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The Israeli Genocide Of Gaza: Official Israeli "Excuse" For Mass Murder Of Gazans Falls Apart, Israel Finally Admits Hamas Had NOTHING To Do With "Murder Of 3 Israeli Youths" !

Yes, the death toll in the criminal and homicidal Israeli assault on the innocent people of Gaza is now well above "1000" as reported by the Jew spew press… In my last night discussion with Whitewraithe, I laid it out clearly that since Gaza is so heavily packed with people almost wall to wall, I said that the death toll is actually right now in the tens of thousands.   It is a slaughter of innocent people and it is so troubling that many of the people are still brainwashed by the lies that Israel is somehow doing this genocide as a means of "self defense".

We all know by now the fantasy and lie of the Israelis claim that Hamas murdered "3 Israeli youths" back last month, and that the Israelis have long been using that lie as their excuse for this slaughter of Palestinians.   From the very beginning of the tale of these 3 Israeli youths that were supposedly kidnapped, murdered, and then their bodies conveniently discovered several weeks later, I smelled a rat… Everything about this story was complete and utter BS and filled with so many holes that you could drive a truck through all of them…. I have claimed from the very beginning that these 3 young men were actually killed by the Israeli Mossad themselves to use their deaths as an excuse to slaughter Palestinians and I am still sticking to that as fact….

Well, according to the following report from the New York News and Politics website, at, it appears that the accusations that Hamas was behind the false kidnapping of these three young men has indeed fallen apart.   The article is entitled: "It Turns Out That Hamas Didn't Kidnap And Kill The Three Israeli Teens After All (Updated)", and I have it right here for everyone to view for themselves and ask the same question that I am asking: "If Hamas did not do this act, then why the HELL is Israel out to slaughter Palestinians and destroy Hamas?"   I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

It Turns Out Hamas Didn’t Kidnap and Kill the 3 Israeli Teens After All [Updated]


Photo: Mohamed Farag/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
When the bodies of three Israeli teenagers, kidnapped in the West Bank, were found late last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not mince words. "Hamas is responsible, and Hamas will pay," he said, initiating a campaign that eventually escalated into the present conflict in the region. 
But now, officials admit the kidnappings were not Hamas's handiwork after all. 
BuzzFeed reporter Sheera Frenkel was among the first to suggest that it was unlikely that Hamas was behind the deaths of Gilad Shaar, Naftali Frenkel, and Eyal Yifrach. Citing Palestinian sources and experts in the field, Frenkel reported that kidnapping three Israeli teens would be afoolish move for Hamas. International experts told her it was likely the work of a local group, acting without concern for the repercussions: 
[Gershon Baskin] pointed out that Hamas has earlier this month signed an agreement to form a unity government with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, bridging, for the first time in seven years, the Palestinian leadership in the West Bank and Gaza.
“They will lose their reconciliation agreement with Abbas if they do take responsibility for [the kidnappings],” Baskin added.
Today, she was proven right:

After Israel's top leadership exhaustively blamed Hamas for kidnap of 3 teens, they've now admitted killers were acting as "lone cell."

To recap: 3 teens kidnapped->100s of Palestinians in WB arrested->revenge attacks on Palestinians->violence along Gaza/Israel border->war
Repeated inconsistencies in Israeli descriptions of the situation have sparked debate over whether Israel wanted to provoke Hamas into a confrontation. Israeli intelligence is also said to have known that the boys were dead shortly after they disappeared, but to have maintained public optimism about their safe return to beef up support from the Jewish diaspora. Writing for Al Jazeera, Musa al-Gharbi argued that Israel wasdeliberately provoking Hamas:

All the illegal and immoral actions related to Operation Brother’s Keeper were justified under the premise of finding and saving the missing teens whom the Israeli government knew to be dead — cynically exploiting the tragedy to whip up public outcry in order to provoke and then confront Hamas. This pattern of deception continues under the ongoing military offensive in Gaza. For example, last week in collaboration with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and Abbas, in its efforts to alienate Hamas, Israel announced a bad-faith cease-fire proposal, which Hamas was not consulted on and never agreed to but whose violation supposedly justified Israel’s expansion and intensification of the military campaign into Gaza.
Despite continued negotiations, the violence shows no signs of letting up, and after Thursday night's massive protests in the West Bank, there is still no ceasefire agreement. On Friday, it became clear that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's attempts to broker a seven-day truce were rejected by Israeli officials. Instead, Israel will apparently widen its ground operation in the Gaza Strip, despite international outcry about the civilian death toll. According to unnamed officials, the proposed truce was too generous to Hamas's demands. 
Hamas, meanwhile, still hasn't weighed in on the agreement, whose details are being kept secret, but continued to launch rockets into Israel. International peace talks are set to resume in France this weekend, and we're keeping our fingers crossed.
Updated, Sat. 11:44 a.m.: This claim was also reported by BBC's Jon Donnison, who spoked to Israel Police Foreign Press Spokesman Micky Rosenfeld:

Israeli police MickeyRosenfeld tells me men who killed 3 Israeli teens def lone cell, hamas affiliated but not operating under leadership1/2

NTS Notes:  It is amazing how these criminals continue to spin this tale by claiming that it "may" have been done by a cell that is "independent" of Hamas… I am calling BS on this idea of a "lone wolf" as well as all the other lies...

Lets face facts here… This article does its best to apologize as usual for Israel's criminal and heinous actions, but the real apology has to be for the over 1000+ people of Gaza that have already been slaughtered by these monsters….

It is amazing how this article goes on and claims that Hamas has not wanted a ceasefire… They have always wanted one, but one that is based upon give and take… The Israelis have demanded that Hamas surrender their weapons, and in return Israel has offered nothing… How the hell can Hamas be expected to agree to a one sided "ceasefire"?

The fact is that Israel has long planned this operation against Gaza even long before the unity government was formed to unite the Palestinians… They want territory and they want the extermination of the entire Palestinian population.   It is so sad that the majority of the people on this planet still have not awakened to that brutal reality and have still not taken steps to end the Israeli onslaught.

Again, with the truth out that the Palestinians under Hamas are absolutely not responsible for the deaths of these three Israeli youths, will some one please explain to me any other reason for this present Israeli massacre of innocent people in Gaza?

People everywhere need to wake the hell up and start demanding an immediate end to this horrendous aggression by sick psychos in Israel against innocent people… That time is now!

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