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Whitewraithe's RANT for July 20, 2014

Here we are, at the arrival of another Sunday and it's time for the weekly RANT and one hell-of-a rant it will be.

I'm so angry at the bloodsucking, murderous, Jew-run "new world order" if I had supernatural powers you can be sure I'd be a bloody raging storm destroying everything that they love with the first being the Federal Reserve and the ability to create money out of nothing - for all time.

But, I digress.  I just had to get that feeling out of my system.  The carnage and destruction to Gaza with the added murder of nearly 300 innocent people on yet another Malaysian 777 plane, flight MH-17 is mind boggling.  How much more will the world take before something is done to stop these demons in our midst?

So, lets begin with the ground invasion of Gaza began July 17, 2014, which is predicated on nothing more than a goddamn lie and a 'really great show' the Israelis are well known for.

In the three weeks before the ground incursion more than 240 Palestinians have already died in the air campaign, including 14 children under age 12 killed over the past two days, according to Palestinian health officials. One Israeli has also died.  Read more here:

The day before the invasion Israelis killed four helpless Palestinian boys on a Gaza beach that look to be no older than 5 years-old.  WARNING: NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART.  WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK!

The big, brave Israelis are nothing more than abject, despicable cowards when they resort to killing innocent children.  How pathetic!

The Israelis don't have any idea what it would be like to actually fight in a "real" war.  My thought - they would tuck tail and run the bloody hell away scared to death.  The war against Gaza is not a war, at all.  It is an invasion of a helpless area of illegal Israel more akin to the Vikings invading Lindisfarne, England slaughtering helpless monks, while stealing their gold and resources.

We already know why this ground incursion had to take place; Israel has to take out Gaza for good, and kill all inhabitants in order to get at the natural gas on the shores of Gaza worth millions if not billions of dollars.  Israel's blood thirsty greed is driving them like nothing we've seen since medieval times.

In the late 1990's the British Gas Group (BG Group) discovered a vast deposit of natural gas under the waters off Gaza: Over 1 trillion cubic feet equal to 150 million barrels of oil was estimated to be there. A significantly smaller deposit was also found in nearby Israeli waters.  Read more here:

That's the one truth that holds the most water.  The other lies are not so important because they do little to help those unaware of the reasons for this carnage to truly understand what is happening and why.

The other two I'll focus on are:

Hamas is Israel's enemy, and 

Hamas' rockets are doing great harm to Israeli cities.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a fucking laugh.

First - Israel created Hamas way back in the late 1970s as a way to counteract the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).  Read more about that here: HAMAS IS A CREATION OF MOSSAD.

Second - about those Hamas rockets here is a very telling statistical article from believe it or not YAHOO - Take a closer look at the numbers.

Israel vs. Hamas: The conflict by the numbers

In light of The Economist’s index during the last Israeli offensive in Gaza in November 2012, here are some numbers from July 8-July 10 2014.

Number of Palestinians in Gaza killed by the Israeli military: At least 82, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health via Al Akhbar news service.

Number of Israelis killed by Hamas rockets from Gaza: 0, according to news reports.

Number of Palestinians killed who are younger than 16 years-old: At least 21, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health via Al Akhbar news service.

Number of Israeli civilians injured by Hamas: 9 injured, according to The Washington Post.

Number of Israeli soldiers injured by Hamas: 2 injured, according to CNN NewSource.

Number of rockets fired at Israeli cities: At least 470, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Number of incoming rockets intercepted by Iron Dome: 72 (with the rest falling in open areas), according to Reuters.

Percent of total rockets intercepted by Iron Dome: 27 percent, according to The New York Times.

Percent of incoming rockets intentionally intercepted by Iron Dome: 90 percent (up from 85 percent in 2012), according to Reuters.

Estimated cost of an interception by Iron Dome: $100,000, according to The New York Times.

Number of Iron Dome batteries: Seven, according to The New York Times.

Cost of one Iron Dome battery: $55 million, according to The New York Times.

Cost of a Qassam rocket: $800 according to The Jerusalem Post.

Range of a Qassam rocket: 3.7-7.5 miles, according to an IDF spokesperson.

Range of a M-302 rocket: 93 miles, according to The Free Republic.

Number of M-302 rockets in Hamas' arsenal: Several dozen, according to Haaretz.

Estimated number of rockets that Hamas has in its arsenal: 10,000, according to USA Today.

Number of Israeli reservists called up: 20,000, according to The Los Angeles Times.
Number of targets struck by Israel in the past three days: 750 sites, according to The New York Times.

Number of Israeli traffic fatalities in 2013: 303 persons, according to The Jerusalem Post.
Economic cost to the Gaza strip: unknown.

Economic cost to Israel: 8.5 billion shekels, US$2.5 billion, according to The Jerusalem Post.

GDP per capita in the Gaza strip: $876, according to The Washington Institute.

GDP per capita in Israel: $32,500, according to CIA Factbook.

 Number of Palestinians living in Gaza: 1.7 million people, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Number of Palestinians in the West Bank: 2.7 million people, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Number of Jewish Israelis: 6.1 million people, according to The Daily Mail.

Number of non-Jewish Israelis: 2 million people, according to The Daily Mail.

Size of Israeli Defense Forces: 176,000 active personnel, according to CNN.

Number of Hamas militants: 20,000, according to Reuters.

What are are witnessing is a full scale slaughter of innocent people, mostly women and children, who have nothing to do with this conflict or the aims of the Israelis due to Israeli-Jew greed and pure demonic evil emanating from the enemy's black hearts.  

Then, if things couldn't get any worse (which they always do) Malaysian flight MH-17, another 777 Boeing jet crashes on the very day that the Israeli ground invasion begins in Gaza.  Another false flag, you say, obviously.  

The phrase "false flag" is beginning to lose its luster and maybe it's time the media invents a new name for this phenomenon that been happening since the age of civilization.  It's more like a "pooper skooper" event because that's what it is.  'Shoveling the shyte' is what these people do best. 

While perusing the usual reasons for the crash spewing from MSM, I came across a little known website, The 4th Media, with a very different cause for the crash which I will elaborate on in this rant.  Actually, I will republish the article which will leave little to be taken out of context:

Was MH17 Sabotaged By Israeli Security Team At Amsterdam Schiphol Airport?

As the only non-European journalist to cover The Hague inquiry into the Amsterdam crash of El Al flight 1862 (October 1992), which destroyed a Biljmeer district apartment complex, I discovered many aspects of the Israeli security set-up at Schipol International Airport and the role of the Mossad intelligence agency in secret operations there, one of Europe’s business transport hubs. 

This same airport spy network is very likely involved in the recent crash of Malaysian Airlines flight 17 over the Ukraine. 

Covering the Biljmeer crash for Japan Playboy, I uncovered the sordid facts of how the official investigation back then was undone by a large network of Israeli intelligence agents who paid hush money to victims’ families, pressured injured firefighters from filing lawsuits over radiation exposure, and suppressed data from the hangar where the wreckage was stored. 

The crippled El Al cargo jet, leased from UPS, had transported from JFK Airport in New York a secret load of weapons including plutonium, depleted uranium and a bioweapon called mycoplasm in its cargo bay before crashing on an attempt to return to Schipol Airport, in an operation directed by the Israeli intelligence service instead of Dutch flight officials. 

Once again, this time in the destruction of MH17, there is an Israeli-connected air crash with political ramifications involving Israeli strategic interests, inside Israel exactly when its military launches an invasion of Gaza and in troubled Ukraine, a supplier of military electronics to the IDF. 

Security at Schipol Airport is operated by ICTS, an Israeli-owned airport security company based in The Netherlands founded by former officers of the Shin Beit intelligence agency. Its subsidiaries are also involved in key security functions there, including ProCheck, Ramasso and I-SEC. 
The Israeli security company has a record of staging false flag operations, including the September 11, 2001 attacks. ICaTS subsidiary Huntleigh provided passenger and baggage inspection services at Boston Logan Airport, where two of the four jetliners used in the 911 attack originated.
At Schipol Airport on Christmas 2009, ICTS allowed the “Underwear Bomber” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallah armed with explosives to slip past “sniffer” detectors to board a Detroit-bound Northwest flight, an incident that was a boon to Homeland Security and the global war on terrorism. 

Initial information, even before the start of an official inquiry into MH17, raise serious questions of whether Israeli intelligence tampered with the flight controls and radar identification (transponder) system of the Malaysian-operated Boeing-777.

- MH17 deviated from the civilian flight path, which should cross close to the exit mouth of the Azov Sea, away from the current battle zone between the Ukraine military and militant ethnic Russian irregulars. Instead its navigation steered the jetliner on a more northerly course in contested airspace, where Ukraine military aircraft conduct both air strikes and troop transport missions, putting the Malaysian Airlines jet into jeopardy.

- The wide-body Boeing-777 jumbo jet is similar in profile to the Antonov (built by Kharkov Aircraft Industries in Ukraine) and Ilyushin (Russian-built) transport craft in service with the Ukraine military and air cargo fleets. At higher altitudes (MH17 was flying at 35,000 feet), the only way from ground level to identify a plane is by a coded radar response from its transponder signal. One possibility was that MH17 was programmed with a false responder code; while another problem could have been confusion with the transponder  beam from a nearby Ukraine military craft. A more sinister scenario is the sending of a false ID signal from a ground-based vehicle. 

In short, Israeli operatives could have loaded a bomb onto MH17 or used a false responder signal to lure a rebel missile battery to intercept a suspected incoming troop landing. Another issue for investigation, if these scenarios are verified, is the unspoken connection between the Boeing Corporation and the Israeli intelligence services. Boeing would have key data on tampering of any of its aircraft control systems, and both MH17 and MH370 were Boeing-777s. 
Israeli intelligence had three possible motives for orchestrating a false flag incident blamed on ethnic Russians or on the Kremlin. 

- first, the MH17 crash diverted international media attention from the launch of the Israeli invasion of Gaza, which is a serious rupture of existing peace accords and a massive assault on human rights. Malaysia is an outspoken voice in the UN and the world media on Palestinian rights in Gaza.
- second, Israel, even with the Zionist economic interests in Russia such as BP, has a historical interest in the 45 000-member strong Jewish community in the port of Odessa, which has a large stake in the financial sector, military electronics industry, missile production and weapons factories. PBN and GQR, lobbying organizations controlled by American Jewish neoconservatives, are the most influential force in Ukraine politics. 
- third, the destruction of MH17 serves as a warning to the governments of Malaysia and Australia to cease any further investigation into the strong possibility that MH370 was hijacked by the Israeli military. MH370 was carrying engineers, designers, prototypes, specifications and a chip foundry for the world’s smallest microchip, the KL series. The leading edge technology is needed for Israel’s crash program to build a drone army, especially mini-robots capable of infiltrating Iran’s nuclear plants. (This writer has extensively researched and uncovered Israeli involvement in the MH370 hijacking at

One point of bias that needs to be disclosed is that this writer is a sympathizer of Ukraine independence and opposes Russian intervention. In specific incidents, however, such as the destruction of MH17, one’s preferences must be set aside in pursuit of the facts relevant to the case. The Israeli role in this affair cannot be ignored, especially considering its abiding interests in independent Ukraine.

Therefore, the Kiev government should launch an investigation into the possibility of sabotage by an ally so as not to harm its legitimacy by incriminating itself together with Israeli state-sponsored terrorism, legitimate grounds for reprisal by its adversary. A Ukraine that claims to be independent should try to be independent. 

As an investigation team approaches the crash site, the real cover-up is yet to begin. The family members and friends of both targeted Malaysian Airlines jetliners are owed the truth and the culprits must be dragged to justice. 

Yoichi Shimatsu is a science and technology journalist based in Hong Kong and former editor of The Japan Times Weekly in Tokyo.


Also read this article:

A False Flag? The Crash of a Malaysian Airliner in Ukraine

I don't believe for one minute that the Ukrainians or the Russians had anything to do with this crash.  They would be unbelievably foolish to even consider instigating such a catastrophe considering what is happening in the Ukraine at present, and which would put both countries in a further negative light in the eyes of the world.  Look to Israel and their Mossad and the U.S. CIA, which is most likely involved in this tragedy, no doubt, with their friends in the repugnant, baby-killing Knesset.  The bloody Israeli hand is all over this and anyone with a somewhat thinking brain can see that.

And finally, I am thoroughly ashamed of the country of which I am a citizen, The United States of America.  Actually, this is not my country.  My country was usurped by the hands of the Jews in 1871.  None the less, I have to live here and whatever this criminal, corrupt government does is in the name of all who live within its borders.

So, for their latest boondoggle - this is so disgusting that it's almost impossible to read.  Along with Israel and her supporters, the U.S. has lost it's mind and is no longer worthy of any support from its population.

Bowing to AIPAC, Senate unanimously passes resolution supporting Israel

The Senate yesterday unanimously passed a resolution backed by the Israel lobby group AIPAC expressing support for Israel’s attack on Gaza and saying not a word about Palestinian deaths.

The Hill says that the resolution passed “through a unanimous consent agreement.”
“The United States Senate is in Israel’s camp,” [South Carolina Senator Lindsey] Graham said on the Senate floor Thursday.
The resolution describes Palestinian attacks on Israel as “unprovoked” and says not a word about Palestinian deaths, but speaks of the survival of Israel in urging the dissolution of the unified Palestinian government:
Reaffirms the United States’ support for Israel’s right to defend its citizens and ensure the survival of the State of Israel…

Calls on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to dissolve the unity governing arrangement with Hamas and condemn the attacks on Israel.
NJ Senator Cory Booker blamed Hamas for the violence:
“I strongly condemn the heinous attacks being perpetrated by Hamas and other terrorist groups against Israel. No country should have to live under a constant threat of aggression against its people, and I stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel as it defends itself against this shocking violence. My heart goes out to the citizens of Israel and the countless civilians in Gaza caught in this Hamas-initiated violence.”
MJ Rosenberg says it’s all about pro-Israel money, and that Senators have a double standard for US military actions and Israeli ones:

Note that even progressive saints Elizabeth Warren, Al Franken, Sherrod Brown, and Bernie Sanders found nothing in this to object to.

For the record, no U.S. military adventure has had the support of all hundred senators in decades. But, hey, this is Israel. And, more important, this is AIPAC. And cash.

 Read the rest here:

Well, that's it for my last rant.  Our brave leader Northerntruthseeker will be home for next week's rant.

One thing I would like to suggest; as Israel continues to pound away at Gaza's poor souls destroying their country, please say a prayer for these innocent people and also pray that Israel runs into all sorts of problems with their state of the art technology for the purpose of war.  I have seen the results of world wide prayer for the right reasons and I can say without a doubt that it does work since I have been a part of such a surreal event.  Pray for Gaza, pray for her people and most ardently - pray for the children.  They deserve to have a life and a future.




Northerntruthseeker said...

This is one of the finest rants I have ever read... And bravo to Whitewraithe..

Yes, I have been enjoying some much needed rest and relaxation... BUT I have turned on my computer late at night for about 20-30 minutes, and I have been absolutely shocked at what I have been reading about what has been happening in our sick world... It seems to me that I cannot go on vacation, because every time I take a much needed break, hell brakes loose in the world, and I feel that I should be putting up material here...

One other note about MH17, and I do agree with Jim Stone's assertions over at his site... It appears that we are indeed dealing with a false flag operation and this MH17 is actually the "missing" flight MH370 as I and others had surmised over the last few months...

After the unsuccessful attempt at using the Boeing 777 to attack the nuclear conference at The Hague a few months back, these criminals were indeed stuck with this aircraft and of course the 239+ bodies of the victims from MH370.. So they kept the plane in storage and put the bodies back on ice and voila now they sent it off to do its dirty work over Ukraine.. They had the Ukrainian military shoot down this robotic plane and made sure all the original victims from MH370 were on board, and conveniently now "died" in this MH17 fiasco... But now they have been caught red handed for the first people on site to extract the "bodies" noted that they WERE ALEREADY DEAD long before the MH17 crash!

We are indeed living in a very sick world, and I do feel for the people of Gaza... Israel is definitely using illegal weapons to exterminate the ENTIRE populace of Gaza which has always been their twisted morbid plan... The Palestinians need our support and I do hope that everyone and I do mean everyone spreads the message of truth and where possible joins in on the massive protests against Jewish scumbag criminality...

One other note... I will be back as of Thursday night, and hopefully my first article will be back on Friday.... In the meantime, bravo to Whitewraithe and her excellent writings. I am so glad and proud to have her as a personal friend, a colleague, and a true ally in this fight against evil...

Until then... as usual... More to come...


Deb Normand formerly known as Whitewraithe said...

Well blow me out of the water.

I knew I should have checked Jim's site before writing the final draft of this rant. I had not heard about the plane occupants already being dead. Damn, that was a big 'you missed it' on my part.

But, at least, I suggested another view point about the Malaysian flight that was intriguing to say the least.

However, I think I got it right on why Israel has to eliminate Gaza, period. Eventually, they'll have to nuke the entire sight, or use another weapon close to obliterating all the infrastructure plus the people. I know - some type of thermite weapon since it did such a bang up job for them on 9/11.

Anonymous said...

You guys are such a blind, brainless bunch of people thinking being so f@cking clever...

brian boru said...

Almost within 24 hours of the downing of this flight, and before any possible idea of who the culprits could be, the jew media here in the UK was blaming the Russians. These kikes are so arrogant nowadays, and have such contempt for the intelligence of the goyim, that they don't really care how implausible their explanations for their false flag operations are any more. They have gotten away with these crimes for so long that they think they will get away with them for ever. There is literally no outrage that these monsters are not capable of. After all, they have the blood of hundreds of millions of people on their hands already. Starting a world war which would kill billions would be just fine with them as they don't consider us to be even human.

Northerntruthseeker said...

It is raining here this morning, so I have time to check on this site..

A lot of people overlooked the Jim Stone expose on MH17, and I do believe he nailed it considering the fact that the first people on site at the crash complained about the bodies being already rotting.. Not possible with a crash that had just happened.. The rotting stench does not occur for at least 8 hours minimum after a crash such as this one, and therefore the rotting was due to the fact that the BODIES WERE ALREADY DEAD long before the crash...

LIARS, DECEIVERS... that is the best way to describe these bastards and their push for World War III...

Brian Boru nailed it also with how quickly the Jew spew media was able to blame Russia for this atrocity... That alone should have everyone saying we are indeed dealing with a false flag..


Northerntruthseeker said...

And I decided to let a few of our friendly "anonymous" writers through to show everyone what kind of psycho clowns we are dealing with .

Hey Hasbara/JIDF clowns... Please try to actually argue and debate the issues.. You are looking the fools as usual with your laughable name calling.

Anonymous said...

Any hope left for MH370 passengers is lost with MH17 rotting bodies.
[No PermaLink]
July 21 2014
Russian satellites and American satellites recorded the truth

America is being forced to backtrack on accusations that Russia downed flight MH17 after Russia produced proof that (as this web site reported on day one,) Ukranian fighter jets were accompanying flight MH17. Now an AP reporter has also stepped forward, saying that all along, from day one, he was shown proof that American satellites also tracked the shoot down, and that America knew Ukraine downed the plane as well.
On day one this web site clearly stated this shoot down was done in Ukraine BY UKRAINE when the real MH17 is never supposed to get within 200 KM of where this plane was shot down. This shoot down was done 200KM East of MH17´s established flight path because the outcome of the investigation could be controlled in that region and falsified to forever hide that beyond a reasonable doubt the plane was in fact flight 370. A real investigation would look at serial numbers on parts which would identify the plane they came from, and would not be limited to photos of a paint job and even those photos are totally messed up when all sources of them are put together in the same bin. A summary of the evidence proving this was flight 370, including what happened to the MH17 "passengers" is below: