee, is this not the same Israel that murdered some 34 sailors on the USS Liberty and some 3000 innocent people in their horrendous attack of 9-11?  Just asking……The situation in Ukraine is still a mess with the criminal junta in Kiev obeying their American masters and trying to find new ways to vilify Russia.  Considering a long cold winter is fast approaching and much of Ukraine will be dependent on Russian natural gas supplies to stay warm, I need to ask if these morons are really that stupid?  Again, just asking….. Someone asked me to comment on the NFL's Minnesota Vikings/Adrian Peterson situation where Adrian Peterson has been deactivated from the team pending an investigation into allegations that he beat his young son and was subsequently charged with battery against a child as a result.  I honestly see this as an epidemic in the NFL if you consider the violence of the game and the fact that many of the players have to take performance enhancing drugs to keep them at the top of their game which includes the use of steroids.  That inner rage of the players both on and off the field combined with the effect of rage caused by the performance enhancing drugs leads many of the players to violence against others.  Now thanks to the Ray Rice incident of a few weeks back, we are seeing many more people come forward with allegations of violence on an almost daily basis.  The NFL needs to clean up their act and quickly…….Yes, Arsenal won a great victory yesterday in beating Aston Villa by the score of 3-0.   The Gunners are now getting back on track in the BPL and in the next few weeks may again be challenging for the top of the table.  However, Chelsea does stand in their way………..The Grand Final in Aussie Rules Football is coming next week with the Sydney Swans facing the Hawthorn Power.  Hey, I have taken a bit of a liking to the silliness and quirks of Aussie rules football, and I suspect it will be a great match to see…...And speaking of silliness, here is my usual shot at that great American family, the Kardashian family of tramps, scumbags, trollops, and misfits.   A commentator sent me a link just yesterday to an article from the Independent out of the UK where it seems that some new nude pictures of skank Kim have "leaked" out.  Considering how much this trollop is nothing more than a media hound, I suspect that she herself has "leaked" these images just to keep herself in the media spotlight.  And it apparently works, because again, America just loves their Kardashians!   And people wonder why I call America a failed state….

More to come



Anonymous said...

US not interested in ending terrorism: Ken O’Keefe

Press TV: Do you see this as a project that the United States really wants to stop this terrorist group or not?

O’Keefe: Absolutely not, and I find it laughable that anybody would even consider the United States to be seriously interested in ending terrorism.

We have had over 13 years of this farcical war on terror, all of it built on lies, from the false-flag of 9/11 to the non-prosecution of Osama bin Laden because the FBI admitted that there was no evidence linking him to 9/11, from every policy since the invasion, occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq; the attack on Libya, destroying that country; attempting to fully destroy Syria, all of this is terrorism – terrorism on a grand scale!

Let’s throw in Israel and its genocide against the Palestinians, the use of white phosphorus, depleted uranium and all sorts of other weapons of mass destruction against a civilian population in Gaza, which is comprised of over 900,000 children, and you find that the United States is without question the number one terrorist of the 20th and 21st century.

How in the world can anyone seriously believe that the United States has any interest in ending terrorism?

It is the ultimate terrorist.

Its little boogeyman creations of al-Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL – whatever the hell they call themselves tomorrow – is nothing more than the boogeyman necessary to justify this military industrial complex which is running roughshod over the world.


Anonymous said...

^The U.S. wants to end terrorism about as much as it wants to get off of fossil fuels.^


Anonymous said...

Are you serious? Here in sask the temperature forecast for the next 4 days is between 29-31 celsius