Monday, September 29, 2014

No Turbulent Times Show For Tonight...

I am sad to report that there will be no Turbulent Times show tonight on Outside Radio...

Whitewraithe has been having a difficult time since her employment was terminated as of last Friday, and she is in no shape emotionally or physically for doing tonight's show...

To top that off, I have been suffering from a sinus infection that I seem to get at this time of year due to the rapid change in weather in this part of Canada.... My voice is horrible right now, and I doubt if I would be in any shape for a live show tonight....

I want to thank everyone for their patience, and I will be trying to run a special "Turbulent Times" show sometime later on this week..... I will keep everyone posted as to when that happens......

In the meantime, hopefully everyone will send Whitewraithe a message of support over to her website, at  She sure could use it!!!

And as usual...

More to come



Sketchy 1 said...

Hey Brian, why do you not respond to comments

that I send to you??????

Or why do you censor comments in a free


WTF is the purpose of an open comment forum

if they are deleted?

Oh I know you are controlled opposition

which is self evident by your deletion of any form

of free speech comment that you do not approve


We see you commie

Apparently you are not the freedom thought

person you purport to be.

Little afraid of opposition Commie?

you phony ass do not have the balls to

respond to any comment be it good bad or

indifferent or post it for that matter.

OHHH i am afraid to make a comment about

the holohoax because I can go to jail!

Put your GD money where your mouth is.

Afraid to stand and tell the truth? Yes you will

be killed. Come on Brian show some balls

and be a real GD canadian and stand for what

you believe in or,I am trying to get my blog up

and running and get suckers to believe my


From what I have seen you are phony controlled


Take a lesson from Zundel you coward

Comment moderation COMMIE censorship has

been enabled.

YOU phony ass Brian We see you

Northerntruthseeker said...

Interesting comment...

Freedom and democracy is possible in a free society, which Canada is not....

Deletions take place when the language contains slurs or insults... I do not tolerate either..

Yes, take a lesson from Ernst Zundel... The man spoke the truth and the Jew run govt silenced him by putting him in jail.... Makes perfect sense to me...

I believe in taking as many steps as possible to awaken people. No insults are required... But living in Canada has its limitations....

Anonymous said...

NTS, I hope that Vitamin C and Colloidal silver can help you get well.

Interested in your opinion about the Ontake volcano eruption that has killed many Japanese. It was an eruption with no warning signs which is unnatural. The hikers on the mountain would have fled if there had been tremors, which there were not. Since the eruption was more like one quickly exploding bomb, could it have been man made? Such a possible event was once mentioned. "In April 1997, then-Defense Secretary William Cohen was speaking at a terrorism conference at the University of Georgia."
"Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. "

What has Japan been doing lately that would again make it a WMD target by Israel? Helping Gaza?

Anonymous said...

NTS, since you are scientifically aware, you probably know about this subject already. I don't, so I cannot evaluate the information as to how authentic it is. This is in regard to the Ontake volcano eruption.
Volcanoes as weapons: beating Japan the geological way, 1944 3 March 2009
8 AUGUST 2012
Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons – Part 4
"A most useful device is obtained if one uses a scalar inferometer where the two transmitters transmit beams which intersect at a distance.

In the interference zone, an energy bottle is created.

By biasing the transmitter reference potentials well above that of the distant energy bottle, EM energy emerges in that zone. In that case the interferometer is operating in the Exothermic mode.

By biasing the transmitter reference potentials well below that of the distant energy bottle, EM energy is extracted from the distant zone and emerges from the transmitter. In that case the inferometer is operating in the Endothermic mode.

If the transmitters transmit continuously, the effect in the distant zone is continuous.

If each transmitter transmits a pulse, and the two pulses meet in the distant intersection zone, then an explosive emergence or extraction of energy occurs at the distant interference zone, depending on whether the inferometer is operating in the exothermic or endothermic mode."
Will Iraq Be World's First
Electromagnetic 'Scalar' War?
By Bill Morgan
Source material: Scientist Tom Bearden, Chenier.Org
Scalar Potential Interferometers

Anonymous said...

Sketchy 1 sounds a bit like a three year old screaming and ranting. Good that you posted that garbage for others to see the childishness. The only reason I delete comments or ban commenters is if they attack other commenters or are just rude assholes like Sketchy 1.

I am sorry to hear about WW losing her job. Why? She went so long without and a very short time with this one. (I know all about it because I went 2.5 years unemployed and live about an hour from her... times are getting bad down here).

Anonymous said...

The Ontake eruption was a total surprise to experts, but they are now inserting information about area tremors to cover the "surprise" aspect. Volcanic activity and earthquakes are part of Japanese geography, so it would be considered insane to even suggest artificial causation. Only Dutchsinse might believe it!
Surreal Photos Of Cars And Buildings Completely Covered By Volcanic Ash In Japan
SEP. 29, 2014, 12:36 PM
"Also, the eruption appears to have resulted from a steam-driven explosion of a kind that is especially hard to forecast, said Toshitsugu Fujii, a volcano expert.

"They often occur quite suddenly, and there is absolutely no guarantee that the earthquakes earlier this month were connected," he told a news conference on Sunday. "There is no guarantee of total safety when you're dealing with nature." "