Thursday, September 25, 2014

Criminal US Attacks Syria: Again, More Evidence That This War Against "ISIS" Is Really About Removing Assad!

The US has continued their "bombing" attacks against (non-existent) "ISIS" targets in northern Syria.  I have been watching all the reports come in the last few days, and all I have seen is US videos where they claim that they are "hitting ISIS targets" but in reality we see no people or militants in any of these videos which leads to the thought that these videos themselves are frauds and the US is actually filming these missiles and bombs hitting empty buildings...  AND we find some truthful reports that the only victims of these "bombings" have not been "ISIS militants" at all, but actually innocent Syrian civilians!

I have been saying for the last year at least that the US and their masters in Israel have ALWAYS wanted to see Syria destroyed.   They diabolically and carefully planned out this entire "ISIS" fraud scenario as a means of creating an excuse to attack Syria, and now that attack is unfolding by this American aerial bombardment of "ISIS targets" in northern Syria... The plan now is to carefully and methodically escalate those attacks and to now aim them at Assad's government forces rather than the phoney "ISIS targets".....

To again show more evidence that this "bombing of ISIS targets" is nothing but pure bull crap and that the REAL target has always been Assad's forces AND of course to see Assad removed from power in Syria, I want to turn to a very revealing article from the Jew spew media outlet, Washington Times, at This article is entitled: "Calls Grow For US To Take Out Assad, Along With Islamic State", and again besides being pure propaganda bull crap shows exactly what this war in Syria is all about ... I have it right here for everyone to see for themselves, and of course my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Calls grow for U.S. to take out Assad, along with Islamic State

- The Washington Times - Wednesday, September 24, 2014 
Since the United States is already conducting airstrikes over Syria to root out and kill Islamic State terrorists, the military ought to just go ahead and bomb President Bashar Assad — that’s the theory coming from the Syrian National Coalition camp anyway.

SNC head Nasr al-Hariri said he decries that the “international community has come up with partial solutions to the Syrian conflict in which hundreds of thousands were killed or detained by the Assad regime,” The Associated Press reported.

In a statement released Wednesday, Mr. al-Hariri also added that any Western-led attempt to oust the terrorist group that doesn’t include overthrowing Mr. Assad is only a futile effort that will ultimately ratchet up terrorism in the state, AP reported.

The United States partnered with several Arab nations to launch airstrikes over Syria on Tuesday that are aimed at destroying the Islamic State.

Months ago, Mr. Assad was a prime target of the Obama administration, after key players — including the United Nations — found that he very well could have unleashed chemical weapons on his own citizens.

Then, President Obama vowed several times that he would take harsh action if Mr. Assad did not turn over his weapons cache — the administration’s so-called red line that never did lead to additional U.S. military intervention.

NTS Notes:  First, I have checked into this so called "Syrian National Coalition" and I see it as nothing more than a mouthpiece for US/Israeli interests... It is also amazing that the Jew spew Washington Times turns to this piece of crap group for saying that "calls" are coming out for Assad's removal!

And notice the false claim against Assad using "chemical weapons" on his own people which has long been proven as a lie...Propaganda at its best...

It again is time for people to know the truth and that Syria has long been on the radar by the criminals in Israel for its destruction.... Now we are seeing all those decades long planning for Syria to be destroyed now come to fruition....  I just hope that people finally wake the hell up and put a stop to this madness, because Syria is again allied to Russia, Iran, and China, and this escalating conflict could indeed turn into World War III.

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Anonymous said...

I have never heard anyone present a legitimate reason for the removal of Syria's Assad. If there was a good reason, the JMSM would be force-feeding it to us 365 days a year. The first major attempt by Obama to remove Assad was foiled due to the overwhelming response by the American populace not to bomb Syria (over the alleged gassing of Syrians by Assad what information was dishonestly provided by Israeli intelligence). Here is Jew-driven America's second attempt. Don't expect Americans to inundate their representatives offices with phone call this time.