Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Criminal US Launches Airstrikes Against Syria: The Plan Has ALWAYS Been To Remove Assad

I finally have been able to surf the Internet over the last few hours today, and what I saw turned my stomach... It appears that starting last night, the criminal US Government finally launched their planned airstrikes into Syria... This, readers, is a clear violation of international law and basically is a declaration of war against the sovereign state of Syria itself....

For the longest time I have posted articles at this blog that laid the facts out clearly for everyone....The US and Israel have long been planning to have Syria destroyed and since the failure last spring in having their fraudulent "Syrian rebels" overthrow the popular Bashar al-Assad government, they needed a "Plan B"... The first part of "Plan B" was for these criminals to recreate the so called "rebels" into a new "terrorist group" that they laughingly call "ISIS"....The second part was to have this "terrorist" group raise havoc in the entire region by attacking Iraq and Syria and even "threaten" the United States... The third part was to have this phoney ISIS group "reenter" Syria to give the criminals their much needed excuse to attack Syria directly.... Now we are part 4 of the criminal US/Israeli master plan which is for the US to launch airstrikes into Syria by fooling the world that they are going after this "ISIS" but in reality targeting Assad's government forces....

Well, readers, the criminal US/Israeli "Plan B" is now working to perfection with the reports coming in now that the US has indeed attacked "ISIS targets" in Syria via airstrikes... Here is one video I came across earlier today that shows American airstrikes battering an "ISIS base" in Syria:

And here, I want to present a Prison Planet article link where the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, ADMITTED live on air on US media outlet NBC just last Sunday that ISIS itself was created and designed to take out Assad in Syria... Here is that link:


And...... I came across an OP-Ed news article today as well that shows clearly that what the criminal US President is doing in attacking the peaceful nation of Syria may be in clear violation of international law... Here is the link to that article as well:


And... Just as the reports are coming in at a steady pace from the liars and criminals in the Jew spew media, comes another shocking report about the criminal and  psychotic state of Israel shooting down a Syrian MIG-21 fighter plane that was CLEARLY flying over Syrian airspace... This is obviously a well planned attempt by the psychos in Israel to try to get Assad to somehow retaliate which will give these psychos in Israel their much needed excuse to march into southern Syria itself... Here is an important  video that explain this latest heinous action by Israel:

NTS Notes:  So readers, we may indeed be seeing the long sought World War III by the criminals in the US and Israel finally begin....What is disturbing to me is of course what Russia will do while it watches its important ally Syria being attacked criminally by the insane states of Israel and the United States?

This latest provocation by the United States and Israel could be a disaster for the entire planet....The innocent nation of Syria has long been a target for destruction by the psychos in Israel and these mentally deranged individuals are going to have their slaves in the United States do all the fighting and the dying to achieve that goal.....They also care not that this could lead to the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent lives in Syria itself... These monsters care only that they are able to achieve their long sought goal of "securing the realm"......

This conflict may escalate very quickly into first a full blown regional war, and then just as quickly into World War III..... I will do my best to keep on top of the news about this heinous and criminal action by the United States and Israel as more reports come forward, and will present them here for everyone to see for themselves.. Stay tuned, because sadly there is definitely...

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Stephan said...

I had the same idea when I read about the shooting down in a German Jewish Hasbara newsletter.

Stephan said...

New beheading video of Herve Gourdel out (they skipped Alan Henning).


Stephan said...

Another fake beheading:


Israeli Promoters Throw Gay Party, Complete with ISIS-Themed Beheading Ads

September 22nd, 2014

And there it is. An Israeli gay party promoter Went There and threw an ISIS-themed party in Tel Aviv last weekend, and to advertise it, used this image of some shirtless models re-enacting the beheadings of Western journalists.


The name of the promoter, Drek, sounds exactly like the German word Dreck, which means dirt/filth/smut.

Stephan said...

At 4:22, in the behoaxing of Herve Gourdel by white skinned Algerians, they inserted four frames showing David Haines.

Stephan said...

Coming false flag attack just in:

ISIS plot uncovered to attack U.S., Paris subways, Iraq PM says

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi says the attack has not been thwarted

The Associated Press Posted: Sep 25, 2014

Iraq PM says ISIS plot uncovered to attack subways

Iraq's prime minister said Thursday his country's intelligence operation has uncovered a plot for an attack on subway systems in the United States and Paris.