Friday, September 19, 2014

Did Anyone Actually Think The English Would Let The Scots Go Free? Massive Vote Fraud In Scottish Referendum! (No Shock Here)

Yes, I have read over the last few hours all of the websites and the fraud Jew spew articles that claim that the Scottish people "did the right thing" in voting NO for Scotland to be free of the United Kingdom and begin the road to full independence…. Even though the "official result" was 55% NO vote to 45% YES vote,  I began to wonder along with so many others if there was indeed shenanigans in this entire referendum voting…….

We have all seen in the last several US Presidential "elections" where the criminals used Diebold machines to swing votes towards candidates with the most blatant example of vote tampering was in the 2004 US "Presidential" election where the criminal George W Bush was claimed to be the winner over John Kohn (Kerry) even though accurate exit polling showed that Kohn was most definitely the winner… The Diebold machines definitely swung the vote and handed the Presidency to the criminal who was indeed ruining the nation…..

Now we have so many articles now coming forward that show that there definitely was shenanigans afoot in this Scottish Independence Referendum, and I want to share some of the links to some important articles for my own readers to read….

First, here is the link to a very important Global Research article that shows evidence that blatant voter fraud was indeed taking place in the referendum… Here is that link:

This one is bad enough and indeed reminds me of the same type of tactics used by these criminals in other nations' voting….

That Global Research article is bad enough, but I just came across some important information from Paul Joseph Watson, through the Infowars website that shows that Russian observers of the Scottish referendum have indeed noted some blatant vote rigging that took place in that referendum.. Here is that link:

And here is the link to an article from a fellow truth seeker, Aangirfan, through his website that shows evidence of the vote fraud as well:

NTS Notes:  Lets make it perfectly clear here.. Did anyone actually think that the criminals in London and that fraud Royal pedophile on the English throne would allow the Scottish people to escape their enslavement?

The truth is that yes, there was intense voter fraud… Many observers of the campaign over the last few weeks in Scotland actually had a difficult time in finding any of the supposed "NO" voters anywhere… That and there was no "exit polling" allowed in this vote which would mean that the only way the accuracy of the vote could take place was by the actual counting of the ballots themselves… But even that count was obviously manipulated….

So the facts here, readers, is that in actuality the YES vote won this referendum by a landslide, and yet there was absolutely no way that the criminals would ever have allowed a YES vote for Scottish independence to be a reality so they manipulated the vote..…. This vote was indeed fixed from the start and the people of Scotland are now stuck with what to do next…

Lets hope that more people living in Scotland get wind of the fact that this referendum was fixed and they take their leaders to task to demand an independent investigation that would indeed expose the voting fix….

"It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything." -- Joseph Stalin

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