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The Genocide Of The People Of Gaza: Is THIS Not A War Crime? Israel Purposely Targeting Hospitals In Gaza!

Yes, the assault on the innocent people of Gaza continues unabated as of today… The criminal and psychotic state of Israel is well into its murderous rampage on the largest open air concentration camp on the planet known as the Gaza Strip and it continues to use the outright LIE that the attacks are in "response" to "rocket attacks" originating from that strip!  The fact is that there is no way in hell considering how much Israel has surveillance and control over the strip that materials for making such rockets is even possible for the people of Gaza… That is why I smell another rat and am definitely stating that these "rocket attacks" are nothing of the sort, but are being launched by Israeli agent provocateurs to somehow blind the world to the murderous attacks by Israel by harping the false claim that the Israeli assault is again in "response" for these phoney "rocket attacks"….

But something caught my eye the other day that I found most disgusting, and it is indeed a repeat of exactly what the Israelis did during the "Operation Cast Lead" assaults on Gaza back in 2009…. For according to this article from the Petra news online service, at, where we find definitive proof that the psychotic Israelis are indeed targeting HOSPITALS and other medical facilities in their air assaults, which according to international law is a war crime!   I have that report right here for everyone to view for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Israel's targeting of Gaza mosques, health centres condemned
Gaza City, July 12 (Petra) –– Israel's targeting of places of worship, hospitals and medical crews in its ongoing military assault on the Gaza Strip has been condemned by Palestinian organisations.

Hassan Saifi, the Palestinian Ministry of Waqf and Religious Affairs' undersecretary, said Israeli shelling had destroyed the Al Farouq Mosque in the Nusseirat refugee camp in central Gaza and also targeted the Anwar Aziz Mosque in the north of the blockade coastal territory.

"The deliberate targeting and destruction of Gaza Mosques had uncovered Israel's real barbaric and vicious face and revealed the racist nature of the Zionist entity, which is raining fire on our Palestinian people, using aircraft, artillery and ships," Saifi said.

He said attacking mosques is a war crime, and held Israel fully responsible for such actions and demanded the world’s intervention to protect civilians and houses of worship.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Non-Governmental Organisations Network denounced the escalating Israeli attacks against Gaza's medical institutions after the shelling of Al Wafa Rehabilitation Hospital that left two medical staff members injured and caused damage to the building.

It also said in a statement, a copy of which was obtained by Petra, that a number of volunteers of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society were wounded when the facility was targeted by Israeli rockets. The attack also inflicted damage to the premises in the northern Gaza and destroyed a number of ambulances.

12/7/2014 - 05:40:34 PM

NTS Notes:  I have also seen other reports that the Israelis have also been targeting senior citizen centres and even child day care centres in Gaza during their air campaign… This is not only a war crime but definitive proof that the Israeli campaign is indeed to wipe out the Palestinian population as a whole…

The sickness of Israel is definitely apparent by what we are witnessing right now in Gaza… And all indications point towards a massive ground assault to take place very soon, if not in the next few days, that will murder Palestinians by the thousands… I do believe that this is indeed the so called "final solution" that these bastards have always wanted for the "Palestinian problem"…

Sadly, the criminals in the US government and other governments are continuing to condone this murderous rampage and they have their Jew spew media continue the LIE that this slaughter is due to the phoney "rocket attacks" on Israel…

I do hope that everyone wakes the hell up and there is a world wide outcry to this Israeli attempt to outright murder all the Palestinians in Gaza….. That time for action against these monsters is NOW!

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