Friday, July 4, 2014

The F35 Fiasco Continues.... Some Of The Best Damning Proof That It Is Indeed A Lemon And A Detriment To EVERY Air Force Buying This POS

I have received some very interesting comments from known trolls and of course misfits in the Hasbara/JIDF community about my stance on the POS aircraft that the US Government and other governments around the world have been suckered in by Lougheed Martin into purchasing... I mean of course the horrible and outrageously expensive "Joint Strike Fighter" (JSF) known as the F35 "Lightning II".... These comments have been absolutely laughable and shows that I have touched a nerve in my previous articles exposing this aircraft as possibly the WORSE aircraft ever designed and built....

As I have shown in previous articles, the F35 is a supreme waste of money and if any air force ever decides to be suckered in by the criminals over at Lougheed Martin into purchasing this POS to replace their present air fleet of fighter planes, then I can only say good luck to them and lets hope that a conflict never happens because anyone flying these pieces of junk would not last long in any dogfight....  To further show strong evidence that the F35 is a disaster, I want to present the following video of an interview last year between Canada's Fifth Estate over the Canadian Broadcasting Network, and possibly the best critic of the entire F35 program, Pierre Sprey.  In this video, that I have here for everyone to see for themselves, Pierre Sprey comes out and tells the truth about the F35 and why it indeed is a disaster.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  It may be a shocker to those who have had blind faith in the US military and government to find out that "stealth" is a massive lie, but Pierre Sprey is very accurate in his assessment of that entire fraud in this video..

People should be asking themselves logically that since the Russians are both experts in radar development, and it was one of their own scientists in the latter part of the 20th century that first proposed the idea of blinding aircraft to radar using "stealth technology" the question... "Why have the Russians themselves not gone out and made their own aircraft "stealthy"?"   The answer is simple and very logical... The Russians know full well that 'stealth' is a fraud and simply does not work....

The strongest evidence that stealth is a fraud comes from the 1999 Serbian Kosovo NATO war where the US used supposed 'stealth' F117A fighter bombers for bomb runs on Serbian targets... What is not known to many Americans is that the Serbs shot down several of these supposedly "invisible" aircraft using Russian long wave radar that was able to easily detect these aircraft..... That proves that Russian long wave radar systems can see "stealth" aircraft and that indeed it points to the entire idea of "stealth" as being a massive fraud....

I have long suspected that along with other lies by the US Government and their military industrial complex that "stealth" has been a massive hoax... Now I am certain we are dealing again with another massive money pit of uselessness that helps the criminals in charge of these aircraft manufacturing companies, especially Lougheed Martin, to sell their POS aircraft and balloon the price per aircraft using the fraud that the cost is due to these aircraft being "stealthy".... It is a massive lie!

So here we have again the infamous F35 Lightning II... An aircraft that is way too bulky, much too slow, has a ridiculously heavy and gas guzzling VTOL engine, cannot fly in rainstorms out of fear of lightning strikes, cannot fly at night, cannot maneuver, has a huge blind spot directly behind the pilot cockpit, is hyper-expensive, has a ridiculous onboard computer system that seems to crash at the worse possible times, cannot carry enough weapons to make itself effective, seems to have problems with a single engine that seems to catch fire easily, and now is not as "stealthy" as claimed..... And yet we have major air forces being still suckered into buying this fraud?

What has amazed me is the horrific staggering cost of this lemon... The US government is prepared to commit some 1.5 TRILLION dollars for the long term for this aircraft that is useless.  Even a small fraction of that money could pay off the entire US student loan debt, give each American a sustainable health care system, fix the entire American infrastructure especially the crumbling roads and bridges, and still have a couple of hundred billion dollars left to spare. 

I sure hope the Canadian government gets the message and steers away from purchasing this POS.... As I stated before, there are many fine and superb Su35 and Su37 Sukhoi fighters available for purchase at a fraction of the cost of the F35.....Canada could do no worse...

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