Sunday, September 7, 2014

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, September 7th, 2014


Sunday… And again time for my weekly rant where I take the so called "news" for the last week and shred it to pieces….

I personally am truly sick and tired of the damn lies that continue to come out of the criminals and liars in our media… I have long called it the Jew spew media for a reason, and it should be obvious to everyone by now that the so called media is entirely owned and operated by Jews and they will stop at nothing to make the criminal Jews look good and their psychotic "nation" known as Israel to smell like a rose… It is disgusting to listen and watch the constant flow of garbage from this so called media and it is no wonder that their viewership numbers has been falling off a cliff…. Nobody likes a liar…..

Yes, Whitewraithe and I did a very impromptu "Turbulent Times" show just the other night, that is available over at Outside Radio ( and will be put up at this blog very shortly as well….Originally both Whitewraithe and I had several guests lined up for this Friday show, but due to the fact that it was on such short notice, our planned guests could not make it for this broadcast, so we decided to "wing it" and use the show to talk about current events… I had to do the first 45 minutes or so by myself, and honestly I do find that I did drone a bit and was a bit tongue tied at times (Yes, I can be my worst critic).   What people need to understand is that I put all those facts out without any written notes at all and entirely from my own thoughts…. The subject material that I did try to cover is very true and factual, and I hope that the message did reach some people that they should turn away from the lies that we are still being subjected to on a daily basis in disgust… It is so revolting to have to put up with the lies from our own media and governments, and I hope that I was able to get the real truth out and that at least some people were listening…. Yes, the Turbulent Times shows are still a work in progress and both Whitewraithe and I are still working the bugs out and trying to make them flow easier with fewer glitches….

The last few weeks we have seen a barrage of reports coming from the Jew spew media about the fraud known as ISIS, and the constant harping by these liars that this phoney ISIS is indeed planning an attack on the United States.. Well, lo and behold this coming week is the 13th anniversary of the Israeli assault on America known as "9-11" and the timing could not be more perfect for the scoundrels in the US government to pull off a brand spanking new false flag attack on an American city and have it blamed on their newest fraud "terrorist group" known by the acronym "ISIS"….

This last week we have again witnessed a laughable and yet disturbing "beheading" being committed by this fraud ISIS "terrorist" group, and just like the James Wright Foley laugher before it, we have another obvious fake perpetrated on the world…. This time around, however, the fakery is clearly shown in the video by the infamous "SITE" logo sitting right in the background of the fraud video itself.   People by now must be aware that this so called "SITE" organization is run by a rabid Zionist dual citizen Israeli known as Rita Katz.   This ugly yenta and her cronies at SITE were already responsible for the phoney and laughable "Osama Bin Laden" videos that were released for years after Bin Laden's death back in December, 2001.  The problem is of course that the gullible American people swallowed those BS Bin Laden videos, and the US government and this SITE group know that the gullible masses are ripe for more BS right now….Sadly, too many people have swallowed the bait and still believe that these "beheadings" are actually real…

It came to my attention over the last week that some details about this Steven Sotloff character that was "beheaded" in the most recent BS video were conveniently not told to the American people by the liars in the Jew spew media (No surprise here).   One was of course the fact that Sotloff was (and because he is definitely still alive, is) Jewish, and has lived for years in the psychotic and criminal state of Israel itself.   We also find that his education in Israel placed him in a known Mossad training facility and that alone should have alerted everyone that we are again dealing with a definite Mossad operative…..

So we have a spook named Foley, and a Mossad operative named Sotloff, in both of these fraud "beheadings" and the media and our governments are using these frauds as their basis to want to go into Syria and have this fraud "ISIS" destroyed.   It is truly sad that people are that stupid and gullible that they cannot see the clear picture that not only is this "ISIS" a fraud along the lines of the previous great fraud known as "Al Qaeda", but our Jew run governments are now using it as their excuse to have a very innocent and peaceful nation of Syria destroyed…… It is a fact that I stated in my previous rants that the US/Israel have not given up their dream of having Syria destroyed from their failure through the so called "Syrian rebels", and that they would not stop trying after that debacle… They created this phoney "ISIS" as their pretext for Syria's destruction as I have always said, and I find absolutely nothing that proves otherwise….

As I stated in previous articles and in my last few rants, the US government knows that the proverbial "writing is on the wall" in terms of the economic state of the United States… They have borrowed away the futures of the American people and the economy is definitely going to collapse soon.   In their twisted minds, they do believe that a full collapse can be averted by creating a new world war.  However this war would be most definitely against a nuclear armed Russia and could mean the extermination of the entire human race as a result.   But somewhere in the bowels of the Pentagon the so called think tanks are now scheming away with some twisted plans on how America can actually win a war against Russia and Russia's primary ally, China.   It to me is madness simply because not only have criminals destroyed America financially, but America no longer has the manufacturing capabilities to fight a major war to a successful outcome.  America over the last 4 decades at least has been offshoring its manufacturing productivity to nations such as China, and it can no longer fight any major war with what is physically left in America.  Therefore any conventional conflict against Russia and its allies would quickly turn into a defeat for America itself and force its criminal leadership to consider the nuclear option that would not only destroy Russia  but America itself.   But again, yes, these maniacs are actually considering such a war!

While the world focuses in on this phoney ISIS "threat", we find the innocent people of Gaza finally able to return to what is left of their homes and try to rebuild their lives after the Israeli slaughter of thousands and destruction of Gaza's infrastructure….. There was a shocking report that came out just last week that it will take some 7.8 BILLION dollars to rebuild what the psychotic state of Israel destroyed in Gaza, and the facts clearly stated in the article that Gaza does not have the capabilities of raising such an enormous amount of money to rebuild.   What Israel did with their most recent brutal assault on Gaza was to concentrate on destruction of Gaza's fragile infrastructure, and I say that was done on purpose… Israel wants to turn Gaza into a wasteland where its 1.8 million inhabitants cannot live in.  In doing so, the psychotic Jews are hoping that the people of Gaza will be forced to vacate the strip due to the risk of starvation.   The Israeli plan to me was always to remove Gaza all together and by making the land uninhabitable, they hope that the people will simply leave and be forced into permanent exile….. The problem for the Israelis is that the Palestinians are a tough people and they will attempt to rebuild in defiance of the Israelis.   But with Gaza still in lockdown and therefore building materials and other materials needed to rebuild the infrastructure in short supply, the rebuilding of the strip may take decades, or may never be rebuilt at all…..

It is equally maddening to note that the Israelis claim that their "assault" on Gaza cost Israel some 5 BILLION+ dollars and are crying the blues now that they need the money to rearm their IDF forces.  Hey, no problem here, because the SUCKERS in the United States will definitely foot that bill and provide Israel with all the money it needs to both rearm and possibly launch another assault and genocide on Gaza shortly.

Of course we have the continuing strange situation in Ukraine where the truth finally came out last week that Ukraine has indeed been on the verge of total economic collapse just as I and others have long predicted… The facts are coming out now that the so called American coup that overthrew the democratically elected government in Kiev earlier this year has been a disaster for the Ukrainian people.  To top it all off, the truth has been slowly coming out that the Ukrainian army assault on the so called "rebels" in the Donets region of Ukraine has been a dismal failure and in spite of the Jew spew media reporting that the Ukrainian army has had the "upper hand", the reality is and always has been that the people of eastern Ukraine were holding their own and actually routing the Ukrainian army in many pitched battles… This is why the Ukrainian government has indeed been searching for an out and has been willing to consider a true ceasefire with the pro-Russian people of the Donets region…. However, the criminals in the US government are truly against any ceasefire and have been pushing the Ukrainian government to violate any agreement with the eastern Ukrainians…. Again, the maniacs in the US government psychotically want a war with Russia and are still wanting to use Ukraine as the bait to trigger a regional war with Russia first and foremost, and a global conflict later……

It is also amazing that the governments of Ukraine and the US are still blocking all attempts to get independent investigators to the site of their failed false flag attempt known as Malaysian flight MH17…. The truth has always been that MH17 was INDEED the robotically flown MH370 aircraft with the victims of that flight loaded on the plane to finally dispose of the evidence of the MH370 operation.   Yes, there are many out there that continue to think that I and others are flat out wrong about MH17=MH370, but the evidence is staring them right in their faces… None of them can explain the major factor of the long dead bodies that were pulled from the first people that arrived at the MH17 crash site, and the recent rush by the US and their puppet regime in Kiev to strangely "classify" the MH17 crash site and any wreckage pulled from that site…..The logical reason why these criminals would ever "classify" this crash site is because they do not want people to find out the bitter truth….

This last week I again posted an article concerning the Lougheed Martin F35 Lightning II fiasco, and the reason why I have focused so much on that lemon is the fact that the US government has now committed itself to spending over 1 TRILLION dollars over the next few decades on that plane that will indeed weaken America's (And Canada's) defense capabilities….. It is bad enough that this aircraft cannot even match up against anything now that the Russians and even the Chinese are putting into the skies, but the fact is that TRILLION dollars could be better spent on fixing other problems in the ailing United States itself…. One major example is that a trillion dollars could give every living American a fully funded health care system for the next decade alone, and leave plenty of money to fix much of America's deteriorating infrastructure…..I find that so much money that can be used to provide a better life for people has long been wasted on so called "military" programs that simply do not work, and I am puzzled that most Americans (and Canadians) stand idly by and allow such waste to occur….I do stand firmly behind my conviction and with a lot of facts and figures to back it up that the United States and many of its allies would be better off to simply scrap the F35 program and take the money and put it to better use for their citizens!   But good luck with that if you consider the twisted mentality of the people that we "elect" to public office….

Someone recently asked me if I had any predictions about what our future holds considering the mess we really are in…. I am not a soothsayer and nobody can properly or correctly predict the future… However, I can clearly state that unless we do something to rid ourselves of the criminals that have done so much harm to this planet, and continue to push for the slaughter of so many innocent people… And yes, I will call them who they are, the so called Jews… Then we are in deep trouble and we will have no future at all.   The fact is that these "chosen people" have no moral thought and care not for the rest of humanity and seek the destruction of everyone who they consider as "subhuman cattle" or simply the "Goyim"…. I for one am truly sick of these monsters and their constant false cries of 'racism' and "antisemitism" when all that one needs to do is take the time to research these terms and their true definitions… After just a bit of research, they will quickly conclude that these criminals are not a "race" and the majority are absolutely not "semites" at all…. It is time for people to get some back bone and not allow these criminals to hide behind their lies and for everyone to stand up to their criminal actions… The time may indeed come that we will have to make a choice to either end their criminality once and for all or face the destruction of all of mankind…

Well, I hope that I did cover some of the major issues over the last while above… As usual, I cannot cover everything in great detail or else this rant would go on forever…. I always make sure that I do touch on those "missing" subjects in what I always call my "last minute tidbits"………The global warming fraud is again heating up with some articles that came out last week where "scientists" still claim that they are 99.99% in agreement that "global warming" is real, and that humans are the major cause of it.  I said on Friday during the Turbulent Times broadcast that I wonder what corporation these "scientists" work for, because the facts are everywhere that "global warming" is still a fraud.  Temperatures everywhere on the planet are falling which flies in the faces of these fraud "scientists" and their biased "facts"……….Slowly, and sadly years late, more nations around the Pacific Ocean are realizing that the Fukushima disaster is indeed doing major damage to the ocean itself, and that animal and plant life in the Pacific are indeed dying from radiation exposure.   I do wonder at what point nations finally do something about this still world threatening disaster.  But as I have said before, the  Fukushima disaster has nothing to do with Israel and the focus of our criminals in our governments is with that hell hole first and foremost…….Does anyone remember how the liars in the media were promoting the falsehood about children crossing the southern US border up until recently?   The facts finally came out that these children were no where to be seen in Mexico thanks to the work of Jim Stone and others.   I do suspect that the central American children that are indeed "missing" are indeed being used for child slavery rings, and for Jewish ritual sacrifices as Jim Stone has ascertained.   I will be covering some of that issue in the near future as well here at this blog……. Yes, this last week we all were in shock about the passing of a true patriot for truth, Edgar Steele.  As I clearly stated in the TT show on Friday, this man was absolutely innocent and was railroaded by Jewish interests and their control over America.  It should be a wake up call for all of us, because they are definitely gunning for anyone that stands in their way to enslaving us all…...OK, what ever happened to Wolfgang Halbig and his follow up work on the Sandy Hook fraud shooting?   I for one am waiting for any news, and if anyone has anything to send my way, by all means,  please do…..A break this week in Barkley's Premiere League soccer for all 20 teams, and I am going through a bit of soccer "withdrawal".  Next week is a huge matchup for Arsenal as they face Manchester City, and it will be truly a test to see how far Arsenal has come in rebuilding their team……Trying to get a special "Turbulent Times" show on Outside Radio ( going for this coming Wednesday where Whitewraithe and Charles Giuliani will discuss and do some buy-bull bashing… It will indeed be live and I hope that everyone will listen in at 6pm CDT (7pm EDT).   Both Wraithe and Charles are great on their knowledge of the fallacies of the Buy-bull, and it will be one heck of a show……13th Anniversary of the Israeli Mossad attacks on the United States, aka "9-11" are coming this Thursday.  Sadly, most Americans still have their heads up their butts and believe that attack that murdered some 3000 Americans was committed by "19 A-rabbbbs using box cutters".    Sad and disgusting is beyond words……..Yes, the Ebola virus is still "out of control" in western Africa, but strangely has been missing recently from any reports courtesy of the liars in the Jew spew media.  My guess is that these criminals want the focus on getting a nice war started thanks to their efforts in Ukraine going first and foremost before they resort to unleashing their latest and greatest "pandemic" or plague on the world……..And speaking of plagues on the world, it is again time to close this rant with my usual shot at America's greatest family, the beloved Kardashian clan of skanks and losers.    It seems that my favourite target, Kim, has just posed nude for British GQ Magazine.   Yikes, and honestly it seems that again we have this sorry excuse for a human being trying desperately to maintain her need to be a media and attention grabber.   Again, while the world goes to hell, America does love their Kardashians!

More to come


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